The Kalonji family had just closed on a house in Newton County, Georgia, and was instructed by the realtor to go to the home and change the locks before starting the move-in process. While Jean Kalonji and his wife Angelica were working on the house, two men wielding guns confronted them, ordered them away from the house with the threat of gunfire, and accused them of trying to break in. The duo, who appeared to be father and son, didn’t believe the Kalonjis when said that they were the rightful owners of the house, so they called the police who promptly arrested the couple for loitering and prowling.

After a night in jail for the Kalonjis and promises from the sheriff’s department to clear up the confusion, Jean Kalonji, who hails from The Congo, can only liken the experience to the violence that he experienced there. “There, they put me down with the gun to my head, and come here, the same,” he said.

As Americans we like to think that our relatively stable political climate spares us from the kind of random frightening gun violence that so-called turbulent African countries are known for, but it’s hard to hold on to such beliefs after hearing what Jean Kalonji had to say. When average citizens take it upon themselves to act as part of the police force, innocent people always suffer and the level of danger that everyone faces is kicked up a notch. What would make anyone feel entitled to patrol property that is not theirs? What would make those same people act with their own guns before alerting authorized law enforcement? What would make law enforcement then take the vigilantes’ word for it and then declare it all a “misunderstanding”? And why is this chain of events starting to sound scarily familiar lately?

Sadly, the silver lining in this story is that the Kalonjis made it out of the incident with their lives.

Watch a news report on the incident here.

What do you think of this story? Is vigilante justice an increasing danger in America?

  • Dreaming

    Wow! I think they should sue. Not for money, but for principle.

    Knowing about two incidents of vigilante justice doesn’t necessarily mean it is an increasing danger.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    white men with guns are an ever present danger in america…….

  • Jenn

    Any news regarding what happened to the two individuals pointing guns at innocent citizens?

  • Pat

    Wow, very scary. Like the above commentor states they should sue the police and their neighbors for the principal of it. My prayers are that the family can move on and live comfortably in their new home knowing what transpired with their new neighbors.

  • Pat

    Also what happened to “Hi I live next door are you guys moving in?” or plain just calling the police. Note to my self before moving into white neighbor hood put up Big sign on th front lawn that says “PLEASE DON’T SHOOT ME I’M ONLY MOVING IN” and a sign that says “PLEASE DON’T SHOOT ME I’M ONLY WALKING THE DOG OR WORKING OUT”

  • African Mami

    I really felt this one! It tore at my innings! Praying for Kalonji and fam!!!!

  • Pat


  • tisme

    I’m surprised that they did that to a black man and his white wife.

    I would have thought that the wife would have helped them avoid stereotyping him.

  • I got sense!

    Didn’t you know? White men hate white women who are with black men. They find her to be a race traitor and just as vile as the innocent black man.

  • Tricia

    This is madness!! Why are people so “fast” How did that become their business. And you know when some one is really breaking into their neighbour’s home – that is the time that they would not see any thing occuring SMH

  • Super Negra

    Not surprised…but the moral of the story is, just cause you marry white, don’t make it alright…Some white men detest white women that marry black.

  • tisme

    No they don’t.Not most of them.Most of them like black men with white women because black men are taking care of their sisters daughters etc.

    I think there is something else to this story.

  • Laugh

    Crazy, what happened to just calling the police if something is suspicious? Now what if this man had a gun and shot the guy pointing a gun at him? Smh

  • Socially Maladjusted

    . . . but I thought white america’s bootlickin nigros had made america safe for African immigrants.


    Seems like the southern good ole boy lynching approach to race relations is still in full swing in most parts of america – where innocent black people get killed in their own neighbourhoods or ejected from their own homes at gun point by armed civilians (Klan-ers) with the full blessing of the cops.

    Can we get some competent “Liberators” on this?


  • Dalili

    Newton County, am not surprised at all!

  • Grant

    Why would a black man want to live in that area of Georgia anyway? I’ve lived in the South my whole life, I love the climate and a lot of the people, but in no way would I ever choose some rural area to settle in. It is not worth it. How can you have peace and tranquility when you have to constantly worry about your safety. I want to be able to move about at my discretion. While not perfect(Trayvon case) suburbs are better for this. Think if Trayvon were shot in rural Florida, no one would have known his fate. Think before you move, America isn’t as free as we want to believe.

  • Mr Jay

    Is there some new white folks law where they get to point guns at folks all willy nilly with no consequences?

  • Mel

    My hurt burns even more when a fellow African is caught up in the crossfire of (white) American stupidity. Can you imagine people breaking into your house in the middle of the night and holding you at gunpoint and then when you move to the US expecting some sort of safety and relief, and you get the same craziness? This is outrageous! This is too much for me now! I am too upset. I think that anyone who purchases a gun should undergo a mandatory psychiatric evaluation.

  • Tra

    Mr. Jay – I have to agree!! This article really hurt – WTF is really happening in America?? It’s like too many people are regressing to the “good old days”!! Why the bleep coulnd’t they just accept that man’s word that he bought that house? Are we gonna have to wait months for that fool to be arrested for pulling a gun and kidnapping (yes, holding someone against their will!!) this poor couple.

    And just so folks know – skin color/race should not even be a factor in who you love!!

  • rand

    This is simply more proof that the white supremacist oligarchy is ending. & they’re terrified. The election of President Obama is indicative that fairness & equality are making inroads in this country & their reign of entitlement through racial oppression will no longer be tolerated. So they’re even more hateful & suspicious of people who are different than them.
    All the best to the Kalonji family.
    I hope a lawsuit against their bigoted neighbors & the police department is pending.

  • Tonton Michel

    WTF, nobody knows how to dial 911 any more? Follow me, push 9-1-1………

    And what does his wife’s color have to do with this?

  • apple

    her being white probably saved his life, had she been black they have just shot him right there

  • Yeahright2011

    That African got his “N” Wake Up Call!

  • marc

    good thing they weren’t wearing hoodies.

  • Kamil

    I think Pat said it best…..what happened to “hi, I live next door….are you moving in?” See, I “totes mine” and I’m almost certain somebody would have been shot….me or them. I’m thinking…why wasn’t the realtor called….was there no paperwork in their cars that said something about the address being sold to them or SOMETHING?!!! Folk need to focus on be good witnesses! Jokers are out here reading these laws that are still on the books and they think they have the power to act. I’d say you do if someone is beating up an old woman or trying to snatch a child thats screaming no no help me. this confrontation with firearems has to stop.

  • CHE

    It still applies…In the old days they would have shot them and dumped their bodies and no one would have looked for them and it sure as h***l wouldnt be on tv.

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  • Yeahright2011

    Modern African immigrants have been in the US for the last 3-4 decades. They should know better by now. Welcome to America.

  • Pat

    *UPDATE* The men that held the Kalonjis hostage have been arrested. The kalonjis son hired a friend of the family who happens to be a high powered attorney..

  • Chic Noir

    Very true Grant. I’m afraid to travel thru the South much less live there.

  • Perverted Alchemist

    Good thing he wasn’t in Forsyth County *shivers*

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