Dear People Magazine, You’re Wrong For This One

by Britni Danielle

When people learned that Beyonce was named People’s most beautiful woman in the world, many folks were split into a few camps: the overjoyed stans, the Bey haters, those who couldn’t care less, and those of us who felt that Bey topping the list was long overdue. Not because she’s actually THE most beautiful person in the world (how can anyone know for sure?), but because the list is basically a popularity contest, and love her or hate her, Bey has “ruled the (pop) world” for a few years now. But when I saw a few of the spread’s photos…well, then I knew there was a problem.

Let me set a few things straight first: Yes, I understand People, despite its name, is geared toward a mainstream (read: white) audience, so picking Bey as “the most beautiful” woman as opposed to, say, Kerry Washington, was inevitable. And while I wish they’d also include  “browner” women on the cover, I do think Beyonce gracing the oft-very-white cover is a good move. But while I appreciate her inclusion, I don’t appreciate the photogs & retouchers making her look like a white woman. I mean, come on.

Whether you think Beyonce is black or not (I’ve never debated this, to me, she’s black), when the world sees her…they see a black woman–topping the charts, strolling through NYC with her baby, and cuddling up to her husband and enjoying the game. But the People mag photos have seemed to taking out one of her key elements: her color.

I’m not sure what they were thinking (perhaps selling more covers?), but not only does this particular picture of Bey look amazing pale (yes, she’s light-skinned, but she has color, c’mon), but her lips look awkward (non-existent?) and the picture they  chose just makes her look…odd.

What’s not in doubt is that Beyonce is a beautiful woman; she’s an absolute stunner. Hailing her as “the most beautiful woman in the world” and then making her look very, very strange doesn’t seem like much of an honor to me. Bey deserved better than a picture that did little to tout her beauty.

C’mon People, is this really the best you’ve got?

  • African Mami

    I like her boobies!!!!! I’m goin to find me a man,get me pregnant and get on Beyonce’s boobie level!!! :)

    She is black, with a whole lot of this that and the other.

  • I got sense!

    I agree. I mean Halle is half white and they didn’t lighten her skin color. I don’t get that. Just like with the L’oreal ads why is her physical appearance changed so drastically.

    Side note: I can not believe how many BLACK people are going around saying she is not black. I mean really. We talk Barack as the first BLACK president, Halle as the first BLACK woman to win oscar for leading role and even Mariah Carey as a BLACK woman but won’t take Beyonce. o_O

    People are he-larry-us!

  • Yb

    Honestly I think that Beyonce has enough power to control which pictures of her are published. Her camp has put out very white washed pictures of her before. So I’m not sure how much of this can be blamed on People mag.

    If people mag purposely altered, and released these white washed pictures of her then it was to appease their audience and soothe their egos.

  • MC

    The first thing I thought when I saw the pics was why does she look like a white woman? What is up with those lips? Must be some hidden agenda to perpetuate the boring bland typical blonde and pale eurocentric standard. And she does not look flattering in these photos at all.

  • The Taker

    Yeah, I seriously don’t like that picture either. The most beautiful picture I have ever seen of her was her DIL cover and that one picture in album booklet where she’s wearing a yellow dress laying on some stones. Those pictures where incredible. It doesn’t some surprise me that photos I think she looks most beautiful, they are completely…How can say it…un-whitewashed. Her skin is all brown and golden. This picture in People’s magazine is sad to look at. It makes her look stiff and dry and completely washed out. I call for a re-shoot.

  • Kanyade

    Hmmm….. +1

  • QCastle

    She actually looks like a wax figure. And the reason people question her blackness is because she is attractive. I was watching Basketball wives the other night and realized how light Shaunie O’neil is.I never hear anyone question her blackness even though she is lighter than Beyonce.We cant accept a black women who is attractive as undeniably black. She atleast gotta have some Indian in her.Damshame really!

  • Sasha

    I agree, the picture is very unflattering.

  • Queen

    I noticed the retouching as well. They’re starting to do this more and more with Beyonce. Mind flashes back to the *Covergirl* commericals, where her hertiage was marketed as African American, Native American, and French. And not to mention her new albums promos.

    I’ve always been a Beyonce fan and while I’m happy to see her on the cover. I feel as though she bears some responsibility in the way she’s being respresented. Doesn’t she see “some” of the photos beforehand (of course she may not have seen this one before hand) but I’m pretty sure she has some leverage to say yay or naw when it comes to photos. Now this is not to say that the magazines don’t bare any responsability…I’m just saying.

  • kisa

    @YB, I agree with you 100%. Beyonce has complete and total creative and directive control over any and everything that has her name on it. King Bey put out those pics, People only published them.

  • Pat

    I’m sorry, but that’s the worst pic I have seen of Beyonce. She looks like a computerized 3D person. They should have hired the photog who did her shoot for Dream Girls. Those shots were just stunning.

  • cocochanel31

    Not trying to be funny but Beyonce really is pale in real life. I have seen her at an awards show and even in pics of her walking NYC without makeup and she is very pale! She is the color of her mama! There is no denying her blackness has anyone seen her daddy?????

    I agree that the above pic looks weird with the ashy and cracked looking lips..but color wise she is light, bright , damn near white! Come on now, black people come in all shaded and colors..I have black friends lighter than her! I have more problem with her in that hair commercial naming all the ethnicities she is mixed with instead of saying she is black than I have problems with this picture.

  • CurlySue

    Ugh, she looks like a muppet in this picture. That pale, pale pink lipgloss completely erases her lovely lips and she looks like she’s in pain. No bueno.

  • MC

    I don’t think anyone questions beyonce’s blackness, it’s not like light skin black folks are an anomoly. If anyone does question it, it’s because of photos like the one up top. Look at her sister one is questioning her blackness, could it be because she’s not trying to look like an imitation white woman hmmm..

  • PeeWee

    LMAO @ her looking like a muppet!

  • L


    Itch, thats how you think…dont project onto others….We all know you HATE Black women but youre sorry ass is always here.

  • L

    Youre= your

  • Rosey

    Because I don’t have constant access to Beyonce, I’m not convinced this picture purposely was altered to “make her look white”. Sometimes it just feels like y’all like complaining.

  • Anon

    I tend to doubt the attractiveness and guess the skin shade of black women who always wanna play the “imitation white woman” game with Beyonce. Solange looks more like her father’s side of the family, Beyonce more like her mother’s side of the family.

  • iQgraphics

    Beyonce has looked better (and blacker) being photographed in sweats walking down the streets of NYC. that picture above is PURPOSEFULLY unflattering.

    Regardless of how white washed the image is, its UGLY!

    Why are you going to choose a woman of color, then make her look bad?!
    That question is RHETORICAL.

  • iQgraphics

    i have said many times before.

  • iQgraphics

    gurl bye!
    I usually appreciate your arguments for the reasons of perspective, but here, you’re just typing for the sake of using your keyboard.

  • MC

    And… your point? Oh let me guess i’m supposed to be the dark &unattractive bitter black woman? Uh no.. come again. The blonde lacefront and the illusion of paper thin lips is imitation white woman to me, has nothing to do if whether she looks like her mom or not, and if you that is your idea of attractiveness then right on, but keep the lame stereotypical presumptions to yourself.

  • S.

    Why do we care so much though?

  • Bosslady

    QCastle, I agree unfortunately. EVERYTIME the media classifies a black woman as black they always have to argue she has white/Indian in her. The amount of yahoo discussions I’ve seen stating Gabrielle Union and Naomi Campbell aren’t fully “black” and they’re not even light skin, just beautiful, now of course that is not my opinion as a black women, but that is many people’s opinion.

  • Bosslady

    *black women as beautiful

  • mamareese

    Wow did a Bey hater write this? SO the world loves her…good for her. She may not be the bomb to you but she’s the bomb to somebody. Tamar: Go getcha life! Really, this should be a platform for growth not some chick hating on the pretty and successful girl.

  • Britni Danielle

    Hello there–

    Not sure how you got “Bey hater” out of what I wrote, especially considering I said she was beautiful & stunning and deserved to be honored years ago.

    My argument here is that People shouldn’t have used this horrible picture to tout her beauty when, as someone mentioned above, she looks better than this walking around the streets of NYC with Blue.

    Thanks for reading & responding!

  • I got sense!

    ^^^^^^Pretty much sums it up.

  • dhoensty1

    now i like her music and all but i was turned off when she made a comment that she wished she were latina so as far as i’m concerned she latina from here on out.. she look more latina then white in this photo..

  • mamareese

    Ok I did this on a skim….but I see nothing wrong with the photo. Some times dull it down looks better than glammed out,

  • apple

    I agree with you qcastle everytime a black woman is attractive even if she dark brown someone questions their ethnicity! Whether it’s with famous people or just regular people on the street, she’s pretty she’s black she must be mixed! I have seen it in forums, on this site, and in real life.

  • Val

    Lmao@Beys chicken lips in that photo

  • apple

    I think she was kissing ass. Because being a black Latina is not much different then being black American when you take into account south and north American slavery. The only difference is the British enslaved us and the Spanish/Portugal enslaved them. But maybe I’m thinking too deep ha

  • omfg

    i know someone who had a relative who worked with beyonce.

    i was told that she would request to appear lighter/whiter in videos/print, etc. the person who worked with her is white.

    please stop assuming that nonwhite people in the public eye are not breaking their necks to be perceived as acceptable to whites. they are. beyonce is one of them.

  • binks

    I like Beyoncé but let’s not kid ourselves the ambiguous black girl image is what pushed Beyoncé to where she is as far as crossover appeal and she is going to ride that image to the wheels fall off. Hence why she probably won’t ditch the long blond extensions or the suspect shading in her photos; it is what it is at this point. And the last time I checked people with Creole heritage identify as black, at least most do here in Louisiana and the ones I know, so the is she black or not thing is ridiculous.

  • Seriously?

    I wish I was Beyonce so that I can have the ability to be able to have a brown complexion and as I get older just magically get lighter. (Joking)
    No, this is what Beyonce and her PR people wants. To be able to become easily acceptable in “white” folks home she tries her best to appear more like them, look like them, cater to them.
    As if people actually forgot her natural hair color isn’t blonde but yet she’s been rocking it for years. If this what she wants its a whatever for me, because at the end of the day she more than enough people eating it up and loving it.

  • omfg

    i don’t think beyonce is seen as “black” to everyone in the world. that is an american assumption about blackness.

    i’ve had nonblack people remark to me that beyonce IS NOT black or ask me if she is.

    so, it’s not the case that nonblacks looking at beyonce see a black woman. that’s just a poor assumption. in fact, i might attribute some of her success abroad to the fact that she may not be thought of as black.

    very few BLACK women have actually reach the level of international success and acceptance that beyonce has.

  • omfg

    has anyone ever heard beyonce refer to herself as black?

    i haven’t.

    but i have heard her refer to herself as creole.

    maybe that’s one reason why some question her blackness.

  • binks

    Actually QCastle makes a good point. I do notice that when popular black women who are seem as “desirable” in the public eye that their ethnicity is often questioned. Some people would literally go back and forth arguing you down on why “so and so” isn’t all the way black or not technically black so you aren’t far off the mark.

  • omfg

    really? creoles in louisiana identify as black?

    historically, they have not wanted to identify as black. they have sought to distinguish themselves from blacks and have even aligned themselves with whites and worked to oppress blacks.

    the ones who id as black sometimes do so begrudgingly. many look down on blacks, believing themselves to be better. saying you’re creole is better than saying you’re black afterall…

    my family is from new orleans btw.

    i’m familiar with the colorstruck nonsense that is louisiana.

  • Mimi

    I agree Binks!!!!!!!

  • http://deleted ms_micia


  • Bosslady

    omfg, I’m can’t remember if I heard Beyonce refer to herself as “black” but she has on many occasions has referred to herself as an African American women, and has stated how she feels honored to have been to first to accomplish many things as an African American women.

  • omfg

    okay well i stand corrected, i guess.

    although the creole thing makes me roll my eyes…

  • Chic Noir

    You should dig for the L’Oreal ads of Kerry Washington that were placed in European magacines. OMG they totally changed her face, her skin color and facial features.

    Honestly this is done with so many blk celebs and models now it’s become trite. I know that sometimes it’s truly due to lighting but often the skin color of a blk celeb or model is changed like a random accessory.

  • Chic Noir

    You should dig for the L’Oreal ads of Kerry Washington in Europe. OMG they totally changed her face.

    Honestly this is done with so many blk celebs and models now it’s become trite. I know that sometimes it’s truly due to lighting but often the skin color of a blk celeb is changed like a random accessory.

  • Chic Noir

    @ I got sense!

    You should dig for the L’Oreal ads of Kerry Washington in Europe. Oh my God,they totally changed her face.

    Honestly this is done with so many Blk celebs and models now it’s become trite. I know that sometimes it’s truly due to lighting but often the skin color of a Blk celeb or model is changed like a random accessory.

  • Chic Noir

    And the reason people question her blackness is because she is attractive.

    Yup, I notice this too. Any time a Blk woman is good looking, she must be mixed.

  • JWC


  • Samah

    I believe that a lot of black women based blogs just spread negativity. This article is just another example of how black people bash other black people.

  • Nightfall

    Ohhh. I was curious about what they got wrong then I saw this was another Beyonce with a skin lightened pic piece. I’ve heard the arguments before and I think its only an issue if you make it into one. Bey’s black and the majority world knows it. Regardless of the editing of any magazine.

  • gmarie

    skin is skin, whether it belongs to a black person or not. like all skin, beyonce’s becomes pale in the winter and darker in the summer as she tans. It’s really not that deep and it’s not People magazine’s doing. I’m a studio fix fluid NW55 and even I had to break out a bottle of St. Tropez dark self tan lotion a few days ago.

    All I see when I look at these photos is a fair skinned black woman. You see it too, you just need a reason to complain about her…

  • Anon

    GIRL TELL IT. Seriously, BW blogs weren’t so terrible a few years ago. Now that folks picked up vocabulary like “self-esteem”, “colorism”, and my personal favorite “insecure” I’ve seen the most RATCHET mess.

    And you know that half of the folks up here cryin’ about Beyonce’s skin tone are at home listening to Little Wayne dog their dark-skinned selves out while they dance to the beat.

  • I got sense!

    I’m from the dirty dirty too and yes Creoles identify as black. Historically, it depended on their hue. Too dark for the whites and too light for the blacks so no one accepted them and that’s where the separation came from but lets be clear many people are scientically according to their DNA multiracial but in the USA it’s about skin tone. Beyonce identifies as black (her words).

    Side note: White folks sure did a good job installing division in people of color. Got a HUGE percentage of us denying each other, killing each other, and hindering each others progress. Damn shame. Oh well, still glad a “woman of color” is on the cover.

  • omfg


    that’s quite an assumption you’re making.

  • Briana

    I’m no Beyonce stan but I don’t get this at all. There are plenty of Black women who are WAY lighter than Beyonce in these pics…what’s the issue exactly??

    We all know how Beyonce looks, we all know that pictures vary depending on a number of things. She’s just as light in her album pics, but the lighting is different.

    Black women need to focus on being BLACK and not what shade of Black we are…it doesn’t benefit us AT ALL when we do this (and this is coming from a dark skinned woman) All of this just seems pointless to me i’m sorry. It’s annoying that we’ve gotten to this point where we spend our time trying to find something wrong with people instead of focusing and praising their accomplishments.

  • Anon

    That’s not an assumption, that’s the truth. Shoot, I’d say the same for a lot of natural hair blogs. They’re depressing to read these days… so I don’t. There’s only so many times somebody can talk about a “journey” over a haircut.

  • Anon

    Why would the term creole make you roll your eyes? Her mother’s family is from Louisiana, her father’s family is from Houston. That’s exactly where American creoles are from. It’s not like she’s making it up. And she never said that there was Cherokee Indian in her, which means that whatever Native heritage she has is probably legit too.

  • rosie


  • Jess

    “making her look like a white woman” HUH??? She just looks like a black womanin bad bleach

  • Amber

    All of these arguments against this photo say one thing to me: Black people are supposed to look a certain way. Huh??? So is it your ignorance and/or theirs that makes this image a problem?? Tell the truth, shame the devil. Dammit thats what Beyonce looks like!! There isn’t THAT MUCH re-touching on this photo. Why is it that a light-skinned Black woman (with fame in this case) can’t have long blonde hair without “trying to appeal to white folks”? Beyonce particularly doesn’t have to try and appeal to white folks, THEY EAT OUT OF HER HAND, just like all her stans do.

    I understand the larger issue here, but this is not the best image to make the point.

  • KT

    The picture does not do her beauty justice. She looks pale and ashy, as well her lips have been Photoshoped to oblivion. That Eurocentric beauty is boring.

  • fasho

    She looks like Carmen Electra in this picture.

  • Keke

    actually they can make her look white i have a pic of myself that a friend worked on of me and well….his intention was to make me look angelic but I look white my features are still my features and yes she is marketed in a way to make her appeal in to an international audience….there are ppl as dark as I am that still ask me if I’m all black because my features are so striking to them I suppose everyone think I’m mixed with something and I’m way darker then Bey and It’s not racist its and open forum where people are allowed to voice their opinions….and fyi Bey lips are bigger then that and she is very photo shopped wanna know the truth as far a physical beauty they did change it she just looks like a plan funny looking white / or something chica like Jennifer Aniston they took from how beautiful she really is with that photo shop work…i’m just saying

  • Ashleigh

    Preach! I usually dont frequent Clutch for this very reason. I mean, in this case, they kinda have a point but still, it achieves nothing.

  • Leelee

    To me this just isn’t a good picture of Beyonce period, and I think the Beyonce looks exactly how she wanted to look.

  • Jenning

    BLACK PPL ARE THE M O S T RACIST PPL ON EARTH… when it comes to their own PEOPLE!!!!!!

    Be proud a black women is on the cover of ppl mag. STATING the most beautiful woman in the WORLD. It’s not only about her looks ALTHOUGH she is actually BEAUTIFUL! but her core (inner beauty) shines through. She personably, she seems like a woman you can talk to about anything.

    SO STOP HATING on Bey!!!!!! She represent black women around the world well!!!

    Same ppl hating on Bey, are hood rats that watch BBW and HWOA!! DUMB ghetto BLACK B*T(H!!!! YOU B*T(HES make black women look bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yb

    What is wrong with you? Stop it. Your embarrassing yourself.

  • Gennatay

    This entire blog post is tired, about as tired as the light skin vs dark skin debate. Black women need to stop being crabs in a barrel and start congratulating each other instead of bringing each other down. This blog post should have been celebrated the fact that a black women was named The Most Beautiful Woman (the first in 9 years) instead of trying to point out everything supposedly wrong with the picture.

  • LuvIt289

    LBVVS!!! Totally agree :-)
    btw, they all use breaching cream. smh

  • Gennatay

    Agreed. I’ve seen her in person as well up close, she is really pale. These pictures of her are more natural. It looks like they only used natural light for the photos as well.

  • Alexandra

    Exactly. Some people complain about her not looking dark/Black enough, but they forget that this woman’s natural skin tone is very pale. In fact, she darkens herself with tanning/bronzer’s/etc; It’s the darker complected Beyonce that’s the ‘fake’ Bey, not the light one.

    And I do agree with others that mentioned her photos looking Whitewashed, but as I said earlier why doesn’t anyone complain about her darker photos, which are clearly not her natural tone as well? I notice how people are dismissing their own perceptions of what Black is, in reference to that.

  • JC

    I don’t care. We have too many black men and women shaking around to entertain people.

    We need to start ignoring our entertainers and praising our outstanding (but socially conscious) scholars, communities organizers, and business leaders.

    Damn, I’m tired of black people being cornered to excellence in entertainment. We have enough of them! Let’s turn our attention to other forms of excellence.

  • apple

    Yes we identify as black! At least my family and high school classmates did in new Orleans

  • TheBestAnonEver, Part 2

    She does not look like a white woman at all. She looks like a waxy black woman because photoshop tends to make everyone waxy.

    I can see we are back doing what we do best: complaining.

  • Name

    To all the people who wanna downplay the situation and make it seem like it is not about race when it really is, I think that it just makes you uncomfortable to talk about race or you just seriously lack the critical thinking skills necessary to realize that the level of success a woman achieves in our Westernized society is not solely based on how talented she is. A big part of entertainer’s success, especially female entertainers’ success, has to do with how they are marketed. They can reach a bigger audience and achieve greater success if they are marketable, which is easier if they are “pretty” as defined by Western culture. Beyonce has all of the classic signs of European beauty and those features were emphasized by the retouching of her photo. The truth of the matter is that once you appeal to mainstream white audiences you experience greater success. And in order to do that you have to make them comfortable. What’s more pleasing that admiring a black person that looks just like you? Beyonce can be racially ambiguous at times, which allows more people to “connect” with her. To all the naysayers, please riddle me this: what dark-skinned woman with afro-centric features has achieved a level of success comparable to Beyonce’s? This isn’t trying to take anything from Beyonce bc she is gorgeous and talented. It’s just goes to prove how people should really think about the possible reasoning behind things before they dismiss them as stupid or redundant.

  • chinaza

    Doesn”t matter what she looks like. The whole concept of “most beautiful” is stupid and backward.

  • NY’s Finest

    How many articles are gonna be written about Beyonce’s complexion in pictures?

  • Chic Noir

    what dark-skinned woman with afro-centric features has achieved a level of success comparable to Beyonce’s?

    Diana Ross, Whitney Houston and Tina Turner.

    Mr. James could you help a sista out… How big was Nina Simone?

  • JWC

    Amen to that:)

  • Robbie

    As a Bey fan, I don’t see anything wrong in that picture beside her lips. B is a very fair skin black woman that has stated in the past that she tans to get darker. What is it so hard for people to accept it. The girl is light so what! Leave her alone.

    For a woman that is constently talked about or hated on because she has good looks and is fair skin, she married a black man that even me I would not date and got a child by him . Despite all that, that is still not enough. She cannot please everyone. She has to please her first.

  • H

    If she had worn some color on her lips, she wouldn’t have looked such a hot mess, but I thought there was another picture of her with a dress on that is on the cover. She does look much better and darker on that picture. I think here it is the lighting. I think Beyonce is kind of pale, but that hair and no color on the lips just makes her looked washed out. I don’t know when and why she decided this look was cute. It’s supposed to be that natural look, but when you see her hair, it just makes it all fake.

    It’s the thin, pale, lips that make this picture look so bad. She should have at least smiled.

  • Blackness

    Chic Noir…you know damnn well that none of those people you mentioned have afro cenric features! Tina Turner does no have stereotypical negro features, Diana Ross does not have stereotypical black feaures and Whitney Houston did not have stereotypical black features.

  • Blackness

    When Beyonce’s skin is “brown and golden,” she usually has on self tanner and bronzer to make her appear that way. When she takes it off, she’s pale just like her mama. I’ve seen her twice in person. Once with a fierce tan when she was older, and once with no make up when she was younger. She’s pale.

  • angela

    “Whether you think Beyonce is black or not (I’ve never debated this, to me, she’s black),”

    I wasn’t even aware this was up for a discussion.

  • binks

    The ones I know do, I know some people with creole heritage with very VERY fair skin, light eyes and wavy hair and will tell you to your face that they are black. Of course historically that wasn’t always the case and even now with some individuals but for the most part down here there isn’t a big distinction between black/Creole. Sure people can tell and assume but it isn’t this big thing like some people making it out to be.

  • apple

    Lol stereotypical features ?!!! Well f*k me gently with a chain saw.

  • J

    Clearly, you haven’t seen Beyonce in person. She’s not a dark-skinned woman, never has been and never will be. Do we not see how light her mother, sister, and nephew are? However, she is a black woman and I, another black woman, am proud to see this hard-working, successful, humble BLACK beauty on the cover of a mag that’s only had one other black woman listed as “most beautiful.” Granted, there is no one person who is most beautiful on Earth; we simply could never narrow it down to one person. But I am sick of the black community and these ignorant rants about light-skin/dark-skin foolishness. Get over the insecurities and unite together as black women supporting black women.

  • CHE

    Exactly @J…. but dont waste your breathe on the insecure and jealous.

  • CHE

    What about Janet Jackson, Diana Ross, Naomi Campbell and I have never heard non Blacks questioning her Blackness; I think it is a forgone conclusion that everyone knows she is Black but alot of insecure and jealous Black women wont let it go…like you.

  • tisme

    Only accept Beyonce is NOT black but mixed.She said so.Beyonce is a representation/imitation of white women and their beauty.

    Here’s where she says that she’s mixed

    Stating the obvious doesn’t make anyone a just means they’re honest.Beyonce is not black.Neither is her mother.Her and her sister represent multiracial women.Not black women.

  • tisme


  • tisme

    Actually Beyonce says she’s mixed.

    Many of us have NEVER called Barack or Halle black.They may call themselves black but I know they are biracial and recognize them as such.

    There is nothing wrong with calling people what they are.Michelle Obama is black.Her children are more or less than 3/4 black and Barack is biracial

  • C

    Thanks@ Chic Noir

    Along with those women and others Ella Fitzgerald is still one of the most praised and worshipped Black entertainers ever…..Every group ADORES her.

    I have seen with my eyes blue Black people with straight noses and curly hair so what is stereotypical *Negro* features(giggles) Your inferiority complex is showing boo@Blackness

    Dont get it twisted….Because todays rap and hip hop music videos(starring and made by mostly Black men) is full of only light, brite and might as well be white women does not mean that all people share the same tastes or only consider those that fits that description attractive-that is the excuse that they(Black men) give for only featuring those types of women-that they are trying to appeal to the masses…….So how was Janet Jackson so successful; Take that up with the men- thats their perspective and their issues. Leave Beyonce out of it.

  • C


    Some of your comments indicates you have serious issues and I feel sorry for that …..but no one can make you feel inferior without your consent. You cannot dictate who is Black or not. No one made you Queen of the Blacks with the power to decide or not who is Black. If a person of African descent say they are Black I accept that.Stop it.

  • C

    Stop it. Your jealousy, insecurity and inferiority complex is screaming out. You are embarassing yourself. You have issues.

  • C

    I have also seen Gabrielle Union dark skin Black people identify as Creole…OMFG is on a mission but nobody- including her I am sure- knows what it is….So what is your point, omfg?; What are you trying to say or prove?

  • Jolie

    i agree….i think that may have played a huge factor in her success…thats why i never really understood this whole ‘the world will see you as black’ thing thats usually told to people of mixed race….umm, maybe America will but the U.S is not the whole world…people need to get out more and realised that the U.S perspective on race is not shared around the world…many countries have around the world have separate categories for ‘black’ and ‘mixed race’…and what does the author mean by to her she is black?its not about you, what you consider her is not that important because it has absolutely nothing to do with you

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