When people learned that Beyonce was named People’s most beautiful woman in the world, many folks were split into a few camps: the overjoyed stans, the Bey haters, those who couldn’t care less, and those of us who felt that Bey topping the list was long overdue. Not because she’s actually THE most beautiful person in the world (how can anyone know for sure?), but because the list is basically a popularity contest, and love her or hate her, Bey has “ruled the (pop) world” for a few years now. But when I saw a few of the spread’s photos…well, then I knew there was a problem.

Let me set a few things straight first: Yes, I understand People, despite its name, is geared toward a mainstream (read: white) audience, so picking Bey as “the most beautiful” woman as opposed to, say, Kerry Washington, was inevitable. And while I wish they’d also include  “browner” women on the cover, I do think Beyonce gracing the oft-very-white cover is a good move. But while I appreciate her inclusion, I don’t appreciate the photogs & retouchers making her look like a white woman. I mean, come on.

Whether you think Beyonce is black or not (I’ve never debated this, to me, she’s black), when the world sees her…they see a black woman–topping the charts, strolling through NYC with her baby, and cuddling up to her husband and enjoying the game. But the People mag photos have seemed to taking out one of her key elements: her color.

I’m not sure what they were thinking (perhaps selling more covers?), but not only does this particular picture of Bey look amazing pale (yes, she’s light-skinned, but she has color, c’mon), but her lips look awkward (non-existent?) and the picture they  chose just makes her look…odd.

What’s not in doubt is that Beyonce is a beautiful woman; she’s an absolute stunner. Hailing her as “the most beautiful woman in the world” and then making her look very, very strange doesn’t seem like much of an honor to me. Bey deserved better than a picture that did little to tout her beauty.

C’mon People, is this really the best you’ve got?

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  • QCastle

    She actually looks like a wax figure. And the reason people question her blackness is because she is attractive. I was watching Basketball wives the other night and realized how light Shaunie O’neil is.I never hear anyone question her blackness even though she is lighter than Beyonce.We cant accept a black women who is attractive as undeniably black. She atleast gotta have some Indian in her.Damshame really!

    • I agree, the picture is very unflattering.

    • L


      Itch, thats how you think…dont project onto others….We all know you HATE Black women but youre sorry ass is always here.

    • L

      Youre= your

    • iQgraphics

      gurl bye!
      I usually appreciate your arguments for the reasons of perspective, but here, you’re just typing for the sake of using your keyboard.

    • Bosslady

      QCastle, I agree unfortunately. EVERYTIME the media classifies a black woman as black they always have to argue she has white/Indian in her. The amount of yahoo discussions I’ve seen stating Gabrielle Union and Naomi Campbell aren’t fully “black” and they’re not even light skin, just beautiful, now of course that is not my opinion as a black women, but that is many people’s opinion.

    • Bosslady

      *black women as beautiful

    • apple

      I agree with you qcastle everytime a black woman is attractive even if she dark brown someone questions their ethnicity! Whether it’s with famous people or just regular people on the street, she’s pretty she’s black she must be mixed! I have seen it in forums, on this site, and in real life.

    • binks

      Actually QCastle makes a good point. I do notice that when popular black women who are seem as “desirable” in the public eye that their ethnicity is often questioned. Some people would literally go back and forth arguing you down on why “so and so” isn’t all the way black or not technically black so you aren’t far off the mark.

    • And the reason people question her blackness is because she is attractive.

      Yup, I notice this too. Any time a Blk woman is good looking, she must be mixed.

  • Queen

    I noticed the retouching as well. They’re starting to do this more and more with Beyonce. Mind flashes back to the *Covergirl* commericals, where her hertiage was marketed as African American, Native American, and French. And not to mention her new albums promos.

    I’ve always been a Beyonce fan and while I’m happy to see her on the cover. I feel as though she bears some responsibility in the way she’s being respresented. Doesn’t she see “some” of the photos beforehand (of course she may not have seen this one before hand) but I’m pretty sure she has some leverage to say yay or naw when it comes to photos. Now this is not to say that the magazines don’t bare any responsability…I’m just saying.

  • Pat

    I’m sorry, but that’s the worst pic I have seen of Beyonce. She looks like a computerized 3D person. They should have hired the photog who did her shoot for Dream Girls. Those shots were just stunning.

  • cocochanel31

    Not trying to be funny but Beyonce really is pale in real life. I have seen her at an awards show and even in pics of her walking NYC without makeup and she is very pale! She is the color of her mama! There is no denying her blackness has anyone seen her daddy?????

    I agree that the above pic looks weird with the ashy and cracked looking lips..but color wise she is light, bright , damn near white! Come on now, black people come in all shaded and colors..I have black friends lighter than her! I have more problem with her in that hair commercial naming all the ethnicities she is mixed with instead of saying she is black than I have problems with this picture.

    • cosign.

    • Gennatay

      Agreed. I’ve seen her in person as well up close, she is really pale. These pictures of her are more natural. It looks like they only used natural light for the photos as well.

    • Alexandra

      Exactly. Some people complain about her not looking dark/Black enough, but they forget that this woman’s natural skin tone is very pale. In fact, she darkens herself with tanning/bronzer’s/etc; It’s the darker complected Beyonce that’s the ‘fake’ Bey, not the light one.

      And I do agree with others that mentioned her photos looking Whitewashed, but as I said earlier why doesn’t anyone complain about her darker photos, which are clearly not her natural tone as well? I notice how people are dismissing their own perceptions of what Black is, in reference to that.

  • CurlySue

    Ugh, she looks like a muppet in this picture. That pale, pale pink lipgloss completely erases her lovely lips and she looks like she’s in pain. No bueno.

    • PeeWee

      LMAO @ her looking like a muppet!