Do you Live in America’s Most Fashionable City?

by Britni Danielle

When you think of American cities that are hotbeds for fashionistas which ones come to mind? Los Angeles? New York City? Atlanta? Chicago?

Bu a new list by hails Irvine, California as America’s most fashionable city. If you’re like me, you may be wondering how this can be, but according to Bundle, they picked the most populous cities in the U.S. and analyzed which cities had the highest number “fashion-conscious households.”

Bundle explains:

We based our index on the percentage of “fashion-conscious households” in our sample, which we defined as households that had at least four transactions at top-end designer merchants in the past 30 months. 

Coming in at an unexpected number one was Irvine, CA, which ranked nearly four times above the U.S. average in clothing spending. Home of the OC and one of the richest cities in America, Irvine residents can certainly afford those designer duds.

While Irvine topped the list, edging out both New York and Los Angeles (two and three respectively), Buffalo, NY brought up the rear. But considering the index is based on how many people make upscale, designer purchases both the weather and fewer discretionary dollars could be to blame.

Check out the full list:

What do you think of the list? Is your city one of America’s “most fashionable”?

  • OSHH

    Ok my city in the top ten could have been a lil higher but I can live with that.

  • DianeChristina

    Uhhhmmm!!! That is not fashion. Folks that purchase top designer labels???? Everyone knows you mix high and low. lol

  • Fatima

    Umm…how did they define “city”? Because Flushing is part of Queens which is a borough of NYC, just as BK is a borough. Because if they left cities AS cities are defined, then NYC would be first. Just saying…

  • OSHH

    What it’s not is style, personal; or otherwise.

  • asha

    IRVINE??? Pleeeeeaaaaaseeee. i not going to let it loose here cus i’ll do that politically incorrect thing but IRVINE? CA? dem on jokes

  • omfg

    um, irvine?

    right. right. riiiiight.

    ahead of nyc and l.a.

    there is some serious chicanery going on with this survey.

    i was recently in irvine and it’s nothin but a suburban, mall-going, cookie cutter corner of orange county.

  • apple

    f*k no i dont…when i live in nyc i did.. you could wear what ever you felt like it. i wore what i wanted,experimented with trends or things i liked and wasn’t stared at like an animal in a zoo. now i live a sh*tty small city, wear i stop caring about dressing up because whats the point, you get stared at,laughed at or your over dressed.. and trends take so long to get here, so you have to jump to hoops to find what u want to wear. trends hit europe first then nyc then come here 1-2 years later ..ugh i hate it here ..sorry for the rant

  • omfg

    i’m sorry for you.

    i live in l.a.


  • Insight

    I live in L.A. too, and I see some of the CRAZIEST clothes on people. Maybe because I am from East Coast, and like more tailored pieces, but I feel like when I walk down the street in LA it looks like most got their clothes from bums off the street (cough cough Venice Beach, etc.) There is nothing wrong with buying clothes from a consignment shop, however, I wouldnt want my clothes to LOOK like they came from there which seems to be the “in” look now.

  • omfg

    i actually sort of agree with you.

    i’ve lived back east and sometimes i get annoyed because people in la don’t seem to make an effort at times to “dress”. people here tend to be very casual and messy-looking at times. the polished look is not so popular here.

    i myself prefer a tailored, modern look that veers toward casual if that makes sense.

    on the flip side, i do like the quirky i don’t care what you think attitude about what i’m wearing attitude that is here.

  • Belle/Demetria

    Labels do not make you fashionable, neither does money. A sense of style and knowing how to dress to compliment your body makes you fashionable.

    A very popular and wealthy female celeb is designer down daily and cannot dress to save a life. (no names = no shots fired)

  • African Mami

    Portland, Oregon is where its at.

  • Chic Noir

    Fashionable does not = stylish!

    Fashionable according to = how many labels you’ve charged to your nearly maxed out credit card Sallie Mae be damned.

    I think New York is certainly the most stylish city in America. I’m fine with the NYC number 2 fashionable ranking.

    Stylish people can shop in a thrift store or grandma’s closet and make themselves look good.

  • binks

    I was just thinking that, the breakdown on some of these places on the list doesn’t make sense. But my town is never on the list, hell if it is something bad I bet we top that…lol but I take all these polls and lists with a grain of salt

  • Monique M.

    Unless, the cilties are defines by zip-codes, these places are of, becasue Brooklyn is borough in New York City and Flushing is a town in Queens whilch is another part of New York City. The list may point out Brooklyn is lagging in fashion but Brooklyn is never lagging in style and that what makes Brooklyn unique. Everyone has their own style and dress anyway they want. How you put clothing pieces together represents your personality and creativiity. Who said fashion had to be expensive?

  • Chic Noir

    Put a bird on it.

  • African Mami

    what does that mean?!

  • The comment

    I live in N. Cali. where the trend has been Children of the Corn since the 60s. Cali has all the labels but no real style. We are just too laid back for fashion. We may have it in our closet but we have to fly to the East Coast to wear it.

  • Hushpuppies

    Haha, love the Portlandia reference!

  • minna k.

    Put. A. Bird. On . IT.

    Chic Noir i can co sign you all day!

    And seriously Brooklyn is in NYC. And the most stylish digs are the most creative ones, for the least amount of money.

    Brooklyn! Whoop whoop!

  • Dreaming

    I live in the suburbs, but the city that is closet to me is not on the least or most fashionable list. I would expect it to be on the least fashionable list, because the s&%$ I see people wearing hear is not cool.

  • Dreaming

    I live in the suburbs, but the city that is closet to me is not on the least or most fashionable list. I would expect it to be on the least fashionable list, because the s&%$ I see people wearing here is not cool.

  • Alexandra

    I live in NYC and I don’t think the fashion out here is what people make it out to be. I’m in the streets everyday and I see a mix. In fact, I see more women in American Eagle jeans than True Religion. But of course, you have to be in the right spots. Some places are just label, label, label.

    And Brooklyn is NYC! As well as Flushing and The Bronx…what’s up with that?
    I disagree with Brooklyn’s ranking. The hipsters shouldn’t be a measuring stick for fashionable Brooklynites, a lot of them are hopping on the thrift train nowadays (nothing wrong with that).

  • a.chigozie

    chicago shouldn’t be on that list before atl lol

  • purplekeychain

    so… “fashion conscious” means high end designer labels? hmm…

  • The Taker

    Holy crap Flushing beat out Brooklyn (yes I live in Flushing). Shocking and not so Shocking at the same time. But Hell yeah!!. I must say I am quite the Diva extraordinaire who possesses the most flair, I stay dressed to the nines when I’m out getting mines…. Anyway, I’m not surprised to see my beloved NYC sitting way on this list. Home to Mercedes Benz- Fashion Week, what else could you expect.

  • Olivia

    Wow, Pittsburgh number 30? All the small cities are towards the bottom, no surprise I guess. :I

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