1. Pseudonym

    Oh, Drake! Why did you go emo?

  2. Chrissy


    I expected more.

  3. yeathatsme

    can he please pull up his pants! #not cute

  4. I hate that people don’t know that this is a remake of The Gil Scott Heron/Jamie XX song “Take Care”. Go listen to that track.

    This is trash.

    • stellaxo

      woah! you’re right…
      thanks for the reference
      they they should’ve given Scott-Heron more credit provided that the only parts added to the original were pretty much rubbish.

    • stellaxo

      i have to say, though, i really liked this video! :)

    • I don’t like that many Drake songs but I really like this. Thanks Antifash, I will definitely checkout the original, I’ll probably like that’ one better……… I must say though,I really love the simplicity of this video.

  5. that beat gooooo harrrrrrrrd!!!!! First time I am liking an Aubrey Graham song!

    but aside, eh why are their bulls and birds flying around-illuminati?!

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