Since garnering an Oscar nod on her first starring role, many expected Gabourey Sidibe to fade quickly into the background. But the 28-year-old actress has gone on to snag roles both on the big and small screens. These days she can be found cutting up on the Showtime comedy series The Big C, in which she plays Andrea a teen with a big mouth and a bigger personality.

Recently, Sidibe stopped by Live With Kelly to discuss the show and her upcoming roles, and as soon as she stepped on stage–busting the Running Man and telling Pauly D that she’s a “grenade that’s DTF”–you knew it was going to be a fun interview.

At one point, Kelly asks Gabby about her character’s insistence on teaching her fellow students about Africa and asked if Gabby loves “African-inspired” clothes (because Kelly apparently digs it). Gabby, who is Senegalese, said that although tribal prints seem to be a trend, she’s “over it” and prefers to be more Americanized, which includes hating the afro she had to wear for The Big C (she couldn’t wait to get back to her normal weave).

Although Gabby doesn’t fit into Hollywood’s beauty standards, it’s clear from the interview that she is fun, comfortable with herself, and a good actress. And from the looks of things, she’ll be lighting up the screen for a long time to come.

Do you watch ‘The Big C’? What did you think of the interview?

  • Bee

    When will black people in Hollywood stop degrading and humiliating themselves and black culture just to get a flipping paycheck. Is there no such thing as dignity and self-respect anymore?

  • Val


  • CurlySue

    Has she lost a bit of weight? I really like her. 100% herself.

  • Poppy

    She has alot of personality and is a good talk show guest. However, she is not a good actress. Her acting is cringe worthy.

  • Cici

    Cee I don’t see any difference in Gabby making a fool of herself than any other culture making a fool of themsleves “to make a paycheck”. White people act like hillbillies, South Asians act like cheapskates and new immigrants and Black people act ghetto or over-exaggerated. It’s part of comedy. Part of EQUALITY is viewing your race equally. Black people should be allowed to make fun of themselves just as any other race would.

    I too get proud when I see Black people portraying themselves as smart intellectuals but television is not reality and if shows ONLY presented the pillars of society it would get very boring very quickly.

  • apple

    she probably doesn’t wear tribal prints because shes too big to wear them, patterns make big things much bigger.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    we must do something about our images……

  • Sath


    Oh well. What are you gonna do?

  • Florence Burns

    Yeah how dare she be on camera talking about things![/sarcasm]

  • Val

    You must have just landed on earth this morning if you don’t see a difference between Black people making fun of Blackness and White people making fun of Whiteness.

  • Pseudonym

    I get what she’s saying and I don’t think she’s necessarily dissing her culture.

    Many people in the States wearing prints from Africa (which interestingly aren’t necessarily produced in Africa- even the ones sold IN AFRICA!) are doing it as though it’s some new hot trend whereas for her it’s something she’s been around all her life and, therefore, it has no novel effect. Not to mention that the print and design quality available in the US is inferior to that you can find some places “back home” (where the clothes are tailor-made to fit you perfectly and you can design the outfits yourself).

    I can relate to her attitude. When I went to college, all the white guys would make a big deal out of hip hop (b/c it was this awesome hot new discovery for them) and they’d obsess over it and all things black and urban. For me, it was something I’ve been around all my life, so I was…well, kinda over it and was more interested in Buena Vista Social Club and Seu Jorge. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy some hip hop, but it just doesn’t get the “OMG! This is such a new experience! Must drop everything and obsess!” reaction out of me.

  • anony.mous

    i think she is quite cute. however, i’m probably a terrible person for not being surprised by her dislike of natural hair. it’s often the “thick” ones, in my experience.

  • African Mami

    Ms. Info &iQgraphics,

    This is your forte…..your input is highly needed.

  • Anon

    LAWD! Be a diet plan, maturity, and self-awareness for this one! The worst part is, she probably thinks it is cute behavior. What stereotypical trope has she NOT played?

  • Anon

    If you’re older than 16, you need to ask your parents exactly what day they decided to fail you in learning about equality and media representation.

  • QCastle

    Im torn. Most of the time I want black people to be able to play any role they want lbut then I understand that blacks have a different history and often have to take social hits for doing what others do. Its like the debate about black men performing in drag. White men perform in drag all the time and their sexuality or self esteem is never questioned. Adam Sandler has a new movie out called Jack and Jill where he is playing a female character. Why cant black men play those same roles without there being such soul searching?

  • Kesha

    First, that portrayal was way off base and ridiculous. *head shake

  • Tumaini


  • Ms. Information

    She looks like that thing that fell on Nipsey Russell in The Wiz…

  • Ms. Information

    lollllllllllll….see below.

  • mamareese

    Hey if she’s happy with weave and solid colors why should we care.

  • Ocean Blue

    I don’t get it. Why is she still so big?

  • ceecee

    From reading the comments above, it’s a good thing she’s comfortable in her own skin.

  • Anon

    From seeing her fat rolls, she spends too much time being “comfortable”.

  • Ocean Blue

    It would also be a ‘good thing’ for her to not be obese.

  • Freebee33

    I can admire her being content with who she is, but all them extra pounds are just not healthy. She needs to lose that weight, period.

  • iQgraphics

    I just peed a little…

    LM entire AO

  • iQgraphics

    AT ALL.

  • shadow

    She looked very uncomfortable to me. I was waiting to see her break into a serious sweat, just from merely talking.

  • purplekeychain

    One, nobody in the audience got what DTF stood for, but Kelly did, which is HILARIOUS. Two, appreciating the fact that Kelly caught herself when calling straight hair “normal” and adjusted to say “how you normally wear it”. Word.

    Gabby is so gorgeous. I LOVE HER giggle.

    Also, she is wearing a $30 dress from the Limited. I HATE the fact that fat girls — even RICH and FAMOUS fat girls — can’t buy designer shit. Not only that, she couldn’t even go into a store to buy that dress, she had to order it ONLINE. WTF????!!?!

    Still, she looks hot in that dress, so I ain’t mad at her.

    Have never seen the show, but the clip made it seem interesting. I’m always looking for shows to watch illegally online.

    Also, just have to say, I’m so DAMNED happy that her career didn’t fall down the toilet like so many expected.

  • purplekeychain

    Of course I commented without reading the other comments and all I can do is roll my eyes. I mean, DAMN, only a handful of people talk about her acting skills, the rest jump on her weight and appearance. Why the ufck does it even matter? Why is it that women jump on other women about their appearance FIRST THING? The article could be “Gabourey Sidibe was MURDERED last night, what do you guys think?” and 75% of the comments would be on some bullshit like “she would have died soon anyway, she was very obese.” But you swap Gabby for Beyonce or some other “traditionally attractive” black woman, and you’d get an OUTPOUR of grief and people talking about her TALENT.

    For f–k’s sake, I just don’t get how much ANGER that so many black women involved in the discussions on this site have for “non-traditional”-looking black women, and how appearances are ALWAYS part of the goddamn discourse when it’s not even part of the issue.


  • Anon

    Actually, a lot of the “anger” you see is us wanting her to do BETTER.

    Really, calling yourself a grenade who’s DTF when you’re conventionally attractive is disgraceful and embarassing enough… to YOURSELF. And no, not everyone is okay with her being held up as being seen as an “attractive black woman”. She’s an actress of larger size with a pretty face, but I don’t want her being seen as “normal” in the black community. We can do way better.

  • CHE

    *traditionally attractive*….LMAO

  • CHE

    Also….as I heard someone say:

    Black women have too much self esteem… just lose the weight already.

  • purplekeychain

    @Anon, I don’t even bother to get into conversations with folk who couch body-, weight- and appearance-policing under the guise of “I just want you to do better. I’m making fun of you so that you can make yourself better. I’m using hateful behavior towards you to make you do better. Really, I’m bullying you FOR YOUR OWN GOOD!!!”

    “I don’t want her being seen as “normal” in the black community.”


    SHAMING someone for not looking like what you describe as “NORMAL” is a great way to motivate them to “do better”. AAHAHAHAHA!!!!



  • Anon

    Well, I’m going to “Booga Booga” the point all the way home. I no longer work in health care, but I can tell you that we are literally DYING from not taking care of the ONE body we have to travel in on this earth. If Gabby makes it to 50 with that weight without high blood pressure, heart disease, early on-set diabetes, lack of knee and hip problems, no sleep apnea, and hormonal imbalances, she’d be a RARE case. I haven’t even gotten to fertility issues once your BMI is what, above 30?
    And just about anyone who’s worked in health care or mental health care would tell you that execess weight like that is usually a cover for a mental or emotional problem that is not being attended to. Could be situational, could be from childhood, could be abuse of some sort, I don’t know. But folks don’t end up that size this young without a serious problem going on.

  • minna k.

    * holding my face in my hands*

    You are soOOOoo WRONG!!! :P

  • Bridget

    I know it’s politically incorrect but that was hella funny!

  • Whatever


    It is damaging on so many levels…

  • Ms. Information

    lol…I’m sorry ya’ll, I had to say it, I tried not to, but all I could think was “Ah Teeennyy, Ah Teeennyy”…lol

  • Socially Maladjusted


    What you said.

  • Socially Maladjusted


  • Socially Maladjusted

    Well I guess the Sidibe roadshow is to make people think that all’s well and equal in american society, coz if an unhealthy overweight youing black woman from Senegal can “make it” in the land of social immobility america – then anyone can make it.


    Probably grooming her to be the next Oprah.

    Yawn again.

  • CHE

    Man, Ive been to Senegal and never saw anyone like Gaby…..Senegalese people are usually tall, slim ,fashionable….They have exercise equipment on their beaches for anyone to use….just saying….truly puzzled.

  • DM

    Soooo. Haven’t read all the comments, but…she is entirely too big. Sorry. It is what it is. There is nothing healthy about that..I appreciate when people are *truly* comfy in their skins, but her skin is about to pop. I mean she couldn’t even close her legs during the interview. Just like I can’t get with seeing stick figures exalted, I can’t get with sitting here and saying this is ok. Though I am happy for her success, it almost seems irresponsible to sit here and gloss over her weight.

  • Simone L

    Would it be better if she was on the stage crying “woe is me”? How do we know she’s not working on her weight? Is it because it’s not being broadcasted? Do we know what her eating habits are like? Do we know ANYTHING other than what we see? Why are people so judgmental? This is coming from a woman whose had 3 kids and is the same size 6 size I was in High School. Let this woman decide on her own what she wants for herself. You say “it is what it is” when in all reality…you don’t really know what it is…no one knows more than what they see.

  • entro

    @Simone it seems like some people want to see her in a corner somewhere hiding hating herself. I admire her self esteem and the courage she has in putting herself out there knowing shes going to be judged. Love her skin and her laugh. Go girl

  • DM

    @Simone No, it wouldn’t be. But why are pretending only the two most extreme options exist? Let’s not bathe ourselves in the warm glow of a false dichotomy. This young woman has been in the public eye for 3+ years (and filmed the movie prob. a yr+ before that) and does she seem to be in any better health than what she was in that movie? So no, we don’t know. But I can say that over the last four years I have seen no change in her weight. I mean…I almost included articles linking higher risk of heart disease to an unhealthy chest to waist ratio and body weight, but I’m not even going to waste my time b/c I don’t think anyone on here could argue that this woman is not at a higher risk for almost everything.
    But ultimately guess what? My opinion impacts her almost as much as yours does – not at all.

  • Ocean Blue

    “This young woman has been in the public eye for 3+ years (and filmed the movie prob. a yr+ before that) and does she seem to be in any better health than what she was in that movie?”

    That is what I was thinking when I posted my original comment about her size. We don’t know what or if she is doing anything about her weight, but the fact that she is still obese and probably has access to a health trainer is, I guess concerning to some. Gabby is more than welcome to feel good and comfortable about herself, but then again, she labeled herself as a ‘Grenade, who is DTF’.

  • Velma

    Regardless of her size, she is stunningly beautiful. And she is comfortable with who she is.

  • Miss September

    ♥ this girl !!! I think she is sooo cute . Yes , she is not the “standard” but
    despite that she seems to have a good attitude and that makes her beautiful
    in my book ;-)…..Go Gabby !!!

  • Jess

    i’m really not shocked to hear that Gabby is Senegalese woman because i always figured she must be a foreign/immigrant descended Black person to so happily play such demeaning roles to Black women. i honestly believe that the reason so few Black women were given decent roles in Hollywood for the past several years (decades even) was because many wouldn’t play such roles. Not since Nell Carter in the early 80′s have Black women (of any size and weight) allowed themselves to be made into the extremely stereotypical mammy, “fat-Black-woman-for-white-peoples-pleasure”, until Gabby came along. Honestly, i seriously thought the extremely racist media portrayal of the dark-skinned morbidly obese black female mammy image had died out completely – that is, until Gabby came along.

    I think most Black American actresses were refusing to play such extreme roles, with such negative imagery, simply because most Black Americans had to fight so hard for so many years throughout American history to have those depictions removed/eliminated.

    Honestly, I think that’s why for the longest, Black women had been all but eliminated from TV and movies, thus the reason why racist media moguls had to fill their stereotype void with Black men in drag, who proved they were more willing to play those types of stereotypical depictions of black women, when Black women refused.

    I find that many African (and some Caribbean) immigrants, however,have no concept of the Black American struggle, and are all about being accepted as “American” (i.e. white, in their opinion), and have no interest in the history of the U.S. and it’s colonies before becoming a country. They definitely don’t care about the history of Black American people. Thus, they don’t care what depictions go out abut Black people, as long as they are accepted and make money – most can’t even see they are being made fun of, plus helping whites to bring back old stereotypes of blacks that so many black american ancestors fought so hard to get rid of.

    i feel like Africans who come to the U.S.just don’t get it at all.

  • Jess

    sorry people, but white people love gabby because she makes them feel comfortable and is non-threatening to their idea of them being the most healthy and attractive. on the flip, this is why so many white people hate michelle obama – because she is not considered “safe”, she’s “threatening”, and is seen as a major threat to the racist idea of Black women’s health and beauty. They also just hate her simply because she’s Black and has THE NERVE to be living in the White house, married to the President, but that’s another article.

  • African Mami

    @ Jess,

    This is not an AFRICAN issue. What in the world?! We got ninety-nine problems over in Africa, Gabourey Sidibe is NOT one of them!

    By the way, what is there to get about the so called “black struggle”?! Please. We are part of it! Before we talk, we are categorized as African American, after they hear the accents is when they realize, oopsie my! This is not an Olympic battle of sorts to see whose suffrage carries more weight than the other.At the end of the day, system could give a damn-still treats us the same.

  • RJ

    And you all can believe that this woman loves herself, people who love themselves aren’t 200 lbs overweight. That is just not possible.

    Black women need to stop the bullshit. We are fat as hell. And a lot of us want to pretend that we are happy to justify our laziness and lack of will power. There is no difference between Gabourey Sidibe and a heroin addict. None. Both addictions are just as destructive and unhealthy. Gabourey and all women and men that are her size are committing suicide. Protracted suicide, but suicide nonetheless and I won’t support this foolishness. We have to do better. Every single time I go into the city (DC), I am surrounded by big, uncomfortable looking black women. It’s not an issue of vanity, it’s an issue of health and quality of life.

    I used to convince myself that I couldn’t lose weight and that I was always going to be fat and then I started going to the gym and eating in a balanced and healthy way and I lost 64 lbs. Too many of us are dying because of obesity-related issues and if Gabourey Sidibe continues down this path, she will also die an early death. That’s the truth and everyone can live in delusional world – including Gabby- but, I am not falling for the okie doke.

  • DollB

    Does anyone else find the arguing on this issue entertaining as I do? Hilarious!

    On a serious note… she is too fat!

    I’m kidding I wouldn’t call someone fat. I mean, we can’t ignore what she looks like but on the other hand, it does take courage to keep pursuing your dreams when you look different from everyone else.

    Now my issue with her is coming out and telling Pauly she’ s a grenade and she’s DTF…

    maybe the the DTF part is a joke (althought I would never say something like that to a guy who isn’t my man) However, she should think she’s beautiful… I can’t understand how she could call herself a grenade but think she’s beautiful.That statement makes me wonder if her bubbly personality and confidence are fake…

  • pink

    Velma: I can’t argue with the saying that “Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder.” And I realize that what’s more important is what’s in a person’s heart. But for me I don’t see anything stunningly beautiful about her. But I ain’t all that either. LOL LOL

  • pink

    Wow….Live with Kelly is still on TV!!

  • pink

    Good for you RJ. I agree that people need to wake up, and stop being in denial. A lot of people are just straight-up lazy and just not into exercising; nor do they want to push back from the table. One of my male friends got diagnosed with diabetes, and decided that perhaps he needs to wok out. I saw him in the gym on the threadmill going about 2 miles per hour. Serioulsy moving slow as hell. I know it’s a start…..but damn….he needs to bring up the volumn!! LOL LOL

  • LA, California Dreaming (Ocean Blue)

    2 miles per hour on a treadmill? Wow, I can walk 3.2 miles in about 45 – 50 minutes.

  • Whatever


    Please explain the reasoning behind ALL the demeaning roles played by African-American actors as well. Let’s start with Halle Berry in Monster Ball…

    Your argument is absolutely ridiculous. I believe it is a two way street, clearly you have not taken the time to learn the plight of West Indians and Africans.

    Start here: “The Making of African America: The Four Great Migrations by Ira Berlin

  • Whatever

    Now this statement I agree with…

  • Whatever

    No, she does not! I hate hearing people say “she has such a great personality and she looks happy” Why are we ignoring the pink elephant in the room? She is morbidly obese.

    Food addiction is serious people. When a celebrity dies of drugs people get all sad and wish they could have kicked the habit so it didn’t lead them to an untimely death. No one said “she has such a great personality and she looks happy” about whitney or any other celeb with a serious addiction. The same should go for gabby because it really is that serious. She’s dying right before our very eyes… cut the bullsh!t about her being comfortable in her own skin.

  • Beautiful Mic

    Based on the way her bio read when she starred in the movie “Precious”, Gabourey Sidibe was not born in Senegal. She’s half Senegalese, born to a Senegalese father and an African-American mother.

    Her mother is African-American. She was raised in America.

    By the narrow definition of some, this would not qualify her as being Senegalese, because she was not born, raised, there.

  • Beautiful Mic

    Also, does not liking Afros necessarily equate to being ‘Americanized’?

    Because, the way I see it, more African-Americans (those several generations removed from direct African parentage) seem to be embracing Afro-textured hair these days than Native born-bred Africans.

  • malkia

    I know right! Like even here in Africa, Gaby would be seen as a big girl (for her age) and would be expected to lose some weight. Only women over 40 who have kids are given slack for being bigger. Well very few people here relative to the population size are obese but that’s more socio-economic than anything.

    I like her and I think it must be hard for her to be that big in Hollywood and the fact that she’s still confident is wonderful. BUT she needs to be healthy, that’s all.

    Its ironic to me though, poor people in America are fat while rich people are thin. Works the other way in most of the world. Junk food is a luxury in developing countries.

  • pink

    DM: I agree !!

  • pink

    Miss: Great attitude, or not. Gabby is grossly overweight, and she needs to acknowledge that in order for her to get her weight in check. She’s in denial, and I’ll bet you 10 to 1 that’s she’s hurting inside.

  • pink

    Whatever: I agree with your analogy that food addiction is serious, and that people trip on drug addiction; but don’t want to address, nor acknowledge that there is an epidemic regarding obesity.

  • edub

    Jess, what you wrote is the abstract to a lengthy dissertation. I agree with you 100%.

  • minna k.

    Someone made an interesting point up thread about white america being comfortable with her “image”. I’d like to know if anyone could name the WHITE female counterpart in Hollywood to Gaboury Sibede. I’m not sure if this actress even exists, let alone had as much exposure. My theory is that hollywood is so vein about their white feminine cannon, that such an actress wouldn’t be allowed a perpetual place at the table.

  • chinaza

    She’s a very talented actress and I love her energy!

  • Holl

    I’m glad to see black women on TV, but I’d rather not see them if they are playing the stereotype of fat or ghetto. You should all care as well. The media is a big part of how non-blacks and black men view us. Why is it that every non-black woman on TV is fit and thin, but then the black girls are fat? Look at Glee. That show is huge amongst teenagers. All of the non-black girls are fit and thin. The black girl is big. What does that say right there? It also seems to tell black women that they don’t need to lose the weight. You can be big and famous and people will still call you beautiful. Women have made up this new version of beautiful that men don’t agree with.

    Like someone said, some of you all need to just lose the weight. Stop telling yourselves that you are thick. Stop saying that “Men can’t handle a real woman.” No men like woman that they are attracted to. Usually that is not an overweight woman. There is a difference in being thick (Beyonce) and being fat. To me black men date outside the race for four reasons 1) It just happens normally, or he is surrounded by non-black women 2)He doesn’t like the attitude that he received from a couple of hoodrats in the past and judges all BW based on these hoodrats 3) He is a black woman hater and puts non-black woman up on a pedestal and 4) The black women on his level are FAT and the non-black ones are not! This is one of the truths that black women don’t want to talk about. When you see a guy with a non-black woman next time, look at yourself. Think about your appearance. You and your girlfriends can sit around and talk about how you have curves or call yourselves thick all you want. The average man sees fat,fat,fat! Please on the behalf of all BW, we need to work on the overweight factor. It makes us all look bad.

  • Akimbo

    @Minna K, see Melissa McCarthy, Ricki Lake, Roseanne Barr, Rosie O’Donnell, Nikki Blonsky as examples of obese white women succeeding in the industry. Melissa McCarthy at least has a pretty face, but Roseanne was never a looker in any way, and yet? Success.

  • me

    i would really love for her to lose some weight…. sheeesshh.

  • jw

    Maybe Gabourey has a thyroid condition.That makes it difficult for her to lose weight.

  • Miss September

    @ Pink: I am in no way excusing or endorsing her weight. I do admire her confidence
    That is all. I agree with the above comments, that she is grossly overweight and needs
    To lose weight for health related issues. I am aware of the stats regarding black women
    And our weight and that is something that we as a community needs to stop disguising
    As “thick” or “big boned”. The sooner we come to grips with that, the sooner we can reclaim our health. I don’t know if any of you are aware but it is National Black Women’s Fitness month. In my city, they are doing a 5k that I am going to participate in to bring awareness to the issue of obesity.

  • minna k.

    @ Akimbo. Touche! :)

    Have you seen Roseanne Barr lately? She is 62 and has lost a TON of weight and looks pretty good now at her age.

  • Tricia

    Its amazing, cause I’m sure SHE knows she’s overweight but by the way everyone’s been posting, you would swear she does not know. How do we know that she’s hasn’t tried ever diet program on the planet? She is not hiding her self, actually she’s in the limelight. My point is for each of you who’s writing that she’s fat and its not healthy, she is still an actress and still living her life HOW she wants to. So people STOP the focus on the fat…. please!!!

  • itsme

    @ Akimbo- And Ricki Lake lost a ton of weight years ago and has managed to keep it off.

  • Steamer

    Despite the health concerns that could likely plague her, I think we are missing the fact that the culture she is from. And if she doesn’t subscribe to Western Ideas of beauty, who cares? If you want to bring her down, that just makes you a bully.

    Whenever anything is an extreme, it is not a healthy way to be.

  • Blair

    @ Jess

    I believe it was last year or the year before, Clutch posted a brilliant article about the attack on black women and its relationship with Michelle Obama and how she was breaking the stereotypical image of black women. Officially the best article I have ever read on this site.

    Clutch, if you know what article I am talking about, please repost it, so inspiring and uplifting.

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