Chris Brown took to Instagram this morning to show off his new nose piercing in a picture with the caption “Prada!” Maybe that’s the brand of his hoodie? Who knows.

As the picture has begun to bounce around the Internet, the jury is still out and divided over whether a nose stud is a good look for a man. Body modification in general can be attractive, and many people (myself included) think that tattoos on a man is one of the sexiest things in the world.

But piercings? Aside from a little something in the earlobes the look can be a bit off-putting. A guy with his nipples pierced? Kind of weird. A guy with his genitals pierced? Totally weird. And when it comes to nose rings and such, maybe Chris Brown should leave all of that to Tupac’s hologram, Dennis Rodman, and Lenny Kravitz…all of the latter seem to wear the look better.

What do you think of Chris Brown’s nose stud and piercing for men in general?

  • omfg

    um, like seriously?

    who cares what chris brown does…

  • CurlySue

    No, piercings on men are no bueno for me. I know a guy who’s almost 37 and is still rocking his nipple ring. Le siiiiiiigh. So many fails.

  • African Mami

    Only Tupac looked HOT with a nose piercing. #theend

  • Dreaming

    Eh, I’m not too fond of nose piercings on men.

  • Kim

    This is old news.. Slow day???

  • The Taker

    He can do what he wants. Who are you to tell him that because you think other men pull it off well, that he can’t? *I can’t believe ya’ll got me defending him* Anyway, I like nose piercings whether it is on a woman or man, hell one day I will make that leap to go get one myself. But yeah, it’s not a big deal to me.

  • Purple Rain

    “What do you think of Chris Brown’s nose stud and piercing for men in general?”


  • rose

    I’m very much convinced that Chris Brown is at the very LEAST bi-sexual

  • tisme

    may he get an infection that causes his nose to fall off.

  • Chrissy

    I think its cute.

  • myblackfriendsays

    If he likes it, more power to him.

  • apple

    no! Its only okay when tupac and indian gurus do it. stop it chris .. STOPPPPPP

  • OSHH

    I don’t like piercings on men. The old school one ear pierced is ok
    Both ears pierced I hate
    nose, navels, eyebrows, lips, tongues, nipples etc…… just screams I’ll screw anything.
    Makes me think of ol lady boy in the movie 300.

  • Krysie

    Yes!!! Agreed 100% and then some!

  • kidole

    i don’t really like the nose ring but i’m more concerned about that pedophile-like facial hair!!

  • kidole

    i don’t really like the nose ring but i’m more concerned about that pedophile-like facial hair!!

  • MsQuita

    I don’t care for it but hey, if he likes it I love it.

  • Sparkle


  • Sparkle

    And that hoodie is awful. I don’t care if it probably costs more than I will make this month o_0

  • Val

    I think men who brutally beat Black women should wear whatever they want just like normal people.

  • binks

    It depends on the guy, really. My thing is I don’t like an excess of piercings and tatts but his nose ring looks fine on him…shrugs to each their own

  • C_Kidd

    STFU Chris New Piercin Is Dope Af

  • StaceyMarie

    I’m not a fan of nose rings in general, but I’m more concerned w/his apparent lack of growth as a man. Almost everything I read about him mentions something trivial/immature (ex: name-dropping when real people are living paycheck to paycheck) or that he’s having some sort of grown-man temper tantrum (breaking mirrors or whining about album sales). I’m a proud Virginia girl, but he’s become the new Allen Iverson to me. I hang my head when non-natives make the connection between my hometown and his. Ick! I’m sure Trey Songz and Michael Vick appreciate Mr. Brown’s antics, though!

  • Jinx Moneypenny

    Breezy just be doing stuff. It’s not a good look. Only certain men can pull off nose rings, ie. Tupac.

    Chris Brown however, no ma’am.

  • Elle Michelle

    My sentiments exactly!

  • for goodness sake

    Ma’ams, his piercing is dope. That seat over there is free for you to sit on. side note: this continuous habit to bring up his domestic violence in topics completely unrelated to it is simply tacky. I’m far from a Breezy stan, but I’m grown enough to understand that NO human is justified to throw stones. Don’t like him? Keep it moving.

  • Jess

    his domestic violence needs to be brought up as many times as possible until black women learn to stop supporting men who don’t mind beating them to a pulp, and bragging about it.

  • faye

    Why do you care if he pierced his nose anyway??? If he is happy, his gf is happy and his friends are happy, that’s what matters. He’s a grown ass man, he can do who/whatever he wants. #nuffsaid

  • Chic Noir

    Amen Jess !

    The mammy will never die when it comes to saying “brothers” who as men should unite and save themselves.

  • Breanna

    Goog God People… Dont nobody give a flip nomore! Like Seriously he knows what he dis was wrong OBVIOUSLY! Let the Boy live His Life cuz at the end of the day he is still Mkain More Than U Do in 10 years (more than me too but oh well)

  • Brittany Roche

    love love LOVE CBs new piercing, he wears it well it fits his personality, adorable

  • for goodness sake

    My point is, this is a topic about a piercing, therefore, why are we bringing up domestic violence? How do the two even correlate?

  • for goodness sake

    My main point was this: this is an article about a piercing, therefore, why are we bringing up domestic violence? It’s tacky and childish. Another article, another argument.

  • Seriously?

    I’ve seen some guys with piercings that is just to fine, it just all depends on
    the individual, rather then a sex thing. You gotta know what piercings works for you, cause it ain’t no one size fit all. Some faces and noses and lips just dont go –I’m not a fan of Christ Brown nose ring I think he could have done another to really bring out the sexy factor. …and yet even as I type that I feel disgusted too…

  • walter

    because whenever someone talks about the CB have to talk about the event? Rihanna is her life she vivend oa perduo CB, he is living his life, he is dating is this happy, because you have to judge him? who are you to judge someone is to first look for it then point your finger at someone

  • Santa

    With it or not he will still look sexy

  • Wow…..

    @Jess “bragging about it”? Are you serious? Where do you ever see him bragging about it? I will give you this – at times he can act immature, but NOT for his age! BUT he is in NO WAY proud of what he did.

    I hate it when people connect hating Chris Brown with hating his fans. Sure — you can argue with and dislike those fans who say “I’d let him beat me any day”. Both you and I know that is ignorant and like you said, its not OK for women to think that. However to then say THAT is why I want to bring up domestic violence on a page where we are talking about HIM as a person (more specifically… a nose ring..), makes absolutely no sense.

  • http://google mary

    i dnt it looks rite. maybe after a while it will!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM A CHRIS BROWN FANNNN

  • BabyJJ

    its not for him, rihanna has bring him to hell with her…….. hes a stupid ass

  • jasmin

    I like it.

  • chrizz

    If a great artist like pac can do it why can’t another great artist like chris brom do the same. I don’t think it determines whether he has grown to be a man or not, he’s his own man making his own decisions !! I LIKE IT Chris #teamnosepiercing ((:

  • tynisha

    he look sexii as hell to me

  • Anonymous

    The nose ring in general depends on the person. Some1 lyk 2pac could wear it better than some1 lyk Chris. As a huge fan of Chris I supported everything he did from the excessive tattoos to the blonde hair but This is too far!! Every time I turn around he’s changed something else about himself. I don’t understand y he couldn’t just stay like the 15 year old Chris we all knew and loved. #JustSayin

  • Didnt wanna bring it up, but…

    Chris brown can’t stay the 15 yr old we adored, because, of what went down with between him and Rihanna. I didnt wanna bring it up, but, after that happened, they both changed. Whether for the better or worse, the jury is out on that one.

  • Joya


  • jada

    I’m a huge CB fan and I don’t really care that he has it done. Its cool I guess, but why every time he does something him “beating” women comes up? Like damn did you beat your daughter to get over it if Rihanna has forgiven him why can’t you?

  • Keke

    Chris Brown looks good any how so I totally think that the piercing looks good on him. I’m getting it just cause he got it, I love him . <3

  • seriously??

    for everyone comparing tupacs stud to chris brown’s.. i don’t think either one of them pulled it off. it looked completely out of place on tupac and if chris brown pulls off his pretty boy look better, it just might fit a little more.

  • CITY

    man i’ll say tyrese and 2pac had one

  • http://twitter cbreezyloverlover420

    awwww i think he look so cute wit it :D <3

  • brezzy#1

    chris brown looks sexy with it …………he could pull anything off and any man could wear it if they want ……………………………………….I LOVE CHRIS BROWN UNTIL THE DAY I DIE. TEAM BREZZY ALL DAY EVERYDAY…………………………………..TEAM BREZZY OR DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alexis

    to be a big Chris brown fan … you spelled BREEZY wrong .

  • paige

    I think its not a bad idea to get ya nose pierced but most of the time wen u see a male with a nose piercing he’s gay but i know that Chris brown isn’t but at the same time he got money so he can do what ever he chooses to do.

  • http://yahoo Diamond

    i think it looks good i dont care wat nobody says…

  • Ashley

    I love chris brown hes gorgeous but i dont know what he was thinking when he got that piercing, rumors say that his girlfriend made him do it but I just dont think he looks good with it.

  • Amy

    People need to stop talking smack cuz Chris Brown is HOT either way. & for those who say neither Chris or Tupac pulled it off, just go fall in a hole. LOOL their sexy AF !

  • Lasharna

    naa i dont like it. What has he done to his beautiful face!! :( ew! first blonde hair now nose piercing next you will be telling me that he will be growing Dreadlocks O_o

  • Yourstruly

    Either way,
    he’s making more money than you $$$$$$$
    whether you like his piercing or not, deal niggas

  • Shawn T.

    The man’s gonna do what he wants. If he wants a nose ring that’s on him.

  • rashyboo21

    damn i wish it was a tongue ring tho…freakilicious.

  • kathleen mason


  • miraclelovebleholman

    he looks sexy with it

  • nany

    HOT * HOT * HOT * HOT * HOT * HOT * HOT * HOT * HOT * HOT * HOT * HOT * HOT * HOT * HOT * HOT * HOT * HOT * HOT * HOT * HOT * HOT * HOT * HOT * HOT * HOT *

  • jennifer terrell

    I think it makes him look just that much sexier! I love it as I did on Tupac!

  • leslie

    2pac Rocked That Nose Piercing !!

    Chris Brown Is He’s Just Fine ANYWAY ♥ He Looks Bomb With It .

  • http://gmail francus

    he looks so fine….wish i wuz his gurlllll……team breezy all da way!!!!!!!!!!<3 u chris *kisses*

  • Stephanie

    I love it damn you sexy I just wanna see you strip <l3

  • ms.lover

    wys but not the piercing in my nose but no one who has a nose ring that is a guy can say anything reaLLY

  • Tompito

    Rihanna didn’t bring anyone tohell, just because their carers are more succesful than you, and a piece of their shxt is worth more than your entire life doesn’t mean get mad

  • Shawny-Anna Luscombe (@Shawny_Luscombe)

    He is Trying and failing to be Tupac! Pac rocked the nose stud Brown just looks gay!

  • kittie bhadd ass

    chris brown is sexy if his nose id pireced or not so stfu haters

  • aliziha

    chris brown sexy altogather lvoe his tattos nice love his nose pierceing sexy

  • Ms. Information

    Chris Brown is a man-child like Ray J, Pharrell and a couple of others…they will forever be 16…and women attracted to them are probably Mediatakeout subscribers.

  • Swag

    He looks good wit a nose pierceing

  • Lanika

    U look good Chris I been told my boyfriend to get one now he see u with it and he wants one I’m like u freakn fraud lol u can do any thing ur always gonna win and there always gonna watch let them talk daddy as long as they talkn u prada
    lol love uuu

  • heather

    i think u will always b sexy as fuck!! and i will always love u wit all my heart and never forget tht. LOVE YU SOO MUCHH!!

  • teaquana

    you guys are HATERS ! get over it ahaa
    i love chris brown & soo does everybody else .. stop tryna find stupid shit on him to try and make he look dumb because you CANT .. : )

  • Gio

    fail copier of 2pac

  • [email protected]

    You sound stupid! So because Tupac had a nose piercing no one else can? Idiot!! I guess no one should wear cloths either or eat or breath. Get your life fool!!

  • http://I' Trinia

    Chris brown is fucking sexy either way you can’t find anything on this man to make him ugly because you can’t he will forever be sexy why u think the hoes call him breezy for a reason

  • jacileigh

    I dig it.

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