Yesterday, Beyonce was spotted by the photogs,  notebook in hand, heading into New York’s Alternative Education Complex, which offers continuing education courses for adults. Although many speculated if she was finishing up her G.E.D. (she already has a HS diploma), others wondered if this might mean the singer has decided to polish up her resume with a few education courses.

While it’s unknown why she was there–she could have been speaking to students or the staff about her hubby’s Shawn Carter Foundation–the fact that Beyonce may be thinking about continuing her education could potentially be a very big deal.

Like so many others in our country, Bey didn’t go to college. Of course, she opted-out because of her career, but I’m sure some of her fans chose to skip college, or even high school, because they just weren’t motivated.

Keeping young people in school is one of the main focuses of our nation (or should be). Imagine what kind of influence Beyonce could wield over those thinking about dropping out and pursing other things. If she became an advocate for staying in school I’m sure she could change a few minds and perhaps make school actually cool again.

What do you think? 


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  • Dreaming

    If she has a high school diploma, why would she try to obtain a GED as well?

    For some reason, I have a strong sense of doubt that she would even have time to do any studies.

    • Krysie

      I thought the same thing. Clearly, the author does not know that a high school diploma is equivalent to a GED!!!

    • Corey

      HA! HA! You are right a GED is equivalent to a high school diploma. Maybe the writer is confusing GED with GRE (Graduate Record Examinations) the exam for admissions to Graduate school to earn a Master’s degree. He probably cannot believe she does not have a high school diploma. LOL!!!!

  • Mariah

    Well, if she is going back to school good for her. Go matriculate, Bey! I like those leggings by the way.

  • Val

    Aww, that’s so sweet, Bey is finally learning to read. You go, Beyonce!

    (hides from Bey stans)

    • Dreaming

      Ha! You’re funny.

    • Bee

      Lol! I heart you. :)

    • *waving madly*

      hey Val!!!

    • Val

      *waves back*

      Hi, African Mami!!

  • The GED is for people who don’t have a high school diploma. I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that she didn’t graduate high school, but I could be wrong. Either way, I think it would be beyond awesome for someone with her high profile to return to school. We have a drop out crisis in this country with drop out rates of higher than 50% in some areas. A lot of young girls admire and try to emulate her, so this could only be a good thing. Good on her for making the (alleged) effort.

  • And if she is in fact taking classes we can assume that she wanted it known. There are plenty of online programs where one can study for their GED/high school diploma in the privacy of one’s own home. And obviously, a woman of her wealth can hire someone to give her individual tutoring, there was no reason for her to be seen publicly. And if this is the case, I say again, good on her. There’s no downside to aANYONE fyrthering their education.