In a recent interview with Tim Westwood from BBC Radio 1Xtra, Nicki Minaj revealed that she is seriously thinking about quitting the rap game in due to all of her detracters. Minaj tells Westwood that she isn’t coming back to Twitter either despite her 11 million fans missing her. Listen to the interview below:



Should Nicki Minaj quit rap or do you think she just made that comment for publicity?

  • H

    Nicki Minaj is such a joke. This is the kind of stuff you have to do when you don’t really have talent. It’s common in the hip hop and pop world. I’m usually embarrassed at the Grammy’s for people like her when country, R&B, and blues singers get up and perform. It’s such a huge contrast in talent. Does Adele have to do stuff like this? Does Maxwell have to do this crap? No. They let their musical talent speak for them.

    I was just surprised by how quickly she sold out. At one point she was talking about keeping things at a certain level for her younger fans, then she’s making Stupid Hoe. I’m one that thinks that hip hop and pop music are for grownups. I just didn’t like how she tried to put herself out there as a role model.

  • @Work_Bored

    OMG lol fix a flat he he he

  • http://yahoo&google ladyDERISO

    nicki is the best and thats all to it , ya’ll hate on nicki man she aint did nun to any of ya’ll , where thr are ya’ll livin , nicki minaj is a sweetheart for those who dont know her , but i bet ya caught yaself rappin her shit once didnt yu , she is a lyrical miracle man ya’ll need to step the back , i hate it when people talk shit bout someone they dont know , if ya liten to her raps and what she really be sayin under her disquise then yu would actually understand what she been thru , she quitting cause people keep throwin dirt on her name , now anybody who got some to say bout it ,
    # teamMINAJ

  • fifsens3

    I can tell why her shit aint sell like that..^^ She got a following of kids that arent old enough to get jobs to buy her album LMAO @ lyrical miracle..its a damn shame these young people will never know real lyrical talent.

  • Flav

    Quit rapping no one would really care. I am really tired of her music poping up on the stations. Listen to Girl is on fire by alicia keys once u listen to nicky super wack whatever that is that she says. something out god, god, god lol. she sucks

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