Tonight ABC is gearing up for the premiere of its newest D.C.-based drama Scandal, which stars Kerry Washington.

The show follows Olivia Pope, a Washington D.C. crisis management expert who cleans up many of the embarrassing and potentially career-ending secrets of the city’s elite.

Scandal is written by veteran show runner Shonda Rhimes, and is based on the real-life exploits of Judy Smith, former White House insider. It is also the first show to include a black leading a lady, a black female writer and producer, and be based on the life of a black women. On top of that it looks good.

Check out a sneak peek:

Scandal premieres tonight on ABC at 10pm.

Will you be watching?

  • Erica

    Yes, can’t wait.

  • purplekeychain

    OMG YES, I just commented on another post about this. Can’t wait, I love KW.

  • purplekeychain

    um, guess my previous comment had too many exclamation points? the answer is YES!

  • Val

    Nope. From the previews I’ve seen this show looks terrible. And I’m not going to watch a terrible show just because they threw a Black woman in the lead.

  • Jame

    I’ll give it a chance, and DVR an episode. It gor pretty good reviews in my local paper. But it will get dropped if the first episode isn’t interesting, even though I really like Kerry Washington.

  • African Mami

    No. This chick CANNOT act! However, I do wish her success.

  • Me27

    Yes! Thanks for the reminder i totally forgot it was coming on tonight

  • jw

    I just finish wacthing Scandal.It was ok.I belived the chemistry between Kerry Washington and the guy who played the president.For me every time Kerry Washington has a role were she has a sexual relationship with a white man,it comes across as belivable,not awkward.

  • Sankofa

    I saw it. Some of the line were corny the “gladiator” thing and the “gut” lines they kept repeating made me chuckle at first…then it was annoying. The show looks like it has potential though. I’ll watch again next week.

  • Brasilia

    I saw it, not bad. It’s got potential, hope it stays on the air long enough to find its footing.

  • kS

    i love Kerry Washington.

  • mikey kun

    YES! I saw it and really liked it. The start was kinda fast but once the episode kept moving I was really into it I hope it does well, I love kerry washington and it was cool to see a black woman in a role of power on tv.

  • Shia

    This show is flawless! They had me bawling up in the closet at the restaurant with Kerry. And when she repeated “sweet baby?” I was too done. I am so down for this show!

  • mdottwo

    I watched and was pleased, accept her black male staff member is shorter than everybody else on her crew, and her closeup lighting is not good. I hope she will a tall good looking professional black male love interest.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    it was un watchable. the writing was soap opera. cartoonish.
    i so wanted to like it but i cannot watch.

    why is every black show dumbed down?
    is that what the producers really think of us?

  • HowApropos…

    I saw Scandal last night and I liked it, except I can’t get past the fact that she used sleep with the President. It kinda tarnished her Teflon image a little. She couldn’t be hooked up with someone else?

    I’ll still watch it, but I don’t like that aspect of it.

    And I already HATE ‘Don’t Trust The B_tch in Apt #23′.

    I just wanna hit her.

    Have a good day, folks :)

  • raah

    OMG YES! haven’t heard of this before-she’s my shero!

  • Lynette

    The fact that there are two African Americans in lead roles, does not make this a “black show”.

  • Shannon

    I watched it and loved it. Glad I DVR’d it becuase I rewinded it several times to hear the ‘one liners’ a second time.
    Repeating the ‘gut’ line was redundant, but I still like the show.

  • golden_girl

    It had a great ending episode.

  • Carrie

    I really enjoyed it. I always give actors a little slack on a first episode because at time goes on they grow into their roles but having said that I thought the acting was good. I enjoyed the plot and will be watching this series.

  • Freebee

    It was just ok, I’m a fan of Kerry and Columbus so I’ll give it at least a second and third chance…

  • Freebee

    It was just ok, but I’m a fan of Kerry and Columbus so I’ll give it at least a second and third chance…

  • ImJustSaying

    Reasons we should watch this show
    She is a black woman in charge
    She is not a neck rolling snapping sista caricature
    We are always saying we need to see ourselves in a positive light on television
    We set such a high bar for shows with POC but then chop them up for the slightest infraction (she’s with a white man,I don’t like her as an actress, her black male lead is too short)
    This show has to progress and build if we knew everything we were ever going to know about her character in the first episode there would be no hook to keep us watching
    If there is any chance for black actors,black writers and black producers to get a chance it is with viewer numbers to back it up.
    if “we” don’t watch then the argument of “we gave them a positive show, they don’t wanna watch it” will prevail.
    There is so much mindless crap out on television (housewives ex-wives and more) this is a way to start seeing more of US on TV and really I mean US as Black, Indian, Hispanic, Asian, and more!
    Think about the top shows on television (which I beleive is CSI or NCIS but feel free to correct me) think if the lead character was black. Everything would be the same about the show except the color of the character. Do you think that show would have made it to the top? Or it would have been shot down by the big execs or we would have cut it down ourselves?
    We don’t get shows with US in them but we don’t ask for them…how do you ask for them you WATCH the show!

    If you don’tparticularly like the show don’t actually watch it but DVR it and ffwd to the end before you delete it. Tivo, Dvr and On Demand box numbers count when watched within the first week of airing.

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