Comedian Kevin Hart has decided to send a message to Black women in the form of a cartoon. He is basically trying to say that being a strong Black woman doesn’t mean you walk around all day with an attitude. The cartoon depicts a Black man trying to talk to some Black women and gets rejected by all of them. In the next scene he is walking with a White girl and the same Black women are dogging him for dating outside of his race.

Check it out below:





















How do you feel about his message?

  • kisa

    We need to really let go of this Black women are angry conversation. It’s old…

  • Sasha


  • Val

    I bet he’ll be writing a book giving us advice next. I suppose Black comedians are supposed to be social experts now?

  • Ocean Blue

    Black men don’t say, “Hello ladies”. They say, “Sup shawty!”, “Hi you doin’, lightskin”, “Where ya man at, boo?”, “Oh, you ain’t got no rap for a n*gga?”

  • Sath

    I don’t take most things serious, but this stirs negative feelings in me like all things that throw Black women as a collective under the bus. Short sighted generalizations don’t work for me.

  • Leyanna Johnson

    LOL!!!! right?! :)

  • Marketgirl305

    Ocean Blue has a valid point. It takes healing from both genders within our race for us to get along better.

  • xey

    I’m tired of this. *sigh*

  • CurlySue

    Lmaooo!! Wow, that brings back memories from my clubbing days. Why do so many men begin a line with “Oh, so…”? I hate that. The faux playfulness. But I think what the cartoon is supposed to convey is that the rare black guy who does approach a woman respectfully is treated poorly for being “soft” or a “nerd”.

  • Dalili


  • I got sense!

    LOVE IT!

  • S.


    Another Black man publicly giving “advice” to Black women… i don’t even have the energy anymore

    ok Kevin

  • Addy

    My gripe why are those women dressed like that? Why aren’t they dressed portraying maybe different careers or just not T&A out?!?

    Not all of are angry or bitter. Ugh beating a dead horse.

  • Shirl

    He may also want to create a cartoon for men on the proper way to leave your wife and kids for a supermodel once you start making some dough.

  • purplekeychain

    RIGHT?!! I don’t understand this self-importance that so many black men have, like EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM is entitled to black women’s favor and esteem. You don’t smile at a brother, he’s telling you to smile and calling you uppity. You don’t give Creepy McCreeperson your phone number on the bus, he calling you a bitch. You date a non-black man, you’re a sell-out and all that other foolishness.

    I love how this cartoon doesn’t show the women’s perspective at ALL. Are any of them married or already in relationships? Does bruh’man smell like ASS? Did he just try to holler at that white girl FIRST and only THEN turned to these sisters to say “HELLO LADIES?”

    I’m so sick of this shit. Black women are at fault for everygoddamnthing. We’re at fault for sorry ass black men being sorry, we’re at fault for teen pregnancy and the growing numbers of single mothers, we created and take advantage of welfare and unemployment benefits, we’re the reason why white people think all black folks are uneducated and ignorant, we’re at fault for raising our daughters to be independent because they’re too independent to recognize “strong black men” and we’re at fault for raising wimpy ass sons who turn into sorry ass men. We’re at fault for not appreciating black men and “making” them “run to white women” (as if some brothers just didn’t happen to fall for a white woman, it has to be a sister MAKING him go there). What the ufck are we NOT responsible for?

    I mean, damn.

  • kisa

    Bravo @Shirl

  • d_nicegirl

    Eurkea! Black men are taking up with white women in droves because Black women are sooooo mean to them. I’ll let all the Black women I have known who feed, clothe and house unemployed Black men know. Oh and I won’t forget all the Black women whose Black man is getting ready to pick them up from work in HER car. And I can never forget all the Black women supporting the family while her Black man starts his business. Cut it with the attitude, ladies! Ugh.

  • CurlySue

    lol Burn!! Did he really? That’s some low-down sh*t.

  • t olugbala

    this type of thing is really offensive. we must stop playing into the narrow scripts used to define blackness. despite what basketball wives teaches us, not every black woman upholds the sapphire stereotype. in fact, those of us who do are often regurgitating the derogatory narrative of black womanhood that society has foist upon us.

  • tricia

    Agree with your point!

  • purplekeychain

    guess my original comment had too many bad words…

    RIGHT?!! I don’t understand this self-importance that so many black men have, like EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM is entitled to black women’s favor and esteem. You don’t smile at a brother, he’s shouting at you to smile and calling you uppity if you don’t. You don’t give Creepy McCreeperson your phone number on the bus, he calling you a b-. You date a non-black man, you’re a sell-out and all that other foolishness.

    I love how this cartoon doesn’t show the women’s perspective at ALL. Are any of them married or already in relationships? Does bruh’man smell like A*S? Did he just try to holla at that white girl FIRST and only THEN turned to these sisters to say “HELLO LADIES?”

    I’m so sick of this mess. Black women are at fault for everydamnthing. We’re at fault for sorry a*s black men being sorry, we’re at fault for teen pregnancy and the growing numbers of single mothers, we created and take advantage of welfare and unemployment benefits, we’re the reason why white people think all black folks are uneducated and ignorant, we’re at fault for raising our daughters to be strong because they’re too independent to recognize “strong black men” and we’re at fault for raising wimpy a*s sons who turn into sorry a*s men. We’re at fault for not appreciating black men and “making” them “run to white women” (as if some brothers just didn’t happen to fall for a white woman, it has to be a sister MAKING him go there). What the eff are we NOT responsible for?

    I mean, damn.

  • alldawg

    This cartoon is true, if one group in not impressed by you, dont change, just go where one is appreciated. Simple as pi.

  • purplekeychain

    @OB, AAHahahaha! My mother told me once that a brother tried to holla at her with “Hey, baby, you got my hot chocolate?”

  • kisa

    @purplekeychain, I applaud your comment.

  • Ocean Blue

    Of course not, Purplekeychain (Purple is my favorite color, by the way), because men think they are entitled to women even when they, themselves leave a lot to be desired.

  • Amastrongblackwomansowhat!!


  • Kayla

    Not all black women are like the one’s you described. A black woman gave birth to him, a black woman gave birth to his kids, and his daughter will grow to be a black woman, so what kind of message is he sending??!! People are so outrage about the war on black men and then those same black men turn around and degrade the same women that are mothers, sisters, aunts. This truly disgusting!!!!

  • golden_girl

    Well they figure if they can give inaccurate history lessons that people take as gospel why stop there. Although I agree with the cartoon.. he is doing what men like this do best; sell bullchit to black women then use the proceeds on their non-black women who they idolize and worship. Waaaay back in the day, b4 most of you chick-a-dees were a twinkle in your daddies eye. Ghetto Boyz came out with a rap called, “some of you n*ggas is bytches too….” I can see that now.

  • NoMoreCandy4U

    Amen to that Shirl….

  • HowApropos…

    So many things wrong with the comic, it’s rather amusing…

    What black man dresses like that?

    When was the last time a black man even addressed a black woman respectfully? ‘Hello, Ladies???!!!’ (‘FOHWTBS!!)

    Um, where are the professionally dressed women, since these are the so-called women that the supposed ‘good black men’ want?

    They should have added 50+ more pounds on the white woman.

    So fulla’ fail, Kevin…never really been a fan…

  • WildCard

    1. I wouldn’t necessarily call these women in this cartoon “strong”. Having an attitude? Maybe so.

    2. What is the correlation that people keep making with a black woman being strong and her having an attitude? A lot of STRONG black women are STRONG black women because they have standards for themselves and for the people they deal with. For some reason, to some, this equals that they are “mean” or have an “attitude” when really all they have is expectations. Now I know that some people, both men and women, have expectations some of which are understandable and others which are not. If you’re a strong, black woman and have standards, that doesn’t equate to you having an attitude just because you won’t put up with anyone’s sh*t.

    3. Why on Earth would a seemingly respectable guy want to try to talk to women that look like the ones in this cartoon? He should have known what he was getting involved with before he even said a word. What he should have done is tried approaching a woman who AT LEAST at first sight might be on his “level”. I say “level”, meaning certain goals, values, standards for oneself and others.

    4. Why because a couple of black females diss you do you feel you are justified to “go onto the other side”. Laaaawd if we had the same philosophy as some men do, a lot more of us would have followed suit a long time ago.

    Done here. Over it.

    As long as BLACK MEN keep putting us down, we will always be fighting and we will always have to be STRONG BLACK WOMEN because if we don’t fight for ourselves, who the hell will?

  • LadyT

    Boy oh boy…..why don’t he just be honest and say that he want a white woman.
    First of all a black man is in no position to give no one….I mean NO ONE any advise. With all of the black on black crime, prison record, uneducated, barely speaking english brothas out there in the millions, why is shorty focusing on black women issues?
    Have you attended a college graduation lately? Take a stroll on the internet and see how many sistas are practicing doctors and lawyers. There is no way that we could have gotten where we are remotely similar to the women in his cartoon.
    For the sistas who are looking for a hot romance, DATE OUT!…….at least other men put a ring on it.

  • HowApropos…

    Thank You! ^^^

    Most of the time, it’s not respectful!

  • GuyverV

    it’s interesting the way he has the characters dressed and what they look like. this cartoon says more about kevin hart’s feelings towards white women as compared to black women than it does about how black women feel about black men

  • purplekeychain

    “What black man dresses like that?”


  • http://N/A Steph

    This photo is just another ignorant portrayal of Black women. It lumps ALL Black women into a pot, and clearly implies that ALL Black women think this way.

    It seems like he’s basing the image on “his” experience(s)…however,

    …the picture is just another stereotypical view of Black women being “angry” and/or “hating on a Black man with a White women,” when in reality, this isn’t the case (for every Black female), and stems far deeper than this imagery.

    To be with someone of a different race is a choice, and there is nothing wrong with that choice. To say you’re only going to date outside of your race because (and I’ve heard this before) “You can’t stand Black women,” or that you “Hate Black women,” then that issue lies within the person saying those words. That has everything to do with “that” individual.

    The man in the photo made a choice, and not every Black women would react like the women in the photo. Everyone is different, everyone has different perspectives, and not every Black woman or “Strong Black woman” has an attitude, and throws salt at Black men.

  • pink

    kisa: This is true because not every black woman has an attitude.

  • pink

    Kevin is doing what comedians do…..comment on hot topics. Duuuuuuh!!!

  • gmarie

    I don’t get what this cartoon has to do with “strong black women” those women were just rude and bitchy.

    I also wonder if the image of the women in those cartoons is how he views all black women

  • pink

    Ocean Blue: So what type circles do you travel in? Most intelligent men don’t talk like that

  • Alexandra

    Here we go, this will incite more gender issues.

    I think the cartoon is accurate for a certain ‘vocal’ percentage of Black women (can’t deny), but this is also a tired, beaten, redundant stereotype that’s past its expiration date. Some Black men really need to get it in their heads that not all Black women see red when they see interracial couples with Black men. I live in NYC and I see it all the time and it makes me smile. This cartoon reinforces the stigmas of interracial relations, specifically ones with Black men. Therefore Black men in actual, genuine relationships with White or non-Black women, have to be boxed because other Black men can’t own up to their preferences. The pic is not just disrespectful to all Blacks, but White women as well (last resort?).

    And why would a Black man (seemingly ‘good’ by his dressing style) attempt to talk to not just one, but a group of women dressed like that? The blond seemed much suited for him from the get. Which is why no one has sympathy for ‘nice guys’. Stay in your damn lane.

  • Mocha

    Oh lawd! Here we go AGAIN with what WOMEN need to do or be…sigh. First, I know of some WEAK women who would respond in the same way. It has nothing to do with being strong or’s about attitude. PERIOD. And if that’s ALL it takes for a BM to go running into a WM’s arms then, shyt, you didn’t really want a sister to begin with. Damn, have we given up on brothers as easily and QUICKLY as they’ve given up on us??? But I will say this..the cartoon was a good

  • niki


  • Socially Maladjusted


    I can’t understand why black america has got so many lames – I mean, it’s the country that gave the world some of the coolest men who ever lived.

    here –

    Then again I’m not suprised that that a swagless midget like Kevin Hart put this lame shit out –

    coz he’s exactly how I imagine most of these b itch boi yankis who call themselves “da good black man” – look.

    Short, goofy and corny, no muscles, not tats, no chat –

    beganani pussy beggars.


  • Alicia S.

    Interesting. I kind of agree. In some ways black people that are trying to go somewhere are damned if they do and damned if they don’t.

  • Toppin

    I don’t date black men so whatever they think of me doesn’t even matter. I’m not invested in black men. They aren’t on my radar period. Their hurt feelings mean nothing to me. This cartoon means nothing to me.

    Ladies, understand me when I say this: The best and most hurtful approach you can take where black men/males are concerned is simple indifference.

    It is more effective than ranting and raving/getting upset about nonsense like this…once they realize you don’t care and an ally, who was supposed to be a given based on race alone is gone, it drives them mad.

    Don’t support their music, movies, or anything else.


  • binks

    Co-sign!!! Your points summarized my feelings. What bugs me most is this cartoon presented the stereotypical black women by their “attitude” and “way of dress” hmmm if he was speaking to a specific demographic of black women why not show him leaving with a different type of black woman

  • Ocean Blue

    So what are you saying , Pink? That I attract these men because I am like them? Stop right there!

    The guys who have said those things to me are not men who I associate with in any aspect. They are boys/men who have approached me in public.

    1. Men are attracted to young women/young LOOKING women – Me? I have what some people would describe as a ‘baby face’, so I get hit on a lot.

    2. Black men have made it no secret that they prefer light complexioned women over dark women – Me? I am very fair skinned and boys (who think I am their age) and men will approach me and make a comment about my skin color.

    3. I don’t own a vehicle, so I walk A LOT and ride public transportation, therefore, there are more opportunities for me to be approached.

    4. Black men have a way of approaching Black women as if they already know us even when they don’t, which leads to them saying what they do to us.

  • Mina

    That stomach man. I am man at that lol.

  • Mina


  • HowApropos…


  • NoitAll

    @Ocean Blue – You are the woman, for real. LMFAO!!

    @pink – Ocean Blue doesn’t “associate” with these men. She just happens to walk by them on the street. I suppose she should not go out of the house every day so she can avoid “associating” with these men. Puuuhhhlease. Get a clue.

  • alldawg

    leave the hood and you will see, stay out of hood clubs and you will see, go to mixed environments and you will see.

    In contrast to your comment, plenty of women who dress like those in the cartoon.

    This cartoon is what tiger woods went

  • mluv

    I agree with you Ocean Blue! a rebuttal to this comic about how black men[some] approach black women would be so funny to send this to mr. hart.

    If he wants to dog on how some black woman act, then he should dog on how some black men act.

    This comic is a portrayal that black men who have this sole mentality of black women are immature, insecure, little boys who REFUSE to hold themselves ACCOUNTABLE! No body HAS to be nice to you, it’s their choice. And NO one should have to PUT UP with disrespect and that can come from anyone.

  • mluv

    I agree with you Ocean Blue! a rebuttal to this comic about how black men[some] approach black women would be so funny to send this to mr. hart.

    If he wants to dog on how some black woman act, then he should dog on how some black men act.

    This comic is a portrayal that black men who have this sole mentality of black women are immature, insecure, little boys who REFUSE to hold themselves ACCOUNTABLE! No body HAS to be nice to you, it’s their choice. And NO one should have to PUT UP with disrespect and that can come from anyone.

    He may just be trying to be funny but he and like other black men truly have this mentality, but to me is ignorance and acting like a little beotch.

  • golden_girl

    oh damn!

  • Ms. Information

    lolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll @ Creepy McCreeperson…lol

  • Ms. Information

    you aint never lied, I saw a black man with a 400lb woman the other day, following her like she was his mama…*dead*

  • JaeBee

    Creepy McCreeperson…is he any relation to Skeevy Skeevington? Lol.

  • Chrissy

    This is getting so old.

  • Chrissy

    Don’t support their music, movies, or anything else.

    100% agree

  • Maurice Garland

    1.) Are we sure that KH made this himself, or did he just find and tweet it out?

    2.) From looking at the drawings…im confused, just which of these “black women” are supposed to be “strong”…dudes who think like this might need to switch up their circles.

  • Z

    “The opposite of love is not hate but indifference.” – Elie Wiesel

  • golden_girl

    If more brothas were nerds we would have all these damn problems. Maybe we’d have a nation filled with fathers in the home who raise black girls who respect themselves who are attracted to smart men and not thugs. We have black comdians who are progressive and are well versed in politics not spinning the same old tired….black people do this….white people do that….lines.

  • edub

    Ahh, this comment reminds me of the ghost of Just Sayin’. I miss her. With that…AMEN.

  • KissOfDanger

    This was all over Tumblr and there were people of all races calling this bull for what it is. I think it has to do with the fact that the ghetto chicks are more noticeable instead of the nice, meek, intelligent, studious, black women who are invisible. This cartoon render’s the “good girls” invisible, while the ghetto ones are used as a representation of us all. Kevin Hart totally showed his rear end, and is part of a major problem with men of all races. You are still ignoring the good women.

  • Toppin


    She didn’t go far *wink*

  • Liahness


  • Tiffany

    I am so God damn tired of this shit. And to top it off, the black women are dressed like trash, one looks pregnant in a damn bra, but “Becky” is dressed like a lady. I was a Kevin Hart fan, but a real comedian can make jokes that aren’t about the same ol tired lame ass stereotypes we’ve been fed for years.

  • alyson

    it’s stupid, ignorant and untrue.

  • Ocean Blue

    @Edud – I’ve always wondered what happened to her.

    @Toppin – Are you ‘Just Sayin’?

  • entro

    Dont trip from what this little man is saying , he should have paid attention to what happened to wesley snipes when he made the same statement about black women.
    i think some black men take out their frustrations and put all the blame in the world on to black women because they have been totally emasculated and can only feel powerful and manly when they dominate or humiliate black women

  • Toppin

    @Ocean Blue

    I’ll let you decide…. :-)

  • smm

    ‘Just sayin’ was banned for her constant, hateful diatribes on the Black community. Looks like she is back. :/

  • QueenofNew


    The only black women who do those things are fat and ugly ones who have little options so have to use their resources to attract and keep marginally employed men. Are you one of them?

  • Mr. Man

    In my experience the only BW who demonstrate such attitudes look exactly like the group of women in the cartoon (club/hood rats).

  • Toppin

    Correction: Just sayin was banned for telling some HARD truths–much of which others here seemed to agree with–may she rest in peace. *tears*

  • Ocean Blue


  • Ocean Blue

    Well, that’s all behind us now.

  • MiamiNice

    Yeah. Add me to the roster of those who are indifferent. I haven’t watched TV in several years, so I’m not even familiar with this guy. Does he have a show?

  • QueenofNew


    I think you doth protest too much. Black men arent on your radar but you use EVERY opportunity to talk about how they aren’t on your radar.

    Black men stay in your mouth because you like the taste. Just admit it.

  • Young Black Man

    this dude is weak for this strip, but i dont know what black women are complaining about. ive got stacks of books in my house full of black women blaming black men for just about everything in the past, written in the past 40 years.

    never confuse amnesia for a clear conscience. when these kids grow up to be Nasa engineers…strong black woman..

    they fall by the side…absent black father. the truth, the only rage black boys have towards their black fathers abounds due to the fact that the black male child in question hates his father for surrendering him to his mother. Fact. Black men get on other black men to fix up ALL the time, ask any nigga that been to jail. black women on the other hand live in fairy tale worlds, where nothing they do is ever their fault, and they defend ANY waif and stray based upon the sole premise that she’s black. Thats why feminism crumbled in the 70s; one set of women wanted free sexuality (promiscuous sex, porn, etc), the other wanted to ban sexual objectification altogether.

    the inability of women, black women esp, to see past the tip of their nose NEVER ceases to amaze me. I havent seen one comment on this page that inspires any hope.

    Black men are just better off with white men, seriously.

    and as for Kevin Hart….this truly was some weak shit, a man of YOUR level of exposure, influence, etc should either be proposing INTELLIGENT debate, or some sort of worthy discussion….not this played out ‘black women wont look at me’ bullshit. real black men dont give two FOCKS about any of this shit, only the manginas, simps and punany-beggars who think that graduating and having a job entitles them to pussy do.

    Women (black, white, etc) are sensationalist, and more times dont even care about the issue at hand as much as the sensationalism of it all, dont you know that? when you walk with a white women, she dont care about you….its the whole ‘deja vu’ ism of it all. Kevin Hart dont speak for me…

    Black women, do you, but as a young black male, Im saying that this is the LAST generation of pervasive slackness amongst black males…and there will no ‘catwalks’ to the throne, nor crowning of any ‘afrikan queen’….just pure economic and political empowerment. the 90s were purely a testing ground, as sour as that taste still is.

    anyways, gone.

  • QueenofNew


    Your lace front may have changed but you’re still the same. Welcome Back!

  • Toppin


    And I stay in YOUR mouth because you WANT a taste. Fall back chick…I’m not into that type of ish.

  • Ocean Blue

    Black men stay in your mouth, too, C*nt f*ck of Newcastle.

  • Toppin


    I borrowed that ragged thing from your mother. Tell her she can have it back. I’m all natural now!

  • Young Black Man

    *black WOmen are better off with white men*


  • QueenofNew

    Vulgar sexist names? Remarks about my mother? This most be some of the trappings of “living well.”

  • Toppin

    Who the hell are you kidding??? I give black men 100 more years at the most. Did you forget you’re on the endangered species list???

    And before you mention books by black women I suggest your dumb arse pick up any book by black male literary giants like Richard Wright and Ralph Ellison, both of which were writing books before Alice Walker and ‘em were even born. Both of these BLACK MEN stereotyped and degraded black women in their books. And don’t even get me started on so-called black male scholars like E. Franklin Frazier. But you little fruity itches like to selectively pick your reading material.

    Here is a name you should look up dumb black man:

    William Hannibal Thomas

    The hate didn’t start with black women ninja!

    Get educated and get over yourself. Black women are simply better off WITHOUT itches like you.

  • Shirl

    Kevin Hart just needs to be five feet, three quarters tall and shut the hell up.

  • Young Black Man

    the hate transcends the literary, fucktard. i would suggest that you look up Black Matriarchy, dumb bytch and find a way around the understanding that black women have happily colaborated against black men to privitise black youth off to white men.

    and, by the way….im talking about a movement, not select authors so don’t run your focking mouth on here, you fock.

    you get over YOUR self, now as NOone championed black women here…In fact, I think I stated that black women would be BETTER WITH white men, so reread, poussy face.

    and I know this history fairly well….seems like the selectivity lay with you as I fleeting mentioned BOOKS in PASSING, and spoke more to a TREND, cumwad.

  • Young Black Man

    the hate transcends the literary, focktard. i would suggest that you look up Black Matriarchy, dumb bytch and find a way around the understanding that black women have happily colaborated against black men to privitise black youth off to white men.

    and, by the way….im talking about a movement, not select authors so don’t run your focking mouth on here, you fock.

    you get over YOUR self, now as NOone championed black women here…In fact, I think I stated that black women would be BETTER WITH white men, so reread, poussy face.

    and I know this history fairly well….seems like the selectivity lay with you as I fleeting mentioned BOOKS in PASSING, and spoke more to a TREND, c*mwad.

    and black men 100 years? didnt they say that, like 100 years ago already? make your predicitions, but the solution is quite simple, the fact that you cant see it belies your mock sophistication.

  • Young Black Man

    oh and, please enlighten me on E. Franklin Frazier…

    id like to know more =)

  • entro

    @young black man why the name calling? You could have articulated your argument much better without it. Your point was totally diminished by it. We are not your enemy never have been and probably never will be . We have nursed you, protected you, believed in you and did where you couldn’t or were not allowed to do. We truly deserve more than what some of you are willing to give.

  • Toppin

    @Dumb Black Man

    You sir are stupid. Plain and simple. Black women didn’t have to do a damn thing except step back and watch the self-destruction happen.

    You fools have shot yourselves in the foot over and over again.

    It was a black man that drew a map of Fred Hampton’s apartment. It was three black men that started the Gangster Disciples etc. It was black men who sold their own community down the drain with crack cocaine. It was black men who helped get Marcus Garvey deported. It was black men who sold their own people into slavery. It is black men who are selling the continent of Africa down the drain right now as we speak.

    The best thing black women can do for themselves is throw you under the bus.

    Sexism killed your black nationalist movement. Boy…I could go on and on but I can see that I’m battling an idiot.

    “Boo-Yoo….it’s all your fault black woman. You and the white man did it too me.”

    Shut that ish up! You ninjas did it to yourselves. If black women threw black men under the bus it was completely justified. The last thing black women need or want is grown arse children mad at HER because the white man won’t let them have a piece of his patriarchal pie. The same patriarchal pie black men REJECT when it comes to racism, but fully support otherwise.

    Phuck that…and phuck you! Who the hell wants to come home to some itch arse complaining man too dumb and stupid to improve his own plight??? No black woman I know.

    Get your head out of your arse kid. When giving the opportunity the one and only thing black men beat all other races of men at is complete and total self-destruction. When given the opportunity black men have proven they have no problem rolling right over black women too. Therefore, black women, are JUSTIFIED in looking out for themselves first and foremost….they learned it from black men.


  • Yb

    Damn Toppin you went in on that last comment. I’m in awe and admiration right here.

  • Velma

    Was this his way of promoting his latest movie? Lame. I agree with the other comments, this subject is sooo played out.

  • bossman

    I find that cartoon hilarious! Why? Because in a way its kind of true!

  • bossman

    Man its too much hate going on. All of you guys agreeing with this chick should be ashamed of yourselves. I don’t dog out black women at all, so when I see this chick dogging black men out because of some weird shit that happened to her in the past is completely unacceptable. WTF is wrong with all of you?!

  • apple

    i wont lie. when i originally found clutch i thought it was great because it addressed black female issues in a postive light, but now i only come here to watch you guys fight and hate each first it was heartbreaking, but now its some how arouses me in a sick,evil way

  • Young Black Man


    1. i never said black men never sold out…..they did. looking at the news i see two black men in West Africa (Allasane Outtara and Blaise Compaore) selling West Africa out right at this VERY moment. Did I deny it? No – so your rant is invalid.

    2. The REJECTION of victimisation….was pretty much what I championned in the FIRST comment I made….which you mocked by compelling me to get real, or whatever the hell you said. So, again, your rant is invalid.

    3. Black men will ONLY be freed from political and social infantility….by them SELVES…but that the black women never blows her own trumpet again…for with POWER comes responsability, the black womans part of which she is all too keen on denying for ever and ever, amen.

    4. Black men threw black women under the bus and went to war for them in Namibia in 1904 – when in the world have black women ever represented like that? You couldnt even tell the white woman to phuck the hell off, who the hell are YOU kidding? You learned to throw black men under the bus when you were given an ALTERNATIVE political platform, the kind to which black women had NEVER been made privvy to in the West before the 60s….thats why we only heard from her in the 60s on a wide scale….lack of ability does NOT mean lack of intention.

    5. As with the black MALES that sabotaged those black MEN….Im glad you acknowledge their existance and importance…that shuts up THAT argument all on its own.

    6. Sexism in the black movement…..well, thats a moot point, due to the fact that women never want to build the house, but they want equal share in running it. I learned that at Camp at 9 years old. Women, black, white, etc…sit on their ass, let the men do all the heavy lifting…and then expect the men to move over and cede them the power…when this doesnt work, they cry ‘sexism’…classic textbook female antics, so spare men.

    YES, the black movement in america was STOOOOOPID. But, sexism was not the down fall of that movement….the lack of public sympathy desensitized the masses to its dismantlement, and its bastard issue. I suggest you look this up, smarty pants.

    all in all….I never denied shit. You came at me swinging, typical female antics though, so I manoeuver past it. Responsability and accountability is the cornerstone of power…the black man FOCKed up….But we black men put each other in check….can you black women say the same….i dont think so.

    and now….this E.Franklin Fraizer…..Im waiting. Or you want to name drop ad infinitum.

    @entro, point taken.

  • Toppin

    Saying I don’t give a fugg about black men is now “dogging” them? Okay I learned something new.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    lot of hate up in here. self hate.

  • Toppin

    @Young black man

    Go open a book. I’m done here. I don’t have the time or the patience to school you on YOUR history and scholars. In typical black male fashion you want something given to you. Ain’t happening here chief…I redirect you to your local public or academic library. I’m assuming you have two eyes and a brain…learn to use them and stop waiting for someone to hand you something.


  • bossman

    Okay after reading these comments I see we have a bunch of angry black women who lump all black men into one category. Like I said in a post before I thought the cartoon was funny, but I didn’t take it seriously. I know all black women don’t act like that just like all black men aren’t thugs, including myself. It seems to me you guys let a midget comedian get the best of you all and bring out the worst. With all the anti-black male diatribes going on its no wonder why some black men may feel the way they do. Sometimes. Instead of saying Black men say Some Black men. But will you do this? Of course not. That would be too rational. Of course I can understand your anger, but to get mad at ALL BLACK MEN BECAUSE OF THIS LITTLE CARTOON?!! Are you fucking kidding me! I quote Lady T who said this stupid bullshit: With all of the black on black crime, prison record, uneducated, barely speaking english brothas out there in the millions, why is shorty focusing on black women issues?

    Lets see there are millions of brothas, which is strange for her to use the word brotha seeing as how shes dogging them out. Might as well just have said nigger. But anyway millions of brothers cant speak english huh. So that would mean 65 percent of black men all speak fucking ebonics, don’t have a education, and all were in prison. Yeah real smart fucking observation dumbass. You guys are MORE RIDICULOUS THAN the midget who made the cartoon. Oh wait I better not voice my opinion, I forgot, I’m a black man so I guess I should say this: SHIT FOLK, A NIGGA, DES BITCHES BET NOT BE COMIN AT ME, YA DIG, IM A REAL NIGGA! IM FINNA HIT DA BLOCK AND SELL ME SOME OF DIS WEIGHT AND COME UP AND GET ME A LIGHT SKINNED BITCH ! REAL NIGGAS JOE, FA REAL! lol

  • Young Black Man


    and when you speak on selective application of white patriarchy…does this apply to university…climbing up the corporate ladder…. even…sitting on a computer on a website…

    because I believe….that black women are a hell of a lot more guilty of that than we black males….since black males can happily step outside of society to gain what they want even if it will land them in jail. kind of a contradiction if we’re stereotyping, no?

  • Young Black Man

    smh…If I ask you about Fraizer, its because I KNOW about Fraizer……you didnt figure that out? I just wanted to know that YOU knew what you were talking about. Seems you don’t, and want out. Only goes further in proving my point, I guess. Telling me about a library like I couldn’t just google the shit….which I didnt even have to. Really.

    and another thing….I take what I want, I dont beg for nothing. One day you’ll read about me in the paper and you can boast to your friends about having conversated with me, mkeh?

  • bossman

    A bro I appreciate you for providing a valid argument for all of this anti black male nonsense. Its crazy how these women are getting worked up on some artwork a midget created.

  • Young Black Man


    kool fam, they dont know any better, it’s what they are programmed to do. This chick argue the same old lines, straw man arguments …and when questionned says adios and splits, even though she started the argument and name dropping.

    If you look at the comments on here, its obvious that this particular chick is in the habit of trolling this forum…shes somewhat of a celebrity on here, so it aint really about that weak midget bro.

  • bossman

    No because everything you wrote made you sound like a female version of uncle ruckus from the boondocks.

  • L

    I agree with EVERYTHING you say Toppin and I only wish more Black women would come to this conclusion…..and I really wish UGLY lames would be seen and not heard more.

    P.S Boy, some Black dudes think their words are golden dont they?

  • Sweet Chic Geek

    Is it strange that the comic pales in comparison to what’s really wrong between many black men & women today? That which has been so eloquently demonstrated by Toppin & Young Black Man.. divide & conquer wins again.

    If this is your idea of indifference, you’re doing it wrong. Indifference doesn’t have vitriol beneath it, as it’s inherently disconnected. This entire debate is interwoven with angry, hateful & scorned passion. You don’t spend energy or go out of your way for things you’re indifferent to.

  • bossman

    Lets dissect what you said piece by piece.

    I don’t date black men so whatever they think of me doesn’t even matter. I’m not invested in black men. They aren’t on my radar period. Their hurt feelings mean nothing to me. This cartoon means nothing to me.

    Firstly why even respond then to this article. Why even go through the trouble of writing this if black men mean nothing to you? A real racist would not concern him or herself with the group of people they hate, but for some strange reason they do from time to time. Why? because their is some deep seeded infatuation. If one has to keep bringing up the shortcomings of others constantly, then that person is insecure about themselves. You and Kevin Hart included.

    Ladies, understand me when I say this: The best and most hurtful approach you can take where black men/males are concerned is simple indifference.

    Once again if black men mean nothing why go throught the motions of even wasting time trying to hurt them. Thats retarded. Indifference means: lack of interest or concern. With that said there was no reason for you to even comment on this blog.

    It is more effective than ranting and raving/getting upset about nonsense like this…once they realize you don’t care and an ally, who was supposed to be a given based on race alone is gone, it drives them mad.

    Ally? What ally has the black man ever had, save for a few brave souls throughtout history. He had to fight and die so he can get the basic human rights in life, so just because we lose some imaginary ally doesn’t mean anything to us black men, who go out and work hard and make it on our own and take care of our famalies, WITH THEIR OWN HARD WORK. That doesn’t drive us mad, and I can’t see how it does. If anything it just makes black men, at least the real ones, tougher and determined to do what is necessary.

    Don’t support their music, movies, or anything else.

    What music? What movies? Oh wait you must be talking about those movies you’ve seen on BET or better yet Tyler Perry’s films. In terms of music you must be talking about that demonic rap music that somehow beats out positive rap music. Just for the record you do realize that black men do all genres of music and hold it down, whether its rock n roll, jazz, blues, country, or anything else.


    How the hell can you add the word Peace to such an offensive piece of garbage you just wrote. This is what peace means according to the dictionary.

    a state of tranquillity or quiet: as a : freedom from civil disturbance b : a state of security or order within a community provided for by law or custom
    2: freedom from disquieting or oppressive thoughts or emotions
    3: harmony in personal relations
    4a : a state or period of mutual concord between governments b : a pact or agreement to end hostilities between those who have been at war or in a state of enmity

    Nothing you wrote was peaceful, it was simply a tool to further divide and cause discontent. Your a person of hate and should join your local KKK or Neo Nazi group right away. Wait you won’t do that because they may lynch you for being…dare I say it…Black!

  • Who’s that Girl

    I envision Black people as strong, proud, and resilient. Why can’t our Black entertainers be more uplifting towards our community, especially the men? Many of our entertainers push stereotypes in their art. I find nothing cute or funny about this cartoon. I would be embarrassed to say I created this type of art. Kevin, if you have a problem with a group of women why don’t you just talk to them or ignore them. Black women do not need the hate. Thanks!

  • bossman

    What in your opinion do you think can be done to heal the fragile relationship black men and women have? I think its time for solutions.

  • L

    They do this because Black women are the only group that pays ANY atttention to what Black men say and they know this…..its been said here – the opposite of hate is indifference.

  • L

    D***N! T ..Tell it.

  • Jess

    kevin hart has a classic napolean complex, short man syndrome case of hurt feelings. typical of so many black men of his ilk. who cares? let his type keep worshipping white women, and then come back begging black women to support them when they’re shot by white racists. maybe they won’t get the support they thought they would. i for one no longer care about what black men do. let them go join the white women they ptrefer to worship. i’m sure they’ll be embraced woleheartedly by the white community as a native son (sarcasm for real).

    black men just need to date whoever they want and stop using it as a ne xcuse to diss black women. funny how these black women dating white men and non-black men never put down black men – they just date who they want. smdh. black men, black men black men – smdh – what a sad pathetic group.

  • JC

    As a young nerdy black man, I feel ashamed of what Kevin Hart has done. I always got plenty of love from other nerdy black women. I didn’t get much love from non-nerdy black women because I was a nerdy not because they were black.

    This happens in the white community too. Every movie that involves upper middle class white nerds has them spend half of the moving chasing the attention of the popular girls. In fact, here is a reversal of roles, this movie is about a nerdy white boy that drops the cool white girl for a nerdy black girl:

    Lesson, race (whether yours or theirs) is not always the main reason someone is not attracted to you. Even in a sinlge-race society, people can perceive you to be unattractive.

    Aside: Isn’t Kevin Hart’s wife black (, will she not be offended?

  • Jess

    maybe black men of his type will learn one day that their arrogance is making a lot of people hate them

  • Who’s that Girl

    Purplekeychain I agree with your comments. Our Black male entertainers need to find some new material. I promised myself this year that I would not support self-defecating work from entertainers. This type of artwork does not edify our community just divide. If Kevin feels this way about Black women, then he needs to continue dating white women. He is doing us a huge favor. No Black woman needs to deal with his mental problems. I do not understand why some Black men need to put down the women in their community just to feel good about themselves.

  • Who’s that Girl

    Kayla, I feel the same exact way you do.

  • Jai

    Once an idiot ALWAYS an idiot!!!!!

  • Reality Check

    ” I always got plenty of love from other nerdy black women.”

    always got plenty to give to a nerdy black man !!! =)

  • The Comment

    What a sell-out. Where did Hollywood find these simple negroes? this dude is a gloified liquor store bumb. This cartoon is so ignorant. So simple. Did he go to highschool? Message to black women? What demographic—illiterate black women? Trifflin’ black women??? Black women who wear pajamas in the afternoon???

    White men mad as hell cause black men are producing more stereotypes than ever. Who made these niglets? Just dumb. Negroes like this bore you to tears cause they know nothing but hood tales and jailbird stories. Never read a book, never studied (in or out of school) never had a decent thought about the world and anything in it.

    Did you see the interview of the Tulsa shooting victim that survived??? He said he was Shocked! SHOCKED i tell you that it was a white man that shot him. So used to his brotha man killing him that he didn’t think twice about a white man pulling the trigga.

    All this in a city that was home to Black Wall Street.

    This black culture is so dangerous that I am considering moving to Canada in 5 years. Black men are sick in the head. Sick. Sick. Sick.

  • Please Excuse Me

    Kevin Hart needs to go and sit down somewhere. I am so sick of these articles where black men want to school and police black women about their attitudes. The cartoon is foolish and offensive. Most black women do not dress or speak that way.

  • Jess


  • Young Black Man

    i think youll find that i addressed a few points, pointed out a few incongruencies and was duly attacked for it.

    if you read all of my comments, there is a precise method to my madness. she, on the other hand, came to this thread talking about the same black men she professed not to care about. at least I maintained a resolute and steadfast stance in the view of black redemption.

  • Young Black Man

    and the solution is simple.

    without money and social/economic empowerment, other people dictate the black family structure and life….you think chinese people let the govt meddle in their domestic affairs the way black people do? no

    community=communal spending, education, etc, which is funded by MONEY. thats how the govt separated black men/black women.

    its also this same lack of power that Toppin was alluding to when foolishly claiming (completely without foundation) that I was asking for a handout….when the black community as a whole is notorious for that, men and women.

    I dont want to come across as divisive, but I expressed my opinions and that chick came from nowhere….reading through her comments addressed to others, talking about peoples mothers, etc, i realised that the joke was on me and that indeed she wasn’t worthy of the time put.

    Im a young black man with black redemption on my mind, what anyone else wants to make up about me based upon this forum can scarcely be said to have any bearing or relevance upon what I will do when I wake up tomorrow morning, can it?

    This woman came at me calling me names….which noone at ALL challenged…and so I responded. seems fair. I aint for the arguing, tracing and back and forth….should I have divulged my real name, Id actually be embarrassed because I’m over, above and beyond that.

    the solution is knowing that there is no ONE way to get there, but for what its worth, research Claud Anderson and Amos Wilson, they will explain the basics of empowerment… but Networking is very important…. and networking involves…. respectful communication, which Im sure Toppin doesn’t care about, and so she absolves herself of relevance by mere default.

    Im calm now.

  • Jess

    Black women who have sense: Please note that even though Black men have been busy glorifying violence, ignorance and gangsterism in pop culture for the last 25 years or so (gold teeth, dookie chain wearing, drug-and-drank addicted fools), Black women never ever ever tried to control their beahvior with threats of “levae him for non- black men”. on the other hand, for the slightest indiscretion, black men love to holler this first and fastes – that should tellus somehing about the kind of men we have in our race.

    black men of a certain type in hollywood truly have shown the world that they are 1. traiterous benedict arnolds who are too stupid to see when they are getting played and 2. just as hateful as the george zimmerman/tulsa killers when it comes to their own black women 3. happily working hand in hand with white racist media propagandist against black women.

  • Krob( Spurs fan)

    I know that cartoon aint 100 percent true …I appreciate black women…I have dated a Japanese girl before..I dated primarily black and took a white girl to prom and I prefer black woman…btw all kevin hart isn’t all black men..I’m a kinda nerdy black boy with a swagga ..i say you can be cool and nerdy both …to Kevin Hart maybe if us black men would respect and treat are black women with more respect we might not be looked down upon so much ..let alone speak like we got sense….to the black man this applies to …I know I get tired of our women bashing us on the not taking care of their kids..not paying child support..but I aint got kids …yes I use ebonics too just not a lot I can professional too I know Iwas just using bad english

  • Krob( Spurs fan)

    I know that cartoon aint 100 percent true …I appreciate black women…I have dated a Japanese girl before..I dated primarily black and took a white girl to prom and I prefer black woman…btw all kevin hart isn’t all black men..I’m a kinda nerdy black boy with a swagga ..i say you can be cool and nerdy both …to Kevin Hart maybe if us black men would respect and treat ourblack women with more respect we might not be looked down upon so much ..let alone speak like we got sense….to the black man this applies to …I know I get tired of our women bashing us on the not taking care of their kids..not paying child support..but I aint got kids …yes I use ebonics too just not a lot I can professional too I know Iwas just using bad english

  • Anonymous

    This is why I don’t date black men. I’m not starting a family with a race of men that can’t affirm their daughters. Especially when racism is so rampant.

  • African Mami

    @ Anonymous

    I could care less about your relationship choices, but for the love of a green earth and less pollution, could you not generalize a whole race! URRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH!

  • Word

    @Please Excuse Me. Thank you for your blunt honesty. That is the kind of response I need to hear to kev’s tasteless comic strip. Everyone carries attitude and a change in his towards strong black women would help (that is if he was not as concerned with making $$$.)

  • Tea Baby

    Kevin’s cartoon seems to suggest that some brutha’s will leave the race if rejected by any Sista.
    I think that a minority of bruthas have been duped through decades of pornography and media to accept the eurocentric standard of a woman’s beauty, behavior, and position in this society as the norm. Black men in this country have never develop or truly explored their own perspectives of beauty and women outside what was portrayed in the DOMINATE culture. The result which we are seeing today, is the birth of several negative stereotypes against Sistas; some created by the dominate culture in order to “big up” their own, and some created by the minority of very vocal and visible Bruthas to conceal their inability to protect and justify loving a Sista. In actuality, those evolved paranoias, I mean perspectives have NOTHING to do with the reality of Black women. Sistas are wonderfully diverse and distinct and cannot be summed up in the mere 4 or 5 stereotypes floating around.
    If there is a small, very vocal minority of Bruthas who cannot appreciate the depths of a loving, Black woman, then, they should leave the hate behind and definitely move on to the next race. After all, many Sistas have evolved to no longer saddle themselves in with men bringing that type of deprecating baggage. Could you imagine the European male trying to make his woman into a Sista? What would that look like? LOL! What kind of tactics would he use? What images would we see in the media? Lil Kev’s cartoon is just another example of the self perpetuation of mind colonization gripping us all. There has always been a choice. We can continue to accept it, or once and for all, reject it.
    For the minority of Bruthas that have to seek solace and acceptance outside the race, I say; to point the finger at Sistas because of a choice or preference you have made is childish and irresponsible. It’s like blaming the devil for your misdeeds, or “the man” for holding us down. We have fought and won the war to realize whatever we want for ourselves in this country. Who any one chooses as a mate is up to the individual. These men should just fess up to their own shortcomings, their own desires and fantasies, and just take responsibility for them. Stop comparing Sistas to women of other races. Sistas are different and it looks like more of us are discovering that being different it’s not such a bad thing.

  • NY’s Finest

    I normally find Kevin Hart funny, but this cartoon has made me lose respect for him and I don’t think I’ll be supporting anything else he does. As an entertainer you need to think before you speak or post something on the internet. I just wish black men would stfu with their so called advice to black women, because most of the time it’s not coming from a good place.

  • Toppin

    @Bossman *Rolls eye*

    Kick rocks! I don’t care if your feelings are hurt by words….boo freaking yooo.


  • Tami

    Kevin Hart is funny…I find this cartoon funny….

  • Zaza

    Blah blah blah. I swear people like Mr Hart are on the payroll of the KKK. They seem out to divide black people more than anyone else. I don’t blame him. I blame his mother and father who either weren’t there, or didn’t teach him to reject this self- hatred. Sad,sad,sad.

  • Toppin

    I take pleasure in shooting down the crap put forth by black men on black women’s forums. Young black man’s rant is a good example of this crap. It would be a completely different story if I actively sought out such idiots to debate….I only “attack” when I feel someone has fired the first missile. Coming to a black woman’s website and speaking reckless is just cause to attack. Otherwise indifference is the way I go….ask about me.

  • QCastle


    This is why I never joined the bandwagon of self pitying nerdy black man. Why were they always chasing after the “dimes” who rejected them and then get mad at black women when there were plenty of their black female nerdy counterparts to court and date. They never wanted these women.

    I was a hip hop head growing up so I knew that I should stick to men who were into hip hop.

  • Toppin

    As for black sexual politics…I say the end…game over…good riddance. Black women can do better. Black women deserve better. There is nothing worth saving. There is nothing to conquer. To divide means something…at some point…was together. It’s been a forced unity…many of us welcome divorce.

  • Toppin


    Congrats…for once you actually said something that’s true. Black nerds love to diss ALL black women for overlooking them when the truth of the matter is they are only interested in one type of black woman and she is usually NOTHING like them.

  • QCastle


    Why would black women threaten to leave black men for the aforementioned behavior when black women often rewarded these very same type of men with the sex, attention, and adulation? Black women, many of them, like men like that.

    “…on the other hand, for the slightest indiscretion, black men love to holler this first and fastes – that should tellus somehing about the kind of men we have in our race.”

    Here is the thing “Jess” the thug behavior DIDNT hurt black men in the dating game. It, in many cases, enhanced his appeal for many young black women. However the character flaws of many black women HAS hurt her in the dating game. Its even hurt black women who want to date inter racially. Look at that slack Michelle O. is getting as the “angry” black woman.

  • QCastle


    Stop being an idiot. Unless you have 20 million vaginas and 20 million wombs you couldnt start a family with a race of men. Just one man at a time. Its your responsibility to separate the wheat from the chaff. Also, dont perm your daughters hair. That at affirmation.

  • Sparkle

    Really Kevin? Why do we have to go there every time? But basically, I am so over it. If you want a white woman, knock yourself out!

  • Sparkle


  • twee

    I think this can be true but I always say these black men often times are brushed off by certain black women. And they only seem to approach that type and this pic is pretty much depicting that. You could walk up to a group of white women that look just like this image and get the same reaction or approach a black woman that’s dressed like the white woman here and get the desired reaction. And I’m not minimizing clothes to a personality I’m just saying the idea of bypassing the sister whose a lawyer for the female on the corner looking mad then saying all black women reject black men.

    I do agree with the point of attitude doesn’t make you a strong woman. That’s not a mentality exclusive to black women however.

  • Sparkle

    Don’t blame Black women for your own insecurities…smh

  • HowApropos…

    If that’s her option, then so be it.

    Lord knows black males have enough boot-lickin’ mammies to make excuses for them.

    *see AfMami and QBbert above^*

  • Natalie


    I hear you, but why has Kevin Hart and SOME black men seem to focus negatively and soley on Black wome? And also I do not recall SOME of these black men, including Kevin Hart using the word SOME when referring to Black women.

    No arguments here, just alittle confused by the rage in your post.

  • Bee

    “I always got plenty of love from other nerdy black women.” As a nerdy black woman, I heart you for that comment.

    The problem with nerdy types like Kevin Hart is they feel entitled to ANY and EVERY attractive (nerdy or not) black woman. So when one of these black women whom he mostly likely has nothing in common with (other than race) dismisses him, he takes it as an affront to his masculinity that some/any black woman could NOT desire him. Newsflash to all the Kevin Hart entitlement-type male nerds: you are not entitled to every woman you want, and perhaps if you lost the entitlement complex, you’d realize that there are plenty of women out there (probably other nerdy ones like myself) who would give you a shot.

    As one of my girlfriends has said numerous times, “Stay in your lane, in the dating game. You’ll be much happier for it in the end.” I, for instance, know that the non-nerdy sort of black men rarely ever express interest in me, nor do they really spark my interest – and when they do express interest, I quickly realize I have little in common with them (we can’t discuss the nerdy sh*t I like to discuss, for instance). And I don’t feel entitled to every black man. Smh. I’m going to let Hart slide on this one, but if I hear some more self-hating b.s. from him, I might be done with him. I try to support black male entertainers (the respectful ones, anyway), but they are making it harder and harder these days. Just saying.

    *Lawd, just don’t let something stupid fly out of Idris Elba’s or Michael Ealy’s mouth. There has to be one brother in mainstream Hollywood worth supporting.*

  • jamesfrmphilly

    people, we really need to do something about all this hate……

  • Bee

    Well, my other post didn’t go through (hopefully this one will), but I’ll just say that as a nerdy black girl, I heart your comment and I 100% co-sign everything you said.

  • Nolan Voyd

    I’m staying out of this one…

  • Bee

    Typical tomfoolery (with a bit of entitlement patriarchal masculinity thrown in) from another typical Hollywood negro. I’m over it. These jokers never surprise me anymore. This is Kevin’s first strike, in my book. If he does this mess again, I’m done using my hard-earned money to support his little behind.

  • Stephanie

    Whoever made this cartoon doesn’t have much common sense.

    Why would a black man such as the one that is depicted step to women that are dressed like the ones in the cartoon? The ones in the cartoon have their guts hanging out with ripping shorts, it just doesn’t make sense.

    All this cartoon shows is that the black man stepped to black women that he wouldn’t have a normal interest in just to have an excuse to snatch up a white woman.

  • Young Black Man


    didnt actually know this was black womans website, and ill say what I like. you attacked and stopped because you realised that a troll like you couldnt stand up to scrutiny if pressed for too long.

    and YOU dont deserve anything. I know white boys that are into black women, I personally could never do them the discredit of directing you to them.

    what you say about black women/white men only means something if white men are perceived as aliens as opposed to human beings. You act as if someone is going to apologise to you on behalf of black men, when nobody gives a damn.

    and someone who argues about cum and mothers is in no position to define what is crap and what isnt.

  • d_nicegirl

    Sarcasm. Look it up.

  • HowApropos…

    Agree 1000%

  • lulu

    i was about to say the same thing- why is trying to kick it with the big belly lady and why all 3 of em got the stank face- another think if you a nerdy black dude- why dont you talk to a nerdy black girl-meaning if you are smart and they way he’s dressed maybe he should go for that type of girl- btw i’ve seen women looking like that in other races b esides black

  • d_nicegirl

    Queen of New, you are the embodiment of the cartoon. Check yourself.

  • HowApropos…

    He has to do it AGAIN to lose your support? Really?

  • Wow!

    Kevin Hart? Kevin Hart gets three pages worth of comments? Kevin Hart – like Steve Harvey and Method Man, or Lil Wayne, or the clowns on Youtube – is the man many sister point to as an example of how (most) black men attack black women?

    All of you educated, independent, progressive, do-it -for-my-own-reasons sisters are concerned with the race-baiting comedy of Kevin Hart? A man who just being 4’11 many of you would not date (or at least front like you wouldn’t) if he were not half-way famous? Three pages for a dude most of you would claim was too short for your attention or perhaps a bit too goofy….if he were not Kevin Hart? Why? What does that say?

    Tha’ts like progressive, smart, and reasonable black men getting mad at Terry McMillan’s string of books in the 90s, especially after the “Stella” book and catching a whiff of the dude she based it on. Her take on black heterosexuality forever needs more people after all of that.

    I just tried to imagine if there were anything a women who is famous could say to get me to say anything remotely general like “You see! These black women…..” Like, would I give two shakes of my own b@lls if Rhianna or Beyonce or Nia Long or whoever said something about black men? Hell no.

    Why? Because by sheer force of personality, they – based of the things they say and do, and the company they keep – do not represent the majority of the sisters I know. I guess I would get upset if Bey or Rhi were women I would actually consider dating, seriously that is.

    Why do comments from men like Kevin Hart or The Game or Lil Wayne or Kanye or Albert Hansworth so greatly out weigh the voices of black men who sing the praises of black women everyday? Perhaps it’s the circles I run in but I meet more progressive minded brothers who sing the praises of black women thank those that bash sisters.

  • Bee

    Good point. Maybe I was trying to convince myself to still support his standup (since I find it to be hilarious). Why can’t these Hollywood negroes have some sense? I’d like to have some entertainment that didn’t make me feel guilty supporting. Jeez. :(

  • alldawg

    because these women in question love drama, and if drama was a man that will be their next baby daddy.

    alot of these women are acting out that very cartoon and dont even know it.

  • sighs unimpressed

    Reading the comments here, I see that the men have actually tried to calm down and be logical in their reasoning, even young black man, who I agree with, except for about the part about black women having to be with white men, if we are talking construction, then we need to be together.

    toppin is obviously consumed with hate, her continuous hostility is proof of this…she is what i call compromised and is likely to attack this very comment with ire. I dont know why the women in this thread would get on young black male for his hostility even though he toned it down remarkably, whilst saying nothing about Toppin who maintains her fury.

    I have had to deal with women like this, now I have to say face to face, I couldnt let anyone talk to me the way Toppin is talking, but the internet is a safe haven I guess…. I just wish to make it clear that I am a black man, with a black daughter, and I represent her to the fullest – a Woman like Toppin could never speak for her, so my question to YBM would be, why even bother the back and forth with her? She’s compromised, so leave it, you won the debate and made your point.

    Sometimes black men have to protect black women from other black women too, this is a fact. and as for the comic strip, why would a nerd even try to holler at those hoodrats, what about the girls in your calculus class, bruh? I dont buy it.

    ‘Ill be damned if a played a chick, for a blond hair, blue eyed caucasian b*tch’ – 2pac

    just have to know where to look, same thing for the sisters.

  • Glassesandbooks

    *Side eye… fellas stop trying to date low class women and then get mad and bash us allwhen they act low class… I mean isnt that what youve been telling us nerdy geeky sisters for years.

    I love black men.

  • alldawg

    why do SOME bw think that saying hello means a man is trying to get with you. However, dont act like it this dont happen. Just think about who is BW are procreating more with, bm who fit the guy in the cartoon, or a cartoon image of a little wayne.

  • bossman

    Ah yes in typical fashion we must resort to immature comments such as “kick rocks.” This happens from time to time whenpeople such as yourself are maturely debated with. You are as destructive to black people as the gangbangers that destroy the communities. Your words are poison and provide no solution. You are not of peace. Negativity and continuing acts of niggertry is what you enjoy.

  • Toppin


    Talk about selective reading. This is the problem with black men on the internet…most…those I have encountered are just dumb as hell.

    READ THE COMMENT FROM YOUNG BLACK MAN DIRECTLY ABOVE YOUR OWN COMMENT. See the hostility…though I was not speaking to HIM in my two comments up above???

    You “men” (I use the word loosely) are a joke. A very funny joke…

    He didn’t know this was a black woman’s website? Seriously…mind you he HAS been here before. He post tired long drawn out rants about black women on a black woman’s site and expect no one to call him on it. LOL….like I said dumb as hell.

    I love his insecurity….no where did I even mention WHITE men yet he’s harping on white men. His very first comment was about white men. I showed that ish to my WHITE soon to be husband and he just shook his head. Sometimes somethings should just go unsaid and with that I’ll make this my final comment on this particular post….



    Who cares…I’m married #NEXT

  • Chloe

    (scratches noggin). Am I the only one that is confused by the cartoon? Why would a supposedly nerdy man approach two scantly clad women? It makes no sense. If your a nerd why not meet other nerds like yourself (scientist, doctors, accountants, nurses, biologist, chemists, etc.)?

    *Epic fail*

  • sighs unimpressed


    I see YBM explaining why he lost his temper in a calm manner and explaining his regret for cussin. Never saw you do that.

    I see YBM attempting to explain the situation at hand, giving Bossman the names of scholars to look at, I dont see you offer any solutions.

    Your conclusion is black men are stupid, you have a white fiance, somethings are better left unsaid, but you are all over this page.

    So, no, my reading is not selective. (??)

    and I didnt even know that this was a black woman site, its not that popular, I was brought here by a post put up on facebook, before which I had never heard of this site.

    and the only insecure person here is you, my dear. you keep feeling the need to brag about the other’s intellectual capacity, even though being an outsider looking IN, YBM brought more sense to the table than you did, he just ruined it by calling you a b*tch, etc which was low, but then again you called him one first. Seriously, stop because at this point you are only trying to save face, as you don’t have a leg to stand on. And, you don’t care but feel the need to share an internet forum debate with your fiance… I really don’t get that. You say one thing, but your ACTIONS betray your words, sister. If we can ALL agree that Kevin Hart is talking SHYT, then wtf is the problem.

    The way I see it, you attacked YBM because he showed as much indifference to black women as you claim to show to black men. Thats all I can see.

    And calling people dumb WONT make you any smarter, believe me lol.

  • iQgraphics

    whoomp whoomp whoomp,,,
    *charlie brown’s teacher*

  • iQgraphics

    no, you’re not the only one. the first thing i did was pick apart this stereotypical baffoonish cartoon.

    one needs to put her stomach away, one dressed like straight trash and one (of course the dark skin one) looks dry as hell.

    then Jan McPerfectson walks up and gives this square ass dude some play.

    Kevin needs to grow up *pun*

    I am not interested in procreating with kevin hart. he can walk off into the sunset with a donkey for all I care

  • Stephanie


    I don’t know who black women procreate more with. Do you?

    How black women live in the U.S.? I don’t know. Do you?

    So let’s scale back your point unless you have statistics on hand.

    I’m not sure what black women you are talking about, but not everybody that walks up to someone is trying to “get with them” as you say black women think. Matter of fact, I’m missing your point all together unless you are trying to say that black women like thugs and not an educated man? *I’m looking at everything that you wrote*

    I like to have an intelligent conversation, not one based on ignorance.

    I love MY black man. And yes, I am educated, in case you are wondering, I don’t want you to use a statistic AGAINST what I’ve said. I have 2 degrees, no kids, 25 years old and I love MY black man.

    What I don’t like is the general stereotype that is given to all black women. I’ve met women with attitudes that aren’t black. Hence, my cousin’s white fiance. She went CRAZY when my cousin broke up with her. So this notion that only black women are capable of giving attitudes is nonsense and I believe it is a notion that has been started by an insecure black man which unfortunately few have ran with.

    If a black man wants a good woman he will find one. But let’s be honest, some black men, like other men, love bad girls, not the type of women that they could bring home to their “mama”. So if you want to be real, be real all the way.

    Thank you.

  • mahogany

    Where are the “strong black women” in that cartoon? I only hoodrats depicted! SMH!

  • HowApropos…

    I’m with you, Bee. It’s like as soon as I’m good with a certain actor or artist, they do or say so dumb isht to the point that I have no problem cutting off my support and saving my money.

  • Miss Whatever2005

    Okay I must make a statement that contradicts itself. I guess that is a contradication within itself. However, why are we including myself even commenting on this cartoon. The black women and the black guy in the cartoon look like fools. However, it is a cartoon so I can’t really take it too seriously.

    I do understand what he is saying though. I was one of the women that gave men a hard time and had a mile long list for the man I wanted. Once I realized you cannot create the perfect man. Then things got better for me from a dating perspective. I made a list of the top 5 things and did not deter from it. This is how I found my man.

    So I said all these unrelated yet related things to say. I understand where he is co
    ming from in the cartoon. Sometimes black women are so stress and have to be so many things to so many people that we do overlook good men. We give a good man a hard time if he does the slightest thing wrong. It is sometimes based on what happened to us in the past in relationships with men. It sometimes even starts with our relationship with our dad.

    However we must stop doing this to ourselves and our men. And we need to stop getting upset if people date outside of their race. Black women need to embrace that ourselves and remember we are all a part of one race-God’s people the human race. (steps down off soapbox)

  • Kade

    I find it interesting that after you complained about “a bunch of angry black women who lump all black men into one category,” you then lump all of the black female commenters into the same category as if the opinions voiced here are all the same.

    Not all of us are angry, some are just disappointed. Not with all black men but SOME. Until I read this article I didn’t know Kevin Hart was associated with this cartoon; I came across it on Twitter where a bunch (but not all) black men were passing it around and agreeing that this is how it goes down. So it’s not just SOME black women who make assumptions, we’ve all been guilty at some point.

    We really need to work harder to uplift each other, whether we want date each other or not. There are just too many good black men and women who become bitter because of bad experiences and we give up on each other. All of the bashing and blame placing is tearing our community down even further. When did we start doing our enemies work??

  • ObjectivelySpeaking

    Its an accurate experience for many black men in this culture.

  • HowApropos…

    yeah, a well-dressed black man is going to address three ill-dressed in a polite manner.

    that’s exactly who he’s attracted to, right?

    sorry, but not many black males are respectful to women.

    even the ones who dress properly act very arrogant.

  • d_nicegirl

    He did that? Shameful.

  • Deidra

    Kevin Hart has addressed this on his Twitter (@KevinHart4Real) saying ‘I have nothing to do with this cartoon, I am not behind it or involved with it in anyway shape or form!!! THIS CARTOON IS FRAUDULENT” Probably was credited to him because they knew it would gain attention if people thought someone well known said it.

  • Misty_Moonsilver

    Ummmm now he’s just stereotyping black women.
    ….I can’t believe he’d do that.

  • Guest 101

    You all realize Kevin Hart didn’t draw/create this cartoon right? Do some research before you claim things. Just because his name is on it doesn’t mean he created. Check his Twitter check other sources, he wasn’t involved. . .

  • Nada

    honestly this cartoon is like 2 years old and I saw it on some other website. This is not something Kevin Hart did.

  • Bee

    Well, that’s good to hear! I sure hope he had nothing to do with promoting or tweeting or drawing this image. It’s disgraceful.

  • Sis326

    The only thing this article proves is that many of us are still so quick to believe and judge anything the press chooses to put in our faces! Wake up America and learn to gather your own information..just because the media says the moon is green doesn’t mean we have to be that weak and naive to believe it. Kevin Hart has just learned of this cartoon and has denied even being a part of it..and continues with promising legal action if not corrected..

  • Anne

    According to recent tweets, Hart is not behind this cartoon.

  • MayDay

    Who cares if he wasn’t behind the cartoon!? Did you read what he wrote about black women on his own twitter??
    I suggest you do and then come back and talk.

  • MayDay

    This is what He wrote about black women on his twitter:

    is this a man you want to support and give your hard earned money to? Think about it. It’s your daughters who will suffer from it. The self hate coming form black males is frightening. Wake up!

  • janie

    He clearly did not post this, so I don’t understand why y’all are getting upset. According to his post today
    “ATTENTION EVERYONE…….I have been getting google alerts all day about a cartoon that’s being credited to me that talks about black woman…I have nothing to do with this cartoon, I am not behind it or involved with it in anyway shape or form!!! THIS CARTOON IS FRAUDULENT…With that being said if the promotion of this CARTOON is not stopped ASAP I will be taking legal actions against all parties that are involved” – Kevin Hart

    he is clearly not responsible for this ignorance.

  • CHE

    Do they hate themselves or just Black women?

  • HowApropos…

    And I’m still not a fan…*shrug*…never really was.

  • HowApropos…

    yeah, he still a colorstruck lil’ midget.

    it’s great that he didn’t do this, but he’s guilty of the other shtt he’s said on twitter.

  • BlackGeek

    This cartoon is true as hell. Im black myself and when ever I approach a black chick theybwould give me that response in one way or another. No swag.. ohh u sound like a white boy, not black enough .. etc etc i heard em all. Then when i do find a chick n start dating her that happens to be outside mybrace i get those same reactions. It ain’t pretty bubut its the truth. And it hurts thats why yall mad.

    May not apply to all strong black women but in my experience it goes down juat like the cartoon. N kevin hart aint do this its been on the web for a while

  • Raquita

    I married that black guy in the cartoon… He’s just approaching the wrong black women, cause I don’t look, act or think like any of the women portrayed…

    So what I think is the guy in the cartoon, is just as much to blame as the three chicks in the cartoon.

  • Sieg 88


    I been reading these comments for awhile and I gotta say Toppin you are the only porch monkey on here that actually makes sense. I love the hatred you have for those black nigger savages. I would love to shake your hand but I forgot your’re a nigger too. *Sighs* I would have love to have sent you an Iron Cross but my organization doesn’t hand them out to untermensch or subhumans as we call them.

  • Bee

    Wow. Smh. I don’t get these men. I just really don’t.

  • tisme

    The First National Tune-Out Neutral, Low-Value, And No-Value Black Men Week

  • The Antifash

    I have neither the time or energy to give to this tomfoolery. People will believe what they want to believe about black women, and it’s not my job to convince them otherwise. As long as they don’t bring that bullshit to my door step I’m good.

    Badu said it best, “I will not pop for you, or lock for you, or hate for you or even hate you.”

    No time.

  • The Antifash

    *Nods in approval*

    Thank you PurpleKeyChain.

  • The Antifash

    Yes Gawd.

  • MsSunshine

    Although men are probably making legitimate claims in experiencing women such as this, it is sad at the same time that they are so willing to passively accept and re-inforce stereotypes that do not apply to EVERY black woman.

    Sometimes people just make excuses to justify thoughts that they already had, such as this cartoon.

  • Dee

    i dont think blk men mak a conscious effort to date outside their race. I am 36 an my girlfriend of 2yrs is Italian. I dated black women, hell all women, and #1 i dont believe we have some obligation to sustain the black race by dating blk women an vice versa. #2 While i will not call it an attitude there is a unsettling uncomfortable aura surrounding some black women when you approach or attemp to approach them that almost screams” dont even come near me unless you come correct” you can choose to ignore that an eventually get thru the smoke an things are ok, or you never get thru. I am even willing to seperate this by geographics, blk women on the west coast are alot more apprachable than the eastern big city women, I am from Miami an i am well traveled. The “self hate” , he’s a sellout isshh, I laugh at not that i ever hear it personally. At 36 yrs old an successful i can give “two” . blk women just need to lower thei guard, I tell my 2 beautiful sisters this all the time, be watchful an observe, but be approachable, in more ways thay not being rude cuz body language speaks loud as well. I’ll holla

  • Ocean Blue

    Except it is a conscious effort for many as they have clearly identified why they date non-Black women.

    “Some black women when you approach or attemp (sic) to approach them that almost screams” dont even come near me unless you come correct” – What is wrong with a woman wanting to be approached properly?

    “You can choose to ignore that an eventually get thru the smoke an things are ok, or you never get thru.” – So, you choose to ignore when a woman’s body language is telling you to back off because why?

    What I am gathering from your comment is that you feel you should approach women whether they want you to or not. See, if a man was demonstrating this behavior toward you, you would back off, right?

  • alldawg

    –i don’t know who black women procreate more with. Do you?–

    Yes ray ray and pookie are having more kids than poindexter. Dont need a stats degree to figure that out.

    –How black women live in the U.S.? I don’t know. Do you?–
    Yes Im black, live in the uslived in phx, tucson, starkvilee ms, atlanta ga. Its a thug loving culture in the BC

    I have 2 degrees also, electrical engineering and engineering management. But thats besides the point.

  • momo

    Whats funny is this Kevin Hart has denied any knowledge of this cartoon and is not involved or behind it. So I believe whoever wrote this better check their facts before publishing such malicious accusations.

  • LadyT

    and yet you hang out on a black female website like a little b*tch.

  • LadyT

    you need to research a bit more yourself darling.

  • d_nicegirl

    @tisme – Now that’s a cause I can definitely get behind!

  • HowApropos…

    …a real thirsty little byatch…

  • HowApropos…



    yeah, whatever you say, oh bitter black male…

  • LuvIt289

    Stupid loser.
    I hope ladies will think twice b4 supporting him now.

  • La, California Dreaming (Ocean Blue)

    Yea, you should do your own research before you type, because this comic was posted on his Facebook page.

  • LuvIt289

    Just so u know BG…men aren’t the only ones that get turned down for being lame. Only diff is guys don’t discriminate w/ potential sexual partners.
    Which may be worse, imo. :-(

  • Toppin


    I know right…..*rolls eyes* Dudes need to pick their hurt feelings up off the floor.

  • Donald K Sumner

    …and yet bw still support Steve Harvey aka Slick Harvest…

  • Donald K Sumner


    I knew that was coming. I said from the jump this cartoon did NOT come from him! I hope cleans the clocks of some of the blogoSMEARS!!!

  • Donald K Sumner


    Troll cunt loser b**** wh*** sl** shut your mouth…

  • Donald K Sumner

    @Socially Maladjusted,

    You should like a AIDS-infested homo-thug or a thug-lover who contracted AIDS from a former ex-con homo-thug…

  • jenna marie christian


  • HowApropos…

    nothing more funnier than a bitter, SHORT mu_fu_ka trying to bash.

    be off, midget, before i step on you.

  • Mikey D

    @ Toppin and Howmisappropriate

    Both you women are retarded.

  • Toppin (Formerly Known As Just Sayin’)

    @Mikey D

    Coming from you or any other black man….um yeah…I’ll take the insult with a grain of salt.

  • Kam

    It’s pure mental slavery and something that I’ve honestly given up trying to help. I have never seen a people with so much potential power so mentally oppressed. It’s like I’ve stepped out of the Matrix. I’ve officially checked out.

  • Kam

    Finally ONE black man that will speak out against it. For all those “good black men” out there if you speak out loudly against comments like Hart’s and current mainstream rap music I will always have your back.

    The anger from the women on this board I think stems from the fact that our own men seem to never defend us or have our back.

  • roni

    at first i was about to go off on this kevin hart cartoon but i decided to see if he mentioned anything about it on his twitter. he said he has nothing to do with the cartoon and is going to take legal actions against the person or people.

  • MrTruthTeller

    I see… I will stay away from this topic.

  • Mya

    Kevin Hart = bitter short man. (5’5) nothing to see here.

  • Donald K Sumner


    May == fugly cut troll loser FAT baby-mama ghetto-mama crack-mama smear liar gremlin-lookin-ass idiot moron crusty-clown-lookin odd-faced monster…

  • Donald K Sumner


    You bashed first, troll cunt loser ghetto-crack baby food-stamp-seller…

  • Lana

    BLACK WOMEN – BOYCOTT KEVIN HART AND DO NOT SEE ANY OF HIS STAND-UPS OR ANY MOVIE HE IS IN. Yes, do not waste your money on this stupid Steve Harvey movie. They want to make a quick buck off of black women while disrespecting them and exploiting them at every turn.

    Why would you take your hard-earned money and support a loser who says that light-skinned black women have better credit than “dark ass hoes”?


    Don’t buy another Nicki Minaj album or download her songs. Why? She called us “nappy-headed hoes” like Don Imus did

    Boycott these musicians and actors who insult darker-hued black women or those with natural hair like Lil Wayne, Yung Berg, Isaiah Mustafa
    Boycott artists who deem you inferior to white and Asian women like Slim Thug, Wesley Snipes, Terrence Howard
    Laugh at the ones who blame you for their career collapse because they assume that ALL of you hate on them for being interracially married like Taye Diggs and Brian White

    Stop supporting those who offend you, devalue you. Let them know what time it is!

  • Lana

    Black women: join the boycott! Stay informed:

    Stop wasting dollars on people who do not respect you at all!! Time to wake up!!

  • Renee Bledsol

    I couldn’t have said it better!

  • smm



  • Kym

    Soooooooooo.. Black man dating & God forbid, marrying a white woman= Self Hate, sellout, etc.?????????????
    We want racial equality, but we can’t share “our” men? Smh

  • Ladybug94

    First of all the women portrayed in these cartoons don’t look like strong black women. They look like hoochies, so what is his point? The cartoon doesn’t match the statement.

  • Mildred

    On the planet I live on, walking around looking too friendly or open makes one a target for aggressive, often unpleasant attention. There is also a better than equal chance that instead of openness being warmly reciprocated or reciprocated at all, one will meet with dead eye stares or open hostility.

    So, no, I don’t have an attitude. This is a neutral face that I use for self protective coloration.

  • JessicaMercedes

    @LadyT & @HowApropros…Your comments sound like something the hoodrats in that cartoon would say. To get respect you have to be willing to give it.
    @BlackGeek…The “geeks” are often rejected by the “populars” because they think they are lame. I get that. It is the theme of every teen movie ever made. However, the same thing happens in every race. Some people don’t want to be with the awkward seeming guy/girl, they’re just not attracted to them. I don’t see white nerds running to black women because they’ve been rejected by the valley girls and trailer trash. So I don’t get the logic that some black men use to justify dating a white woman. If you are attracted to white women that is fine, but don’t make it seem like you are only attracted to them because you were rejected by a few black girls.

  • HowApropos


    And you deserve a doggy treat ‘cuz why? ^^^

    Come better than that, thanks…

  • TAE


  • HowApropos

    Somebody done upset the munchkin ^^

  • lolz

    “Another Black man publicly giving “advice” to Black women… i don’t even have the energy anymore”
    “They do this because Black women are the only group that pays ANY atttention to what Black men say and they know this…..its been said here – the opposite of hate is indifference.”

    – or because ur easily fucking manipulated? kevin hart along with every american celebrity are apart of the hollywood engine, they do and say what thier superiors tell them too.

    this is why retards shouldnt be allowed to voice thier opinions. we get u 2 fucking genuis’s, did u know gullible’s not in the dictionary? well?

  • HowApropos


    Bitter Black Male Btches like you areso funny!

    Your mother must be kicking herself for not swallowing you when she had the chance.


  • apple

    well someone must be short little man!

  • Mikey D

    Hey no sense in arguing with racists. Nothing gets through their thick skulls.

  • John B. Right

    Wow so I was reading some of the comments and wow…Damn those are crazy. You got black men and woman on here saying all kinds of things about each other. I think about how white (the racist ones at least) people probably come to these articles, see these comments and laugh at the utter disunity displayed here. I think Kevin Hart was wrong to even throw this in the air, and I think you guys were wrong for trying to cut each others throats over it.

  • Kayla

    I wish that these images were not so hurtful. I wish that our men stood up for us acknowledged our pain and the constant assault that is waged against Black women by the media and society. I wish that they would acknowledge that we place our Race before our Gender, a burden that men will never know. I wish that my husband and I could raise our Black daughters in an America, where they will not be attacked and placed into painful boxes, while our Black men will sit on the sideline, encouraging, creating, and reinforcing the disrespect of their women.

  • geek chik

    love that Badu quote…

  • geek chik

    so basically we are supposed to be grateful whenever a man approaches us?

    a man needs to be correct..did you tell your sister’s that.

  • RC

    I don’t think you’ve been reading the comments on this article.
    The issue most black women bring up with black men (those who date non-black women and black women) is the amount of DISRESPECT were shown daily.
    Where do you see comments complaining about black men dating out ?
    and please, point me to the retard who regards black men as “theirs”.

  • apple

    not the problem, the problem is them dogging you out while doing so, you want a date a white girl thats fine, just keep me out of it

  • LA, California Dreaming (Ocean Blue)

    Black men are not mine. Ugh!

  • Monique

    I am so mad I spent my money on Kevin Hart! Why does he keep jabbing black women? He should go sit down. He has a non-black woman isn’t that all he needs?? Let’s ignore this fool as much as we can because he is attacking the wrong set a people- Black women!

  • simplyme

    I have never understood Black men like this..and I probably never will… I’m just grateful that the men of color in my life are not this bitter. I don’t understand how someone can expect to be taken seriously and expect others not to stereotype us when you are perpetuating negative stereotypes about your own people…its almost embarrassing… Theres already enough negativity in the world directed at Black people.

    In response to comic itself, why did the nerdy kid not choose to walk up to a nerdy Black girl in the school…just like there are nerdy Black guys (as he’s depicting here)… there a surely nerdy Black girls… no…? Ok, so he doesn’t like nerdy Black girls… So he chose to go up to the three chicks dressed like hoochies with big behinds who were probably approached by 483636 other guys that day and when he got burnt it became an issue of “all Black women”…Are they not allowed to not like nerdy Black guys too? I think guys tend to be horrible judges of character when it comes to women, because they think with their members instead of their brain. And when things don’t go their way, they look for a scapegoat whether it be “all women” or “all black women” “all women with weaves” etc.

    The world is a large beautiful place and everyone is free to date whoever they want but theres no reason to attack any groups…especially those of your own race. If anything, this comic only adds fuel to the fire by suggesting to women that any Black guy they see dating a White woman has an issue with Black women. I surely don’t believe that….but that seems to be what Kevin Hart is implying.

  • motherofcolor

    I have raised a grown black male and unfortunately he has told me many times that he has gotten this kind of response from MANY black women. As a black woman I can speak to him about the hurts black women grow through and how sometimes it is a built in protection device. My son has however only dated black women so it can’t possibly be true that ALL black women are this way. I say though that although this self protection mechanism does exist, black women need to know how to wield it without destroying a brother’s dignity. Allow yourself to be approached and let your intelligence show him whether or not he came to you correctly. He may not know that he has a lame approach, or that his clothes aren’t right, or that he needs a haircut and shave. Let’s love our brothers enough to set them on the right track. You can simply say “I’m flattered but I like a guy closely shaven”.(not LOUdly) He’ll learn something and keep his dignity.

  • Barbara2

    Hi JC, again, I find myself responding to your comments amongst all the others AGAIN. The first link you posted doesn’t work. The second link you posted is a photo only. I get it and I don’t get it.

    The comments both pro or con from Black women on this issue are legit. As a Black woman myself (and a relativ of Trayvon Martin–as I posted before–seriously), I think Black people (particularly Black men) need to stop and consider the overall effect of their actions when they bash Black women for whatever reason. There is no excuse for it; and Black mothers need to hold our sons accountable, the same as we do for our Black daughters.

    As James from Philly stated earlier “all this hate has got to stop.” Unfortunately, I have noticed comments from him where he has been “respectful” to White women who have made comments on this site. Yet his reference to Black women are so hateful and negative “bitches?”

    As a Black community, we have not considered the psychological effects on the minds of our Black men, and how it effects their behavior today. We just assume them to be as we wish they would be. Instead, we have the Kevin Harts, who reflect the true effects of slavery and “the Rope Effect” of their behavior.

    Self hatred does not benefit the Black man nor the Black woman.

  • S. Laventhal


    Well, how about we make it ok for us to promote stereotypes about black women (FAT, ghetto, weave-wearing, etc). After all, you are doing that here. As a social scientist, the double standards surrounding the short men in our society perplex and amaze me.

  • Donald K Sumner


    Your mother must be kicking herself that she did not throw her pregnant self into traffic killing both you and her…

  • Barbara2


  • HowApropos

    Then here’s a suggestion:

    How about both of you get together and write an article accusing black women of doing more horrible things to black men, like practicing heightism?

    Not like I care. Short men like Donald K. Summer are annoying to women who prefer tall men.

  • HowApropos

    My mother loves me just fine. Unlike yours…

    Still stalking me, you short short weirdo?

  • modern lady

    Oh, Kevin-you’re famous already-no need to make inflammatory stmts about Black women anymore for PR. Is that the M.O. for every entertainer/reporter/commentator these days?

  • modern lady

    That’s a white woman in that cartoon-hmm…Faith Evans maybe.

  • lady t

    Sound like you FAILED. If your “son” was raised with some common sense he would know that there are different types of girls in this world so how in the hell are you going to lump all of us together like that. If this so call good man who is educated, employed and has a wonderful attitude want a lady then he need to go where the educated, employed and wonder attitude ladies are at. These type of women will not be hanging out in the streets or dressed as such. Do white man, asian men or hispanic men whoare educated go to the slums to find their women?….no they do not, only black men. Black men are the only race who glorify strippers and hoes because they are not able to come strong to an educated, feminine black women. Besides….a white man is most likely to get that high class sista anyway.

  • Nemo

    Black women, join the boycott NOW!!!

  • Gerri

    I love Kevin Hart, but I think it exhibits a fair amount of hubris when some black men assume black women resent their involvement with white women. Also,if a black woman posted an equally disparaging cartoon about black men, do you think she would get far more criticism than Mr. Hart? I do. Oh, and why do the black women in the cartoon look like hookers? Weren’t there any respectable black women on the campus that he found the white girl?

  • Holl

    I will agree with Mr. Hart that a lot of black women have attitudes. It is a stereotype, but most stereotypes come from observing the truth. All of you know have probably met in a store or know a black woman with an attitude. They give us all a bad name.

    That being said, I’m kind of sick of everyone attacking black women in the media. I’m a black woman. Many of my friends and I don’t have attitudes, so I do get annoyed by this kind of stuff. Black men out of all the people in this world should be the most understanding. They are constantly stereotyped as ignorant, promiscuous thugs. They know what it feels like to be lumped in with a group of under-performing people who don’t represent them. This is just more stuff for non-blacks to make fun of ALL of us (not just the women) – to laugh at our dysfunction. There are plenty of white and Asian guys who will tell you that the nerds get no play with the girls. Do you see them doing stuff like this? Also did you notice how the black women looked and how the white woman looked? They look like prostitutes. She looks like the innocent girl next door.

    Everyone is invested in ripping up black women nowadays. I guess there must be money in it. If you hate yourself then you must fix yourself with creams, and weaves, and surgery. It’s like there’s a fun, diverse, interracial party where everyone is having fun and everyone is invited except black women.

  • D

    Um. In my experience, you tend to learn the way the opposite sex treats you from experience, not from your mom. And where to find the type of women you like. Plus, women who reject him outright like that might still be smart or educated.

  • ya see me

    @ Toppin,

    how a woman that fiendishly pines for the destruction of a whole race of men within 4 generations as if there were any precedence for that whatsoever within history (there simply isn’t) and that generalises a whole race of men but then in turn wishes to defend a General statement made by a comic feels that her and her fiance (who having read this must condone your vitriol against your OWN race of people, making him suspect as hell) are to be taken seriously is squarely beyond me. How you two racists, one of them self hating, can profess to call BS on a subject as trivial as this when you entertain illogical views like those is a mystery, as if you could ever profess to set the standard for what is sensical and what isn’t. Marrying a white man and bragging about it is about as racist as anything else. Just marry the man, be fruitful, multiply and stfu, I would have imagined. But the fact that your fiance agrees with your distateful crap, yet wants to shake his head at anything incriminating him socially is suspect. He didn’t shake his head at you openly declaring that black men would be extinct in 100 years, something that would take more than 4 generations of progenitation to achieve…and that would entail the destruction of black women (you too, Im uppity enough to presume) in its wake.

    After that, don’t come and style yourself as the voice of reason in a storm of confusion…not when the propositions you entertain are so idiotic and laughable – you’re doing it wrong.

  • Graffiti sun

    actually I don’t think a similar cartoon but showing Black men will get more of an out cry, maybe the same amount maybe even less.

    The problem is that n far to many people (both men and women) is that they make far reaching generalization when it comes to dating and the opposite sex.

    Also I don’t think the Black women are dressed like hookers

  • H

    @Graffiti sun That is the problem that I have with this cartoon. I have no problem that some black women have attitudes. I’ve met them in my life, but it is still a generalization.

    If he wants to talk in generalizations, then the guy should be dressed like a thug and speaking to them in a disrespectful manner, and the white girl should also be dressed like a hooker because showing too much skin is common among all races of women. He chose the very worst of black women and the very best of black men.

  • robert green

    If black woman did not like thugs non of this would happen.1.ignore good black men.2.Sleep with multiple thugs.3.Have kids with thugs.4.Thug leaves or is in jail.5.Good black men date white woman.6.Black woman say there are no good black men(takes no responsibility.7.Kids have no father so girl thinks thugs are good and little boy thinks being a thug is grow up.Repeat step 1.

  • James

    Sounds like alot of you need to just go get a white man and shut the f*ck up honestly. Kevin hart does not speak for all black men and he is just a convenient target for a few posters frustrations. I am black man who is attracted to darkskinned women, intelligent woman and not ratchet uber-ghetto women. Some of you sound worse than white folk with your descriptions of black men. Take a breath, daddy is not coming back and you will not wage war against all black men because hes gone lol

  • James

    Yea that is why people think those things, and unfortunately it’s true for the majority.

  • http://yahoo Marcius E. Chester

    I love all women know matter what there skin color is. But I have seen a lot of black women who think they are God’s gift to men. I have tried to find a good black woman from all over the United States of America. All I received was an attitude. When I was married the first time to a black woman, I thought she was the one for me. But it turned out wrong. I tried to make things work over and over again. Still it did not work. Her attitude was our downfall. Divorce followed soon after. Tried over and over again to find another black woman but all I received was an attitude. I traveled from the East coast to the West coast in search of my Queen and all I received was an attitude. This happened from 1990-2011. I finally decided that the woman that was suppose to be my Queen was not a black woman but a woman who did not judge me on my looks, finances, car etc. Love is blind and not the color of a person skin. I’m proud to be happily married to a beautiful woman that loves me for me. I’m not saying all black women have attitudes. It was just not in God’s plan for me to have a black woman in my life as my wife. If more black women lose the attitude and stop blowing off good black men. We would not look elsewhere.
    Thank you
    God Bless
    Marcius E. Chester
    Van Nuys, CA

  • Marcius E. Chester

    I traveled all over the country from 1990-2011 to find my Queen. Come to find out it was not with a black woman. To many problems and attitude is the #1. Now I’m happily married to a woman that does not judge me. And love me for who I am.

  • james

    Black women need to undwrstand.this is something that goes on all the time every single man has this story, they hqve been in this situation so they will get it. all black men are really askng is dont expect us to over look why our communities are falling apart and a huge part is women making babies with dead beats that where it start and that not something women cant argue

  • james

    The truth is 80percent of black women are like this. And i dont think all men blame bw for all the ills in our community, just the guy that dont have much else to say because they dont have thier own stuff togwther. But guys like myself know that dead beat dad and the women that choose and breed with these guy are the problem. Thats the root of the ills in our communities. That one thing produces the other problems that men have with women. A bunch of single mother raising children without father. Then these girls grow up and are full of attitude and low self asteem witch calls for twerk videos,being extra loud, rude, uneducated, mating with looser, materialistic, and not sure of them selves. This is what men are talking about. Women have complaints too there are so many bm that are at this same level but, guess what people they are not reading the stuff we write. Having conversation about the problem our race have does not entrest them.

  • http://Bryce James

    As a black male just stumbling across this thread I will say that not every black woman has an attitude problem, simply because I have not met every single black woman in the US or globally for that matter. What I will say, however, is that every black woman who I have encountered have all had major attitude problems. I’d understand if I was flirting etc with them and they had an attitude due to not being interested or whatever, then cool— but in my professional experience (I am married) every black woman that I’ve had to speak with whether a VP or front desk role, they’ve ALL had attitude problems, especially with each other.

    In my last job there were only two black women in the company and they were the only two that couldn’t stand each other, the only two that had actual verbal matches in the office, when I was leaving the company and sent ‘goodbye’ emails to the company, everyone replied wishing me well except for the two black women – lol. This is just one minor example out of many! I dont expect any special treatment from anyone and it’s their choice how they treat people they interact with, it just sucks that in public a white man/white woman or any other race would hold the door open for me quicker than a black woman (happens everyday – from my time in NY to London to DC to Baltimore it’s happened/I find it quite amusing) – and that’s not me complaining, thats just me sharing daily experiences as a black guy and my experiences with our women. What’s funny is that when we date outside our race, they’re the first to pass comments – never reflecting on themselves and assessing whether their defensiveness and attitudes are what drove us away.

    They think a ‘strong’ woman means being aggressive and defensive – how confused are they? This behavior is actually characteristics of someone who has self-esteem and insecurity issues hiding behinbd a defense mechanism.

  • Scorpio Dessalines (@Scorpio305mia)

    um dont wana sound like a broken record but those reasons are about right

  • geenababe

    The comments on this post are surprising. Yes, I know it’s almost two years old but all the men on hear spitting horrible things and getting thimbs up his crazy for this site.

  • Vag Owner (@ProudVagOwner)

    you mean to tell me you traveled the world and you’re still so stupid to stereotype? if you were truly happy you would be somewhere with your wife instead of posting negative comments on sites targeting bw.

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