Earlier this week we told you about an “interesting” message comedian Kevin Hart had for black women, but recently the Think Like A Man Star says he has nothing but love for sistas and the offensive comic strip has nothing to do with him.

Hart took to Twitter and Facebook to address the comic strip that depicted black women dissing a nerdy looking black man, but hating on him later on when he became successful and chose to a woman woman. The cartoon caused a stir among many because it dabbled in the worst stereotypes about black women.

But Kevin Hart is right, he didn’t create the cartoon. It has been circulating on the web for a few months now (I’ve seen it and dismissed its ridiculousness). However, the comedian apparently posted the comic strip to his Facebook page along with the message FIx yA Face” (but later deleted it), causing many to wonder why a man of his stature would take shots at black women, some of his most ardent supporters. 

Let’s hope this was a terrible lapse in judgment or a misunderstanding, and the next time Kevin Hart, or any other celeb, thinks it’s a good idea to share something offensive, they’ll keep it to themselves.

  • La, California Dreaming (Ocean Blue)

    More than likely this WASN’T a lapse in judgement or misunderstanding. We cannot make excuses for celebrities when they show us who they are really.

  • LadyT

    Liar……it was posted on his facebook account and co-signed by him. Also why don’t he answer why he posted those vile comments about dark skinned sistas. …..” light skin girls have credit, dark skin girls are broke…..hoes or something in that effect.

  • Toppin

    “causing many to wonder why a man of his stature”

    *Blank stare* What stature is that? We’re talking about the same ninja that stared in Soul Plane!

    Someone posted this online from his twitter account….


    Someone needs to forward the above link to him and see what he has to say…..

  • Alexandra

    Even though I never attacked his physical appearance like many others did, he has said something offensive about Black women. Maybe it is ”love”, depending on what side of the color spectrum you fall on….meh…

  • Yb

    ………has nothing to do with the offensive cartoon but everything to do with colorist tweets bashing women who share the same skin tone as his.

    I will never understand how colorist can bash some who share the same skin tone as then, then apply gender to it to make them seem less self hating.

  • http://commentarybyvalentina.wordpress.com/ Val

    Steve Harvey gave him a call and said, “It’s okay to hate Black women, Kev, but just not two days before the movie opens.”

  • Toppin


  • http://itsoftenbeensaid.wordpress.com Sasha

    Like really, why do Black women continue to get all up in arms about things of this nature? I saw the cartoon, laughed and went about the rest of my day. Why the original article about the cartoon got 220 comments on this website is beyond me and is incredibly sad.

  • QCastle


    When it comes to the dubious notion of loving black women, sometimes the juice is not worth the squeeze.

  • QCastle

    I think after after a few comments, it stops being about the subject of the article but about the crap that follows it.

  • girlformerlyknownasgrace

    “Man of his stature”….lol

  • Jai

    I wish he would sit down and shut the hell up, we already know how he feels about black women. BOYCOTT!!!!!

  • http://itsoftenbeensaid.wordpress.com Sasha

    Good point Q but its still pathetic to me. I don’t get the point of engaging in a full-fledged debate over some cartoon no matter how strongly you feel about it. I guess I just don’t see why anyone would care about the cartoon and it’s message in the first place or let it affect them so much to the point where they’re angrily going back and forth with a stranger on the internet.

  • LA, California Dreaming (Ocean Blue)

    Maybe people care because they didn’t like the message.

    Maybe people care because, as Black women, we get tired of being grouped together no matter how different we are.

    Maybe people care because some Black men play victim when Black women are not interested in them and people are tired of it.

    Maybe people care because it was endorsed by a public figure whose income depended on the people he is offending.

  • O’Phylia

    Hahaha “man of his stature” hahahahaha.
    I’m sorry, what was this article about?

  • Yb

    +1000 @LA, California Dreaming (Ocean Blue)

  • Alyssa

    I think she meant his short stature. lol. Alright, I’m sorry that was uncalled for. I don’t really seeing him having nay stature. I guess his celebrity?

  • Alyssa

    *I don’t really see him having any stature.

  • Anon

    I personally want to THANK Kevin Hart for making sure that I keep $20 in my pocket next weekend, and spend it THIS weekend on some other movie. You know the kind where actors don’t insult their target audience with a vicious cartoon and HORRIBLE tweet!

    And your WACK apology is due to the studio coming down on you, so don’t think we don’t see you Kevin. I SEE YOU boo, I SEE YOU.

  • Anon

    I sense the author of this post is… thirsty. ‘Cause ain’t NO EXCUSE for this mess.

  • golden_girl


    I wish we had the power to ruin these ignent niglets.

  • Anon

    @ Sasha,
    If it is so pathetic, why are you commenting on this post? Why didn’t you just go about your day with this one? Just because YOU don’t understand media impact, doesn’t mean others don’t. And if knowing about this cartoon gets black women to NOT see this movie, then I say AMEN!!!

  • golden_girl

    HA!! I see u too Boo!!! I will not support any movie starring Kevin Hart and other black men that get up at 5 a.m. to tell the media how much he hates black women.

  • http://itsoftenbeensaid.wordpress.com Sasha

    @LA- All are valid reasons but none of those reasons make the back and forth exchanges any less pathetic to me. Actions speak louder than words so instead of sitting on a blog talking about it, why not boycott his films and avoid men of a certain mentality.

    None of this stuff about race relations or Black men saying this or that about Black women bothers me in the least for several reasons but mostly because I have a very high sense of worth and esteem. Does that cartoon reflect me? Absolutely not so why would I care? Does it reflect you or any Black women you know and love? I strongly doubt it from everything you say about yourself so why do you care? That’s all I’m saying….

  • Alison

    Just feel sorry for the woman who decides to be with him. Her self- esteem has got be worse than his. But this type of behavior is to be expected, the white man has taught a great lesson fighting and tearing each other apart and we are still doing it. We will NEVER prevail as a race until we can put our differences aside and work TOGETHER. I truly hope divide and conquer will not always be the way we live.

  • Bee

    I didn’t know about that tweet until the first post on the cartoon. That is unacceptable. I will no longer support this negro at all. It makes me mad, however, because I wanted to support Michael Ealy (beautiful, talented a$$ man, who could get it) and Taraji Henson (sexy, smart woman who could also get it any time) in this otherwise silly film Think Like a Man. But now I’m torn. Le sigh.

  • LA, California Dreaming (Ocean Blue)


    She’s the woman who he is currently dating.

  • LA, California Dreaming (Ocean Blue)

    I don’t know, Sasha. I mean, isn’t the purpose of a blog to allow discussion between people?

    Thing is, I am not offended by the cartoon, because it doesn’t reflect me. Now, what does bother me is that Black men approach women who they are not on the same level with, try and force an attraction and/or conversation and then chalk it up to there being something wrong with the women for not giving them what they think they deserve and then that’s partially where the Black women have attitudes come from. Because, yes, who wouldn’t have an attitude with someone who is harassing them for their time, phone number and/or a date?

    It’s not such much that I care about this cartoon, but rather the notion that it must be the woman who is the problem for why men get rejected.

  • Furious Styles

    I nominate you for comment of the day.

  • Leo the Yardie Chick

    Apparently, he forgets that he has a dark-skinned daughter. Nice example you’re setting for the little one there, Sir.

    Other than that, I’m just here to watch the fireworks. He really put his foot in it this time.

  • http://roslynholcomb.wordpress.com Roslyn Hardy Holcomb

    We do have the power. I have a post up on my blog about calling Ford and telling them that we as black women won’t buy a car from a company that uses pitchmen who disseminate hate speech against black women. I don’t know if it’s Ford, or Sony Pictures eho’s got him by thevshort hairs. Either way, we’re winning and it’s crucial to keep up the heat. I want these jackasses to think twice before they spew such foulness against us. No other group tolerates this foolishness. If he’d made derogatory comments against gays GLAAD would’ve been all over it. There is no reason for us to tolerate it either.

  • TypicalBlackWoman…

    I think most people care because they adhere to the adage that an injustice towards one is an injustice towards all. That’s a good enough reason for me to boycott this movie until Hart comes out and apologies for his colorism or Harvey comes out to strongly condemn these comments.

  • HowApropos…

    i’m not supporting that drivel. it’s always the black woman they come to to get monetary support, but you won’t see it reciprocated.

    i can’t stand steve harvey neither.

  • jrmint

    I don’t understand why everybody is mad at Kevin Hart and not the person who actually created the cartoon? This cartoon went around my feed long time ago and nobody was trying to boycott then. Celebrities do and say all kinds of crazy stuff and nobody says boo, let K. Hart a comedian re-post somethin that’s been going around the internet and now we supposed to be up in arms with hate?!!
    I been waitin on this movie to come out and i’m still goin to the movies to see it!!

  • Anon

    Both Michael and Taraji have T.V. shows on at the moment. So you can support them WEEKLY if you so chose, and write the networks to say that you appreciate their characters.

    Steve Harvey doesn’t need anymore of BW’s money. And neither does Kevin Hart.

  • Anon

    I would say that no one YOU KNEW was trying to “boycott”. And this ain’t no boycott. A few people deciding to not see a movie where one of the main actors goes around PUBLICALLY degrading his target audience is not a boycott. That is called critical thinking skills in spending your money.

    If you’re so excited about the movie, why so pressed? No one is making you not go. Just because you might feel GUILTY about it after reading this blog post (which you shouldn’t if you actually believe what you wrote), isn’t a reason to be calling others out.

  • Zaza

    Whatever. More like the producers of Think Like A Man came down on him like a ton on bricks because they know black women will be their main audience. Way to piss off your target audience!Idiot. No one said he made the comic, the point is he CHOSE to put it on this facebook, endorsing it’s message.

  • jrmint

    Oh honey I ain’t pressed. I’m just noticing all the anger from yesterday and today about something that he didn’t even create. And yes i’m saying nobody was boycotting anything or getting upset before because clearly when you type it in now it’s on every blog site and nobody wrote an article about it before,


    Here it is in October 2011 with little to none story coverage!! If i keep digging i’m sure i could find an earlier date.

  • Kam

    I’m glad Black women are getting up in arms about these things. It’s about damn time!! Finally Black women realize that they have a “brand” to protect. It may sound silly to think about your race as a “brand” but every other race seems to get that image is key. Negative images are detrimental to Black women as a whole. Stamp them out.

  • You are on your own

    Good god, some black women are idiots!!
    He posted it on His facebook for millions to see, he OK’d it.
    He also posted tweets bashing darker skinned black women.
    What the hell is it going to take to wake you up!? I have never in my life seen women so desperate for black male approval that they accept this kind of treatment! If he was white or a non black man saying that about black women, you would all be in outrage!

    And then some black women have the nerve to say “He’s not talking about me so why should I care?” Oh gee, I don’t know because he is trashing YOUR collective image!? The collective image of black women! He might as well be talking about YOU because to the world – He is!

    Do you think jews would just let someone of their group trash them!? HELL NO! They know the power of images. To you guys it’s innocent and fun to any other race it’s pure sinister propaganda you complete and utter morons!!

    I’m not African American, I’m African and i’m done with you guys, If you want to sit by while people trash you and “other” you (while becoming desensitized to you and lack any human empathy for you as you become even more vulnerable) you can do that. We (Africans) will not take it and I accept that it will be us who will clean this mess up.
    not only by separating ourselves from you (even more) but actually cleaning up our image AS BLACK PEOPLE IN AMERICA so leave your “clean your Africa up first” comments.
    This isn’t about “white approval”, this is about survival! Do you know what happens when other human beings stop seeing you as HUMAN? Remember the nazis and how they viewed jews? AS NON HUMAN!
    That’s how they could experiment on them and actually kill them like they were some damn rodents! (ironically what they were called, vermin).
    So what the hell do you think they would do to black people when they REALLY start seeing us as non human (yeah, I know they’ve done it before but this is the 21st century and history can and will repeat itself if you don’t put a stop to it!)

    We are already seeing lack of empathy for those with darker skin, there was a study done about this.
    When I see African Americans just “shrug” to this kind of treatment I am very fearful for the future.
    We already know the African American community is fúcked and will seize to exist in 50 years, the black African American community might as well already be buried.
    I used to admire you guys, heck you created Motown, blues and rock n roll and much of what we have today (The Free World!) we owe to you…America was built off of your ancestors backs! How in the world you can just throw all that away….I don’t know, but that is one thing I do not blame African American women for, that is completely African American males fault.
    Without strong men there is no community.

    If there is one thing I would want you to take away from this, not you African American males (Sorry but you are not even my concern) but African American WOMEN, it’s to be very protective of your image.
    Why do I even care? Because it affects me. it affects black women in Europe, it affects black women in Asia, it affects black women in Africa.
    Why do you think jews are so protective of THEIR image all around the world!? Why do you think white people are so protective of their image around the world!?
    Why do I even bother…

    Look, just please, at the very least, when you talk about black women issues, don’t use “WE” or “Us”, use “I” or “African American women” so at the very least we are spared!
    There was an article about HIV in a British newspaper and it said black women have the highest rate of HIV but of course they wrote BLACK WOMEN not African American women (which it was about). Those mistakes are deadly!
    So for the love of GOD stop dragging ALL black women into that mess.

    Phew, I’m done.
    Good luck and god help us all for you all won’t be happy until we’re put in a cage and displayed in a museum

  • Who’s that Girl

    I am African American, and I understand how you feel. I believe the way many African American entertainers act on TV keeps and enforces the stereotypes in America. America sometimes treats Black people like monkeys in a zoo, especially the entertainment type of news shows. These shows are always examining our culture from a negative light. Every race has people behaving badly, but other races refuse to let the people behaving badly to represent them. In addition, these other races do not create TV shows or movies trying to explain their problems to others for entertainment like Chris Rock’s Good Hair. I love Black people. I envision us as strong, resilient, and proud people. I want that image I envision of us to be projected that way too. I do see the world has less empathy for issues that affect our community in politics and everyday life.
    America loves to say we are a post-racial country, but we are not. The media loves to reveal negative statistics about Blacks in the news. Do not take those statistics seriously. For all those statistics that are supposed to represent me, I have never been contacted to participate in those studies. The people or area researchers try to study will give them different results.
    I love Black music in 60s, 70s, and early 80s. I especially like Funk and Motown music. The music was fun, and the people were really talented. I like the way the entertainers of that time represented themselves. At that time, the people who were successful wanted to be great without acting low class.

  • CHE

    Thank you…unfortunately alot of Black American women are like this and dont remember history and are not thinking about their futures or their childrens future…..some of the sensible ones do get it…for others-they will remain stuck on stupid and willing to sacrifice their very lives for Black males…..screw them; they will learn or not, and you are right, save yourself.

  • CHE

    Also…about those statistics…dont believe it….over 70%of the people with HIV in America are men.Those staistics are based on a study of 2000 high risk(whatever that means) women who they questioned and supposedly 30 of those women were HIV+ and those women are supposed to represent all Black women in America-yes-millions of them. They also had a “study” a few years ago that concluded Black women had the highest rates of herpes, then had to retract that finding because it was a lie. Dont believe their lies and what kills is that so called Black groups and so called Black leaders just fall in line and NEVER question these “studies” and their conclusions; Total silence from them.

    So yes, Black women are on their own and we are on dangerous territory….alot dont see this and this character assasination of Black women have been going on a long time and alot of times spearheaded by Black men but some Black women are so desperate for their attention, they remain quiet and try to silence other Black women who do protest- screw them…..and the Black women with sense …Save yourself.

  • NY’s Finest

    I swear some black women are just so damn stupid. There are women on his facebook page(which I just ‘unliked’) talking about “well I don’t know why everyone’s so angry cuz I’m a black woman is this is so true.” Like, you’ve gotta be joking? What the hell would it take for some of yall to wake up and realize when someone is sh***ing on you?

  • You are on your own

    Damn….reading my comment again it comes off as HARSH! I want to apologize but to be fair, I commented after I saw black women after black women commenting on this guys FB page saying some horrible crap. Ugh. But still, I want to apologize.
    I want the best for black women period. No matter what part we are in the world!
    African American women you have SO much power, more than you think! America is the country we all sort of, kind of, look up to so naturally African Americans are….seen. Definitely seen and heard.
    And your images are definitely out there!
    You are the breadwinners of your community, the educators, the movers and shakers but too many of you don’t even know the power you have, I swear, I just want to shake some of you.

    This is why guys like Kevin Hart are so scared to lose your support. He knows you have power to make or break his movie, heck, his career!
    Take that power and use it to YOUR benefit is all I’m saying…

  • http://itsoftenbeensaid.wordpress.com SAA

    @LA- Alright I can get down with what you’re saying. I’ve experienced it myself and seen it happen to other women, it’s very annoying to say the least. I’ll also agree that yes the point of a blog is to promote discussion however whats most concerning to me is why the cartoon was put on this blog in the first place. If my understanding is correct, the purpose of Clutch is to promote, uplift and represent the image of Black women in a positive light. Is this cartoon doing any of those things? No so I don’t see why it was on here on the first place. I’m not saying we should act like these images don’t exist but I think it was pretty clear what kind of response that cartoon was going to illicit and it was just put up for hits.

  • LMO85

    This lil midget ninja is just trying to save face before that trash movie comes out. F U K K him.


    I just forwarded it to him on twitter smh, his kids are dark skinned so that’s really a shame. Women of ALL colors pay to see him, so ignorant comments like that are never okay.

  • steve

    the funniest thing about is socalled controversy is that the first person who will be dragging black men to see this movie is going to be a black woman, plus his shows will continue to be sold out with 50 to 60 % of the people in attendance being women.

  • Donald K Sumner


    I wish we had the power to ruin these heightist b**** mammies…

  • Donald K Sumner


    …and you have ZERO beauty…

  • Donald K Sumner


    No worst than bw’s comments and treatment of short bm in the first place…

  • Donald K Sumner

    …and woman of your fugliness…

  • Donald K Sumner


    I nominate you for fugly woman of the year!

  • Donald K Sumner

    @LA, California Dreaming (Ocean Blue),

    Looks like Kevin is doing JUST FINE THEN!

  • Nemo

    Black women need to wake up and stop spending their hard-earned money and their time on these losers who think nothing of them.


    Put your foot down and start putting yourselves first. A new day is coming. We need to stop being mules and mammies with low self-respect. No more ass-kissing and accommodating those who crap on us. No more psychological blackmail. It’s time to put ourselves, our needs for respect first and foremost.

  • Martha

    Am I the only person who realizes and know that all celebrities have publicist, schedulers, bookers, representatives, etc. to help represent them? A celebrity could only do so much at the end of the day… they live to entertain, and sometimes they cannot revise and approve everything goes on for them. Think of it this way, a corporation have management levels, so does a celebrity… if you call to talk to them.. you don’t just go straight to them and talk to them…you talk to different levels of representative first before reaching HIM/HER. I can’t say this all happens to celebrities, but most celebrities have their publicist run their Facebook, Myspace, or Twitter page… they do look at it…but sometimes its not always all them tweeting! I know, I know… the wordings and abbr. are all the same… their representive have to learn how type and talk like them to keep the fans!

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