You know it was only a matter of time before somebody put their spin on the infamous “crispy chicken” song that caused such a stir for Burger King and MJB.

First up, Durand Bernarr.

Bernarr is a Cleveland, Oh native and backup singer to Erykah Badu. He remixes Mary’s ditty about poultry wraps, adding soulful background vocals and riffs. And you know what? He sounds better than our girl (sorry Mary), and sings the hell outta some lyrics about chicken.

Check him out.

  • Mina

    damn, did he get that matching yellow stripe shirt and sweater set just for this video? with that out of the way… why did i kind of enjoy that?

  • edub

    Damn, that was great!

  • Pat

    lmao. He’s pretty good though had me groovin an all..ha

  • Pat

    got myself a new ringtone lmao..

  • Netta


  • NinaG

    I died when he threw up the hooks

  • Anne

    Been listening to this non-stop since he putbit out. Brilliant!

  • yeathatsme

    I am a vegetarian..but he sure did make me want some crispy chicken!lol

  • chanela

    OH LORD! i love durand!!!

  • Bee

    That’s what’s up!!! Dope. Seriously, I want to download it!

  • apple


  • Clarity Jane

    lol Brilliant

  • Clarity Jane

    I need me one of those wraps if it’s that good…lol

  • purplekeychain

    Right?! I spent half the video looking at that sweater. Listening to him sing this is cracking me up because the lyrics are so inane. Hahahahhaa!

  • Jenning

    Dude is singing the HELL out of that chicken song… LMFAO!!! folks just keep the stereotypes going, oh may!!!!!!!!!

  • NY’s Finest

    I can’t believe he got me bopping my head to this. Why the hell am I feeling this song?

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