Last night on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live, actress Loretta Devine had a few interesting things to say about her This Christmas costar Chris Brown.

When Cohen asked her whether or not she thought Breezy deserved a second chance with his ex-flame Rihanna, Devine exclaimed she didn’t think the pair ever broke up. Although she presumably doesn’t have any inside info, the Waiting to Exhale star explained,” Love is love, you know? And he wasn’t the first one to hit somebody.”

Devine also went on to share that Brown is “a very youthful boy” who enjoyed playing practical jokes on his cast mates, and that Rihanna’s relationship with baseball player Matt Kemp was just a rouse to “throw everybody off.”

During the interview Devine also spoke to Cohen about a possible Waiting to Exhale sequel, telling him she thinks it will move forward despite Houston’s death.  

While the media continues to speculate about whether or not Chrihanna will be resurrected, I can’t help but think the pair is at home laughing at the whole thing.

What do you think about Loretta Devine’s interview? 

  • JJ

    SMH..Black women please wake up.

  • Yb

    The f*ck is her old ass talking about?

    The Ku Klux Klan wasn’t the first to lynch. Should we stop condemning them?

  • Yb

    I’m begging and pleading with you. Black women please, please wake up.

  • the comment

    LMAO!!!! Dang @Yb…………didn’t have to clown the sista like that.

  • iQgraphics

    she old school, back when men whipped their women’s as$es on a regular basis.
    she’s speaking her truth. not THE truth

  • AlesiaMichelle

    Dang, harsh much… She is entitled to her opinion

  • Alyssa

    I kind of looked at her statement like, “This has happened before and not a damn person did a damn thing”. So many celebrities(including Black) have hit women and more and while we know about it, we continue to support them but for some reason, Chris Brown is getting lambasted (and also uplifted) more than is necessary imo.

  • mamareese

    She’s right he’s not the first….not even the first famous dude eithier.

  • Stephanie

    She isn’t condoning violence as someone is alluding to a few posts above me. I get what she’s saying. She was giving insight about why she believes they never split up. Did you even watch the entire video?

  • befree

    I am more confused about why Andy is asking her this in the first place? When did it become our job to answer for a past co-workers? There is something odd about this obsession with Chris Brown that I find disturbing. Is it because they can’t get to Rihanna, so they have to ask every person Chris Brown came in contact with? This Christmas was 5 years ago.

  • Harper

    I admit I’m intrigued that she believes they never broke up. I know I’m not anybody, but my main issue with him has always been that he never did anything beyond saying he shouldn’t have done that. Even Michael Vick is out making pro-animal commercials. I can’t judge his sincerity or anything, but he’s trying and I respect that. Chris Brown still seems as though someone owes him something.

  • A.

    I mean…she has a point.
    He wasn’t the first, nor is he the last, or even the most recent.
    He’s just the one everyone loves to target these days.
    Not excusing the behavior, but how long are people going to publicly publish him for his mistake?

  • Shaune

    ^ This

  • secret6

    Amen A!! It happened; he’s apologinzed; he’s gone to counseling; nothing can reverse what happened; she’s moved on; he’s moved on; others should also move on and get a life while they’re at it. To keep bringing up what he did won’t change anything. Case closed.

  • O’Phylia

    Yep, and I’ll crucify all the rest of the woman beaters too.
    Especially a no talent one like CB.

  • Sonja

    Oh Yb, I thought it and you typed it! Let’s pray for more like minds…

  • chanela

    Wellllll i mean didnt johnny depp beat winona ryder?? i dont see people throwing him under a bus and constantly bringing it up. in fact people praise mr.depp highly…hmmmm

  • omfg

    why can’t these women at least, at the very least, say that’s between those two individuals? blah blah blah…

  • Yb

    What color are the people who run the media? Of course black people are jugded more harshly and scrutinized more by the white owned media, than when white people screw up (Johnny depp, Christian bale, Charlie sheen, Mark Walhberg and Michael Fassbender all of their crimes have been hidden or swept under the rug.) That racist white media for you.

    But that doesnt make Loretta’s comment okay. Chris may be dragged through the mud more because he is black, but we shouldn’t call for him to be judged fairly by defending his previous actions.

  • entro

    Let me say first I dont like chris brown for many reasons and like the other commenter said i think she was saying He’s not the only celebrity who has hit a woman and we just dont know about it. its most likely true. I know wesley snipes hit halley so hard she’s deaf in one ear and there are others who have not been exposed and it is curious to me as to why cb is being villified so extensively by the media. ryan o’neal needs to be persecuted for his abuse sexually and physically of his children why hasnt he been ?
    lastly if any man ever hits me, they should find a place to hide for eternity and never sleep

  • binks


  • Chic Noir

    What do you think about Loretta Devine’s interview?

    What a mammy!

    Why didn’t you star in The Help Loretta, those roles were written for you.

    BTW, I find it funny that some of the same sisters be crying about how they feel like “half a woman” yet they complain about this one instance when the MSM comes down on a brother who abused a blk woman.

    Look Blk women, we can’t play it both ways. You either want him punished or you don’t.

    Have I noticed that the media give people like Charlie Sheen a pass on this type of stuff … sure but Chris Brown got was he deserved. I’m not mammying up no bm who misbehaves like this.

  • Kat

    I guess wisdom doesn’t always come with age. She should shut her mouth and stick to playing the same damn character in every movie. How can we expect other people to treat us with dignity and respect when we hate ourselves? If you’re a black woman and you’re not outraged and disgusted by the abuse of another black woman than you’re a pathetic self-hater!

  • secret6

    We no longer have to condemn the KKK because Black folks are doing to one another what they USED to do.

  • secret6

    It’s one thing to be outraged, but why keep bringing the SAME person up over and over again? What exactly is being accomplished by holding Chris Browns’s feet to the fire 2-3 years later? How does this change anything? Many other women were beaten the same night as he beat Rhianna, and many more have been beaten since then, and many more will be beaten in the future. People need to channel all of this so-called concern (yeah I said it) towards others who are STILL suffering at the hands of their abusers. Last time I chacked, Chris Brown and Rhianna haven’t been making any news about any other beating incidents.

  • au napptural

    OK!!!! And for all the person saying “so and so did it too”, someone jumped off a building …you do it too, please.

  • Simone L

    Charlie Sheen beat both of his wives. BOTH. He had children with both of these women so there is a great chance that the children may have heard the abuse or seen it. Yet he’s doing all these commercials and being publicly roasted as his drug and abuse stints never happened. The difference between him and Chris Brown? The color. Chris Brown messed up once and people get mad when they see him performing at an awards show, yet think nothing when Charlie Sheen is still doing his thing. Mind you…Charlie Sheen did this a few times. I dont like seeing color in things but find me a reason why people are still on Chris Brown’s ass, and yeah a few twitter tantrums and a chair through a window don’t equate to a history of drugs, two abused women, a huge drug bust WITH strippers and crazy ass tiger blood tirades. Being white must be nice.

  • apple

    i think the problem, people have with chris brown is that he never showed remorse.. it seemed as if he never realize the errors of his ways, from shitty interviews with cnn, to putting eye drops in and crying fake tears, to ripping his shirt off and toss a chair out a window at abc/nbc .. im sure if he had appeared sorry (whether he meant it or not) then people would have forgave him, but that time has passed so this is the stigma he is stuck with it.

  • Tami

    I really wish people would let Chris Brown be. What Loretta Devine said was the truth. Like it or not, sometimes men & women do fight. They break up, make up. Chris, I am sure, is sorry. Its not for people to judge if his apology was fake or real. How do we really know what a person feels in their heart? Trust me, Chris is paying for it with articles like this & with people keep asking the same questions concerning Rihanna. It is never right for a man to hit a woman…I agree…but unfortunately, these situations happen. If Rihanna is able to forgive him, who are we?

  • MsQuita

    I am pretty much tired of this topic but I will say, I would not be surprised if they never broke up.

  • libby

    Wasn’t he pusnish? some of ya’ll got more anger at Chris and don’t do squat if some woman is getting her ass beat next door. Dont buy his records or go to his movies that’s about all you got power. You want people to go on and on about it.

  • libby

    Honey all you are going to do is type on the comupter. Dont buy his stuff, all this crucify talk is just.. talk.

  • Carmen

    What Loretta Devine is trying to say there are other celebrities who have beat women, but society has given them another chance and allowed them to move on with their lives. Sean Penn who was married to Madonna beat her but he was allowed to go on with his life and was nominated for an Oscar. Why is the world unforgiving when it comes to Chris Brown. Is it because he’s black? I believe everyone deserves a second chance, and its wrong for society to hate, and judge. Rhianna and Chris has moved on and society should move on also.

  • http://Clutch Helena

    Chris has apologized MANY TIMES over, but nobody wants to hear that. They just want to crucify him. A sin is a sin in GODS eyes. We have ALL SINNED – every knee must bow and every tongue shall confess.

  • http://Clutch Helena

    I agree with @Carmen, you are absolutely right.

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