Last night on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live, actress Loretta Devine had a few interesting things to say about her This Christmas costar Chris Brown.

When Cohen asked her whether or not she thought Breezy deserved a second chance with his ex-flame Rihanna, Devine exclaimed she didn’t think the pair ever broke up. Although she presumably doesn’t have any inside info, the Waiting to Exhale star explained,” Love is love, you know? And he wasn’t the first one to hit somebody.”

Devine also went on to share that Brown is “a very youthful boy” who enjoyed playing practical jokes on his cast mates, and that Rihanna’s relationship with baseball player Matt Kemp was just a rouse to “throw everybody off.”

During the interview Devine also spoke to Cohen about a possible Waiting to Exhale sequel, telling him she thinks it will move forward despite Houston’s death.  

While the media continues to speculate about whether or not Chrihanna will be resurrected, I can’t help but think the pair is at home laughing at the whole thing.

What do you think about Loretta Devine’s interview? 

  • libby

    Wasn’t he pusnish? some of ya’ll got more anger at Chris and don’t do squat if some woman is getting her ass beat next door. Dont buy his records or go to his movies that’s about all you got power. You want people to go on and on about it.

  • libby

    Honey all you are going to do is type on the comupter. Dont buy his stuff, all this crucify talk is just.. talk.

  • Carmen

    What Loretta Devine is trying to say there are other celebrities who have beat women, but society has given them another chance and allowed them to move on with their lives. Sean Penn who was married to Madonna beat her but he was allowed to go on with his life and was nominated for an Oscar. Why is the world unforgiving when it comes to Chris Brown. Is it because he’s black? I believe everyone deserves a second chance, and its wrong for society to hate, and judge. Rhianna and Chris has moved on and society should move on also.

  • http://Clutch Helena

    Chris has apologized MANY TIMES over, but nobody wants to hear that. They just want to crucify him. A sin is a sin in GODS eyes. We have ALL SINNED – every knee must bow and every tongue shall confess.

  • http://Clutch Helena

    I agree with @Carmen, you are absolutely right.

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