Loving Black Women is Not an Affliction

by Tami Winfrey Harris

You’re as excited as I am about Mad Men’s return after a super-long hiatus, right? I’ve been jonesing for some Joan…and Don and Peggy and Roger. Five seasons haven’t diminished the fact that the show is one of the smartest things on television. And guess what ya’ll? Last night’s episode introduced a new face to Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. Thanks to an equal-opportunity employer advertisement, placed in The New York Times to childishly taunt rival company Young & Rubicam, SCDP was forced to integrate. Don Draper has a new secretary named Dawn. And she’s a black woman.

Now, given the track record of office hanky panky on Mad Men , I suppose I can’t blame viewers for wondering if Dawn will get any action. (Although much of the speculation seems to disregard the era’s racial and beauty hierarchy.) But it’s interesting to note who viewers think is most likely to make a play for Dawn.

A commenter on Slate magazine’s Facebook page offered: Lane is going to try and hook up with a black secretary. We know that he likes black women and he is looking for some strange.

In comments to an episode recap at The Guardian a viewer ticked off the important points gained from the first episode of the season: There will soon be a real “negro” character. Lane Price is randy, despite his wife being happier now. Lane Price (who once introduced a black Playboy Bunny to his father as his girlfriend) will be hiring a black secretary.

Elsewhere : It’ll be interesting to see if SCDP actually hires a black secretary, especially given Lane Pryce’s fondness for black women.

All over the web, folks are certain that Lane Pryce–and only Lane Pryce, who had a brief liaison with a black woman in season four–will be unable to resist Dawn’s charms. Why? Because a few dates with a particular black woman equals “a fondness for black women”? Because once you have the jungle fever, there is no turning back? Because only a certain sort cavorts with sisters?

There is something implicitly gross in this discussion. There is the idea that black women are all the same. One doesn’t like a particular, unique black woman, so much as have “a thing” for all of us. We aren’t women, but peculiar fetish objects. And once a man “catches” the fever, he can’t let it go. He is susceptible to any black woman in his vision. Of course some men do fetishize women, but loving women of color is consistently positioned as an unshakeable compulsion, rather than genuine interest.

And note that the black woman’s agency is invisible in all this speculation. Of course Dawn would want to bed one of the SCDP execs. I mean, so what if Roger Sterling performs in black face and makes racist jokes; he’s a rich, good-looking white guy. What’s not to love? Also, no acknowledgement of the very different ways society views the sexuality of black and white women. Dawn has far less latitude to be a sexual being–in the workplace no less–than Joan or Megan.

I’m going to have my eye on Dawn. I hope that Matt Weiner, Mad Men show runner, will allow her to be more than window dressing. A lot of folks are hot to see Mad Men finally tackle the racial issues of the past. But I suspect keeping an eye on the way people talk about the show’s new black character will reveal much more about the racial issues of the present.

Are you a ‘Mad Men’ fan? What do you think will happen?  

  • Ocean Blue

    Naw, I am not a fan of Mad Men. I’ve never seen the show before and the title of this article had me thinking it was about something else.

  • Bree

    I agree and I’ve never watched it either.

  • http://pervertedalchemist.blogspot.com Perverted Alchemist

    It will be interesting to see where they go with this story on “Mad Men” and how they treat the Black secretary. I mean, they treated the White ones like they were children in the first season, LOL!!


    I’m a fan of Mad Men and Clutch & Ms. Tami! I can’t wait to read more of your stuff on Clutch!

  • Terrence

    it’s articles like this that make people question whether black women suffer from low self esteem or self hate. There’s something about proving a white man would take interest in a black woman that drives sisters to the brink of insanity. No matter if he’s a buck tooth coal miner from West Virginia or a prudish accountant on Wall Street, sisters are determined to prove a white man secretly wants them. There’s something truly disturbing about this fascination but at the end of the day I suppose white validation is what black women desire. How sad.

  • bossman

    Fuck this lame ass show. Its just another typical white show. They put that black woman on there to mirror real life. Give the black woman an equal footing with the whites in a corporate work place so she can go back and flaunt the shit in a black mans face. I swear black people seem to get so hyped when one of us makes an appearance on some white show. This show can go kick rocks.

  • Sickofitall

    Never seen the show, dont know if I ever will, but I’m glad that a Black actress is getting work. I hope that her character will have some dignity in the story. I don’t think that BW are looking to be validated by WM, I just think that in a society where BW are repeatedly being told how undesirable we are, in many cases by SOME BM, its interesting to see that BW can just be seen as women and not a fetish or some exotic “other”. If BW only went by the Internet, it wouldn’t be hard to believe that we deserved to be alone and we were not worthy of being wanted, but in the real world that’s not the case. Unfortunately, some people have the agenda of wanting to make us think a certain way because of their own insecurities.

  • http://www.BlasianBytch.com N’jaila Rhee

    I don’t think you read that article Terrence…

  • Shirl

    What’s going on with Terrence? And please don’t put us all in a box. Profiling ain’t cute.

  • https://twitter.com/#!/TheBlackBot TheBlackBot

    You hit the nail on the head. I’m tired of seeing these articles. They make us look bad. I would rather see an article addressing this on Clutch than these repetitious sad, pleading interracial ones

  • Slimcity

    I think you should read the article before commenting. And as a sidenote, I don’t think that is something that comes up in the minds of black women, as a whole. I could not possibly care any less the race of any individual who likes me, nor do I seek validation. I’ve attended Predominantly white institutions in all my years of college and never thought twice about the topic you speak of. Im all the validation I need to prove that im desirable. I can give you a host of black women that feel the same.

  • Socially Maladjusted

    So wait a minute -

    they’re pissed off that only jungle fever having white men are interested in black women.


    come again . .

    They’re b itching that the only white men who find black women desirable are -

    white men who find black women desirable.

    I’ve heard it all now.


    That’s a bit like complaining that the only men who find women desirable are men who find who find women desirable.

    Men desire women because they are different from US – not necessarily from EACH OTHER.

    Doesn’t get more different than white man/black woman – black man/white woman.

  • Liz

    Reading is fundamental, brotha…

  • kidole

    @Terrence I think you have black women confused with black men.

  • http://www.thecolorcurve.com TheBlackGuy

    Mad Men is like The Wire. The episodes are really absorbing, long one-hour sagas and you need to start from the beginning to even get what its about. It is really devoid of black people, which is why most haven’t even heard of it, but its super popular in “regular pop culture.”

    Mad Men is like in the 50′s and 60′s so its already sensitive times. So, more than likely, if you’re a black woman, you’re bound to get offended at some point. That’s how it goes.

  • Lana

    LOL! @ Terrence. These black males just can’t stand it when black women are desired by non-black men. Get over it. A growing number of us aren’t going to stay fat, miserable and pining over your asses. The black woman’s world does not revolve around the black male. It never should have to begin with.
    Ever since the days of slavery, black women have been treated as throw-aways and property to which the black male felt entitled. Look at Frederick Douglass, after his black wife used her hard earned money to free him, he moves in his white girlfriend into their matrimonial home while his wife laid terminally ill.
    Women are the prize in this patriarchy; and every community gets this except for the black ones. It’s time for black women to wake up.

  • Yb

    It really seems that many of the men on here have missed the point of the article.

  • http://afrikanmami.blogspot.com African Mami

    Never watched mad men, nor am I planning to. But one thing I do know is, I asked myself over and over and over again, why is that black girl looking longingly into the eyes of that white man who shares the same receding hair line with Naomi Campbell?! If you are going to go the vanilla route, please let him be handsome!-no?!

    -I think what will happen is obvious, not unless the executive producing board includes some color…

  • kjennu

    Now you have me playing imaginary matchmaker but I don’t see anyeligiblecandidates that she could date. I did like Lane as a possibility because i like laneand he hasn’t shown himself to be a total jerk – yet.

  • QCastle

    Mad Men is the best show on TV.

  • QCastle


    “There is something implicitly gross in this discussion. There is the idea that black women are all the same. One doesn’t like a particular, unique black woman, so much as have “a thing” for all of us. We aren’t women, but peculiar fetish objects. And once a man “catches” the fever, he can’t let it go. He is susceptible to any black woman in his vision. Of course some men do fetishize women, but loving women of color is consistently positioned as an unshakeable compulsion, rather than genuine interest.”

    Black women have a tendency to fetishize themselves the way they go on about skin color, big lips, big butt, etc. Ive come to the conclusion that black women are obsessed with their own backsides and use it to give themselves an edge over other women.

  • QCastle

    Also she wasnt the first black female love interest on the show. Now considering this show takes place in the 1960s you will not see any black men swirling it up.

  • foodtorum

    I love Mad Men and think it’s an amazing show. For those of you who haven’t seen it, try it. I’ve struggled with my love of the show because of the absence of fully developed black characters; the closest thing we had was Carla, the black nanny and housekeeper to the Draper family. I’m hopeful that Dawn will get a decent treatment, especially given the fact that she’s the first black character on the inside of the agency (that’s not a janitor).

    Why does everyone assume that Lane will be after Dawn? Harry Crane had a legitimate black girlfriend–not a sidepiece–in the first or second season. He actually introduced her to the folks at Sterling Cooper as his girlfriend. If I were a betting woman, my money would be on Harry, not Lane.

  • HowApropos…

    Soooooo, when black women talk about their bodies and appreciating them, all of a sudden we’re fetishizing ourselves. Hmmmmm.

    I guess we can’t love the bodies that we’re in. We have to WAIT for some black man to validate us to make it so.

    Please! You stay the mammy while other sistas go for what’s good for us, and a lot of times it’s not to get a black man :)

    Mammies like you should be rejoicing right now.

  • HowApropos…

    Yeah, you have reality shows and current shows that show that.

    Feel better now, Mammy?

  • Perspective

    Why do i get the sense that the author here is trying to promote the idea that because a white man is cavorting with a black woman on TV that it either translates to the real world and white men being the white saviors for black women, or some idea that white men want black women “SECRETLY” and that’s something to be proud of.

    Black PEOPLE need to stop taking their queues from white media as if they have our best intentions at heart, yet this is always an aversion from showing black on black couples.

    But I already know that there are SOME delusional sistas out here who think white men want their sweet nectar.

    I’m going to say this and some sistas know this and other don’t


    The white community is intact – and because of that white men may desire a black woman but when it comes to marriage and children often they are not going to wife up a black woman. Why?

    1) because black women can’t make white babies
    2) because they risk the potential of being cut off from a community with resources and opportunities as well as their children
    3) there is a benefit to keeping it white because whites are the dominant group.

    White men are the keepers of their community. They are the builders of their community.

    One of the main reasons black women feel undervalue by black men is BECAUSE THEY ARE. In order for black women to be valued by black men, black men would have to be building, passing on legacies, and there would have to be an intact enough community where there would be a disadvantage to marrying out – as there is with any white man or other group for that matter.

    Women will say well black men need to pick up the ball. They do. However, there are very little incentives to do this is a community where women want to be in charge without the responsibility and the subcultures that exist where women choose men based on everything other than his stability, or at least don’t weight it in as much, because it’s hard to be a STRONG INDEPENDENT WOMAN with a man who surpasses you in almost every way. I’d also like to add that we have too many failing boys raised by women who got with unfit fathers. Let them tell it – its the fathers fault for not manning up as opposed to her poor selection.

    Black women need to get their heads out of the white fantasy clouds if they are serious about repairing black relationships and the community.

  • Monique

    @ Lana, where did you find that Frederick moved his supposed mistress into their home while Anna lay terminally ill? Even though his travels and work brought distance between them, I read that he waited the appropriate mourning time (for that period) before he married Helen Pitts. If you can cite that article or book for me, that would be great as I would like to read it.

  • Anon

    The REAL issue is why so many black men are hanging out on Clutch in the first place.

  • http://nothingtodowithit.blogspot.com Mimi

    You fooled us with the title of this article!

    I don’t watch Mad Men, simply because I don’t get that channel. But I hear it’s a good show…

  • Keep it Real

    Tell the truth. You really don’t want black men commenting at all

  • NoitAll

    Well said!

  • TheBestAnonEver, Part 2

    Why are all these men commenting without reading the article?

  • Reality Check


    yeah, and black men never play up the big penis myth….
    FOOHWTBS !!!

  • HowApropos…

    ^^^^^ THIS ALL DAY LONG!

    Black males live by their penises.

    They love being thought of as sexual objects, even if it’s a grossly stereotypical one, i.e. “Mandingo”.

    They don’t have a mind of their own, hence the reason why a lot of blame is placed on the shoulders of black women for ‘letting them’ do what they do to them.

  • Reality Check

    but this article ain’t got nothing to do with black men……..
    nor do we care about the black community…..
    why are you mentioning either one of those !!!


  • Bridget

    I love the show. Maybe Dawn will already be in a committed relationship and will want nothing to do with the the debauchery that goes on @SCDP. Whatever happens though, I won’t take it personally.

  • omfg

    should black women want a black male to post on clutch?

  • Keep it Real

    Here’s another man hater who really doesn’t want men commenting. They seem to always have similar open ended questions about men comments yet never directly address the issue they had with the comment in the first place. Is it penis envy or being around too many submissive black men?

  • QCastle

    @Reality Check

    Not as often and not as publicly as black women do. Go to YouTube and count the number of twerking videos of black women young and old. Black men are far more likely to distinguish themselves from other men promoting their “swag” and bad boy persona than they are their sexual prowess.

  • EbonyMapleLeaf

    I have been watching Mad Men since season 1. I am excited with the new storyline w/Dawn the secretary. There have been 2 other instances of interracial dating on the show (all written well actually): Paul Kinsey dated Sheila White and Lane dated the Playboy Bunny (forgot what her character’s name was). Then you had the Draper’s maid Carla. Granted that the show takes place in the 1950s and 1960s America, especially Madison Avenue – you are going to expect storylines that may not sit well with many blacks, but that’s America’s past (and present unfortunately). We shall see where this storyline goes………

  • HowApropos…


    Don’t go starting that lie, Mammy.

    Everybody knows that black males are notorious braggadocios when it comes to their dicks and their ‘swag’.

    It’s only a display of exaggerated masculinity.

    Try Again…

  • omfg

    a male’s opinion doesn’t mean he’s right, although often times they seem to think that being able to urinate standing up brings all manner of righteousness and knowing to the table. it does not.

    so, yeah. comment on what you read. some of you could just plug your comments into any thread like a spammer and hope it sticks.

  • Chelsea

    First I also thought this article was about something else lmbo and second…True Blood is the best show on television haha

  • Keep it Real


    How do you explain 50% of Asian women and 41% of Hispanic women marrying interracially and the overwhelming majority of their husbands being white men?

  • cocoa

    you’re thinking of paul kinsey, he had the black gf & he’s no longer on the show for some reason, i think they got rid of him during the merger.

  • http://foodtorum.wordpress.com foodtorum

    You’re right. Harry is married to Alex Mack. She’s looking really old these days.

  • Socially Maladjusted

    continuing from ^

    so if this show, is intending to feature a “liaison” :-) between a black women and white male character who has previously dated black women. then I see nothing controversial in it.

    White man who dabbles in a lil black, is dabbling again in a lll black.

    We know that he likes black women and he is looking for some strange.

  • Socially Maladjusted

    We know that he likes black women and he is looking for some strange.

    I think this quote is being misunderstood

    “Strange” isn’t that the black woman is strange – it’s some weird american white boy slang for getting laid.

  • Kim

    Come on T. LOL! For a black man to make that statement! For many of you, the thought of a nonblack woman makes you loose all sense of space and time. A white girls father could be George Zimmerman and many of you would marry his daughter in a heart beat. Heck, Zimmerman could kill your own mother and you still would marry his daughter. Come on son. Take a look around you.

  • Ms. Terious

    “Why do i get the sense that the author here is trying to promote the idea that because a white man is cavorting with a black woman on TV that it either translates to the real world and white men being the white saviors for black women…”

    because as usual, you’re so hype to make your same stale ass points, you neglect to actually read the article.

  • Ms. Terious

    “Here’s another man hater who really doesn’t want men commenting.”

    no genius we want you to READ the articles to ensure your comments are relevant and don’t reek of hatred for black women. some of y’all mamas did a doozy on y’all. you all can’t wait to go IN on black women in these comment sections. so much so that you literally say the same sh*t over and over again just to reinforce the disdain. so sad.

  • Dollie Linton III

    @Terrence I agree with you, I read the article and my reading comprehension skills are pretty high. What is funny is “Mad Men” try’s to give a historical accurate depiction of what was occurring in the late 1950′s early 1960′s of how a white male dominated high powered white collared office was. Sorry sisters during that time they only looked at you as a taboo sexual object to be used and then thrown away at their whim and discretion. The article does cut to a deeper level as Terrence stated, it does seem that some black women want white men to love them so much that they project that wanting onto a fictional show that is trying to be historically accurate. By the way sisters you can date any non-black man you want, I’ve come to the realization that love comes in all colors, however I do know that jerk’s come in all colors also.

  • Socially Maladjusted

    @how slow apropro

    Actually I think you’ll find that white men started the myth of the big dick black man, and black men have been trying to deny it ever since.

    But I’m gonna be the first black man to come out and admit that –

    we do have bigger penises, more game, more swag,

    and are the

    standard of male beauty.


    Just like black women are the . . . . oops

    I forgot white women are the female beauty standard – according to black women.

    Isn’t that funny, white men put black men on the beauty pedestal and black women put white women on the beauty pedestal.

    Is there some karmic re-alignment going here for past wrongs, that was done to black men?


  • arlette

    oh jeez what are you a kid? i laughed when i read your comment, are you serious? not all black women are attracted to black men, not all of us care about what you think of us. some of us are in loving relationships with non black men and are living happy lives, get over it.
    “we do have bigger penises, more game, more swag, and are the standard of male beauty. ”

    umm no darling no. i will never understand why bm are obsessed with their penises, do you win competitions with it? use it as a sword? stare at other mens penises and compare? what is so facinating about the black mans penise. you think you have more game, really? oh and the standard of beauty, umm no unless you look like josh hartnet or paul walker you aint all that.

    please get a life and get of black womens sites, you just look like a sad weirdo with too much time. none of us go on bm sites and bash you so why are you here. if you hate bw get over us and move on, get urself a nice white lady and make sure ur future kids get with non black people so maybe that blackness will fade away.

  • Toppin


    The obsession comes with the reality that their penises are their one and only claim to manhood. I mean really just think about how sad and pathetic that is for a group of people who want to be looked at and treated like MEN. For whatever reason whenever the topic of black women and non-black men (specifically white men) comes up these ninjas start referring to their penis as if that ish means something to BLACK WOMEN.

    It would be hilarious if it were not so unbelievably sad.

    They never point to their character, work ethic, education attainment, marriageability, etc when comparing themselves to non-black men (again specifically white men). It ALWAYS goes back to their delusions of some sort of monopoly they hold on big penises. Like I said…pathetic but this lie is all they have to cling to in terms of manhood.

  • Srenda

    @SociallyMaladjusted “White men put black men on the beauty pedestal????” Duuuude, you’re losing it. Do you spend all day making dumb shit up to post on Clutch? Pathetic. Are you happy now (as happy as someone like you can ever be of course, you sorry assd male victim), because you just got some more attention, you dweeb? I wish your Mommy would tell you to take your limp dick out of your hands, turn off the computer and go to bed.

  • Socially Maladjusted




    That got a quick reaction.

    Must rebuke the evil spell the IR witches wanna put on me, gotta say the magic words –




    Now begone evil IR WITCHES.



    They almost got me.


  • pink

    I love Mad Men. And it is definitely one of the best shows on TV; ever!! The show has great writers!

  • HowApropos…

    Awww, don’t make excuses for your damaged ego ;)

    Your whole post consisted of nothing but conformation that you enjoy being a stereo type that black males like to perpetuate.

    As soon as a white woman/man break up with any of you, the first you ask is “Is his d!kk bigger than mine?”

    No need to deny it…

    Now why would I be mad that you all uphold the white woman as your prize? I have no interest trying to win over a black male’s affections. Them overweight white ‘trophies’ can have you.

    I’m not hurting in that department like you hoped I would be.

    Be gone.

    And take your pitiful ‘swag’ with you…LOLOL!

  • Socially Maladjusted

    What are you on about you rotten hag?

    Magic words time again



    Pretty long hair white girl WHITE GIRL


    All for white girl none for IR Witch


    want some – psyke!

    ha ha ha . . . .

  • Lana

    Correction: Frederick carried on with Ottilie Assing (his white mistress of 28 years) in Anna’s face, especially when she was ill. Frederick was with Ottilie during both his marriages to Anna (his black wife) and Helen Pitts (his white wife).
    Source: http://www.ishmaelreedpub.com/articles/boyd2.html
    But I keep forgetting that Frederick was biracial not black, so perhaps this wasn’t a good example…

    I could provide you with several examples of black Pan-Africanists who preached and fought for black rights and black pride, but wanted nothing to do with black women except to preach to them and keep them in line:

    CLR James
    Cheikh Anta Diop
    James Farmer
    Frantz Fanon (who preached against the relationships between black women and white men in his book “Black Skin, White Masks”)
    Julian Bond

    Tell me, how does the United States have their *first* black First Lady before West African nation–Senegal?!?!

    …and if these males have to have their women black, they’ll usually take them light, bright and damned near next to white. Look at who the Black Panthers picked as their female leader! The secretary with the blue eyes and blond afro! LMAO!!

    The loyalty was NEVER reciprocated. Why are black women wasting their time acting like pitbulls defending males that don’t give a rat’s ass about them?

    These males will tell you that no one wants you and that you are pathetic for even entertaining the thought of white (or non-black) men wanting you. They will play that slavery rape card on you all day long (but who is raping black women now?)

    Black women need to focus on themselves, their children, and finding good men REGARDLESS of ethnicity. The good men can be black, white, Asian, etc. This blind loyalty crap is for the birds. It’s not getting black women anywhere.

  • HowApropos…

    Awwww, poor widdle doggy… ^^^

    Did the evil black woman hurt your widdle feewings :(

    Truth hurts ya, huh?

    I’ll try to be gentle next time…not really…

  • Lana

    Yes, a big penis, swagger, muscles, sexual prowess…all the things that make you a good husband, full-time father, hard worker, successful entrepreneur, model law-abiding citizen. LMAO! Yeah right.

    Face it: you black males are LOSING (I will never call you black MEN, because you will never be on the level of real black MEN like Malcolm X and Ben Carson).

    You stay losing; and in a patriarchy where you are the only men who lose, you feel powerless. You do NOTHING to claim back your power. No education, no group investing, no businesses, no ownership. Nothing. Just smoking up, skeeting and shooting. In your pathetic state of powerlessness, you take out your frustrations on those you deem weaker than you (i.e. women (and children)).

    That is why sites like YouTube and Clutch Mag Online attract you bitter loser ass males that bash black women and blame them for all of YOUR failures. You hang your desirability by white women over our heads in a lame attempt to make us feel bad, when your divorce rates (BM/WW) are by far the highest among all IRs.

  • Keep it Real


    *The loyalty was NEVER reciprocated.

    And yet men of other races still marry interracially at higher rates than American black men and women of other races marry interracially at close to the same percentages as the men. This is not a black man problem. This is a problem of only American black women.

    *This blind loyalty crap is for the birds.

    It’s for the birds and also a fallacy that black women are not dating interracially out of loyalty and is laughable at best. These women are telling black men that a normal black woman who’s been single for 3 months, 6 months or a year is going to turn down the opportunity to be wined, dined and romanced by a good looking baller White, Hispanic or
    Asian guys waiting on a black men to get themselves together. Guess what she’s not and SHE SHOULDN’T and neither is a White, Asian or Hispanic woman. A black woman is no more nor less loyal to interracial dating than women of any other race. Black AMERICAN women unfortunately just have less options because of racism, ghetto baggage ie weight, kids, education, attitude ect… of black women and preferences of white and non black men. The overwhelming majority of women of all races will always maximize their options.

    The only difference between black men and black women is that a lot of black men are upfront about their openness to date interracially. Think I’m lying? Go to any interracial romance dating site 90% of the women looking for interracial romance ARE BLACK! Black women try to claim loyalty to intimidate and shame black men into exclusively dating only black women and I guess to hide (for some reason) their embarrassment of
    dating interracially to other black women & men.

  • Yeahright2011

    I watched the 1st season. Pretty decent. the clothes and set design did it for me. Paul went to MS to help register black voters and had a black girlfriend but I don’t remember it was season 2 or 3. The show still did well as we can see.

  • Keep it Real


    Aren’t you tired of lying to each other.

  • Yeahright2011

    The hell……..LOL. The standard of male beauty.

    Not the standard of male productivity
    Not the standard of male integrity
    Not the standard of male ingenuity
    Not the standard of male sincerity
    Not the standard of male morality
    Not the standard of male consistency
    Not the standard of male tenacity

    Can’t even claim the swag, black dudes bit that from white mobsters.
    So the claim to fame is a big piece. Thank your Cosmic dad for porn.

  • binks

    No, I don’t watch Mad Men and probably never will. Just seems like a show I can’t get into…shrugs

  • Yeahright2011

    Its a slow story line and that’s why I stopped watching. Really good at first though.

  • Simon

    Misogny and misandry go hand in hand. Some Black men and some Black women have no clue, but, both operate in the same wing of service of WSCP. Hilarious!

  • arlette

    From all the women commenting we all hope you find your perfect little white girl, just leave us the hell alone WE DON’T CARE. i am sorry if you felt we would be fighting for you hoping that you would come back to us but some of us are not interested in damaged black men like you and some are not even interested in black men at all. Go get your kim kardassion, she is obv waiting coz you are so her type, just coz you are blk doesnt mean she is intereseted ya know. why are you still here? If you hate blk women get over us, stop talkin to us, lookin at you we fuck and commenting on our blogs. please dont have daughters, coz i cant stand another blk woman having a psycho like you for a dad.

    “Must rebuke the evil spell the IR witches wanna put on me, gotta say the magic words.”

    what do you mean IR witches have you read any of the comments, just coz we dissagree doesnt mean we are advocating irr. i think you would find that you are an IR witch.

  • Lyshebaaaa

    Actually it was white men who put white women up on that beautystandard pedestal, around the same time they erected all the other pedestals on which they built their empires throughout the world. Black women did not do that. There’s enough people attracted to us, black and rainbow, despite all the assaults on and devaluation of our womanhood/humanity/dignity/general flyness…

    and if it seems that black woman are itching to prove that white men could love black women, it’s only because the overwhelming *constructed* message out there is that non-black men don’t, when we know from personal experience that’s not true. The lies are irritating at best.

    Still, why you mad tho? Why does it bother you that *some* black women *may* be doing this, especially if you’re so satisfied in dating anyone not black? Is it not considered seeking white approval when black men get a little bit of money and date white women? I’m just trying to understand… but I guess that’s my mistake, trying to understand a troll.

    I tried, you guys.

  • QoNewC

    @Keep It Real

    You know what they say, “You are only as loyal as your options.”

  • QoNewC


    Niether black men or black women are innocent in using thier sexuality to get over. However, I still maintain that black men have well diversified themselves and have more or less created a niche for themsevles. Everyone here is correct: black men dont compete with other men. When you create your own niche you dont have to compete. The makers of Hondas dont compete with the makers of Mercedes. They have different markets. Black women, foolishly didnt create their own niche. The best they can do is say they are better than black men but that “reality” doesnt appeal to other races of men. It doesnt make them better than other races of women. Black women refuse to compete with other races of women because all we do is scream about Euro standards of beauty. Cry foul.

    Well how far has that gotten us? Talk about black men all your want. Say they are trash, say they are this and that, not as good as the white man but WE are quite literally the flip side of the same coin. The female version.


    Be real honey. Black men are the creative impulse in the black community. Black men by and large have shaped American culture for centuries. For a start, black men invented American music and American music is probably America’s largest export to the world. He created it all from nothing. You can say a lot about black American men but all things considered they have been very dynamic and inventive.

  • QoNewC

    Can I just say that the way some, not all, black women reacted to Kim Kardashian really revealed our insecurities. Here is an attractive woman with a physical feature that black women literally do think they have the market on. Her big behind (which isnt even that big) did make us feel obsolete which is why we went into over drive in the slut shaming and the bashing. Black men dont get all salty about non black men with big wangs but black women do feel a certain way about a non black woman with a big butt ESPECIALLY if she is white. If black women do in fact have more to offer, we wouldnt have to get all apoplectic over some white chick with a butt.

  • http://toastedtofu.blogspot.co.uk/ Twister

    I’m not one to read comments so I’m not sure if this has been said but I have had an inkling for a while now that Pete is going to have some seriously good race based story lines.

    Lane is having a monogamy issue right now, undoubtedly because his father bullied him into staying with his wife, but I think Dawn would be far more wary of sleeping with her bosses than any of the other secretaries because I’m sure she knows what a tenable position she is in.

    My *maybe* prediction, is that something terrible or bigoted happens to her, Pete comes to her rescue, and they have a love affair, because all the signs point to Pete having a crisis of monogamy soon too.

    The only way anyone is sleeping with Dawn is by giving her a sense of safety and security.

  • QoNewC

    Probably all true.

  • Socially Maladjusted

    I’d better distance myself from this foolishness with the IR hags before someone mistakes my revulsion for them as a revulsion for Black Women.

    Black Woman is beloved to me – IR hag is repulsive to me.

    My references to white women in this “discussion” are not intended to show love for white women – just my absolute loathing of ir hags.


    @ir hags

    I think you’ll find yourselves alone in the view that white males are symbols of anything positive. I’d say there’s planet wide agreement that white men are evil incarnate -

    I call WHITE WOMAN to the stand as my first witness.


    Now git.

    Goes off to take a bath because I’ve taken part in someting unclean with things unclean. .

  • Perspective

    @ Keep it real

    Asians only make up 5% of the American population. Whites make up something like 75%

    50% of 5% is how many Asian? Now take that percentage and apply it to how many whites it takes to satisfy that 2.5% Asian population. 2.5% of 75%

    Same math applies to the hispanics. 41% of 15-17% of the US population.

    Hispanics is also less when we think in the interracial sense because there are many white hispanics. How much of an aversion do you think a white person is going to have being with someone who looks like Amelia Vega or Ricki Martin. They’re not that much different from white over, because they are still white. White but speak SPANISH. Tis all.

    However either one of these cases does not speak to black women as at all who are the least likely couple.

    My point is white men keep it white because there is a social benefit to keeping it white.

    If they step outside they risk being cut off from the white power structure.

    Asian has become acceptable, because the kids still look overall white, same with hispanic.

    But BLACK!? – Yea… good luck with that one.

  • Yeahright2011


    Nothing you wrote changes anything I wrote so where is the debate?

  • HowApropos…

    Queenie’s the resident Mammy on Clutch.

    S(h)e’s really a man that acts like a black woman ever apologizing and taking up for black males, especially when they’re in the wrong.

    Like a bitter flea buzzing…

  • CAsweetface


    You pretty much murdered me with the list of things black men are NOT! (I want to LOL but I agree too much and find it so sad) I don’t generalize so I will say of course not all black men are this way but WAY too many of them are. This socially inept or @socially maladjusted dude (not man) is case in point of how shameful they have become. My main issue, although you’ve named them pretty well, is the lack of self-awareness and self-absorption a great deal of them have become. They live in a vapid way of existing on superficial level never delving deep. The music we listen too, black boys pretending to be stupid at school to fit in is bananas! This is such a perpetually harmful thought process. It’s sick. I’m a woman who tries really hard to be self-aware and take responsibility for my actions, decisions. They appear to not have reached that pinnacle.

  • HowApropos…

    Awww, shet the fucc up already!

    Why are you all in a black woman’s blog if you can’t take the heat?

    Awwwww, you was hoping that you could find your mammies here to stroke your ego, huh?

    Well, you can settle for Q…she’ll lick your wounds just fine.


  • QON


    That list is the pot calling the kettle black. A bkack man can just as EASILY come up with a similar list. Now regarding education go to that post about that all boys prep high school and sent the majority of them to college. Read how alll those griwn black women were disparaging the education of the black boys because of the possibility the nay end up maryying non black women. Lastly for every black boy child who doesnt care at his education is a totallt indifferent black mother who didnt care either. Also when did yoy start representing all black women.

  • Kami

    Wowzers, all the bm/bw hating and bashing aside, because it’s so useless and pointless-I find it interesting that you’re trying to commodify black men as mandingos…”we do have bigger penises, more game, more swag,and are the standard of male beauty.”

    So…basically you’ve become a mandingo sexual commodity and all that matters is your sexual performance? Wow, that’s a frail pedestal to place your identity on. I mean you might as well be building a house on a pile of sand. So..in theory, if I chop your penis off, then all that swag and penis envy will go away? That’s depressing :(

  • QCastle


    I dont need to change what you wrote. Your list is completely asinine because you couldnt think of a single group of men who could fill any of those criteria. So it turns out that black men are like any other man. But to argue that black men havent been innovative, industrious, or tenacious is to ignore history. The few fields that black men dominate, they have no competitors. Can black women say the same?

  • Yeahright2011

    He said black men were the standard of black male beauty. My “list” is to contrast his priority of male beauty over more substantial qualities men are measured by. Stay in the scope of the discussion. My dad has been black and a man longer than you have, so if I need a refresher on my history or culture I’ll get it from him, if not then my Half Negro husband, not a foreigner with a vaggie.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    i got to read the article now? bummer!

  • Socially Maladjusted

    Awww, shet the fucc up already!

    Ok – but hags before gentlemen.

    Why are you all in a black woman’s blog

    1) because I’m a black man born of black woman.

    2) for the same reason black women visit sites and blogs created by black men.

    3) because this is not a site by black women or FOR black women.

    But a better question is why are YOU on “a site for black women” since you’re neither black or female? – you’re just a filthy IR HAG.


    if you can’t take the heat?

    Nah, I’m good thanks, but you look all burned out, or do you always look as raggedy as that?


    Awwwww, you was hoping that you could find your mammies here to stroke your ego, huh?

    er no mammies teet is what white boys suckle on.


    Ok, but you lost first and came last –



  • jamesfrmphilly

    wow. there is some sad, sick, self hating stuff up in here.

    the pathology that promotes IR is on full display. the sadness is that a black women cannot hate black men without hating herself. we are you and you are us. we will go nowhere unless we unite.

  • Srenda

    Where’s the petition I sign to get SOCIALLY MALADJUSTED banned from this website?

  • Wow!

    There are a lot of black folks who have real issues and anger that rivals anything I have seen from white people. From the comments I can tell a lot of folks – male and female – dont have a lot of healthy relationships with folks who look like them. I feel bad for you and I hope that changes someday. And I hope all of the ladies battling with male clowns on the comments board know that their insensitive comments suggest that they too are troubled and no better than the Patriarchy they hate. You all wear the same makeup to to the same three ring circus as your male counterparts.

    In regards to the article….All heterosexual men fetishize women. All men, even the chivalrous ones that women consider allies. I do. My white male friends do. As black men we are fetishized as well. Black women do it too to black men and others. You know that right? I dont watch the show but I am sure they will find a love interest for the sister. The show is based in the 60s and this kind of union did happen (with consent) more often than we like to talk about….but we should.

    White men aren’t afraid of black women. This union is not the most taboo of interracial unions so it happens more often (and less outrage) on TV. This is well established, isn’t it? Now I wonder if they will let a brother get it in with one of the female leads? Being 1960 I would suspect not. Like the song goes: ” Don’t you be scared of me Mister, Cuz you don’t really seem to be scared of my sister”

  • Toppin

    Word…this site has become a joke. They will ban any and all black women that come here and speak the truth but nutcases like QoNew and Socially are allowed to say whatever the hell they want without restraint.

  • Toppin

    Seek help sir…ASAP.

  • http://commentarybyvalentina.wordpress.com/ Val

    I haven’t seen it either. I have no interest. This is a show for White people but some Black minds are so colonized that they love everything that White people love.

  • Srenda

    @Toppin Yeah, I just don’t get it. It’s one thing to disagree passionately about something but to repeatedly come on here to just constantly be completely ugly and mean-spirited to black women and just women in general takes this website down a peg or two. He stays trolling. His responses for the most part are just so nasty and derogatory that I’m not sure why he’s still allowed to post here.

  • Srenda

    @Wow Don’t get it twisted. White people can be horrible to each other, too. Our treatment of each other gets the most press, though because it’s always looked at through the lens of “what them normal, civilized white people do versus what we do.” That said we can be downright disgusting towards each other. We always hurt the ones we love, right? Family.

  • QCastle


    Really? Socially can be a hard pill to swallow but have you checked out Toppin’s comments about black men? Dont be a hypocrite. She has even made deragatory comments about black boys. How low can you go to talk about children? Please, if you cant properly stand up to the nasty comments made on both sides just shut up.

  • Em

    Why is that every time a woman doesn’t agree with a man, or is welcomed to any and every opinion he may have, she is a man hater? I don’t understand this.

  • Srenda

    @QCastle No, I actually didn’t go check through all of Toppin’s comments about black men and black boys before I made a comment about your homeboy Socially Maladjusted, which is who I was talking about. Nice way of trying to deflect attention from my desire and possibly a few other women’s desire on here to have him GTFOOH.

  • Ms. Information

    The responses of these articles quickly go left and turn into an opportunity for black men and women to fuss and fight – I had no idea that the hatred was so real towards each other….I know too many good black men to have me turning against an entire race of men..and no other men compare (Ive dated “other’).

  • Toppin


    Please go check out my comments…the ones I supposedly made about black boys. None of them have been on par with the nonsense spewed by these two. ItchofNew has a problem with me because I have the nerve to say black boys have minds of their own and I support her idea that white women should adopt the future prison population. I even said I would donate to the cause. She hates my indifference towards black males. That’s her issue with my comments….not the actual content, which again are no where near the ish spewed by her and socially.

  • Wow!


    I do know that white folks can be down right mean to each other. Yes we do get the most press….and simply put because we are the most beautifully American people. And that is why it is evident to me that folks have a hatred in what they see in themselves….despite our differences -how could you not salute my blackness? Our blackness?

    Like I said I don’t watch the show but all I need to do is look at the picture to confirm what I have said. Perhaps the man in the photo is considered attractive but there is only one true focus in that photo. Look at that woman….

    All you self-haters need to get up to speed or at least be quiet. We’re kind of a big deal….check your Americana….they hate us because without us they do not exist.

  • QCastle


    Thanks to adding to “YeahRight2011″ list:

    Black women…Not the standard of motherhood.

  • QCastle


    “I have the nerve to say black boys have minds of their own and I support her idea that white women should adopt the future prison population. I even said I would donate to the cause.”

    But being raised by white women they wouldnt be the future prison population now would they?

  • Toppin


    Right…so says the “black woman” who proposed the idea of white women adopting future black male felons.

    Chick you are dismissed.

    You say things to get a reaction and when that doesn’t happen you don’t know what to do. The Iast thing you expected was someone (a black woman nonetheless) agreeing to the idea. I stand by my pledge to donate to your non-profit to encourage white women to adopt this population of individuals. Pass me a petition and I will carry it around everywhere I go.

    If that says something about my maternal instinct in your eyes so what. I have no problem with Madonna, Sandra, Angelina, whoever coming in and taking all the young black bucks they want. I’m not invested in black males period.

  • No

    I have emailed Clutch a few times about the possibility of writing an article. Articles like these are poorly researched–as others have pointed out this is not the first WM/BW relationship on Mad Men–and seem to be just for the sake of having people say horrible things to each other. I have read this article several times and still do not get what the message is supposed to be other than there are a few stupid comments on the internet.

    People DO tend to go for a certain “type.” If a man likes Black women with athletic bodies and consistently dates women like that WHAT IS THE PROBLEM? I have never dated someone that did not have a college education or there own place–am I afflicted?

    The only problem seems to be that more men don’t have to the Black woman “affliction”–is that it?

    Since nobody at Clutch will return my emails I will give you some nuggets for free. I am engaged to a White man and I hate to break it to you all but being with him was not different from being with the Latino, Black, or Asian guys I have dated emotionally, sexually, or socially. Do people occasionally hate on us? Sure, but I got negative attention when I dated Black guys too–bitter haters are going to be mad no matter what if they are not happy with themselves. Also, he does not seem all that excited about being “Black” as all he ever compliments me on is being smart and pretty. I have yet to hear him say how happy he is to be with a Black woman in the past four and a half years.

    If he did say he is happy to be with a Black woman–so what? I can’t turn on the radio without hearing a rapper getting excited about being with a “light skinned girl” or a “white woman” so why not be happy about being with a Black woman. DAMN.

    Relationships based on afflictions, fetishes, and anything not based in reality do not last. Hold your breath until you can’t any more…Done? That probably lasted longer than some shallow relationship based on foolishness.

    However, the most prominent example is WM with Asian women. In both of my corporate jobs, college, and times when I have had to socially interact with my fiance’s coworkers I have heard these men talk about Asian women like they were some monolith. But, those comments although sexist and sad were mostly positive i.e. “Asian girls are always so sweet.” or “Asian girls will do anything for their man.” A few times I have heard some mean things but it has always been from a guy who dates Asian women exclusively and will probably marry one too. I never commented because I am not out here fighting for Asian women because I stay true to my motto–Stop checking for those who aren’t checking for you!

    Date who you want but please leave me (a.k.a Black Women/Men) out of it. I am not checking for a Black man’s reaction when I go out with my man because I am sa-tis-fied. I don’t look at Black men with non-Black women and wonder why he isn’t with someone like me and I sure as hell don’t wonder if the non-Black man I am with thinks of me as a fetish or affliction! That is crazy.

    To sum it up you have no idea why two people decide to get together. Every moment you waste thinking about is time that could have been spent finding a man/woman of your own or fulfilling a dream.

  • alldawg

    Its mostly online, things are always easier said than done, in this case typing is easier than doing. Pro IRBW spend more time online fighting BM than they do in the arms of WM. Go figure, but when one leaves the WWW and into the real world, you really dont see a reflection of how bad it is online…

  • http://www.purplekeychain.blogspot.com purplekeychain

    Agreed. It’s upsetting to see all this foolishness.

    In the meantime, I’ve never seen MM and it doesn’t really look all that interesting to me. I don’t have any appreciation for media that makes white people swoon for “the good old days when diversity didn’t exist and men were men and women were women!” basda!

    I’m just panting, waiting for SCANDAL!

  • QCastle


    If for nothing else, watch the show for the clothes.

  • HowApropos…

    Wow, I hit nerve with your moronic a$$

    LOL! You’re so pathetic.

    Get off the site if you can’t handle it.

  • DivineBrown

    They couldn’t pay me to watch this show. They can get the hell on with incorporating a black woman so a white man can smut her out and give hope to black women watching it. All of this is braintrashing. Young black girls need to be taught what’s going on instead of being shown these white men as if they’re their saviors. Matter of fact, black girls should not be watching ANYTHING IR. White men nor black men will SAVE, cherish, provide for, or protect black girls. I wish all would just come to a reality and take men as they are and not what you dream up they could be. I hate the IR propaganda.

    And don’t take me for one of those, “Nothing but a brotha” females either. I’m just saying, I’m not going to give white men a pass either. Everyone is fucking over black women.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    something needs to be done about all this hate up in here.

  • DivineBrown

    “I’m not invested in black males period”—dang that’s a COLD line. I HAVE to use it. Thumbs up for that one. Love it!

    As far as this show. Never heard of it, won’t be watching it.

  • alldawg


    I agree with u on that one…

  • alldawg

    its not going anywhere, online is the one place where one can say something evil, and have 12 people agree to it. Its a coping mechanism for their home life and what they wish would be true.

  • omfg


    do you know what was meant by that statement? there was no explanation and perhaps you’re jumping to conclusions.

    one of the main reasons i don’t watch mad men is because i know that the time period requires a few things – that women be secretaries and that blacks be janitors and maids. i’m over looking at these things and so i have no interest in watching a period drama week in and week out where the black people have more opportunities to be subservient to whites as opposed to empowered and powerful. let’s remember it’s essentially jim crow america here.

    so, my reasoning is consistent with why i didn’t watch the help. don’t care to see black people being helpers in a white dominated, jim crow setting.

    i don’t understand black people who don’t mind seeing themselves portrayed in this manner.

  • http://afrikanmami.blogspot.com African Mami


    I will not be signing that petition. That man makes sense!!!!

    though you don’t be claiming me as you ought to, Imma hold it down for you boo!!!

  • Ms. Information

    It’s almost as bad as when I read white racists dogging black people on youtube…I’m like damn–hostility like a muh….personal responsibility has to be mentioned somewhere…You chose that man, you chose that woman…move on with life…there is a whole lot of bitterness in here…

  • Myown

    So glad to see this!! Yay black women are dating other races!!

  • chinaza

    Why the big debate about black women/ white men relationships? Is that such a novelty in the US? And why is it such a sore point for black men?
    Some of you need to travel. Seriously. it’s not a taboo or a fetish or anything else but normal human attraction and, even love, in other parts of the world.

  • http://commentarybyvalentina.wordpress.com/ Val


    To paraphrase Bubbles from The Wire; You are equivocating like a mutherf*cker. What does indie rock, LL Bean and JCrew have to do with Mad Men? Mad Men is a show about powerful White men set in the 1960′s, a time when African Americans suffered under Jim Crow and all sorts of crazy stuff that we can barely imagine. Mad Men is about being nostalgic for that time. Why as a Black person would I be interested in this show? I’m not pinning away for the freaking 1960′s.

    You obviously have a story to tell and are looking for an opportunity to tell it. Next time you tell it make sure that it’s appropriate for the conversation.

  • omfg


    your statement is ironic coming from an individual who seems to like to come to a site geared at black women just to put us in “our place.”

    it’s mostly the black males who like to go on clutch and denigrate black women. what are we supposed to do? suck it up and tell you you’re right? oh holier than thou black male.

    black women don’t have to agree with you or genuflect because you express an opinion.

  • alldawg

    So what about me being a man commenting on this site. Why do BW feel like they are the only ones that have something to say about anything, anybody, anyone regardless of the topic. Stop crying about spilled milk, cause your the only one crying.

    BW can do what they want, they have been doing things w/o reproach for years. And your only proving me right by bringing in your emotions where it dont belong.

    I dont talk bad about BW, but ill will have something to say if it is a half truth…

    Lastly if this is so much of a problem, go watch sesame street.

  • Socially Maladjusted

    Damn, I’m still here -

    BIGGER, BLACK MAN-er and more IR HAG crushing than ever

    in beautiful, beefed up, tatted up –


    Looks like the IR HAGS are calling for humanitarian intervention -

    but no one’s linterventionin – coz IR HAGS don’t count as human.

    ha ha ha . . . .

    which means we can really get our IR HAG-crushing stroke on.

    All the other idiots high horsin bout – “why do we hate each other”

    shut it

    stay out of it and stop ackin like you aint lovin the drama.


    There’s no “WE” in this.

    There’s just me and the black man hating IR HAGS.


  • peace

    i wish more people thought the way you think regarding irr. i try my best not to generalise bm but i really cant stand men like Socially Maladjusted who feel like he has to put bw down in order to get his point across.

    i have noticed that a lot of african americans are obsessed with irr and putting eachother down. i have no idea where the hostility comes from but its so strange, how does a post like this generate so much anger from people like Socially Maladjusted. African americans tend to put eachother down by comparing themselves to white people.

  • CAsweetface

    @QON at what point did I say that I represented ALL black women?? Uh no. I was speaking for myself saying I TRY to be self-aware and check myself for my shortcomings…I rarely see men, black men doing this. I dont believe ALL black men avoid this process, but some. This is deterimental. I’ve taught before, so that was MY first hand experience. My uncles, brothers, cousins are black so ive seen what their mental haze has done to their wives, girlfriends, etc. Women always have a part to play in relationship failures but many put up with the mindset @sociallymaladjusted was spouting because thats the prevelant mindset many women come across so they are like “F-it…he’s got these other qualities so I’ll stick it out.” Hopefully, women come out of those relationships with a list of “NO THANK YOU’s!” while the men continue in their same desctructive mindsets…

  • OhMy

    Wow. It appears to me that many, many black women are deeply insecure if not angry. So embarrassing.

  • HowApropos…

    @African Mami

    You can take your dizzy azz with him :)

  • HowApropos…

    Because black males know that their collective ‘security blanket’ is picking themselves up and leaving for other options.

    Notice how they’re going into so much talk about ‘the white man’ this and ‘the white man’ that. And these be the SAME BLACK MALES that will vocally remind black women that they have other options to consider when it comes dating and marriage.

    Rarely do we ever talk about ‘slavery’ when a white woman and a black man is concerned.

    It’s all about equality and ‘loving each other for the greater good of man’, and ‘jealous black women.’

    Thank goodness I know better…

  • Anon

    There are medications out there for your mental situation. I also suggest that you check out: http://www.nami.org . Hope it works out for you!

  • http://www.purplekeychain.blogspot.com purplekeychain


  • http://www.purplekeychain.blogspot.com purplekeychain

    @Q, I might take you up on that challenge!

  • L

    Here goes *the righteous Black man*….internet Ike Turner…AGAIN! GIVE IT UP MAN; and If you are soooo against interracial why are you on clutch showing your ass to Black women EVERY DAY and not talking to your Caribbean brothers in jolly olde England who never met a white girl they wouldnt do and who would step on their Black mothers to get to said white girls(im sure youre included with these fellows and no, I do not care what Black men do!) and why is it your concern what Black women do, where they do it,why they are doing it or who they are doing it with?

    Kiss Teet!

  • Lana

    //the pathology that promotes IR is on full display. the sadness is that a black women cannot hate black men without hating herself. we are you and you are us. we will go nowhere unless we unite.//

    BWAAHAHAHAAH!!! Boy BYE!! Black males abandon their black children and use and discard black women all the while loving themselves just fine. Black males can and do LOVE themselves while hating and ignoring black women. So the reverse can be possible. I am all the black I need. I do not need to have someone with the same level melanin as me to be happy.

    If I am with a black MAN, it is because I want that MAN not just because he is black. You folks are always reducing people to color just because you think society at large is doing it. Well…society is doing it because you are doing it. You are a part of society.

    The goal should be to find a GOOD MAN or WOMAN PERIOD, not just the same color.

    Blind loyalty is for the birds. Good black women need to wake the hell up.

  • Toppin

    One problem….he is not African American.

    His issue is black women dating/marrying non-black men period. It doesn’t matter the article. If it contains anything about black women with non-black men you can expect the hate from him. He’s one of those folks who finds himself insecure and offend by the prospect of any type of sexual competition from non-black men.

  • L

    LMAO@EVERYTHING YOU and keep it real and so maladjusted say:
    Please, Kim K and every non Black woman in the world….PLEASE COME AND GET THESE BLACK MALES…THanks in advance.

    P.S. about Black women being serious about repairing black relationships and the community….ROTFLMAO and RUUUUUN Black women.

  • http://afrikanmami.blogspot.com African Mami

    @ HowAprop,

    I will :)

  • QofNewcastle


    “at what point did I say that I represented ALL black women??”

    By juxtaposing your personal behavior with that of all black men is problematic. So what if you take personal responsibility. Youre meant to. So do most other people.

    ” I was speaking for myself saying I TRY to be self-aware and check myself for my shortcomings…I rarely see men, black men doing this.”

    Its your problem NOT black mens problem that you dont see them doing what you think they ought to do. Stop speaking with such authority. Youre just some weirdo online with an underserved high opinion of themselves.

    “I dont believe ALL black men avoid this process, but some. ”

    Who cares what you believe? Youre a nobody to most people. Youre opinion is like a butthole and can be countered by another butthole.

    ” My uncles, brothers, cousins are black so ive seen what their mental haze has done to their wives, girlfriends, etc. ”

    What? Youre the only human alive with uncles, brothers and cousins?

    “Women always have a part to play in relationship failures but many put up with the mindset @sociallymaladjusted was spouting because thats the prevelant mindset many women come across so they are like “F-it…he’s got these other qualities so I’ll stick it out.” Hopefully, women come out of those relationships with a list of “NO THANK YOU’s!” while the men continue in their same desctructive mindsets…”

    Honey its 2012. This idea that your narrative will be the only one in the mainstream is over. This is the information age and EVERYONE is talking and listening. The story line of the Saintly black woman vs the evil black man is dead. The other side is talking and people are listening. We got eyes and ears just like you. If I were you I would sit down somewhere. You aint the only one with a story to tell.

  • QofNewcastle


    What the hell are you talking about? So you listen to rock music, big deal. Want a cookie?

  • Lana

    …and it appears that many black males can’t stand it when black women aren’t obsessed or hung up with them. BYE!

  • LI

    @Qon/eshowoman/kigali/crazy demon:

    Why, demon, why are you always here?……however having said that, Im beginning to enjoy your posts (even though I scroll pass and ignore most of them)…..it is obvious that you are OBSESSED with and cant stay away from people/women you hate; You are MISERABLE (what did the mean Black girls do to you when you came to America-sorry-common story); You try to curry favor with Black men and let me tell you -men do not like women like you- always running to their defense like they are stupid children- and the most you will get for it is a pat on the head and IGNORED- you are looking for love in the wrong place; You and your home life must suck because you are always here…. I could go on and on- but I dont have to because It is obvious that you are in PAIN and MISERABLE and CRYING OUT….and it gives me great pleasure to see this! because people like you( I wish no ill will on most people) are like rabid dogs- If you show kindness, they take it for weakness and will go for your throat and hang on..until you take them OUT. So, please go on commenting and I will continue to read some of them and laugh and enjoy your PAIN that you so obviously display.

    P.S from your comments you are clueless about alot- Sister Rosetta Tharpe- check her out.

  • CAsweetface


    Apparently, your own opinion and experiences mean nothing. But I actually dont go online to get into contrived arguments with lonely people. From the looks of the few posts that I read and the even FEWER that i comment on, thats all you seem to do is stir the pot for attention. I hope you have a great weekend on your couch by yourself on your computer…smh Get a life sweetheart.

  • Velma

    Wow. I really wasn’t interested in the show at all…I’ve never watched one episode because I’m not into the world of business and cut-throat advertising. I do like the 50′s look and how handsome the men look. But now they have put an attractive sister on the show? I love it! I may have to rethink watching it now.

  • peace

    insecure about what ? please explain. the only insecure people commenting are black men.
    i am personally not angry just fed up of black men who comment on clutch because they fell like they have to insult or degrade black women all the time. i dont have any ill feellings towards black men in general just the ones who feel like its perfectly ok to put me down as a black woman and call me all kinds of names when i defend myself or other black women.
    look at some of the comments made by socially maladjusted and you might understand why some of us are fed up.

  • Socially Maladjusted


    How on earth did anyone read anger in my posts? It should be obvious to any rationale mind that I’m having a hellova good time and doing a hellova good job of taunting IR HAGS and making em weep.


  • Socially Maladjusted

    Oh and look

    I’m still, STILL here – posts going in smooth and swift.

    Looks like the ‘get Socially Maladjusted out’ campaign has hit a bump in the road.


  • CHE

    Blah blah blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! You cannot be a fully grown adult male…..

    PLEASE KIM K AND ALL THE OTHER *UNWILLING ACCOMPLISES*(white women)…come get this righteous Black man(internet ike turner)- us Black women dont deserve them.

  • joanee

    Terrance, you can’t be serious.

    For a black man commenting sideways on a site designed for black women to label any other group as insecure is just ludicrous. Why do you feel the need to come to a site populated by women in the first place? We don’t troll around on all hiphop or whatever site black men frequent

    Then consider the number of black men who get a rush of excitement to hear that the white porn star kim kardashian or one of her sisters is dating a black man and your comment has enough irony to last the rest of this year. Thanks for the laugh

  • joanee

    my theories: spend too much time hanging around women period, feminized or secretly jealous of women, nosy, just can’t stay away from the aura of black women as angry as they may be

  • joanee


  • joanee


  • HowApropos…


  • QCastle


    Its more likely that many black woman would like black men to care because black women appear to be very attention starved.

  • chanela

    true blood is just popular softcore porn. i’ve tried to see what all the hype was about so i saw about 4 or 5 episodes and it just looks really really poor quality. i don’t get what’s so fantastic about some country ass vampires.lol aside from the show being disappointing as hell after trying to see all the hype, they ruin the show further with the constant unnecessary sex scenes. its like they can’t have ONE episode without having to show people banging. its dumb and immature.lol

    the walking dead is a WAYYY better show!

  • Socially Maladjusted


    so If I’m the internet Ike turner that must mean you IR HAGS is gettin hurt -

    real bad.

    btw wasn’t Ike Turner a black american?

    Now git – and go finish sobbing in pain from all the licks you took. .Don’t make me give ya ya another -


    oh btw – the kiss teet you added was a nice touch.




  • Socially Maladjusted


    and it appears that many black males can’t stand it when black women aren’t obsessed or hung up with them.

    er no BLACK WOMEN aren’t obssessed or hung up with black men, don’t need to be – they get all the positive attention from black men and WHITE MEN they can use.

    IR HAGS don’t get any attention from any kind of man beyond the amount of time it takes to -

    turn em down :-)

    so they take it out on black men.

    Why us? Well I guess you think we owe ya some dick – even if it’s just a little pity dick, but it’s no can do coz you’re just too -

    creepy and weird and hot and sticky and smelly and yukky. Like the bottom of a garbage bin. Not to mention -


    Feelin a creep spread over me.

    Have to go take my second bath of the day.


    But I’ll be back later, today, tommorow, and the day after that, to administer your daily dose of domestic violence -



  • Socially Maladjusted

    IR HAGS are race traitors, no race loves its own race traitors and no race loves other peoples race traitors.

  • modern lady

    I loved MM before they intro’ed ‘black/negro/African-American/ebony’ characters. It’s just

    a show-which reflected a reality back at that time. If the female character gets it in with

    Lane-that WOULD be very gross, b/c he makes me gag. I doubt they’d let the lead, Don

    Draper, get w/ a black woman, though. Either way, I love the show. As the author of the

    article said-its one of the smartest shows on TV now.

  • modern lady

    I just noticed something… that’s the girl from that little girl group that got it in with Biggie as Lil Kim and played a bunny on that Playboy show. And here she is again in someone’s face trying to get it in-she needs a new agent.

  • babe

    I used to be a Mad Men fan, but it just kept getting more and more boring! A big yawn. I mean how often do we want to see Don screw around on his wife? The other story lines were just as boring. What they should have done was hash out Don’s back story.

    This show had so much potential, with the 60s setting, but the writers just don’t think outside the box. They need new writers!!!!!!! So no, I won’t be watching. So sad, because the sets and fashions were cool.

  • babe

    Oh, and I doubt that the new black girl will be around for long. They never are. The “Weiners” don’t want blacks messing up the screen.

  • joanee

    alldawg, you show a lot of weakness by even being present in this (and I’m sure other) forums targeted to black women making sideways comments. what don’t you understand about that? the opposite of love is not hate it’s indifference. your need to come here shows your weakness for black women despite your anger toward them.


    One balck woman appealed to Lane, not the entire race of them. That particular lady had attributes (maybe affection for one) he lacks in his marriage. Why does that make him all hot for every attractive black woman? I was Peggy’s age during the time frame of Mad Men, and inter-racial romances were not the norm and not touted to the world.

  • AfroStyling

    Clutch has become a magnet for the dregs of society! Chineke!

  • Ravi

    what do I think will happen? well if television and movie trends are any indicator, I think she will end up sleeping with the first white guy that shows interest within the first couple episodes. This physical interaction won’t lead to a wedding or any long term loving relationship. maybe one of the many affairs that happens on the show.

    I guess this is progress.

  • Andrea

    I’m an AA-woman who recently married a WM and I totally agree with your comment. Of all the qualities my husband and I possess, for the other to love, skin tone is at the very bottom of the list. Those who can’t understand that are to be pitied… or ignored.

  • bigwill1

    Refreshing to acknowledge a black woman that can fully comprehend/decipher what she reads.

  • bigwill1

    T, tell the truth expect the wrath.

  • http:www.lycos.com Bea K.

    Sad, t.v., movies, etc. are NOT big on keeping interracial couples together, it’s “get the sex out of the way asap so we can move on to the more important scenes”. I honestly don’t think that America has progressed as much as they’d like the world to believe they have when it comes to this important issue, but then what else can we expect from a mixed race nation that still believes it’s wrong to date or even marry outside of ones race’ to this very day?? Enjoy the interracial scenes while you can boys and girls.

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