“Soul Food,” actress Malinda Williams isn’t a big fan of Steve Harvey’s book Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man nor the movie that depicts the self help book for women. Like many other celebrities, Williams took to her Twitter to express her dismay.

“God gave me the gift of being able 2think like a woman. I’m gonna hold on 2that treasure. – but I will support my fellow thesps & filmmakers.”

“If God wanted us to think like men, he would have formed us from Adam’s brain instead of his sensitive rib. – stay in your lane.”

“Folks better not let these movies/books take ya out of God’s grace & get put out of ya man’s place,” which she retweeted from a follower or friend.


What do you think about Williams’ tweets? Does she have a point or is she just throwing shade?

  • pink

    megan: For example I always look at the many beautiful black actresses that aren’t dating, or married to someone. Many of them say it’s because men don’t approach them. Some men or intimidated by them, or think they are so beautiful…. so surely they already have someone. The same thing happens to educated, well put together (physically, and mentally) women.

  • pink

    chinaza: Yeah I don’t know why some women don’t want to hear the truth, and face the music. Part of it depends on where a person is in their life. One of my friends was married when Steve’s book first came out and she said oh I don’t want to read anything Steve has to say. One year later she was divorced….read Steve’s book, and loved it. Maybe she would have learned something if she read it early on (and who knows….but maybe her marriage would still be intact)

  • pink

    And for the record I’m not saying Steve’s book is the gospel…..but it does have very good advice, and insight as to how some men think. And in my many years of experience….his insight is right on spot.

  • pink

    Simone: Sorry but we can agree to disagree. If the bible was the answer then zillions of women would have been married a long time ago (or at least dating someone…and they’re not……in multitudes). It’s a hard pill to swallow….but it’s true. But you keep hanging in there with your bible. And for the record I am not trying to be negative….the dating situation for many women IS WHAT IT IS, and we need to face it.

  • Martishia

    That’s was ignorant of her to say!!!! SHE OBVIOUSLY HASN’T READ THE BOOK!!! No where in the book did Steve tell them to LITERALLY THINK LIKE A MAN!!!! The concept was to not be so easy or self served!!!!!! Girl wonder why you was only a hit for ONE show!! It would be someone like this who throw dirt or say ignorance on a movie who has been #1 2 weeks straight!!!!!!!

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