“I‘m not good enough to be on her arm,” one of my guy friends confessed over drinks not long ago.

He looked distraught, as if his entire world had just crashed around him and there was nothing that he could do about it. Dark circles from sleepless nights marred his usually bright eyes. And although his enthusiasm about life is always on ten, on this particular night it was barely a one. He looked downright pitiful and it was because he had just found out the woman he thought was falling for him was only using him for sex.

Although I understood his shock, I couldn’t, and still don’t, understand how he didn’t see the signs.

In the five months they were seeing each other they rarely hung out in public, she never introduced him to her family or friends, and aside from enjoying each other in the bedroom, they didn’t seem to have much in common.

From the beginning they were an odd pair. She comes from money and an elite life, while he works hard for everything he has. Though a persons background might not matter to some, it did to her. And after a week of ignoring his calls, she dropped a bomb; she was engaged. Despite getting it on with my friend for months, she had been dating another man for four years who was everything on paper, except what she needed in the bedroom.

“I think the hardest part of realizing that she had no feelings at all for me besides the sex is that she spent so much time pretending that she did,” he told us.

Eventually, the woman confessed to him that, despite her engagement, she would still like to continue to see him. While some men may have jumped at the chance to have no-strings-attached sex with a beautiful woman, it left my friend disturbed and with no other choice but to walk away.

I tried to find the words to comfort him, but nothing seemed to help. He was nothing but a boy toy to her and she never had any intention of being in a serious relationship with him. In her mind he wasn’t good enough to take to company events, to meet her parents, or even accompany her on a dinner date to a popular restaurant. The only thing he seemed to be good enough for was pleasing her, which was a sad reality that hit my dear friend like a sledgehammer.

The entire situation made me think about the cheating, and its various double standards. Typically, cheating is associated with men and even the language we use to describe it–jump off, a side-piece, mistress—all relate to men stepping out with other women. But very rarely do we talk about the women who cheat, digging their heels so deep in a man’s heart that he has a hard time ever trusting another woman again.

Many times we jump on men for their wrongdoings without ever considering where their shadiness might have started in the first place. While it doesn’t mean they get a pass for their dirt (because they don’t), my friend’s situation was a reminder that men get broken hearts too.

I used to laugh at my male friends when they would say they were having a hard time finding a woman to get serious with because of trust issues. Impossible, I would think, they have so many options when it comes to good woman to choose from.

Now, I understand that you never know what’s going on behind closed doors. The beautiful woman with the fancy title, full bank account, enormous diamond engagement ring and great guy on her arm who seems to have it all—just might…and then some.

But like I told my friend, sometimes in life you have to learn to love what’s good for you and not what you think is good for you. But that might be another discussion for another day.

  • Socially Maladjusted

    This story sounds fake to me


  • OSHH

    One or two suggestions. Why not avoid women who are the rebound, or be nothing more than a platonic friend. You set your own self up by getting involved with this woman knowing her situation. It’s on you to make better judgement calls with who you deal with, Instead of looking at women sideways, look at the role you play in the women you choose. The rebound is always a no option in my book simply because folk need time, time to sort things out, heal etc.

  • http://afrikanmami.blogspot.com African Mami

    @ SbmiATL

    uh oh! I like your story. Your story is juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuicy!!!! more more more!!! :)

  • Perspective

    More evidence of women trying to be and conduct themselves as men and it simply does not work, meanwhile still reserving the right to be treated in such a manner than maintains and preserves all the privileges that the typical gender roles afford women. Ridiculous!

    As long as women take the accountability with this mess. I have no issue, but we all know once something goes down or goes wrong, women will put all the blame on men. Classic

    Terrence laid the law down, and once women catch feelings then the argument turns into how black men are shiftless, want to man whore around, and not commit.

    Hey lady, This is what you signed up for. Now that your feelings are all caught up don’t get mad at me cause I GOT CHICKS ON THE SIDE.

    Some of these women need to grow up.

    30 years old and change talking about side pieces.

    Next weeks article will be about their lack of prospects for marriage.

    (Rolling my eyes)

    Sometimes I just wonder what SOME of you women are advocating. Your all over the place.

    Stop trying to be men! It’s really not as beneficial as you think it is.

    All this does is make men whoring around THAT MUCH EASIER.

    More Va JJ without commitment – HOORAY! More non-commital sex for black men.

    Some of the choices – SOME of you women make… Ya’ll never check for the COLLATERAL DAMAGE IT ENSUES.

  • Perspective

    Co-sign :-/

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