Over the past few years there has been no shortage of books, articles, blogs, and TV specials about the plight of single black women. From the dismal statistic stating that half of us are not married (never mind that all women are waiting longer to wed), to the mainstream media’s insistance on picking up (and harping on) the “educated, paid, and single” meme, black women and our ring fingers have been fodder for discussion lately. But a new book by Pastor Jomo K. Johnson of Philadelphia’s Open Air Church aims to move the conversation in a new direction, telling black women that it’s ok to be single.

In his new book, Call Tyrone: Why Black Women Should Remain Single Or…, Pastor Johnson addresses the single, black woman “problem” from a pastoral perspective, arguing that churchgoing women should be happy with their single-status instead of lamenting it.

Pastor Johnson explained:

“First and foremost, [I] have a desire to inform and educate all women that they are precious and priceless in the sight of God. Because of that, a woman shouldn’t lower herself in any way. In the book what I seek to do is exalt and extol the value of singleness; how it can be a gift of God [and] how it is a blessed gift. The Lord Jesus was single, and he was able to embrace his singleness and use it for the purpose of ministry. I also point to women in history who have given their lives in singleness and really thought to serve others. Singleness is something that the Bible really condones and promotes.”

While the book might ruffle some feathers for being yet another tome about black women’s love lives from a man, Pastor Johnson says he doesn’t let brothas off the hook either. He told the Christian Post the “book also serves as a wake-up call to African-American men who aren’t taking care of their own lives, [and] who aren’t seeking to be faithful or responsible to African-American women in their community,”

According to the book’s website Call Tyrone will explore interracial dating (Pastor Johnson says it should be an option for black women), the “trend” of successful black men dating “out,” what rap music has done to our communities, dating across religious lines, and why black women should stay single rather than settle for unsuitable mates.

Call Tyrone is scheduled to be released on June 1.

What do you think of the book’s premise? Would you read it?  

  • gmarie

    Easier to prey on them for money and affections if they stay single. I see what he did there…

  • MrTruthTeller

    LOL !! So you should remain single because Jesus was single.

  • lulu

    let’s see if we can make it a week without an article about what’s wrong with black women

  • Bangel

    I was disappointed to read the premise of his article. At first I thought he was talking about staying single instead of compromising and being with a man who is unfaithful, faithless, abusive, etc, but his argument is not a good one. In this day and age we need as many strong black families as possible, and being single just to be single is not cutting it in my opinion.

  • overseas_honeybee

    +1 and Amen! Doubt it will happen though.

  • Crystal

    Ok, so the underlying message is to pursue your purpose on earth as a single which often times becomes a complicated balancing act when in a relationship or marriage. The other message I got was don’t settle for anything less than you deserve which is a re-occurring message from a lot of relationship “experts”. This applies to men and women in my opinion.

    More of the same just from a God perspective.

  • Trisha

    I am actually hoping this article as well as the book initiates a quite few discussions and debates. Even though, numerous articles one way or another seem to circle around single black women, this one actually may have us ponder a few thoughts. When I read the first part of the title, “Call Tyrone” that part turned me off. I was thinking “here we go again somebody else trying to sale a book”. Really “Call Tyrone” is very befitting for the status of the single black female. The truth of the matter is until a man comes along having “unlike Call Tyrone qualities” it is best for the female to remain single (depending on that woman’s mindset I should say). For some women it’s okay to have a man that’s not bringing much to the table. For instance; he may not have transportation, no income, or any “know-how” to incorporate a better change for his current situation which affects you. As long as they have a male companion, it’s all hunky-dory.

    After visiting Call Tyrone: Why Black Women Should Remain Single Or…,website, I am very interested in reading this book. From reading through its table of contents, this book appears as food for personal reflection. Depending on what point you are in your life; sooner or later, you just may decide you are better off single. The perfect opportunity has presented itself for self- elevation and a stronger spiritual walk. When you are in a committed relationship, you don’t have as much time to focus on yourself. In addition, for married couples *biblically speaking *they are to sacrifice and serve each other. Their position is not to be as concerned with the church as that of a single person’s. This is the branch to why singleness shouldn’t be viewed as such a detriment. In the midst of serving, you are on the way towards your destiny and purpose.

    When you are in a strong relationship that is good FOR you and TO you then you are able to build each other up and as an end result; you’re able to contribute towards a strong church, environment or any organization. It’s a great fit to evoke change for the better. If you in the wrong relationship, it is the complete opposite. One person is lacking so much or perhaps maybe he/she isn’t complimenting or supporting you, then you exist in a tug-a-war situation standing in quicksand. In the end, are you better off being single serving the Lord and dedicating 100% of your time to elevating yourself verses being in unfulfilling relationship going nowhere? Then again, it is an individual’s decision. One woman or man may be satisfied with what they have. This book in my opinion is great for the single black female or male desiring more of a good or spiritual relationship.

    At the end of the day, the more you love yourself the more you embrace “singleness” until a good (hopefully great) relationship comes along.

  • http://cupofjo-jo.blogspot.com bk chick

    Wow another predator making money off the “Single black female” zeitgeist….what a surprise

  • C

    Someone should tell preacher man that there is also a *trend* of successful Black women dating out. This guy does not give a damn about Black women he just wants to keep his meal tickets.

  • Quinne

    its sad that so many people are trying to capitialize on an industry that shouldnt even be there, “the plight of the single black woman.” The pastor made the biggest mistake by making it gender oriented. Anyone with a true spiritual foundation knows that this applies to males as well, but he knew that including the men would not sell books. So this isnt about saving souls its about $$$.

    like a previous commentor said, the purpose in singleness is to maximize your spiritual walk with God, because he understands how difficult it will be trying to build a foundation while married.

    And yes Jesus was single but that was because marriage wasnt part of His God led purpose on the earth, which means there are women AND men who may not be called to marry due to a bigger purpose in life, the pastor just killed the credibility by making it a half blanket statement in only including women

    and lasty gmarie let that stronghold go in regards to “money.” Once you realize the money isnt yours to begin with its Gods, and He will deal with the person if they mishandle it, you will be set free to do acquire and do so much more with it

  • Trisha

    Hmm..you are very discerning! I will read the book. I am gravitating towards some of the chapter titles. I do agree by placing the emphasis on “the plight of the single black woman”, he is for sure capitalizing on the mighty dollar. “Call Tyrone” is his catch phrase.

  • Jinx Moneypenny

    …I bet. That’s who the church gets the most money from.

    NO THANKS. Keep your book sir.

  • QofNewcastle

    Ive often thought about this issue and I think we need to be honest about the types of black women who are in churches. The women in church arent single because of church but are in church because they are single. In my family all the churchy types are very overweight. They have very little sexual appeal.

    The reason this disturbing message will appeal to the black church ladies is because their singleness is a foregone conclusion. Denial is a powerful thing. They will convince themselves that theyre singleness is their choice and due to their religious obligation but they know they have few options. Let this man pacify these women. The church is the few joys they have in life.

  • Super Negra

    This is stupid…you are using your own metabolism challenged family as the basis of your argument? If you don’t go to church, then how would you know? You sound bitter.

  • QofNew


    Im telling the truth. The men in my family are extremely fit.

    Ive been to a Nigerian church. All the women are married and good looking or young single and good looking.

  • QofNew


    Im telling the truth. The men in my family are extremely fit.

    Ive been to a Nigerian church. All the women are married and good looking or young single and good looking.

    Sorry if this is a double post.

  • Tight Lipped Mary


    i will save my money

  • http://www.chicnoirhouse.blogspot.com Chic Noir


    Lady you better leave that weight talk alone. I’m still sitting in a tub of epsom salt trying to heal from that verbal beatdown I got on the thinspiration post.

  • Socially Maladjusted


    “Easier to prey on them for money and affections if they stay single. I see what he did there…”

    Oh man this ^

    naills it to the wall in neon lights.


  • http://www.chicnoirhouse.blogspot.com Chic Noir

    I really wish people would stop making this crap. I’ve had random guys self print there own version of “the blk wmen’s single problem” book and try to sell it to me on the streets or I see them on vendor’s tables. Why are blk women buying this crap???

    I really wish the MSM would get over its fascination with us.

    Most of this stuff is pure trash.

  • Trisha

    @Q Are you trying to start a heated debate? I think most do agree that this is yet another plot to sell a book. I just want to point out a lot of beautiful attractive women have joined the church out of pure desire to cultivate their walk with Christ. Then their are some church ladies as well as men who has experienced a brokenhearted which drew them close to Christ. What I have discovered is often times attractive single women aren’t embraced as quickly as the married woman. There is a fear of the attracted black single woman in the church is whether or not if she is a home wrecker. Even if she is not, she is fed with a long handle spoon. It holds true in the opinion of most, single and married shouldn’t socialize in a close circle. Depending on how strong an attractive single woman’s faith is she may or may not be able to withstand this type of treatment. This could be the reason why you don’t see as many attractive single women in the church. They realize they are not single by choice. Their desire for marriage is strong so they will read the book. You are right, the book will pacify for a well. Either way, the single black woman will have the wait for a good relationship just like men. In actuality majority of these books only pacify and not get to the root of the issue.

  • Dreaming

    I’m Agnostic, so I don’t go to church, nor do I need someone to tell me that interracial dating is an option. I’ve always been interested in ‘rainbeaus’.

  • apple

    they dont need a book to tell them why they’re single

  • Monique

    I agree. I think people are too quick to write the book off as a ploy to get paid off of the single woman’s fears, but the TRUTH is: MANY Black, Christian, Single women are constantly wondering when and if they will ever find a Black man who is what the bible says a Good husband and father should be. Whether or not you want to acknowledge it, doesn’t make it any less real. And if this book is pointing out to Christian women how they should find the positive side of being single (since they are), then I’m all for it!

  • H

    Deep down most women know why they’re single. I mean some black women need to be honest with themselves like Jill Scott wincing when she sees a black man with a white woman. Some of y’all need to drop the weight. Looks aren’t everything, but a man is not going to approach you if you look a mess or if he finds you unattractive. I rarely hear beautiful, fit, black women with good attitudes bemoaning the fact that they can’t find a man. If you’re in a city with successful black men, it won’t be that hard to find one. If you aren’t, maybe you should date out. If that’s a problem, then date down – not low enough that you’re dating thugs though.

    I simply refuse to believe that a beautiful woman can’t find a mate. When a beautiful, fit, woman can’t find or keep a man, that usually signals an attitude problem, so maybe these black women who are having trouble finding men need to work on their weight and looks. If not that, then ask yourself are you constantly throwing your independence in men’s faces? Are you a nag? Are you inconsiderate? Do you give your guy a back rub after work every now and then? Do you cook home cooked meals? Do you dress to impress when going out? Do you do fun activities together like bike riding not just sitting around watching movies? These are all things some women are not doing. Some black women have dropped the ball when it comes to looks and attitude. They don’t even know what the problem is, but then want to say they can’t find a man.

  • pink

    Like it, or not, want to, or not………the fact of the matter is that a lot of women will remain single because they don’t have marriage options. Most men aren’t knocking down women’s doors asking for their hand in marriage. It’s a sad state of affairs that the traditional family appears to be going by the wayside. I wouldn’t step my foot into this man’s church.

  • pink

    And Mr. Open Door Church what advise do you give to men? Probably none because 90% of attendees at (most) churches are women.

  • pink

    gmarie: I’m not saying that they all are; but a lot of ministers are nothing more than pimp hustlers in sheep clothing. Can the Sister-hood say Amen. Wake up ladies

  • pink

    Jinx my thoughts exactly

  • I`am Not MADD

    Total Lifetime Grosses
    Domestic: $33,636,303
    Domestic Summary
    Opening Weekend: $33,636,303
    (#1 rank, 2,015 theaters, $16,693 average)
    “Think Like a Man” says it all…Alot of you don`t talk the talk or do the walk.and you Complaint that no one hears “U”.Mr.johnson will used you just like the player`s in that
    movie have .We all would like to have somebody to love or befriend .It just takes time…
    Ps. to “H” f#$k you….

  • EbonyLolita

    You know why I’m single Mr. Preacher Man?! I’m single b/c I will NOT date a man w/over 2children with multiple women, a felonious record & no emotional/psychological stability. I gotta get THEE hell outta NYC in order to expand my options b/c NYC is a tough place to get into a thoughtful, serious relationship.

    God gave me common sense to know my worth. I will not devalue it by getting into a relationship w/a man who I know is not on my emotional/psychological level. I will NOT do it. I don’t want to be bothered w/the multiple children b/c I have NONE. I like to use my coins for trips, quality time. If I got w/a man w/multiple children & expected him to take his $$$ & spend on me I’d be enabling him to take away from his CHILDREN. I will NOT participate in this.

    I don’t need a damn book to teach me these lessons. Common sense & respect for myself, other women, especially mothers, won’t allow me to do it.

    Due to my line of work, Law Enforcement, I see too much & thank GOD for it. I don’t want a jailbird. Now b4 you start getting on me about ppl changing their live. Honey, beat IT!!! Most men w/a felonious history have a certain mentality that I cannot prescribe to & don’t want to b/c they’re always hustling in the wrong way & always want to get over on the “system” and other ppl, especially WOMEN. If you really heard what goes on behind bars & how these men use women it’ll make you sick.

    I’d rather be single & childless then throwing away my happiness just to get a man & have a baby. This leads to being alone anyway, just with a mouth to feed & a stressed out spirit. The hell with this & any other relationship book. Keep ya faith in GOD, not Man & Mr. Right4You will come.

  • C

    The fact is that alot of men in other groups are still getting married even with the divore rates, etc…alot of men in other groups are marrying but alot of Black men are not married to anyone; but Black women are still waiting around for them instead of getting their degrees and hightailing it to Spain, China, Ghana, Utah, Alaska, etc. There is so much going on in the world and it seems like Black women do not know it. You are in America with so many options but so many of you are just scared, terrified, noooooo self esteem whatsoever. What happened to you all Black women- I thought you were fearless!. Where did your balls go! Who took them or who did you give them to and why did you give it to them?. Where did this learned helplessness come from? GEESH! Here are some blogs I think all Black women should know if you all dont already-These blogs should be a must for all Black women whether in college or hschool, whether married(to a black man or not), whether a doctor or cashier, single or gay…These blogs are brilliant.

    (*BLACKFEMALEINTERRACIAL MARRIAGE*)-google it. I know it has interracial marriage in its name and thats one of the biggest sins a Black woman can commit(according to some) but the blog author is brilliant and she talks about so many issues.Keep an open mind.You will not be disappointed.

    Sojouners passport

    Google them all and click their links to other blogs. Keep an open mind.

  • C

    Muslim Bushido

  • overseas_honeybee

    There’s only one book I’ll be checking for and that’s the Bible. It contains everything I need to know for where I’m trying to go. My focus is on my salvation not Tyrone or Craig or whoever else.

    Everything has a time and place and a seaon and right now it’s my season to enjoy my life and try to do the best I can to live right and serve God. A man will come TRUST.

    I still exercise, eat right, laugh daily and take care of my body because I want to be around for a while. You draw the energy that you put out.

    Yes, I am currently single (just got out of a relationship) and in the church and still FLY.

  • I`am Not MADD

    So you got a GUN but are souless.

  • Super Negra

    Ebony is right…sure some black women have issues…so do white, yellow and purple women…but who wants a black man with no job, no aspirations, 3 babymamas, living with his mama with no car? I have met many men like this and I refuse to date them. I will be single until I meet a man with a job, less than two kids, a car and a pot to piss in. And NO, Im not fat or ugly. I am educated, with a good job, in shape, can cook and I don’t have a nasty attitude. As a woman I am not here to be captain save a man.

  • @yo_q_crush

    but thats the problem supa negra, and what I feel the pastor tried to convey but had the wrong approach, you shouldnt be sitting around waiting, you need to be WORKING. Working to find out what God needs you to do in the earth, working to establishing a solid foundation in your faith, working to be the BEST you, you can be… When you begin to do all that you no longer are consumed with your singleness and thus have shown God that when He does bring you your Mr. Right for you, your relationship with Him wont be foresaken and will be able to co-exist…

    (and before some of you even say it, yes the man has to be at a certain level in his walk as well and if he is seeking out Gods guidance, God wont lead him to Mrs Right-for-him until he is in order) all these broken, empty relationships can be attributed to the fact that you didnt seek God first… you let your flesh lead you

  • @yo_q_crush

    I cant speak on the church you attend but the 3 i have over the past 4 years (1 in charlotte NC and two in Tampa FL) have had large amounts of ACTIVE males in their congregation… and yes while it pales in the % of women attendees its no way near the 10% but thats neither here nor there. What your question does awaken is the fact that men do have work to do and just like God expects women to be in a right place spiritually before she can receiver her Boaz, He expects man to be in a certain place as well before he can receive his Proverbs 31 woman…

  • HopeChest

    Thank goodness for Buddhism. Been chanting since 2005. Not knocking Christianity or the chuch folk. Just glad to know there’s other faiths out there that don’t have this ‘wait and see’ theme.

    Peace and Respect.

    (in my best Tina Turner voice)

    nam myoho renge kyo.

  • Socially Maladjusted

    Wow well as a man the bitter tone of some of these comments scares the hell outta me.


    No one person can do all the things and be all the things you’re demanding here. Most of what you’re asking for is provided by -


    Haven’t spotted a single commentor who impresses me as someone who is able to offer a tenth of what is being demanded from a man here.

    This woman’s insight really impresses me -

    by Harriet Fraad.Published on April 20, 2012

    First marriages, sometimes cynically called “starter marriages” often don’t work. Second and third marriages work out even less. Americans marry and also divorce more than any other people on earth. I believe that a prime reason for our remarkable remarriage rate is Americans’ loneliness in our time of disconnection from each other.

    According to Cacioppo and Patrick’s brilliant book,
    “Lonliness” our basic sense of self is built on three legs of support.

    Each leg is a way of connecting to others. One basic support is personal, individual, intimate connection to a person who puts us at the center of her or his emotional life. The second is a relational connection to a wider circle of friends and/or family whom we trust and with whom we share personal bonds. The third leg of support is collective connection to a wider group. This can be a political group, a work-related group, a religious group, a sports group or any other social group with which we identify and with whom we are active. Americans have lost two of the three legs that hold up our sense of self. We have become isolated and separate from relational and collective supports.

    Countless studies agree that Americans are disconnected from one another. The most thorough is Robert Putnam’s book, “Bowling Alone” In one dramatic example, Putnam points out that in spite of the increase in the US population since 1970, there are fewer members in active groups in America now than were in bowling leagues alone in 1970. One out of four Americans has no one to talk to even in a crisis. Americans may marry more than other people because they have lost two of the three basic constructs for a human self. A vast number of Americans has neither a circle of friends nor trusted family members nor collective connection to and membership in a wider social group. People may look to marriage to support them on every level.

    Marriage is the only form of deep connection our society enthusiastically endorses. People seek marriages for the same reason they are so hard to sustain. People need marriage to do the impossible job of compensating for social loneliness and collective disconnection. When marriages work, they can be a basis of deep, lasting and productive partnership in which people connect around collective actions, deeply held beliefs, shared trusted friends and family members, and intimate relational bonds.

    Although some marriage partnerships help people profoundly, most fail. Marriage was never, nor could it ever be, a substitute for a wider relational circle or social collectivity. Traditional marriage was, historically, in law and in practice, a relationship of male dominance and female and child subordination. It is not something the left needs to celebrate. However, the left and feminism both need to address the breakdown of the one cooperative and non-capitalist form of connection that Americans counted on.

  • Anon

    For the first time, I actually agree with you in terms of the church going ladies. I don’t know too many in single digit sizes with a husband/man. As bad as it sounds, if church IS their only joy in life, then while I am all about awareness for who and what they’re supporting, I’m not going to be the one to take away their only source of support and meaning.

  • Anon

    None of this will end until there’s a new president in office. So either the assaults will slowly decrease in November, or hit a whole new stratesphere.

    I STILL can’t believe that there are black women who went out and paid money for “Think Like a Man” and then get on the internet and whine about BW articles.

  • Socially Maladjusted

    Why don’t any of these buffoonish “love gurus” ever break it down like that ^^? They never go into any depth about the human need for social connection beyond the limits of the man/woman unit.

    Always trying to steer us to find fulfilment in some mythical ideal man or woman that doesn’t exist.

    No -

    don’t be SINGLE or only in a DOUBLE

    neither of those can satisfy the full range of the human need for social connection.

    Be part of a COLLECTIVE.

    Be a joiner, member, a fan, a player, a helper, a mucker in >>

    not just a lover.

  • @yo_q_crush

    who ever said you were supposed to isolate yourself once married… boy I tell you, ignorance will be the demise of a people.

    No where in the BIBLE is there scripture that says man take to wife and dont talk to anyone else but your wife and kids… the problem is married people bring their own baggage, insecurities, and problems into a marriage and dump them on the other person. Which is why you have a man who will cut off contact with friends and family, because his wife suggested it because she had prior issues with the friends and family of men she had no business dating…

    Order in God could be established if you woke up and applied it to life. But dont try to bring God into a union and make it a subfloor when the foundation is still void of his teaching and his principles…and part of that order is RIGHT relationship not only with your nuclear family but your spiritual family (which extends to everyone) but too often we have hidden agendas or feel people have hidden agendas so we cannot operate in the relationship as God called it…

    Case in point: Who ever came up with the “men and women cant be friends” needs to be slapped. its not that they cant be, its just there has to be a mutual respect and boundaries set… but people circumvent order and allow their fleshy desires to override what God has ordained (and they wonder why their life isnt as full of the prosperity, joy and blessing that its supposed to)
    your life should be scripture based and if someone cannot directly point to teaching in the Bible on that topic, disregard their teaching because its FALSE (and even if it has a scripture still do research to verify)

  • Anon

    Like it is JUST black women who have been taking note of the paucity of MEN out there, not older boys and dudes. And I’m talking MEN period.

    And frankly, NOPE. I don’t cook meals for someone I’m only dating. My grandmother told all of us the same thing, “wifely things come with wifely rings”.

  • Socially Maladjusted


    what gobledygook! @^^

    “who ever said you were supposed to isolate yourself once married”

    Nobody did

    what was said was – people expect too much from marriage.

    Seems fairly simple to grasp to me.

    “boy I tell you, ignorance will be the demise of a people.”

    For sure and they won’t even know that ignorance is what killed em.


  • @yo_q_crush

    my comment was in response to the below quote that insinuates that there is a sector of people who believe that once they get married they are to disconnect from the rest of society..

    “…I believe that a prime reason for our remarkable remarriage rate is Americans’ loneliness in our time of disconnection from each other.”

    you even said something of a need for human connection beyond the male/female interaction;

    who said that it couldnt be there… your previous misguided belief system placed that wedge that shouldnt have been there to begin with.

  • Socially Maladjusted

    I think we’re starting to go around in circles here.

    “I believe that a prime reason for our remarkable remarriage rate is Americans’ loneliness in our time of disconnection from each other.”

    Your interpretation of this remark doesn’t seem to have any resemblence to what it says.

    I read it as – people get married and divorced and married again, to overcome their loneliness, expecting marriage to provide all the social supports that community should provide.

    It’s that simple.

    No where does it say that people are told to isolate themselves.

    Now that’s the third time it’s been explained to you.

    My advice is – stop arguing, go away and let it sink in, then go over it again, then come back if you have any more questions.

  • @yo_q_crush

    Im not arguing… i never argue, we are having a conversation with a difference of opinions which derived from the inability to see each others point of view…

    but like i was saying even in your own interpretation, who out there is expecting marriage to fulfill all the social desires a person needs… are you married? Me marrying my wife had nothing to do with my expectation of her being my “end all be all” socially. all of my boys who are happily married dont operate their marriages in that off-centered mindset as well.. we all have lives outside of our interaction with our wives whether its fraternal affiliations or hobbies.

    I was a self sufficient single and she was as well and when we entered into our union we maintained our individuality and personal interests.

    who ever is entering marriage with the mindset of their spouse being their EVERYTHING is concoting a recipe for disaster in their marriage and it is ontradictory to biblical teaching.

  • Socially Maladjusted

    Well ok – it is only the authors opinion, one that I find to be a persuasive argument for the cause of marital breakdown.

    If you have any better ideas and by better I mean original ideas, not steeped in religious gobledygook – then let’s hear it.

    This woman has solid research supporting her conclusions.

    Do you?

  • @yo_q_crush

    first of all i dont speak from a religious point of view… religion is nothing but man made habits rituals and idealogies that are futile attempts to recapture the RELATIONSHIP that Adam lost when he sinned against God…

    secondly, if you arent in position to receive Gods word (which is the foundation of everything) I cant help you, becuase my views will always be deep in that because it works and I am a living testimoney of it.

  • Socially Maladjusted



  • pink

    Crush: Pleeeeeez stop the madness. There have been tons of women that have seeked, and put god first for years. AND THEY STILL DON’T HAVE ANYONE.

  • pink

    Ebony: If you want to get out of NYC so-beth (I love NYC). But newsflash!!…I know women all over the country; California, the dirty south, clean south, Florida, midwest, Chicago, DC area, St Louis, Arkansas, etc. and guess what….they all have stories of not being able to find a desirable mate. Visa vi a man that is serious about a one on one relationship. Most can’t find anyone to date; much less marry. And for the record these are educated, mostly good looking women with their heads on straight.

  • http:www.chicnoirhouse.blogspot.com Chic Noir

    anon= L ____ from another site. I thought that was you :)

    and agreed that the election has brought about so much of this hatred.

  • http:www.chicnoirhouse.blogspot.com Chic Noir


    I second Muslim Bushido. She is the truth and she does not play with trolls.

  • Chrissy

    I also cosign Muslim Bushido and her other blog.

  • Wuluwulu

    I will not be reading the book, because I don’t need instruction on how to run my life. if the intention of the author is to uplift black women because they are being beaten in the media then I hope those women who purchase the mateiral find value in his words. I already understand the system so I have the thick skin needed to live in the world as a black person.

    Truth be told, if I was married earlier in my life I would have been divorced, perhaps even more than once. I was in no condition to be anybody’s wife, and definitely not a mother either. Now, I can be married because I have taken the time to work through my issues and I know now that I would make an excelelnt wife and mother. I think singlehood is the time to work through issues that may surface and damage a marriage.

  • C


    All those women you know…Black -right? and they are content to sit and complain-right?
    The fact is there is no shortage of men in America- if you are willing to move out of your comfort zones. Black women are a small part of the population…They are outnumbered in the millions by other race men and yes, some are racist but even with that there are enough willing(TRUST ME ON THIS) to go around….but they are not coming to your Black neighborhoods to find you. Black women must stop segregating yourselves.

    Let me tell you a secret…If Black men do not meet White and other race women in school or work, etc…They go where they are to meet them and it aint in Black neighborhoods or social settings. I see them in Barnes and Noble with magazines open on their laps, not reading, hoping a White girl will pay attention; I see them them in Starbucks; I see them in Goodwill when I go to buy cheap books(fyi-you can find great books for cheap there) grinning at the White girls.They are not segregating themselves at all-their options are wide open and that is their business. Im not saying Black women should be chasing down anyone-there is no need to- but you all cannot segregate yourselves. THERE IS SO MUCH OUT THERE YOU ALL DONT KNOW!. Tell your friends to check out those blogs up top; There is no need to be alone or to dry up on the vine when you are outnumbered by millions of men in America.

  • pink

    @C: Let’s be real about the situation…(some) White/Latino men may give a sister a nod…but most aren’t willing to date, or get into a serious relationship with a sister. That’s just fact, and there are many reasons why. For one (not all…but most people stick with their own race), plus I’m sure a lot of white & latino guys don’t want society’s (so-called) stigma of dating outside of their race. It can be complicated for everyone involved. As for Starbucks, and Barnes and Noble……lots of sisters frequent these places. I think you posted something earlier about going to Europe where white men are more open to dating a black woman. But realistically how many sisters are going to go out of the country to try and attract a man….seriously

  • http:www.chicnoirhouse.blogspot.com Chic Noir


    Blk women make up less than 7% of the population. Trust me, the numbers work themselves out.

  • omfg

    lmao @h

    there was this very goodlooking black man in the store the other day. he was staring at me. but then up walks his fat arsed white/latina woman.

    so, he seemed to prefer a fat white woman over a fit, fine black woman like me.


    and the back rub thing… omfg…

    keep talking in circles.

  • C


    I speak from experience. Yes, there are racists but I have been there done that with all and I see Black women who are prettier and more accomplished in my opinion, so there is no reason for Black women to be alone or not married if they want to be. Black women are outnumbered by other race men by the millions…but they are not coming to your hoods to find you; People will surprise you if you give them a chance. A lot of other race men wont approach Black women because they think they wont have a chance. Black men know what they are doing and trust what I wrote is true,LOL. Black women, life is out there but you have to go live it.

    Check out these blogs

    Black female interracial marriage
    Sojourners Passport
    Muslim Bushido
    On YouTube: 4Blackwomenonly

  • C

    You dont have to leave the country to find a mate…Lots of Black women leave for adventure, to experience life outside of America, bad social situations etc, not solely to find a mate.

  • Pingback: Links of Great Interest: — The Hathor Legacy

  • http://CallTyroneBook.com Jomo K. Johnson

    The Interview with CBS Atlanta’s Lorraine Jacques White, on Call Tyrone is now available at CallTyroneBook.com

  • Pingback: The Meek Mill Boycott | Ministerial Life

  • Steve Kettering

    This pastor quite obviously has nothing on his mind except revenue. Single black women (many college educated and working good jobs) will no do doubt provide good revenue if they are church goers and more so if they dont have a husband and children to spend on. If this man thinks its such a good idea he should do it himself, but he wont. The Protestant movement in Christianity was a rejection of the Catholic churches interpretation of the Bible and one of the key points of reform or rejection was a celibate life style. Monasticism was rejected by protestantism and the lifestyle associated with it. My suggestion is that since the demographic reality is insurmountable, Black women should move to inter racial dating and also change their check lists. There are thousands of men out there for black women to marry, it just so happens that they are not black, but so what???? And if idiotic pastors keep trying to prevent black women from fulfilling their right to married life, they should consider changing churches or even religion!

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