It’s easy to tell that Spring has sprung when Facebook and Twitter explode with messages about how beautiful the weather is. Folks start brunching outside, going for walks, and declaring how much they love [insert random city here] in the Springtime. But along with the sentiments of celebration, there is always an influx of looks criticism directed mostly at women.

“Oh no she didn’t…I saw a girl on the train with some short shorts on that she knows she shouldn’t be wearing!”

“Um, I know the weather changed fast but some of these chicks shoulda stopped by the nail salon and done something about those toes!”

“It’s sundress time but not with that back-fat!”

“Flip-flops are not for you with those feet!”

Folks…we really need to stop this.

Yes, it’s kind of jarring when the weather changes and we see folks squeezing into last summer’s sundresses that simply do not fit as well as they did this time last year. It’s true that crusty feet are no one’s favorite things to look at and it’s completely normal to want to avoid seeing them. But dictating what other women should look like when they break out their summer gear is just another form of the attacks on women that Ashley Judd spoke out against last week. Many of us read her letter, agreed that women are often subjected to attacks on their appearances that would never be leveled against men, and are aware of the misogyny and negativity involved.

Yet we still find a “loophole” through which to judge other women on their warm-weather readiness. Ultimately, who cares if another woman isn’t quite fitting into her outfit but is trying to get her summer look on? What difference does it make whether or not the next woman has prioritized pedicures, can even afford them, or is stuck with the gnarled feet of a former dancer? How does this really affect us? Let homegirl’s hot feet chill.

Don’t get me wrong — I’m guilty of it, too. I’ve also had a thing or two to say about men who decide that it’s time for them to throw leather sandals on feet that shouldn’t see the light of day. But overwhelmingly, the “the weather changed and look at folks trippin'” comments are directed at women.

If you’re not guilty of this behavior, call it out when you hear or see people doing it. This year, let’s stop the cycle of criticism and put our focus where it belongs — on ourselves.

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  • eh,

    Wear clothes according to your size! Don’t try to squeeze a booty that is supposed to be fit a size 10 in a size 0! That shid is disgusting!

    • Karen

      For your sake I hope that you will NEVER gain weight nor will you ever wear something ill-fitting (yes I’m being sarcastic!!!)

    • eh——————->save me the weight BS!

      Dress for your size, that goes for everyone involved!

    • mamareese

      Cosigned sealed and delivered……yes! There are too many big girls….even big girl bloggers that need to heed this fully….you are not a 14 you are a 20….STOP with the bodycon dresses with all yo gut smashed in the front. STOP with the high gloss spandex that got your vayjayjay rolled up to your neck! Invest in shapewear and a pedi for them toes…fake it til you get there ma! BTW I am a big girl that konws how to put it down…don’t come for me:)

  • O’Phylia

    You mean that’s not our job???

  • Nixy

    As a chick with seriously scary feet, thanks for the thought. lol. Normally I keep mine under wraps, but sometimes I just dont care, let them stare

    • FelicityR

      Ditto, lol. My feeties are far from cute, but I’mma have ’em out this summer! Shea butter and polish does wonders for my dancer feet.

    • Epsom salt, castor oil and a pumice stone have worked miracles on my feet lol

  • While I am quick to call out the offenses you described but have thought twice about it since my boyfriend picked up on how much I do that and when he brought it to my attention I felt embarrassed. When I thought about it, I realized they aren’t impacting my life in any way so to even verbalize anything comes off as a petty although it still irritates me to no end when I see the following:

    -bright colored fish nets before 5 pm
    -too small shorts
    -short skirts exposing disgusting cellulite
    -bandeau tops worn with shorts and wedges when there isn’t a beach in a 20 mile radius

    • chanela

      annnd this is the reason why i don’t feel comfortable in the summer time. you are so lucky that you are fortunate enough to have good genetics to where you don’t have any cellulite.unfortunately everybody is NOT YOU. i’m 21 years old,no kids, not fat AT ALL but yet i have the cellulite of a 45 year old mother of 3. that isn’t my fault, it won’t go away and that has already been proven.

      what am i supposed to do when its 103 outside in cali? wear sweats? tights MIGHT work but it’s still too hot for that. i was told that nobody notices that stuff but i guess people do. i feel like everybody is staring at my untight legs.

  • luverly

    Maturity at its finest …if you don’t like it then don’t look. If you’re that judgmental you must think that you are perfect.

    • La, Ca Dreaming

      In order to not look at something, it must completely be out of view. Most of us are judgmental in one form or another, and it doesn’t always come from thinking one is perfect.

    • @lurvely

      Please, if you are going to be wearing a top that is meant for tots and then you are going to sing about the lack of immaturity when folks stare or point, you brought it on for yourself. And no, I don’t think I am perfect. Common sense, that’s all!