Over the last year I’ve shared web shows and indie films from up-and-coming writers and directors of color in an attempt to help them share their work with the world. Supporting these artists is important to me because it has become increasing clear that the mainstream media doesn’t care about black folks and our stories.

Although my inbox is full of requests to feature content, unfortunately I can’t share it all. But recently I went through my email and found this gem: The Unwritten Rules.

The Unwritten Rules is a new web series by Kim Williams and is based on her 2004 book, Unwritten Rule: The Diary of a Nigger, Negro, Colored, Black, African-American Woman. Williams is a 15-year vet of the industry and said she wrote the book after often being the only black person on the job.

She describes the show as:

The comedic realities of being an African-American in a predominantly white workplace. Like the novel, the series delves into the main character, Racey Jones’ head to uncover real situations, truthful thoughts, honest reactions, and hilarious moments that African-Americans experience in the workplace.

The Unwritten Rules stars Aasha Davis of Pariah and Friday Night Lights, and judging from the trailer, it has tons of potential.

Check out a sneak peek of The Unwritten Rules and catch the first episode when it premieres on April 25.

  • shadow

    Can’t wait! It looks funny!

  • shadow

    Oh, BTW, is there any word on Boulevard West? Janine from House of Payne is supposed to be in it. Heard about it almost a year ago, then nothing…

  • http://purplekeychain.blogspot.com purplekeychain

    I’ll def be watching this.

  • @work_Bored

    OMG I really hope this is good; this is exactly what I need!! I work in a predominately white office and most of the African Americans I see are from the mail room or assistants. I am better then my co-worker (no offense) and yes sometimes I do have an attitude because a lot of the people in the office makes me question how they got the job! (I promise you!)

    Doing the transition from college to “Corporate America” it, unfortunately made me see how people can really, still be racist. :( and i had a semi hard time having to adjust to this stupid hierarchy, and trying to figure out how i should behave…lol I won’t lie I totally felt like I was representing black ppl.

    Some ppl may say I’m stupid “you should be yourself” but at first I really felt I had to make sure everything I did was right or they would look at me and think typical black girl. It took a few months for me to observe ppls behaviors and personality, Before I can show them mine (of course I knew ppl were still racist but i was fortunate to never have it right on my door step)

  • Falis

    This looks really good! I hope the episodes are long & frequent, lol. Can’t wait!

  • dvine

    can’t wait.. will be watching.. it looks funny and that girl looks like the girl from AMTM.. i’m sure it’s her..

  • Kim

    I work in the software industry where black folks are few and far between. I can totally relate to this. I will definitely be watching.

  • Andrea

    From this preview the acting seem somewhat forced and unnatural but the show looks interesting. I’ll check it out.

  • Kam

    I will be looking out for this!

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