Newark Mayor Cory Booker was treated for smoke inhalation and second degree burns at a New Jersey hospital last night after rescuing his next door neighbor from a fire in her home. He even said that at one point he considered that he may have to jump out of the window to avoid the flames. So basically, he’s kind of like a superhero. Who helps women in distress. And is handsome.Well, now.

Booker told the Star-Ledger that he’d just returned from giving an interview when he learned that the second floor of the house was on fire and rushed over to help. Two people had already been rescued from the home when he heard the cries of a woman from inside. Booker explains that he fought off his own security detail and ran in.

“I suddenly had the realization that I can’t find this woman…I look behind me and see the flames and I think “I’m not going to get out of here. Suddenly I was at peace with the fact that I was going to jump out the window.”

Then he heard her cries in a back bedroom.

“I just grabbed her and whipped her out of the bed,” Booker said. The two made their way downstairs, where they both collapsed, Booker said.

That’s some Superman type stuff. To be even more dreamy, Booker took to his Twitter account (where he regularly responds to requests for city services because the man also does not play around when it comes to being mayor) to let everyone know he was fine.
You know, just a little smoke inhalation, no big deal. Meanwhile, the fire department says that the woman Cory Booker rescued could have easily died had he not been there to save the day.

Can we give this rare brother a round of applause?

[By the way, to save you a Google search, Booker has been rumored to have dated Veronica Webb and more recently Gayle King, but none of that is official.]


  • hehe

    Always had a crush on Mr.Booker,this just intensified it *sigh*.

  • shakira hightower

    yeah it’s the right thing to do but it’s also just SEXY!!!!! Damn C-Money! ;)

  • purplekeychain

    Sure we can, but how about we also focus on the woman he helped to save? I heard this story on NPR this morning, and I was like, Okay so what happened to o’girl? The last sentence in the story was “There is no news on the woman’s condition.”

    Um, wtf?

  • mamareese

    Whew lawd….he can put out my fiya….save me Mayor Booker save me!!! LOL kudos…he is fine though….

  • Dalili

    Oh my! **swoon**……. I wish them both a speedy recovery!

  • smm

    I’m a long time admirer of Mr.Booker and he continues to prove himself worthy of admiration.

  • Alexandra

    Everyone said the obvious. He’s the best looking mayor, ever!

  • t..

    can we say re-election?! wooh! thats such a great thing he did

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