• solitairedoll

    I have no idea what I’ve just witnessed.
    But I feel bad for the youth of this nation.

  • Bee

    Wow, like watching a train wreck. I just don’t know what to say anymore about rap music, about Nicki Minaj, about black women pop stars nowadays.This is just sad.

  • Chrissy

    Hmm…I like Nicki’s look in this video

  • Ocean Blue (LaDreaming86)

    Eh, I am not a fan of hers, but I wasn’t annoyed by this. It’s nothing I would ever listen to on purpose though.

  • dgrrl

    “It’s nothing I would ever listen to on purpose though.” LOL! *stealing it*

  • http://juniysa.blogspot.com Juniysa Serens

    My IQ just dropped. Now it is back to above-average capacity.
    She really isn’t a bad rapper- it’s just the ‘excess’ around it that makes it so awful. If she did a stripped-down album or directed her rapping to really talking about issues, she could make an impact.

    Wishful thinking.

  • http://cupofjo-jo.blogspot.com bk chick

    Aside from the fact that this song shows off none of her actual talent, I think this style of music and rapping is pretty old, as well as the T&A shots. If this song were out in like 05-07 I think it woulda been hot, but this video is like watching someone rock a trend that was hot 10 seasons ago. can see this song being hot in the club but getting old fast…the type of the song u take a dance break to and go freshen up in the bathroom.

  • Chic.chica

    So is she bi again?

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  • GigiT

    I have no idea why, but when I saw Nicki and that green hair I instantly started singing Mary’s BK jingle. Crispy chicken, fresh lettuce…. SMH lol.

  • slim

    she can go away now

  • LuvIt289

    Yup. My thoughts exactly :-(

  • alldawg

    i like it better with the sound on mute.

  • The Taker

    *Le sigh* Like, I can’t even rock to the beat. She aint saying sh*t in the song, but damn atleast have a fire ass beat. She couldn’t even give me that. Hmph.

  • Single black male in ATL…


  • Zaza

    I’m pretty much done with Nicki. She was fun at first, but the novelty has worn off and I don’t find enough substance in what’s left. Yes we get it. You have a big ass, take your clothes off, wear crazy colours, and? Boring now. Yet I could hear a Missy or Lauryn album and they still sound as fresh and timeless as ever. I actually liked Massive Attack, Moment 4 Life etc , but she lost me with that Stupid Hoe and Starships nonsense.

    I think Nicki is lost at this stage: she still wants to appeal to rap fans and be real, yet she’s also trying to chase the bubblegum pop ‘six year olds singing to her song on Ellen’ dollar.

    Thing is, you’re only still repected by your orginal rap fans after going pop, if you’ve long established yourself in rap before crossing over. Its only a year or so since she really blew up and already she went after the pop dollar?!, too soon Nicki, too soon.
    Now her attempts to go back to ‘real nicki’ like with this video looks forced and desperate.

    Oh and will someone who loves Nicki please inform her about the tragedy of her lace front, why is it covering half her forehead!??? She is too damn rich to be going around with that on her head!

  • antoinette

    i hope those other girls taught nicki how to move her ass. another thing, its interesting how nicki is selling sex using other females. never seen that done before

  • antoinette

    another thing, why is she wearing a bathing suit and there aint no water to be seen/found, *confuse look*

    also do ya’ll think nicki stole this chick style(tokyp diiva)?


  • http://purplekeychain.blogspot.com purplekeychain

    Wrapped up in a

  • http://purplekeychain.blogspot.com purplekeychain

    I can proudly say that i have never listened to a whole NM track. Started listening to this and remembered why. Ugh.

  • Emmeaki

    I have been hearing about Nicki Minaj, but never listened to her music. I figured it would just be a bunch of B.S. This is the first song I ever heard by her, and I was right!

  • Emmeaki

    And you wonder why other races see black people as a bunch of animals!

  • pahje

    WTF!!!! OMG…. someone call 911. This is a tragedy. However, people actually support this kind of mess…music today that’s becoming way too graphic & meaningless.

    And my mouth dropped even more after reading Emmeaki’s last post. Just to say, it’s sad to see that this kind of image is disregarding the amazing achievements and success we do bring as a people to our society. We don’t deserve it, we mean more than it, but yet we jam to it in the clubs & in our cars?? I find myself turning off the radio & pulling out CDs too.

  • Ocean Blue

    “its interesting how nicki is selling sex using other females. never seen that done before

    “It’s interesting how Nicki is selling sex using other WOMEN.”

  • QCastle

    Im like confused ‘n stuff.

  • stone

    @Emmeaki What the hell does this video have to do with other races seeing Black people as animals? First of all who cares what they think, and 2nd of all, this bimbo and this people in the video have nothing ti do with all Black people. So no other race has strippers huh? You sound mad ignorant.

  • msbklynqn

    Is she talking about herself when she say “they ain’t saying nothing”? Because she ain’t saying nothing. I blame the hip hop vets for this. They should’ve passed on some sort of skillz to the new generation

  • Simone L

    I’m a little dumber now. I’m gonna need to find a cure for cancer so i can feel smart again.

  • me

    what the hell is she talking about in this song? in all her songs as a matter of fact? who is seriously buying her records??? “they aint talking bout nothing”… I SERIOUSLY hope she was referencing herself…

    her body in that bikini looked the BOMB though.

    … sigh, when will she go away??

  • edub

    Watching this video on mute gives a bit of credence to your statement.

  • 2cents

    You discover a cure for cancer and I’ll find a way to end world hunger. See Nicki Minaj’s music does have a positive effect.

  • dat girl

    nicki minaj is interesting…good business woman,,esp getting that pepsi deal. I guess she knows how to play the game…she definitely uses her sex appeal to get it…but these songs are all about beats and the chorus..these kids dont care if it makes sense.

  • mahogany

    The standards keep getting lower and lower. SMH!

  • Leya R

    Ok I’m seriously gonna need somebody to tell me what’s so hot about her being totally artificial?!! from her fake butt, to some face injections, if there is any, which I’m sure there is, & let’s not forget that whole “Barbie” mess..smh…this song is literally stupid, but what else can we expect from her..*shrugs*

  • Kacey


  • http://www.sarahdjarnie.com Sarah

    I actually really like this song!!! it not suppose to be informative just entertainment.

  • annonymous

    i really love this song especially the beat but the video did confuse me a little bit but what do yal expect the song is dedicated to all the strippers around the world at least thats what she said in a interview… Im TeAm Nicki i dont care what anyone says about it!!! Go Nicki keep doing your thing!!!!!!!

  • http://Youtube Michaela

    This is not horrible so go sit down. Y.R.K

  • http://Youtube Michaela

    This is a fantastic video and not horrible or horrid like you Y.R.K 4 LIFE

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