No Longer Trapped In the Closet

by Demetria L. Lucas

Before I begin, let me just take my Feminist card out of my Louis and plunk it right on the figurative table. *Pushes it away, toward the center* Surely, you’ll want to revoke my card before you get to the end of this essay, and I’m fine with that. So there you go, it’s easier for you to nab.

Proudly wearing this metaphoric “F” on my ruffled dress has kept me too PC among some of the feminazis, as Limbaugh likes to call us. This has kept me from speaking from the crazy part of my mind where all the inappropriate, “feminists aren’t supposed to say that!” thoughts have been kept for too long. Today, I remove one from the vault:

I never stopped liking R. Kelly’s music. 

Yes, I’m a self-respecting Black woman, even though you may argue otherwise. No, I wouldn’t leave anyone’s non-adult kids, certainly none in my charge, and not even the offspring of the people who will call me names in the comments section, alone with him. I wouldn’t protest outside a courthouse to “Free R. Kelly” like some Black women did when he was on trial. But you tell me Kellz is performing at the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn this fall, and I might just sleep out overnight like they’re selling Jordans up in there.

There’s a reason that the “King of R&B” moniker never stuck when Whitney Houston (RIP) tried to anoint her husband with it to appease his ego: it’s a title best held by R. Kelly. He’s sold 50 million albums worldwide, and is one of just 1,2,3,4, 5— boom!— Black people to make the RIAA’s list of the best-selling people in the United States. Last year, Billboard named him the most successful R&B artist of the last 25 years. He’s got three Grammys for the same dang song (“I Believe I Can Fly”), and as proof of his songwriting skills, that long list of superstars he’s written for is always trotted out (Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Celine Deon, Luther Vandross and more). But honestly? It’s everything on from the opening lines (if you were in college anytime between 1994-2002 you know what they are) to “Feelin’ on Your Booty”, “When A Woman’s Fed Up” and “Ignition” that make him one of my favorite entertainers.

Until recently, I had not thought all that much about Kelly, had not played his music in I dunno how long, but I thought of him yesterday after watching that YouTube video of Brian McKnight where he dabbled in making an “adult mixtape”—allegedly a joke— and sang of promising to show a woman how her— wait for it — “pussy works”. I wrote about this song for The Root and called it McKnight’s attempt to “drive 120mph down the musical lane R. Kelly abandoned.”

  • GW

    (not sure if my first comment went through or not because I recieved an error message but if it did, I apologize for the repost!)

    But no shade to you and your musical preference, I just can’t get down with R. Kelly. Everytime I hear his music I get disgusted. Coming from someone that has been molested, I can’t roll with him because i think abiut what he “alledgedly” did. Coupled with the fact that he married Aaliyah when she was 15 and he was 27, he’s always been linked to young girls. I actually did a presentation in college on whether an artists personal and moral life should be taken into account when listening to their music, I believe it should but some of my classmates disagreed so to each it’s own.

  • AustralianGirl

    You shouldn’t support someone who has s. ex with children.

  • Mi

    I’m from Chicago and I can tell you that growing up, there were always rumors swirling around about R. Kelly messing around with a girl at Kenwood (a high school) or other high schools. And this was waaaaaaaay before the famous court case. Couple that with the Aaliyah scenario and seems he just may have a pedo/teenophilia problem.

  • Pseudonym

    Are certain words filtered from comments?

  • Pseudonym

    Interesting…b/c I notice when I write criticism, it doesn’t pop up like my other comments.

  • Pseudonym

    Is the key word author?

  • Tonton Michel

    Yes he is talented and has a gift, but the world is full or criminals who are talented and gifted as well. We do not usually openly support them and reinforce the air of mendacity in which they operate. I’ve wanted to let bygones be bygones for this dude for awhile now but you have to pay for what you did first.

  • Perverted Alchemist

    I never saw what the big deal was with R. Kelly. He was a by-the-numbers producer, predictable musical arrangements and half-assed songwriting (See: “I Like The Crotch On You”, “Sex In The Kitchen” and “Feelin’ On Your Booty”, among many examples). Despite his elementary level songwriting, his stans- which are mostly women- treat him like he’s the second coming of Burt Bacharach or Stevie Wonder.

  • grateful



  • grateful

    i didn’t stop “enjoying” his music either, i just made the choice to stop buying it and if i hear a new song on the radio and i recognise his voice i listen to it once to be able to recognise it and afterwards whenever i hear it i change the channel.i don’t stop other people from listening but i myself cannot…

  • ShuShuMama

    I like his music and will continue to listen.

  • Tonton Michel

    This is true.

  • MsQuita

    I have such mixed emotions when it comes to R Kelly. I really enjoy his music but I wish I didn’t. He really needs to deal with his demons….. but geez that man has God given talent.

  • apple

    Ugh With this title I thought r Kelly had came out the closet..

  • Jessica

    I don’t think people should judge his music based on his criminal past. There are a lot of artists who do the same thing or worse, they just haven’t got caught up.

    I enjoy his music for what it is – music. I don’t think about him having sex with teens (or anyone for that matter) while I’m listening to it.

  • JoJo

    @ Jessica
    I totally agree with you.

    @ Demetria

    Beautifully written. R. Kelly is truly a musical genius ( was IT!)

  • Yb


    I think your right about those rumors. My mom is from the South Side of Chicago, and almost the same age as R. Kelly and she has told me that her and friends have heard some of these same rumors as well.

  • C

    Thank you @guest.

    I just dont get it…..R.Kelly and his *music*

    *You remind me of my jeep*
    *Feeling on your booty*
    Even the pedestrian *I believe I can fly* and on and on. This is musical genius??? He sold 50 million records; To whom?

    Even without his predilections, lets call it, I still wouldnt be a fan…I truly have no words.

  • C

    Thank you @guest.

    I just dont get it…..R.Kelly and his *music*

    *You remind me of my jeep*
    *Feeling on your booty*
    Even the pedestrian *I believe I can fly* and on and on. This is musical genius??? He sold 50 million records; To whom?

    Even without his predilections, lets call it, I still wouldnt be a fan…I truly have no words.

    If this posts more than once, forgive me.

  • Dreaming

    This is not an affront to the author or anyone else who has commented, but thinking that a bunch of overly sexual songs is musical genius is abhorrent to me.

  • cocochanel31

    I’m with you girl ! I am an R Kelly stan and alwaays see him in concert! My stanning is so bad I have befriend a few people in his entourage and always get to hang out with them after the show. Aside from his molestation, he is actually a very cool funny and charming man, and he is veery attractive! I see exaactly how he gets them..smh. I am ashamed to like him as well, but honetly cannot think of a better R&B artist that is out right now, none of these young boys have or can put it down like Kellz!

  • cocochanel31

    @Dreaming- aloot of his songs are not sexual at all, he has even written several positive songs for several well known artists..

  • Whatever

    My comment won’t post…

  • Whatever

    I never stopped listening to his music… I also watched the oscar winning movie “The Pianist” by Roman Polanski… Ex drug dealer’s music by Jay Z and Biggie (and other ex convict rappers)… I never stopped listening to Whitney when she was strung out on drugs… I rocked with MJ trough the trials and the weirdness… I heard the tape of Alec Bawldwin cursing his daughter out, yet I still love 30 Rock…

    I Do Not glorify celebrities or hold them to higher standards (Do Not worship false idols).


  • Ashley Ford

    I guess I could understand the author’s position if she said she didn’t believe he’d committed those crimes, but to say she believes he did and still go out of her way to support him seems strange.

    I mean, my father is a convicted rapist. I still love him. But I completely understand–expect even–that there are a lot of people who will never support anything he does for that reason. He would tell you that is what he deserves. That he made a certain decision and now he has to live with the consequences.

    The difference is that my father is incarcerated and has been since I was six months old. He’s missed my entire life and the life of his son, my brother. R. Kelly has seen no real consequence for his actions. Musical “genius” doesn’t make up for that.

    I don’t mean to be judgmental. I just couldn’t do it.

  • Eve

    I agree that he is talented but I will not support anything he does because he is a child molester.

  • Dee

    @ashley she didn’t say she didn’t believe he did it. She said “allegedly” because he was never convicted & for legal reasons, as she mentioned in the post. journalist def have to much sure they throw in the “allegedly” or its considered defamation of character.

    and as someone else mentioned other performers all have their vices too. some convicted & served time & ppl still support them. Kellz makes great music & no one can take that from him.

  • African Mami

    I think he is handsome-SUE ME! SHOOT ME! I don’t care!

  • C

    Name a couple of revolutionary songs hes written for himself or other artists. His songs to me are pedestrian and a lot just dumb….but maybe Im missing out because I have never been a fan … name one or a couple of songs.

  • African Mami


    Why then don’t you help Clutch magazine out by filling out all the survey and questionnaire forms that they put on here. In any case, they have a separate “pitch website” in which your ideas and considerations can be fully incorporated into the magazine. I think the Clutch team is doing a beautiful job, trying to uplift us women, while at the same time highlighting issues that affect us. Sure, some posts are inflammatory and indeed are written to garner more viewership (the writers may say otherwise, but I’ve been here long enough to know better). Help your fellow sisters out, gain traction, if you feel they have lost sight.

    Clutch #1 supporter

  • Tonton Michel

    Your to old for him, he like them young, fresh, and green, with no hair in between no what I mean….

  • jenna marie christian

    i am still a R.Kelly music fan as well. I was just tweeting earlier how i can play all day and it never gets old to me.

  • PeeWee

    That title mislead the hell out of me…..I thought he was gay! LOL…

  • tisme

    You don’t think about him molesting children while listening to his music because you’re indifferent which is a form of hatred.

  • African Mami

    why are my comments being swallowed into thin air like them airplanes over at Bermuda?!

  • rara

    You have to respect some one who can pen the lyric “We got food everywhere as if the party was catered” GENIUS!!!!

  • shug avery

    although TP2 is a banger i still prefer donny hathaway, d’angelo, al green, teddy pendergrass, and jesse boykins over r.kelly. nothing is superior about his artistry to me, it’s not like he’s known for writing profound love songs. he’s mister nasty man with the occassional religious “i need a hug from jesus” tune.

  • Chic Noir

    I never stopped liking R. Kelly’s music.

    “Your just dancing to your own oppression”

    I wouldn’t protest outside a courthouse to “Free R. Kelly” like some Black women did when he was on trial

    Nothing but mammies every single one of them but this is one situation where R.Kelly could piss on them if they were on fire.

    and not even the offspring of the people who will call me names in the comments section


    I just can’t with you and other blk women who support this man.

    I wish R.Kelly got the media beat down that Chris Brown got. I think what R. Kelly did was just beyond evil and the poor girl’s parents who sold her to that monster. I tell you some blk women are in denial about what we are dealing with amongst our own.

  • Chic Noir


  • binks

    Lol again you are my sister because I never got the appeal of R. Kelly pre or post scandal. Why he gets all this praise for this supposed musical genius I don’t know

  • Bee

    Well, I don’t ever financially support R.Kelly since he turned out to be a sick f*ck. Meaning: I don’t go to his concerts, and I don’t buy his music. But I certainly will jam to his music at somebody’s party and maybe even download a song or two from someone’s CD. The man can sing. Sad thing about some of the most talented folks is that they can be total sickos. Not to throw shade, but think MJ (his own kinfolks wouldn’t hardly bring their kids around him – the man was a molester or at the very least something close enough to it). But I still rocked the hell out of MJ records. Even Marvin Gaye ditched his wife for an under-aged girl in his last years. Smh. Some of these artists are just sick, and sometimes I’d rather just not know.

    At any rate, artist and pervert are not mutually exclusive. And R.Kelly, to me, is a genuine musical artist, and I’ll jam to “Happy People” any time.

  • C

    *Applause* and Thank you Chic Noir.

  • Bee

    @GW: “I actually did a presentation in college on whether an artists personal and moral life should be taken into account when listening to their music.” This is genuinely intriguing intellectual question! I don’t know where I stand on it because many of the great musical artists have been perverts/rapists/wife-beaters: MJ, Marvin Gaye (who, in his last years, left his wife for a 15/16yr old girl), Rick James (who, along with his girlfriend, violently raped a woman), James Brown (who beat his wife with a pipe), and many of the others we simply don’t know about because it never got aired publicly. I usually find a way to disconnect the artist from their personal psychoses. But you make a great point: I can’t imagine if I was a victim of molestation or rape that I’d be able to listen to these artists without thinking about their disgusting behavior. And, there is some clear male privilege (all the artists I named are men) operating in their ability to remain popular despite the public’s knowledge of some of their sick or violent predilections. Great comment!

  • H

    Exactly. I’m always surprised by some of the people who stick up for the Michael Vicks and R. Kellys of the world. I see why crime is rampant in our communities. We overlook bad behavior and say “oh he’s a good person deep down.” You know like people who don’t mind the drug dealers or pimps because deep down they are good people who love their mothers. There were a lot of murderous Italian mobsters that loved their mothers.

    We are constantly supporting ignorance and illegal behavior just because someone is black. Also isn’t he just like all the other black R&B singers? Constantly singing about sex and booty. What a genius! I just read an article on Yahoo about an 8 year old girl in Saudi Arabia being married off to a 56 year old. We Americans are supposed to be more progressive and have more sense, but R. Kelly is just as disgusting.

  • Cel

    “I wish R.Kelly got the media beat down that Chris Brown got.”

    Let me guess, you’re a Chris Brown supporter? The hypocrisy. For your information, R. Kelly got nearly double the “media beat” down that Chris Brown received.

    Save your contradictory posts of generalizations and fabricated lies.

  • Cel

    You wouldn’t be a fan yet you know the titles of his song? Oh.

    R. Kelly is a musical genius whether you like it or not and this has nothing to do with the quality of his music. More about his ability as a singer, songwriter and producer. Give credit where it’s due.

  • Cel

    R. Kelly has never had sex with children. Please, know what you’re talking about before typing.

  • Ful

    Do you think your “moral” life should be taken into account when it comes to your job? The fact that you feel “disgusted” when you hear R. Kelly’s music says more about you than anything else. Perhaps your thoughts on R. Kelly are much deeper than him being an artist. Maybe, you’re a closet fan. At least, that’s the impression I’m getting.

  • Say


    Chicagoans kill me with the whole “I’m from Chicago and I heard…” mess. Sweetie, you being Chicago doesn’t mean sh*t. Everyone across the countries have heard about the rumors regarding R. Kelly’s alleged relationships with underage women.

  • Say

    Tonton, are you jealous of R. Kelly? Jealous that he looks better than, richer than you and talented? You seem to pop up in every R. Kelly topic. Hmmm.

  • Realist

    Please, you’re fooling yourself. Say what you want about the man but his gift as a musician can’t be denied.

    “by-the-numbers producer, predictable musical arrangements and half-assed songwriting”

    by-the-numbers? R. Kelly is the only producer from the 90′s still standing. Predictable musical arrangements? I’ve never seen a songwriter or producer that could transcend from a song like “Feelin’ On Your Booty” to “The Storm is Over Now”.

    Don’t let your hate for R. Kelly’s personal life or whatever rumor you may have heard cloud your vision of his musical genius.

  • Realist

    I find it hysterical that there are posters fooling themselves by questioning R. Kelly’s musical genius. People DON’T call R. Kelly a musical genius because he has ‘over sexed’ songs. What a silly assumption!

    People call R. Kelly a musical genius because he writes, produces and arranges ALL of his music, he’s a prolific songwriter that has written and produced for artists like Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, The Isley Brother sand many more. He single handedly revolutionized R&B, he can play several instruments and I can go on. R. Kelly’s genius can’t be denied. I think the fact that he lacks basic comprehension skills and reading skills of an average adult is proof that he’s a musical genius.

  • Realist

    I’m disturbed that you would call a man who was never accused of such a thing and was proven innocent in court. How would you feel if someone randomly called you a murdered? You’re despicable.

  • Realist


  • Realist

    Your father is convicted, R. Kelly isn’t. There’s a difference.

  • LoveIsHard


    You’re disgusting person. I’m highly disturbed that you even muttered “molested children” in here… When has R. Kelly ever been accused of such a thing? Never.

  • Chic Noir

    @C- great minds think alike :)

    Cel Let me guess, you’re a Chris Brown supporter? The hypocrisy. For your information, R. Kelly got nearly double the “media beat” down that Chris Brown received.

    What I’m so not a Chris Brown supporter. My post stated exactly how I feel. R. Kelly got off easy compared to Chris Brown and you know it. Chris Brown is a regular kicking boy compared to R. Kelly. I think both of them deserve hell esp R.Kelly. R. Kelly is a very sick man who needs help and should never be allowed around teenage girls.

    Save your contradictory posts of generalizations and fabricated lies.
    Good night.

  • Val

    Oh snap! Has anyone else noticed that a lot of comments that were posted this morning have been deleted? Most of them were critical of this site for posting this RKelly worship article. Wow, talk about being insecure. What, this site can’t handle honest criticism?

  • Jinx Moneypenny

    I haven’t taken him seriously since that whole thing came out. There are some songs of his I’ll never stop listening to because I love them, but I don’t buy his music and I wouldn’t bother going to see him in concert. He’s never been King of anything to me.

  • AfricaHeart

    Demetria, I commend you for this article and I hope you read my comment:

    Please, don’t listen to these people who try to make you feel bad for listening or liking a certain artist. These individuals are toxic and their holier-than-thou complex will eventually suck them dry.

    Those who harp on about R. Kelly is this, R. Kelly is that and the whole “Why do people still listen to him?”, blah, blah. You know what I mean? These people hold celebrities to such a high standard it’s odd. Who cares about R. Kelly’s past? We have too much of our own to worry about instead of focusing on a wealthy man’s life. That’s the problem. People just don’t want to live their own life. They prefer to live vicariously through someone who’s famous. That’s the sad reality.

    Personally, I’ve never felt bad for liking R. Kelly and his music.

    Music is music.

    If I truly cared about an artists personal life or sketchy past – my music collection would be dust and so would my film collection. I adore art too much to focus on such pity things.

  • AfricaHeart

    I Look to You (for Whitney Houston), You Are Not Alone (for Michael Jackson) and I’m Your Angel (for Celine Dion). You’re being biased. R. Kelly’s talent can’t be denied. Admit it.

  • AfricaHeart

    You’re contradicting yourself. You state that you haven’t take him seriously for a long time but later state that their are songs of his that you will always listen to. Make you your mind.

    He’s the King. Fact.

  • Cel

    “esp R.Kelly”

    You’re a hypocritical fool. Good night.

  • Alexandria

    Belle, you are a brave soul. I have to admit I still like most of his music.

  • Cel

    The writers have every right to delete comments that they feel make this site look bad. If these posters felt so bad then they would’ve stopped visiting the site already. I don’t understand how people can be so self-righteous. Yuck! This isn’t even a R. Kelly worship article and even if it were there shouldn’t be a problem. The writer has every right to their opinion.

  • Dreaming

    Realist – You don’t have to convince me of how great you think he is.

  • Chic Noir

    *moves around cel to speak with val*

    @Val- I noticed it too.

  • GW

    @Ful LOL. Nah I’m not a closeted fan, and even if I were, this would be the perfect post to “come out,” right? That was a cute assumption though. I think you were trying to use the whole “you’re a closeted gay because you make homophobic comments” type argument. Didn’t make sense.

  • Georgia

    I’m really curious where this idea comes from that talent and so-called genius are so precious and need to be supported regardless of who it comes from. There’s lots of talent and genius in the world. It really isn’t that hard to find from someone who you don’t have to whisper about liking because you feel implicated by publicly admitting it.

  • Realist

    Give his music a listen, not just his popular songs. I was just like you until I decided to listen to R. Kelly’s discography. The man is brilliant.

  • NolaDiva

    Ditto.Ditto.Ditto. & co-sign. :)

  • Val

    @Chic Noir

    Thanks. It’s good to know someone else noticed.

  • TheBlackGuy

    R. Kelly is like one of those super fattening foods the doctor told you you shouldn’t eat. It’s real good, though. And while you know you shouldn’t support the spot that sells it, you’re going to eat it anyway. Because it’s good.

    I think R. Kelly did a horrible thing. I’ll let God deal with him. When is album is coming out though, I’m gettin it.

  • sharay

    Question. For those who think his music shouldn’t be judged based on his criminal past I want to ask this. Say you had a child who was in grade school and you discovered that their teacher, the best teacher in school in fact, had a past of dating and being with little children. Would it be okay for that teacher to stay on teaching despite their past? Many will say no of course not. It’s not going to matter that he’s the best teacher in the school, what’s going to matter is he has a track record of engaging in immoral activities. But besides the fact that R.Kelly doesn’t directly work with young children, what is the difference? We judge other professionals pasts when it comes to work. Why is he exempt?If you found out that your housekeeper used to be a crackhead, would you not have some reservations about them working for you? Would their past not be a factor?

  • Ms. Information

    I am super torn on this issue because I love Michael Jackson who was accused of child molestation more than a couple of times. Can you separate the art from the artist’s personal issues? At times I think we have to, genius often comes with madness.

  • Sasha

    Yes, yes three thousand times YES!!!

  • Sasha

    But they don’t hear you though!

  • C


    I rest my case

  • Sasha

    @Val- Yeah that happens frequently here. Also notice how hard this Cel individual is riding on behalf of R. Kelly? So sad. No one is taking away from his musical “genius” by mentioning theTRUTH which is that he has/ had sex with minors (notice this is plural) which is BY LAW considered rape since these girls were minors and there unable to consent to sex. Maybe people would feel differently about jamming out to his music if the person he RAPED was their 15 year old sister/ daughter/ cousin/ friend/ granddaughter, etc.

  • Dreaming

    The problem in this world is – People don’t care until it happens to them.

  • I`am not MAD

    That`s right Ms. Lucas, “U” will get paid .
    “Peadophile Are Us” has the check in the Mail.

  • I`am not MAD

    Hi,Understand this He can sing,be a songwriter & produce until the cows come home.
    Just Don`t make this Peadophile rich and call yourself a Grow Women….!

  • Sankofa

    I think your comment is more along the lines of what I think about it. Maybe? I can’t say I like R Kelly but alot of the artists I’ve listened to were open drug users (sometimes abusers) or have had criminal records I take the music for what it’s for and while their personal stories can’t be ignored I refuse to replicate it and do my best to prevent others from replicating it. I don’t know, it’s a slippery slope.

  • oh

    “he has/ had sex with minors (notice this is plural) which is BY LAW considered rape since these girls were minors”

    allegations =/= facts.

    You sound ridiculous and R. Kelly was never accused of rape.

  • oh

    I don’t understand your attempt to correlate a student possibly having a relationship with a teacher to famous singer – R. Kelly.

    “But besides the fact that R.Kelly doesn’t directly work with young children, what is the difference? We judge other professionals pasts when it comes to work. Why is he exempt?If you found out that your housekeeper used to be a crackhead, would you not have some reservations about them working for you? Would their past not be a factor?”

    You’re an idiot trying to compare R. Kelly to a housekeeper. So stupid. Just stop.

    When was R. Kelly exempt? He stood trial and was found NOT GUILTY yet fools are still whining about the same shit 4 years later. How dreadful.

  • oh

    What “pedophile”? Do you know what a pedophile is? Don’t use terms you don’t understand.

  • Ful


    Why are you associating a closet with homosexuality? I think you’re the homophobic, not me. I called you a closet fan meaning someone who hides their fandom. Ever heard of the saying “skeletons in the closet”?

  • Ful

    You’re obviously not a music fan.

  • Cel


    You’re a disgusting person. First of all, R. Kelly never raped anyone. He was never accused of such a thing.

    It cracks me up when fools like you always say “What if it was your daughter, etc?” That’s proof that your dumbass didn’t read the case at all. Just stop while you’re ahead.

  • CurlySue

    @Cel:I thought he was charged with statutory rape?

  • Cel


    He wasn’t.

  • Sasha

    @Cel and @oh: you both are so sad its not even worth addressing so on that note have a great evening.

  • Jinx Moneypenny

    Get the entire f–k.

    I don’t take HIM seriously, as a person or as an artist. I can separate that from the music though. If you can’t that’s fine.

    He’s YOUR King.

  • Anon

    Girl, really? Yeah, leave your “self-respecting black woman” card ON the table. At least your boyfriend has some sense.

  • Anon

    Who the heck still claims to have RAISED you? Because if I had family members like yours, you’d be disowned.

  • Anon

    Oh, I just prayed in the name of the Lord, that you hold no influence in ANYTHING in life. God Bless boo.

  • Anon

    HOLIER THAN THOU??? Girl, that’s called BASIC standards. Not high standards, but BASIC ones. You know, self-preservation type standards.

    Who do you hang with? I need to know so I can AVOID the types of people that commend a man who is KNOWN to target minor girls.

  • wait…..

    “Aside from his molestation, he is actually a very cool funny and charming man, and he is veery attractive! I see exaactly how he gets them.”

    ….what??? attempt at humor? I can’t….

  • Humanista

    So, I have NEVER liked R. Kelly as an artist. I mean, never-liked, as in, when I would hear him as a kid it would irritate me. And when my mom went and bought 12 Play hearing it ticked me off. True story. Then I got old enough to actually give him a chance–still no go. And by the time that trash “Feelin’ on Yo Booty” came out, it was really a wrap for me (and honestly, I can’t get behind anyone who trashes today’s *dirty* music and still jams to this man’s booty songs). I had no issues boycotting him after the issue.

    Anywho, while reading posters’ lists of woman/child abusers (news to me!) and knowing I have them in my collection, I feel some type of way. Some of these artists (James Brown, Marvin Gaye) have music I really appreciate, and will probably continue to appreciate after today. If you can take a crappy person’s art and appreciate it w/o second-guessing yourself, good for you. If not…well, you probably should pick a new favorite artist.

    AND for those who commented talking about “oh yeah, I saw the tape!”….Viewing and distributing child-pornography is absolutely a crime, and that anyone would intentionally watch a tape knowing it would contain a minor + sexual acts should be ashamed….and should work on not admitting to it as nonchalantly as they would jaywalking.

  • BFDuster

    Good for you OP.

    But me?

    Never again. No R. Kelly. No Chris Brown. I don’t want to feel like that if I buy their music or enjoy it that I’;m supporting them and their actions. I do this with just about anyone who fucks up and has the nerve to offer a faux-pology and show fauxgress in getting better.

  • Val

    @ Oh/ cel

    RKelly married Aaliyah when she was 15 years-old and he was 27 years-old. If that doesn’t prove to you that he’s a pedophile then you just choose to ignore that he is a pedophile to make yourselves feel better about being a fan of a pedophile.

  • AfricaHeart

    Basic standards? LMFAO! Putting celebrities on a pedestal and bitching about not liking their music isn’t basic standards, sweetie. It’s pathetic. Targeting minors? Where’s your proof? Are you still harping on about a case in which he was found not guilty of on all counts?

    Avoid my kind of people? HA! a self-righteous mess. Go off yourself for the sake of humanity.

  • Cel


    Both R. Kelly and Aaliyah denied the marriage and the only “proof” of marriage was certificate run by Vibe magazine. Also under Illinois law R. Kelly and Aaliyah couldn’t have gotten married. If they did then a investigation would’ve occurred at the clerk’s office that they allegedly wed.

    “If that doesn’t prove to you that he’s a pedophile”

    You’re a moron. Pedophiles are attracted to pre-pubescent children, not young adults. A pedophile wouldn’t be attracted to a 15 year old or anyone who had reached puberty, you idiot. Next time READ about the terms you use and if you makes you feel better you’re a moron that spends their time trolling the Clutch website. Find something more productive to do with your time. Perhaps reading a book for starters.

  • Cel

    Basic standards? Lollllll. These comments get funnier and funnier.

  • Cel

    Val, I can tell you’re a very insecure woman that has nothing better to do with their time but push a “strong black woman” persona and troll websites like this with their views. Let me tell you something – Pedophiles aren’t attracted to young adults. You’re in no position to lash out and call R. Kelly a “pedophile” when he isn’t such. That’s like if someone were to blatantly say “Val is a lesbian, Val is a necrophiliac, etc.” How would that make you feel? Bad right? I’m sure. Don’t push your own oppressed feelings on various websites. It’s not a good look. Lastly, both R. Kelly and Aaliyah have denied the marriage. The only “proof” of marriage is a certificate that was printed on Vibe magazine. Not denying that the two were ever married but the whole scenario is skeptical and there’s no denying that. Under Illinois law R. Kelly and Aaliyah couldn’t have gotten married. If they truly were I’d expect a full investigation of the clerk’s office at which the allegedly tied the knot.

  • NewYork

    You sound crazy.

  • Dreaming

    If I’m not mistaken, Val IS a lesbian, lol.

  • NewYork

    Anon –
    “Who do you hang with? I need to know so I can AVOID the types of people”

    That’s what she meant but holier-than-thou people, genius.

    You’re a nobody. Stop speaking to posters in here in a condescending manner.

  • NewYork

    LMAOOOO! This article has 105 comments and the traffic on this site is most likely through the roof. The writer knows exactly what she’s doing. ;)

    R. Kelly sure gets these fools talking.

    I find it interesting there’s so much anger in here for someone that most of you posters don’t know and claim to dislike. Why are you even wasting your energy on R. Kelly in the first place? Why are you typing so much about him? I truly don’t understand this. I could never bring myself to do that for someone I claim to despise. That’s odd.

  • Hooked

    Why are there people in here acting like they never liked a R. Kelly song? or a song written and produced by R. Kelly? Have a seat. You’re not fooling anyone.

  • Beana

    Good point about individuals watching and bragging about viewing such a tape. Like you about as ignorant and sick asthe individual molesting/raping the child in the videoeve

  • Val


    Lmao! I know, right. Yes, I am!

    I don’t know why I wasted my time talking to that guy cel or Oh, some people just don’t want to get it. I’ve learned my lesson.

  • Dreaming

    Val – For whatever reason this site is starting to attract a lot of trolls and spam users.

  • CHE

    How about *You remind me of my jeep, I wanna ride it*…extreme GENIUS!.

  • Nicole

    Loved the article!!! I am a huge R.Kelly fan and he makes great music. People are so judgemental. I understood where you were coming from. Even my husband one night said “dude is bad”. Give credit where credit is due.

  • jw

    @H.I agree with you.When you wrote how you are surprise by some people who defend Micheal Vick.I know you mention R.Kelly too.But it’s so disturbing to me what Micheal Vick allowed to happen to all of those dogs.The man funded and allowed people to be in his home,for dogs to fight to the death.Which ever dogs lost the fight they shot them in the head.They had rape stands in the yard.They body slammed the dogs.And they electrocuted them.Iam probably forgetting some of the other abuse that was done to them.Just think how disturbed a person has to be to participate or allow that to go on in their home.If they can do that to innocent dogs than think what they can do to a human.The people who say it’s in their nature,are telling a lie.Rachael Ray and other people have pittbulls.They aren’t born that way.Disturbed people try to train them to become vicious.

  • Tumaini

    @ Cel – the legal definition of a child is someone under 18. So if he married Aaliyah when she was 15 and and they consummated the marriage then he indeed has had sex with a child.

  • ClickHere

    That wasn’t a child nor was it rape or molestation. FYI, you can’t say “molesting/raping.” It’s one or the other, genius.

  • ClickHere

    There’s a huge misconception on here. People are dubbing R. Kelly as a “pedophile” when he’s NOT one. Perhaps you people should’ve followed the case… First of all, a pedophile isn’t attracted to an adult or a young adult. They’re attracted to children that haven’t reached puberty. The three R. Kelly tapes that hit the streets involved 2 adults and one young adult, no children were involved. Again, no children were involved. Second, the police raided R. Kelly’s tour bus and found ADULT sex tapes that involved R. Kelly. The police also raided his studio home and found a huge collection of ADULT commercial and manufactured porn. Now tell me this, what kind of “pedophile” collects ADULT porn? None. Now STFU and stop calling him something he’s not.

  • Shawntel

    THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU for this post!!! I LOVE Kellz. Can’t stop. Won’t stop. I refused to watch the video. I would also never leave a minor unattended in his presence. But I will spend my last bit of spending money and eat at home for a week to see Kellz in concert! I will also sing every word to every song like every album dropped yesterday!!! #kellzstan

  • chinaza

    I’m concerned that there are persons who give a pass to sex with minors once the offender does not fit the verbatim definition of a “pedophile”.
    Is a 14-year old any less violated than a 4-year old because of a label?
    Celebrity status and its adulation seem to have a disturbing, blinding effect.
    So I wonder what people would accept in their homes and in their lives because this is not just about musical taste. It’s about morality.
    Yes morality and decency still exist.

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