Photo via African Americans for Obama Facebook page

I was perusing the African Americans for President Obama Facebook page when I saw an image that nearly stopped my heart.

A pretty, little brown girl is hugging the President in the shadow of President Lincoln’s portrait. According to the caption, the photo of three-year-old Arianna Holmes was taken in February as the President was getting ready to take a photo with the Holmes family. Little Arianna’s mother, Angela Holmes, was a departing Special Assistant in the International Economic Affairs office of the National Security Staff.

Not only is the photo absolutely adorable, but it shows that despite our shortcomings as a nation and the real racial divides that continue to persist, we have come a long, long way since out 16th president, Abe Lincoln, signed the Emancipation Proclamation which freed many of our ancestors.

This is what progress looks like folks. Now, let’s keep working to ensure that all of our kids are as loved, welcomed, and appreciated as little Arianna.

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  • Bosslady

    I’ve always known Abraham Lincoln did not free saves, however he along with many other contribute towards freeing slaves, and to my knowledge he was the first president and white man to be so vocal about his distaste for slavery, so I rate him for that.

  • melinda jg hyman

    This is trully beautiful from the true unbiased arms of babies. Touched by and Angel.

  • olivia

    I am laughing my balls off at ” little brown girl” DAFUQ?

  • Kam

    Eh, he may not have liked slavery but he didn’t really think to highly of Black people. That little girl’s face steals my heart more than Obama or Lincoln ever could.

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