If you believe the National Enquirer, Oprah and Stedman are finally headed down the aisle. After being together for two-plus decades and remaining happily unwed, The Enquirer claims Oprah has offered her longtime love a $100 million prenup in exchange for a televised wedding aimed at saving her struggling network OWN.

Sound soap opera-y enough? Oh, it gets better.

According to “sources” Oprah allegedly tearfully told Stedman, “You’re the only one who can save the day,” pleading with him to marry her in front of the cameras.

A “friend” tells the Enquirer:

“She began to break down cry­ing, saying she had made a mess of OWN. Then Oprah looked at Stedman and said, ‘You’ve always been my knight in shining armor. Will you finally marry me?’ 

“Stedman was absolutely floored and a little shell-shocked, but he didn’t hesitate and joked, ‘I thought I was the one who asked YOU – 20 years ago! What’s the big rush all of a sudden?’ 

“They both laughed and hugged, and he began wiping away the tears from her eyes. He said to her, ‘You know I’d do anything for you, Oprah. You’ve always been my girl.’”

While I don’t think for a second that Oprah and Stedman would marry for ratings, I find it mighty curious that people continue to speculate about the goings on of her ring finger.

Despite her success, her wealth, her determination to do it her way, and her global influence many still look at Oprah and her marital status as if something is wrong.

Countless times I’ve heard (and read here on this site) that she needs to “wake up” and question why Stedman doesn’t love her enough to marry her, as if we are privy to the inner working of their relationship and that all women have an intrinsic need to be wed.

Whether she and Stedman eventually marry is none of our business. At 58, I’m pretty sure she knows exactly what type of relationship she and her longtime partner want to have.

If nothing else, Oprah has taught millions that there is no one way to live your life. She’s built her empire from the ground up, has created the life she’s wanted, and has helped millions of others to do the same. And yet…people continue to measure her accomplishments on whether or not she’s married.

But will they ever stop?

  • http://afrikanmami.blogspot.com African Mami

    Steadman is paid front, nothing more nothing less. No love lost

    No, I don’t know them. Yes, I have an opinion. Now, bite me!

  • babe

    Please, the Enquirer is full of crap!!!!! Oprah is not going to propose to Steadman!!!! This is pure bull!!!!! Her ratings don’t mean that much to her. She is a billionaire people!!!! Can you say “billionaire”?

  • Tonton Michel

    People are so used to Oprah winning that when she hits a bump in the road like OWN they treat it like the end of the world. I think she bought into this as well, it debuted in 2011 on cable, what network came out on fire off the rip? It will take time and some clever programming, programming she might not like.

  • Leo the Yardie Chick

    I’ll believe it when I see it. The Enquirer may have been right a couple of times (John Edwards and Tiger Woods’ sexcapades), but they’ve had many more misses than hits.

  • Chocl8child

    It wouldn’t surprise me if they were already married…she always says you have to keep something for your self…

  • Tami

    That doesn’t even sound right…Why would she get married just to save OWN? I mean, what about after the wedding? Would people still tune in…Oprah is my girl…I admire her style. I don’t believe marriage is at the top of her list or she would have been wed by now.

  • sholla21

    I don’t believe it. Oprah has said over and over that she wasn’t getting married.

  • Blasé

    lol! and this romantic breakdown happened right in front of “the source”, right… i think “the source” needs to script that romcom and mak

  • Ruby

    How nice of them to finally decide to marry, but this marriage has nothing to do with saving the O network, so if that is the ploy, it makes no sense. should they decide to do so then all the best to them.

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