Nearly a year after plus size model and actress Mia Amber Davis suddenly passed away, her widower, Michael Yard, filed a lawsuit against her doctors alleging they should have known her weight made her vulnerable to the risks associated with taking birth control pills.

TMZ reports:

In his lawsuit, Mia’s widower claims … in the months before the surgery, Mia’s OBGYN prescribed her birth control pills such as Balziva and Zenchent … “drugs that greatly increase one’s risk for a pulmonary embolism, especially when combined with [Mia's] other risk factors.” 

Mia’s widower lists “obesity” as one of Mia’s significant risk factors. 

Mia’s widower claims his wife’s doctor SHOULD HAVE suggested condoms or other methods of birth control as an alternative … because the drugs “greatly increased her risk for a pulmonary embolism and ultimately caused her death.”

Davis died in May 10, 2011, just a day after having surgery on her knee to repair an old sports injury. Yard’s lawsuit also alleges that Davis’ primary care doctor should have known that having knee surgery would put her at greater risk because of her health issues, including hyperlipidemia, her weight, and the fact she was taking birth control.

The 36-year-old model, producer, and editor died of a blod clot in her lungs.

Although doctors caution that the risk of blood clots increases if a woman is overweight or smokes, the likelihood of death is still very minimal in most cases.

  • Tonton Michel


    Not this time.

  • eh

    You can have sympathy for the family…. but Toppin still has a valid point. You are aware of your risks and doctors still inform you before surgery.

  • Chocl8child

    I survived a massive PE 2 1/2 yrs ago. The first thing I was asked after the clot was discovered was if I was on any type of birth control pills. Because of the high risk of clotting caused by the pill, I can never take it…even the so-called low-estrogen pills create an increased risk of clotting.

    Thankfully, I was able to get to the hospital and seek treatment…if was one of the scariest events in my life. I wouldn’t wish that experience on my worst enemy.

  • AJ

    The bigger issue here is women’s health. We are giving birth control pills, and other medicines, by an industry that knows very little about how a woman’s body will react. I don’t blame her husband for being infuriated to the point of wanting to sue someone. She was obviously not taken care of properly by the medical industry. Yes, ultimately we have to take care of ourselves. But we do pay for our medical care in this country – we pay quite a bit for it. And woman especially, deserve much better! Law suits like this are necessary to let the medical industry know that they need to be held to a higher standard – and doctor’s need to pay more attention to their patients. This is nothing short of tragic.

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