In true “laugh to keep from crying” fashion, the discussion about whether Mary J Blige’s Crispy Chicken Wrap commercial was racist, beneath our beloved Queen of R&B, or just bad, has given way to a dang catchy cover version, the desire to randomly blurt out the ad’s lyrics, and jokes for days.

The sketch comedy troupe Second City has thrown its hat into the ring with a spoof. The “leaked and unaired” versions of Mary J. Blige’s Burger King commercials won’t help get the song out of your head (especially if you’ve made it your ringtone…not that anyone has done that…ahem). But, hey, maybe you can replace the old lyrics with some new, even more black-targeted-advertising-typical yet absurd ones:

Between the stepping and the slavery bit…sheer foolishness!

  • The Taker

    Damn. Hahahaha. Damn.

  • apple

    i cackled at the frat stepping!!!

  • Dalili

    LMBO! I tried so hard not to laugh at this, I really did.

  • purplekeychain

    damn, why didn’t my comment go through? too many curse words again?

    But, seriously, LMAO! I mean, they added greens, chitlins, cornbread, a 40oz of KoolAid, and being ashy all into one song about CRISPY CHICKEN! I love it!

    I’m salty, though, because I had JUST gotten that crispy chicken song out of my head, and now it’s back!

  • ThisIshRightHere


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