Anna Mackowiak, a 34-year-old Polish dentist, is facing criminal charges for having exacted one of the worst forms of revenge on her ex-boyfriend ever. The man, Marek Olszewski, had a toothache and thought that Mackowiak was a dentist he could trust, but when he woke up from the anesthesia and unwrapped his bandages he found that his ex-girlfriend had removed all of his teeth — every single one.

“I didn’t have any reason to doubt her — I mean I thought she was a professional,” he told Daily Mail. “But when I got home I looked in the mirror and I couldn’t f–king believe it,” he said. “The b–ch had emptied my mouth.” Olszewski claims that his new girlfriend left him because she couldn’t date a man without teeth.

Mackowiak, who claims that her relationship with her ex ended when he dumped her for that woman who has now left him, says she didn’t go into it intending to pluck out 32 teeth straight. “I tried to be professional and detach myself from my emotions, but when I saw him lying there I just thought, ‘What a b—–d.’” The incident occurred just days after their relationship ended.

She even went so far as to wrap his head in gauze after the procedure and tell him that the funny toothlessness feeling would go away once the numbness wore off. It didn’t. She faces up to three years in jail for medical malpractice and abusing the trust of a patient.

I’m not sure who has the looser screws here. The dentist was dead wrong for yanking that poor man’s teeth out like that, but what was going through his mind thinking that it was a good idea to let a woman he’d done wrong do anything to him while he’s unconscious?



  • JDS

    Why do all the female commenting on this board keep saying he cheated on her. No where in the article does it say anything about him cheating. Men and Women dump each other all the time for reason other then “cheating”. For all we know, she wanted to get married and he said NO and then he broke up with her rather then put up with her vindictive madness.

  • grateful

    ok, let’s look at what you’re saying here.

    man dumps woman . 3 days later when he goes back to her office for dental work he has already got a new girlfriend.

    come on. we’re all grownups here.

  • amanda

    Doesn’t matter if he should have gone to someone else, whether he cheated or not… That’s a really effin demented thing to do. She should have sent him to someone else.

    She deserves more than three years.

  • Introverted Leo


    Even more interesting are the misogynistic comments that followed.

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