Anna Mackowiak, a 34-year-old Polish dentist, is facing criminal charges for having exacted one of the worst forms of revenge on her ex-boyfriend ever. The man, Marek Olszewski, had a toothache and thought that Mackowiak was a dentist he could trust, but when he woke up from the anesthesia and unwrapped his bandages he found that his ex-girlfriend had removed all of his teeth — every single one.

“I didn’t have any reason to doubt her — I mean I thought she was a professional,” he told Daily Mail. “But when I got home I looked in the mirror and I couldn’t f–king believe it,” he said. “The b–ch had emptied my mouth.” Olszewski claims that his new girlfriend left him because she couldn’t date a man without teeth.

Mackowiak, who claims that her relationship with her ex ended when he dumped her for that woman who has now left him, says she didn’t go into it intending to pluck out 32 teeth straight. “I tried to be professional and detach myself from my emotions, but when I saw him lying there I just thought, ‘What a b—–d.’” The incident occurred just days after their relationship ended.

She even went so far as to wrap his head in gauze after the procedure and tell him that the funny toothlessness feeling would go away once the numbness wore off. It didn’t. She faces up to three years in jail for medical malpractice and abusing the trust of a patient.

I’m not sure who has the looser screws here. The dentist was dead wrong for yanking that poor man’s teeth out like that, but what was going through his mind thinking that it was a good idea to let a woman he’d done wrong do anything to him while he’s unconscious?



  • A.

    L. M. A. O.

  • Ms. Information

    lol…but black women are crazy?

  • kelly

    Thank you! As soon as I saw Poland I was like..oh really.

  • Stephanie

    Just because this is a dentist story lol: This reminds me of the recent man in the U.S. that was dentist….with a 6th grade education….Was it in New York? I can’t remember right now. But just crazy. How do you not research your dentist?

  • The Taker

    Dude…. This is sick sh*t. That is a sick b*tch. And hate this story for reminding me that I need to make a dentist appointment soon because I think I might possibly have a cavity. SH*T!!!

  • Laugh

    This is tooo funny! Like is this real? The new woman left him cause she couldn’t date a man without teeth! LOL

  • MsQuita

    LMBOOOOOO!!!!!! But seriously, he was sooo STUPID for going to her in the first place. Seriously, he just left her for another woman and thought it was cool to let her treat him under anesthesia, smh…. And she should have just not treated him.

  • Bosslady

    He was stupid to going to her just 3 days after he dumbed her, c’mon son!! But that is no excuse for her behaviour, she should have refused to operate on him.

  • Dreaming

    I read about this elsewhere this morning. What she did was pretty darn messed up.

  • Dreaming

    Why does she have to be a b*tch?


    If you have a cavity, it’ll get fixed with a filling. It’s not that bad really.

  • AJ

    and you couldn’t think of any other word than b**tch? She needs to extract all of YOUR teeth! Jerk!

  • mahogany

    Straight from the diary of a mad woman! Now he’s single and toothless. SMH!

  • Dalili

    LOL @ “single and toothless.” Why would he go to her??!! Cruel!

  • The Taker

    LMAO! I’m the jerk because I think this lady is a SICK B*tch for pulling OUT EVERY SINGLE FREAKING TOOTH, because for what, dude cheated on her. Do you know how EVIL and cold that is. She ripped out all his BONES from his mouth.Please. I hope she loses her license and goes to jail for a long ass time. I don’t feel sorry for her even if the dude cheated on her.Yeah he’s an asshole, but cheating on somebody don’t warrant that type of treatment. She could have told him to take his ass to another damn dentist or perform his own damn medical procedure. LMAO! You have got to be crazy and real effed up in the head to not see how WRONG what she did is. That was an ultimate B*TCH move. Let some chick do that to and tell me how you feel about her after. She certainly won’t be an Darling angel that’s for sure.

  • The Taker

    *to you*

  • Dalili

    Revenge and what not aside, this was an insane move on her part. I’ve had one tooth pulled and it wasn’t a pretty affair. I doubt she was gentle so I can only imagine the pain he was in afterwards.

  • MK

    LMFAO. this is hilarious,

  • Tonton Michel

    Man you know this dude was a bold MFer, what the hell was this fool thinking going to his ex for something like this? He is lucky she didn’t take his tongue with her. Last time he takes a bite out of a woman’s heart.

  • Humanista

    So, I definitely don’t cosign the b-word for general use or as a synonym for “woman/girl”, but I feel like this situation is not a legitimate one to go all “who you callin a b**ch?!” ….like, seriously, she manipulated her medical position to remove every. last. one. of this man’s teeth. That is villainous behavior. Cheating is awful, but it doesn’t call for that…..The shoe…(dentures? braces? crown molding?)…is ALL the way fitting right now.

    This is disgusting. 3 years is all???

  • Chic Noir

    God forgive me but I LOLROF @ this one.

    Why would he allow a woman he done wrong to perform any service for him. How stupid is he.

    Hell has no fury, like a woman scorn

    The b–ch had emptied my mouth.”


  • binks

    I am not getting it, how did he do her wrong? Yes heartache is a major pain but he broke up with her before being with new chick so that not being doing wrong in my book (unless there is bad history). But this goes to show that we all need a healthy way of dealing with pain from a relationship, though he was crazy for going to her she is seriously twisted and demented. Never lose you head over a man, chica, but yeah she deserves more than 3 years if she is sentenced. And as for the guy talk about a bad day…lol

  • Renee

    i’m pretty positive teeth aren’t bones since bone has marrow and makes RBCs and teeth are just enamel/mineralization.

    secondly, she’s not a bitch and the reason why people are berating you for comment because this is clutchmagonline, a women’s e-mag, that discusses issues that concern women, therefore no one takes it lightly when people call other women outside of their name.

    thirdly, what she did was wrong and she is going to get her bad karma but he also was a jerk for cheating on her and leaving her for another woman and he also was an idiot for even scheduling an appointment with her. that was just typical ego for him to think he could break someone’s heart then go to them for a favor.

    good day sir.

  • QCastle

    The joyful reaction so many women have to cruelty towards men is why I support Chris Brown.

  • QCastle

    Why are you blaming the victim? You have women running back into the arms of abusers but are you allowed to ask why they do it,without being labelled a victim blamer?

  • QCastle


    From your comments about men and boys not being legitimate victims of rape to your reaction to this plain incidence of despicable cruelty toward an innocent man and your obsession with being a potential victim of rape, assault, and harassment, I believe that you have an unhealthy hatred and suspicion of men. I think you need to seek medical evaluation. Given your admitted bouts with depression I suspect you might be dangerous as well.

  • Whitney Gracia

    She definitely deserves to go to prison, and should lose her license to practice dentistry. Regardless of how badly he hurt her feelings or how silly it was for him to trust her, she took the Hippocratic Oath and failed to honor it. Highly unprofessional.

  • tisme

    And many white people will continue to support the KKK.Your point is?

    continue to support Chris Brown for life.

    Black women will be okay without YOUR support.

    I don’t have your support and I’m living well.I’m sure there are many many others.

  • tisme

    I think like attracts like.I think both of these people were really off.Maybe they should get back together because with minds like theirs I hope no unfortunate person ends up with either one of them.There ought to be a crime against that kind of stupidity and maliciousness.

  • jw

    @Laugh&@Chicnoir.I had the same reaction you’ll had.Almost every line I read had me busting out laughing and saying God forgive me.Especialy to this,”Olszewski claims that his new girlfriend left him because she couldn’t date a man without teeth”.And this,”she even went so far as to wrap his head in gauze after the procedure and tell him that the funny toothlessness feeling would go away once the numbness wore off”.I didn’t.It sounds to funny to be true.But she sounds like she might be missing a few marbles.

  • Qcastle


    “And many white people will continue to support the KKK.Your point is?”

    So the hypocrisy must be lost on you that women will delight in the abuse of men but scream bloody murder when men abuse women?

    “continue to support Chris Brown for life.”

    I support eqaulity. If we can find humor in the abuse of men certianly we can find humor in the abuse of women.

    “Black women will be okay without YOUR support.”

    I dont support hypocrisy, inequality, and the hatred of men.
    My reference to support of Chris Brown was tongue and cheek.

    “I don’t have your support and I’m living well.I’m sure there are many many others.”


  • JDS

    Why do all the female commenting on this board keep saying he cheated on her. No where in the article does it say anything about him cheating. Men and Women dump each other all the time for reason other then “cheating”. For all we know, she wanted to get married and he said NO and then he broke up with her rather then put up with her vindictive madness.

  • grateful

    ok, let’s look at what you’re saying here.

    man dumps woman . 3 days later when he goes back to her office for dental work he has already got a new girlfriend.

    come on. we’re all grownups here.

  • amanda

    Doesn’t matter if he should have gone to someone else, whether he cheated or not… That’s a really effin demented thing to do. She should have sent him to someone else.

    She deserves more than three years.

  • Introverted Leo


    Even more interesting are the misogynistic comments that followed.

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