Rihanna’s Twitpics and Instagram shots are like anyone else’s, just followed by hundreds of thousands of people: a side-boob here, a freshly laid weave there, a rolled blunt and nugget of weed occasionally in-between. She’s fly, rich, young, and famous. It’s Rihanna. What can you do?

The singer shared all of the fun she was having at this past weekend’s Coachella Music Festival with the world via Instagram, posting a picture of herself sitting on some bald guy’s shoulders and cutting up an unknown substance on his head. The picture had the caption “Memories don’t live like people do #coachella.” Funtimes. Comments from her fans were filled with glee, praising Ri for keeping it real and being so open.

Eventually, more discerning eyes took a look at the photo. Is that substance Rihanna is breaking up on that bald guy’s head white? Is that cocaine? The typical reaction to this photo has been to conclude no, because even a Law & Order level understanding of drugs will tell you that breaking up a white powdery substance on some bald guy’s head in a 90 degree concert venue doesn’t make good aerodynamic sense. Plus, the flash of the photo is probably what’s making the substance look white-ish and not green. Yep, the stuff Rihanna was breaking up was just marijuana for a blunt or doobie or joint or whatever it is she does. Just marijuana. Like that’s not a drug too.

The debate over what Rihanna does and does not do with her body has become so trite that labeling it tired is an understatement. But watching people worry for a moment whether she is using cocaine, realizing it’s probably just some other illegal drug, and then going about their lives with their warm-hearted impression of her in tact simply tickles me. It’s hard to argue that cocaine and marijuana are equal when it comes to the effects that each can have on our bodies, so it makes sense that we’d react differently to knowing someone has a habit with one than with the other. But doesn’t the fact that we’re cool with folks posting pictures of their weed piles — even if they’re pop singer weed piles — demonstrate that while the stuff may be illegal, marijuana is not really a drug?

What do you think?

  • iQgraphics

    ugh this girl is a mess
    all the fans bigging her up for keeping it real
    this is “when keeping it real goes wrong”

    I’m all for a little twist and light, but it should not be broadcast
    this is a typical case of the overshare.

    We need to have moral lines that we don’t cross when it comes to social media.

  • http://laneewrites.blogspot.com LovelyAnon

    I’m a little confused as how that pic can be considered a “white powder” controversy. It clearly looks like she’s rolling a blunt, with the rolling paper in her hand :/ But I dont think its a big deal, Rihanna is obviously not a positive influence nor does she try to be. She can do & post anything she wants. Its the parents job to protect their kids & tell them whats right & wrong. And protect their internet & phone settings. (I know that wasn’t the question in the post, but I know how people are going to say she’s a bad influence so I got that out the way).

    Now do I think weed is a drug? Yes, because it can impare your judgement. Do I think its a bad drug? NO. Alcohol is way worse than smoking weed. I smoke every once & awhile & I feel safer than I do if I drink. Because I dont want to go anywhere or drive when I smoke, I’m content where I’m at. I dont get emotional or mad. I’m chill. Weed is fine to me :-)

  • Whatever

    This is a picture that she cold have definitely kept to herself. I do believe that Rihanna uses cocaine as well… Like many others in the industry. Alcohol and weed to me are gateway drugs. What happens when that high is no longer enough?

  • http://www.chicnoirhouse.blogspot.com Chic Noir

    Its the parents job to protect their kids & tell them whats right & wrong. And protect their internet & phone settings.

    How is that even possible anymore??? So what you protect your internet and phone settings, your kid’s classmate does not and has no problem showing your kid photos of Rihanna in all her rachett glory.

    We all play a role in protecting children and that includes artists. Futhermore you know adults don’t listen to that autotoon hussy’s music. Come on, her audience is children. You know how many little girls I head singing Rude Boy while walking down the street last Summer .

    She is another Lindsey Lohan in the making. Her mom made the mistake of not keeping a leash on her when she entered the music industry. I swear you can always tell the artists and models who have parents who “don’t play”.

    *chic noir looks over shoulder*

    Man I better be careful talking about rihanna cause she’s been known to get at a itch.

  • http://www.chicnoirhouse.blogspot.com Chic Noir

    Girlfriend(rihanna) needs a trip to an Indian retreat/spa for a month. Just leave all this crap behind and rest up, fast,meditate, and do Yoga. She is living to fast.

  • Dalili

    Given that Rihanna was named one of Time Magazine’s most influential people(which surprised the heck out me) I find this picture in poor taste. Whether we like it or not, she influences the way a large # of young people think. Evidence of their idol smoking weed so casually shifts whatever inhibition they may have ever so slightly and with the popularity of synthetic marijuana on the rise, that’s a dangerous message to co-sign. I understand parents should and are responsible for raising their children, but in this day and age social media wields some authority in how the youth (and some not so youthful) behave.

    I get that Rihanna is doing everything she can to live up to the good girl gone bad notion, but like @iQgraphics noted, this was a bit of an overshare.

  • Nigerian sista

    She loves attention , whether its good or bad. As long as she is in the limelight, then she flips out about people asking her questions about her personal life. kmt Another 5 years she wont be relevant.

  • http://afrikanmami.blogspot.com African Mami

    She is so talentless, I support her on the basis of her immigrant status! Jesus.

  • G

    I smoke weed hands down…mellows me out…however even if this is just marijuana that got distorted by a flash or not…I been had my allegations abt Robyn when i seen her at the awards looking like she was high on something…I like her i just don’t want to see her become a washed up young musician…GET IT TOGETHER ROBYN!!!

  • apple

    Live fast die young ,bad girls do it well!

  • Dalili

    Greetings my friend! LOL @ supporting her because of her immigrant status.

    P.S I LOVE your avatar! :)

  • band

    Why in the hell did Time magazine pick her as one of the most influential?!!??!

  • smdh

    “I dont think its a big deal, Rihanna is obviously not a positive influence nor does she try to be. ”

    Then she should humbly forfeit the honor of being listed as one of Time’s most influential people. She can’t have it both ways. She can’t denounce the “role model” label and at the same time go on twitter and say “We made TIME 100 most influential people’s list!” There’s a reason she was chosen in the first place. I think she needs to at least acknowledge or admit that she does have an influence, whether she intends to be one or not.

  • http://afrikanmami.blogspot.com African Mami

    hey sisto!!!!

    thanks :)

  • charma

    Because she is whether people like it or not. Think about it. It seems like everything this girl does, people discuss or weigh in on. I wonder why people seem to be so caught up in her life. People always have an opinion on what she’s doing or not doing in her own life.

  • MrTruthTeller

    I just had a conversation with two ladies and I ask them both if Chris Brown had beaten down Taylor Swift would he be still on TV and both said hell no. Soooo… if you beat down a black woman you get a pass that’s the way I see it. Chris Brown would be the new OJ if Rihanna was white.


  • charma

    @truth teller you’re saying nothing but the truth. All of white America would have rallied around Taylor. But with Rihanna people pointed accusing fingers and blamed her for the incident saying she must have done something. I believe she’s still suffering from the public humiliation and backlash.

  • robby

    I could not agree more with what you wrote on this article. good read, good stuff..

  • latoya

    Why would she roll up coke in front of all those people.do you really think she would put herself out there knowing she has a career to maintain.people shouldn’t try to fuck up somebodies career just cause your not in the spot or famous.yall people need to get off her shit…

  • Olutoye Walrond

    Wow! people’s lives must be really empty when they are so consumed by this Barbadian lass. Clearly, the girl is living her own life, just like we are. Stop making her feel as though she’s is ever so important. If you don’t like what she’s doing keep her out of the lives of your children, just like I have. My children don’t listen to her music and she’s is not a talking point in our home.

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