Remember B2k?

Yeah…me neither. But apparently, the group that introduced to Omarion and Raz-B–who would go on to have an illustrious career as a Twitter beefer–is gearing up for a comeback.

Recently, Omarion tweeted  a picture of himself, Lil’ Fizz, and J-Boog in the studio, which made their fans wonder if they were working on new material.

While I have no clue if this means they’ll be teaming up for a new album or You Got Served Again…and Again, it’ll be interesting to see if the group can piece itself back together despite rumors that its former manager, Chris Stokes, was molesting Raz-B and singer Marques Houston.

Would you be excited about a B2K reunion?

  • Erika

    Oh my lord, I would be ECSTATIC if they had a reunion! I went to every Scream Tour, had every damn poster I could get my hands on plastered all over my bedroom walls, even wrote some really awful fan fiction involving rendezvous with Lil’ Fizz. Great to see he still wears that gorgeous blank stare…

  • Ocean Blue (LaDreaming86)

    Naw, I don’t care. I was a huge B2K fan when they were popular, but eventually that waned down after they broke up.

    I follow Omari[ion] on Twitter and Instagram, but he doesn’t seem too bright. Furthermore, he seems to be trying to compensate for the gay rumors by talking about women a lot and liking a bunch of pictures of women on Instagram. He can dance very well, but his singing still leaves a lot to be desired. I don’t follow the other two even though I liked them just as much.

    There is no market for them in the industry as a group right now, but I am willing to see what they can do if they did reunite.

    By the way, Omari[ion] tweeted another picture of them together before the one posted above earlier this year.

  • Sath

    . . . Meh.

  • Freebee

    Lmao @ “that gorgeous blank stare..”

    Not gonna lie still listen to “Gots ta be”, but a reunion? I hope not, something about grown men in matching outfits dancing in uniform is just not appealing anymore.

  • The Taker

    Dude, I was literally watching a couple of their old videos two days ago. I was laughing at myself for being so enamored with them when I was stupid little preteen (12 or 13). And I was thinking,” what would happen if they got back together ?”, and boom this article pops up. Anyway, NO to that reunion. J-boog is still kinda of cute I see but I LOOVEEDD Omarion and thought he was the baddest<<<I'm thinking I must have been high off god knows what even though I never did any form of drug in my life. Glad them days was over. And from what I heard and read about Omarion, he has become a tote douchelord. Da well.

  • Candy 1

    My 16 year old self (the age I was when they came onto the scene) would say “YES!”, but the grown woman part of me does not care very much except to see what they can do together as grown men in a world where the music world is different than it was10-11 years ago.

  • modern lady

    You are so wrong for that ‘do you care’ add, LOL! And no, I don’t.

  • Single black male in ATL…


  • antoinette

    arent they missing someone?

  • Mina

    I don’t care for B2K anymore but I think it’d be great if they reunited…sans Raz-B. I want them to reunite because I’d love to see more black boy bands here. Like Mindless Behavior, etc. But instead of them just singing and swooning to girls, I want to see them have high energy dance choreography…and not just sing about “getting it in” or something like that. I hate groups like Pretty Ricky.

  • MZ_B2K


  • mia

    i think it a great thing,but it will not be good with out all four! i think if they are not going to include Raz-b ,they should not do any of the old songs! i don not fault them for not wanting to including him and i do feel it could have been handle alot better…i have been molested ,and when it hit the fan its not always pretty…i thin they should forgive, because this will make them bitter….i also feel they should not let personal interfere with business…

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