Former boxing champ Mike Tyson never fails to cause a stir. From shocking the world with his split-second knockouts and biting off his opponent’s ear, to serving three years in prison for rape and his public run-ins and outbursts, Iron Mike is a complicated figure.

Despite his hard-nosed rep, the boxer has been making attempts to reform his image. These days, Tyson has taken his talents to Las Vegas to star in a one-man show aptly titled, Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth and judging from a revelation he dropped during an ESPN interview, he isn’t pulling any punches either.

When asked if he left anything out of his one-man show, Tyson told ESPN interviewer Rick Reilly that he didn’t tell the public about impregnating a prison official while he was incarcerated.

Tyson explained:

“I didn’t talk about getting a jail official, a prison official pregnant and stuff.” When Reilly looked surprised at the news, Tyson told him that inmates often fraternize with prison guards. “’Oh yeah. In prison, stuff happens,” Tyson said.

While he didn’t reveal who the woman was or if he met her during his three-year sentence in Indiana for rape or another stint in jail, Tyson said the woman “had no baby,” which I assume is one reason we haven’t heard about it before.

  • Toppin (Formerly Known As Just Sayin’)

    Now there will be an investigation because PREA (look it up) made it illegal for inmates to consent to sex in prison, jails, etc. If an officer had sex with Mike Tyson, if Mike Tyson had sex with another inmate etc some heads are going to roll.

  • CurlySue

    Ugh, does anyone actually take anything this fool says seriously? Just go back to punching people in the face. That’s pretty much all you can do well.

  • Tonton Michel

    This guy has had one hell of a life, no story can be written about this man that would do him justice. I read were he said just three years ago he was locked in a hotel room with a morphine drip, cocaine, weed, alcohol, cialis, and a room full of prostitutes who he was beating up. WTF? The stories never stop.

  • QueenofNew


    The documentary recently done about his life brought tears to my eyes. His life has been very tragic.

  • QueenofNew

    Any prison officer who has sex with an inmate should be charged with rape. The power dynamics are such that these inmates aren’t making a free choice when they “consent” to the advances of someone with so much authority and control over their every movement.

  • lulu

    i believe him..

  • Tonton Michel

    Yes the documentary did a great job in humanizing him after the media, with no small help from Tyson, have gone out of it’s way to portray him as an animal. We still haven’t come across the last chapter of his life.

  • African Mami


  • Perverted Alchemist

    This is the part where I go “Lolwut”?!

  • Harmony

    I have a uncle that was in prison for a long time and said the female guards would have sex/rape with the male inmates. It was a situation where the prisoners were taken advantage of. I don’t know if he’s telling the truth or not.

  • omoobanta

    I agree. Imagine if a woman inmate had been impregnated by a Prison Guard…. we’d all be protesting by now

  • zulu

    leave the tyson. alone and focus on your own isseus

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