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And in the mind of a racist, in their subconscious, they know wrong has been committed and fear that if the tables were ever turned, it would be “fair game,” because that is what they would do if it were them.

But, obviously, in the hundreds of years black people have been here, other than a few justified slave revolts and one bloody, protracted civil war, the bulk of the blood shed for racial equality has come down heavily on the side of those fighting for it. Yet, for the most part, no one seems all that interested in revenge. Black Americans are not a group of Rambos and John McClanes and Liam Neesons reciting lines from “Taken” setting out to destroy white people.

In fact, most black people just want the equality promised to us with all that “all men are created equal” blather that comes with it. Along with the ability to walk the street relatively unmolested as we continue our centuries long quest to rebuild ourselves, our psyches and our families in the land we did not choose, but is the only home we’ve ever known.

But that’s just not sexy enough for a racist. They need people to think we all hate and want to kill all white people because otherwise how can you keep in effect the same plantation mentality that every black person who isn’t your personal property is a threat?

Which is really what that piece was. I mean, he actually says that at one point, in case you missed it:

(10a) Avoid concentrations of blacks not all known to you personally.

I mean, he didn’t even bother to dress that up. That’s Plantation 101. That’s taking it back to 1855.

Whatever kernel of truth Derbyshire has dug up, it is coated in the offensive bile of the inherent wrongness of being “black.”  It ignores human nature, any statistics that contradict his world view, psychology, sociology, historical disenfranchisement, poverty, education and class and dumps it all in “Ugh, something is just so wrong with black people. Probably because they’re black. Might want to stay away from them. Don’t want to get that on you.”

He doesn’t care about the poverty rate or the crime rate or the education rate. This is all your classic racial Trojan Horse meant to derail the conversation into some “Let’s re-argue things we settled in 1955 rather than deal with the problems of today.” The kind of folks who thought the solution to dealing with slaves post slavery was to just send them back to Africa as if they were damaged hot plates that were still under the manufacture warranty.

Who wants to do the hard work of righting a horrible, horrible historical wrong that still impacts our society today?

When you absorb the nonsense that black people are just inherently bad due to their own blackness that is a poison from which racism and self-hate grows. You can’t confuse advice for how to stay out of trouble with an updated version of how slave owners justified not allowing more than two or three black people to meet up at once.

You can acknowledge problems with violence in the black community without falling into the falsehood that blacks are, by nature, more violent due to pigmentation. The violence comes from circumstance, not race. And avoiding the larger issues of a society that is inherently unfair will be our undoing – for black and white both. Because, for better and for worse, we are all Americans of shared language and culture, sharing the same space, depending on each other to preserve our imperfect union striving to be more perfect.

I believe a man, much braver than I, said we can choose to either learn to live together as brothers or perish individually as fools.

Derbyshire – and his defenders – have obviously decided they’d prefer the latter.

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  • Tonton Michel

    Great article. simple and clear, yet amazing how many heads this will still fly over.

  • bk chick

    Great Article..I think the biggest takeaway is the word INTENT…people really do need to pay attention to the messenger…just like how everyone hopped on the “KONY” bandwagon and jumped down the throats of it’s critics…no critical thinking involved…

    I always feel that, in terms of incentive, there is very little reason for whites to support blacks..aside from pure morality. However, most people are not motivated by morality alone, that;s very rare. So, I don’t care how liberal of a person you are…if you have privilege in society it only makes sense that you want to keep it. I can’t fault the black ppl who do agree with what some of this guy said, I just fault people for not recognizing that the intent of both opinions are totally different (or maybe not)..and all it leads to is reinforcing the status quo.

  • Nebankh

    “Subconsciously, they know that historically and even today, many black Americans have to deal with the burden of being black”.

    Being Black is a blessing and far from a burden.