I pose this question to all of my hard working women out there who still have to come home and be a wife and mother. While watching Mary Mary’s new reality television show on WeTV Thursday night, the topic came up about younger sister Tina’s weight and style upkeep. She had put on a bit of weight, but aside from that, even her husband made a comment about her looks when just doing things around the house. She is a world famous gospel singer, mother of four and yet still has to look cute while doing chores and running errands? Is this a realistic request from her husband and others?

Personally, I am not married with children, but I know I am exhausted after a hard day at work. When I do have to do things around my home or run errands, looking cute is the farthest thing from my mind. A pair of sweat pants, hair in a pony tail and some chap stick is good enough for what I have to do. When Tina’s husband suggested she put on a pair of jeans and top while doing things around the house instead of sweats, she asked him if she should spend her time cooking and making sure her family is fed or looking nice for him while she does her wifely duties.

Yes, I do believe as a woman you need to keep yourself together and keep your man enticed with how you look, but I don’t think it should be done every day. Tina didn’t look horrible, she had on a black sweat suit and had her hair up while cooking for her large family. When at home you should be able to relax and step away from the cute outfits and make-up for a while. The best part about being home with your family is being able to let loose and not worry about any form of judgment. Some days you may feel like putting on a cute little outfit while you spend time with the family and other days you may not.

It is hard being a woman and I felt for Tina because everyone had something to say about how she looked. I am all for the physical health aspect, but when it comes to the cute outfits while at home…I don’t know about that one.

What do you think?

  • FLG17

    @ Morgan – yeah Beyonce is Beyonce making MILLIONS of dollars a year and paying a TEAM of people to keep her together. She probably can’t walk out the front door without some help, if anything her security. It’s a lot easier to stroll up and down the street holding your baby looking super cute in heels and skinny jeans when you aren’t really DOING anything but strolling. Try looking like Beyonce every single time you cook a meal, buy groceries, taxi kids around, pay bills, etc. People need to stop comparing themselves to celebrities, especially very rich celebrities. Her reality is not everyone’s reality. If your man wants you to look like Beyonce all the time, he needs to pay you like Beyonce and supply a team of nannies, cooks, drivers, security, accountants, lawyers, managers, stylists, hair and make-up, etc. Then it will be easy for ya.

  • Morgan

    @FLG17.. really, I have to completely disagree.

    My husband doesn’t care what I look like ever. But even if he did, I would never keep myself up to make him happy. I’ve got a 6 year old, a 15 year old sister I take care of, and three small businesses that I run. I keep myself up because it makes me feel good.

    Sure, being comfortable in sweats is easier, but I think if we are all honest with ourselves, we’d all agree that we’d always choose feeling at our best over feeling comfortable.

    She shouldn’t do anything for her husband, but she should keep herself up and make an effort to look and feel good for herself. You don’t need Beyonce’s money for that. It’s being organized and in control of your life.

    I wish more women, especially black women, would see the power in something as small as putting a little more effort into your appearance. It’s about loving yourself. I think if anyone thinks about it, they would always prefer that “I’m a bad bitch” feeling over “I feel really comfortable right now.”

    Just saying… there are plenty of cute outfits to vacuum the house in

  • Morgan

    All in all, to answer the question… your sexy should be more important than being a wife and a mother. You can’t take care of anyone else before you take care of yourself. Women need to wake up and see that that’s where the problem starts.. it’s not your husband, or your schedule or your kids… love yourself first.

  • Best Guest

    Morgan, you’re an idiot. Have fun vacuuming in Your Louboutins.

  • Morgan

    That’s so fun. He just bought me a pair.

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