Spanking is a divisive issue among many parents. While some parents swear by the “spare the rod, spoil the child” philosphy, others find the practice to be an ineffective and abusive form of discipline. But what happens when parents cross the line? And where is the line in the first place?

Recently, Korie Kellogg, ex-wife of NBA baller Michael Curry, was arrested and charged with aggravated battery after her son told his teachers that his mom had “whooped” him when school officials questioned him about marks on his body. The child was taken to the hospital and examined, and according to reports, had bruises and welts on his face and back.

Kellogg told prosecutors her son’s story was not accurate, but wasn’t given a chance to explain.

Kellogg and Curry were married on Valentine’s Day in 2001, but divorced the same year. Kellogg is the mother of Curry’s first child.

Kellogg was was released on $25,000 bail while officials continue to investigate, and if convicted, she could face a five year prison sentence. Another hearing is scheduled later this month.

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  • Whooping a kid and leaving marks is a bit much.

    The fact of the matter is that different cultures raise their kids in a different manner.

    I was whooped as a kid with a belt. lol. And I “lol” because it isn’t that serious. In the black community that is how children are disciplined. You are disciplined just enough to know that you better not act up!

    I turned out great!

    I think when you leave evidence of a beating though than you might have gone a little overboard.

  • CurlySue

    What she did wasn’t a “spanking”. That was a beating and she deserves every charge they can make stick. Bruises and welts on his face and back? That’s sickening.

  • kidole

    I grew up with beatings with belts and switches and I am very grateful for them. However, parents should never beat their children while angry and there should be no bruising or welts on a child’s face, only the butt and thighs. Parents need to learn to stop beating their children while their angry or in a bad mood, that’s where discipline ends and abuse begins.

  • lostluv224

    my mom beat my ass sooo bad once i was welted from the neck down lol…i got it soo together quickly. I turned out fine but my mom didn’t spare NO rods, while on the other hand my dad NEVER punished me and my sisters..he didnt even yell at us.

    I have more of my dads temperment so it would prob take a lot to really discipline my kids beyond threats of action lol.

    I don’t see a problem with beating your kids when they get outta hand (thats the black way) BUT as someone mention never when your angry. My mom would beat the hell outta us and then 10 mins later she’d be taking us for ice cream or something.

  • ruserious?

    I believe that too many black people (yes, I’m black) are brainwashed into thinking that “beatings” are fair punishments. I’m actually appalled to read that a beating is ok as long as you don’t mark the child’s face. Wow!

    Come on people! Now I’m not saying you can’t smack your kid’s hand or bottom but you do not do it with any sort of weapon (yes, a house shoe, belt, switch etc. becomes a weapon when you use it to beat someone) and you don’t repeatedly hit the child.

    Walking a fine line between discipline and abuse…smdh