VH1 has been on a roll with its documentary series Behind The Music lately — if you’re a hip-hop fan and didn’t catch the installment on Nas then head over to Vh1.com and check it out because it’s definitely interesting viewing.

Next up for the show is the story of r&b sensation Brandy, an artist whose career has had it’s ups and downs but has been inarguably trailblazing. It’s easy to forget that Moesha was one of the first — and still one of the only — sitcoms built around a young black woman, so it should be interesting to learn about how Brandy became such an industry stand-out as a child star and later as a full-fledged r&b diva. Things will also get a little bit juicy, delving into the fatal car accident that had the tabloids labeling Brandy a murderer, and the fraudulent marriage that maintained her good girl image at first but, as she says “was the fall of her career.” Take a look at the promo for the show:

Will you watch?

  • http://afrikanmami.blogspot.com African Mami

    No. NAS’s was THE best I will EVER in my entire life watch. What?! All i need is one mic.

  • overseas_honeybee

    Don’t have VH1 is these parts but probably not even if I did. Folks make mistakes and she seems to be in a good place now. Love the music but Brandy can be a little “extra” sometimes. I’ll pass. Sad I can’t check out Mr. Nasir Jones though :(

  • Tifani

    I will definitly be watching this, Brandy can come across as phony somtimes, but that’s my girl … I feel like I grew up with her!!!!!

  • HoneyDew

    Oh, I am definitely going to be watching!!!!!!

  • Jen

    You can watch full episodes of Behind the Music at vh1.com.

  • Alexandra

    I will watch. I haven’t followed her career much since ‘Full Moon’, but I always admired her growing up. She was the original triple threat in my opinion.

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