Solange Knowles can’t seem to miss style-wise, and her spread for ComplexMagazine’s 10th Anniversary Issue is no exception. Rocking bold prints by Kenzo and Margarita Sapala accented by spunky shades and bangles, the dj/musician/tastemaker revealed some of her preferences — including her favorite reality tv star — in a game of “Would You Rather.” Some excerpts from the interview:

I’d rather be submissive than dominant. Strong, independent women share this sentiment of wanting to be taken over sexually behind closed doors. It’s the natural balance for a woman like me.

I’d rather live in the U.S. than Europe. I talk shit about the American way, and how much more together Europe is as a society, but traveling as much as I have, there are lots of things I appreciate about home. I plan on living in Europe at some point, but for now I’m good in Brooklyn.

I’d rather be on the cast of Love & Hip-Hop than Project Runway. I’ve never seen Project Runway, but I’m a huge Chrissy [Love & Hip-Hop star Christine Lampkin] fan. I’d need to take boxing lessons from her first though, nahmean?

I’d rather be the cool aunt than the authoritative aunt. The closer my sister came to motherhood, the more stern she was with my son, Julez, but when he was between the ages of 1 and 4, she put the s in spoiling. I had to deal with the cool aunt for seven years, and I’m ready for payback! Late nights, candy binges—I’m doing it all!

I’d rather have known my parents when they were younger than only know them as my parents. My mother was the most stylish, flawless woman I’ve ever seen. My father had a little cool, but my mother was a different breed of cool. I’ve looked through photographs of her that inspire me today. She’s partied at Studio 54, hung out in ski chalets in Colorado, and played Cleopatra in a play in Egypt. She’s insanely cool in her 50s, but I wouldn’t pass up being with her in her prime!

Hmm…it’s actually not very hard to imagine Mama Tina at Studio 54!

Read more and watch an interview with the diva at Complex.

  • kai

    I do NOT like solanges style. The mixing of prints is so ugly to me. 5 years from now she’ll look back and wonder what she was thinking

  • MissAnn

    I LOVE her style and her admission of being of a submissive nature. Not a lot of women can admit that to themselves without being thought of as weak.

    I knew I had a dominant air about at a young age, but I never understood it.

    I relished being a tomboy as a girl, however I was still too dominant for guys in my teen years.

    Now that I am older, I love who I am born to be: passionate, fierce, loyal, and compassionate.

    Embrace who you are naturally.

  • Bee

    “I’d rather be submissive than dominant.” Okay, she just went from cool to total idiot in my book. I like her dress style and fashion sense, but I just stopped liking her as a person (or at least, as the persona she presents). I’m done. Why are the pretty ones always so damn misguided?

  • girlformerlyknownasgrace

    I wish solange would vary her style, if that makes sense. A lot of prints arent the only way to be fashion forward.

  • girlformerlyknownasgrace

    I dont think she was referring to submissive in the traditional sense…

  • Candy 1

    What’s wrong with sexual submission if that’s what one likes?

  • Viva Charlamagne

    I really don’t think she meant it that way either..#jussayin

  • African Mami

    I have been a fan of this young lady (feminists, jump off the bridge!), for years since we were both teens. What I can say is that every time she has opened her mouth, my liking has depreciated, ten folds over! Nowadays, she seems to try so hard to be different, that the authenticity in personality and style have completely disappeared. May the good Lord, reunite me yet again with my prodigal sister, she needs to come back home, albeit with her mouth shut. It is a-okay to be like erryone else, ain’t no shame in dat!

  • ceecee

    Great tidbit about Mrs. Knowles, I had no idea. It’s no wonder she let her girls express themselves the way they do.

  • I got sense!

    LOVE IT!!! Doesn’t matter who hates her or loves her. She is living her life her way and making money while doing it. Not to mention she hasn’t been naked, bent over in front of a camera, or done anything just down right NASTY. More than I can say for so many other “celebrities”.

  • nu-ness

    I like Solange’s style (it would be nice to see more things than just prints) ..however I have noticed that she talks about the same thing in almost every interview.

    What I’ve also noticed is that being famous..being rich..being in magazines..and being able to travel does not automatically make you smart or deep. This is why a lot of ppl get disappointed when they read these articles versus just looking at the stylish pictures.

    Oh how I love it when these famous people are smart and have something deep to say!

  • nu-ness

    oh yeah…I do like being dominant in the bedroom sometimes…but other times I like the submissiveness…depends on the day.

    However, outside of the bedroom I’m also ok with the stereotypical role of cooking/cleaning/catering/etc…I dont mind long as I don’t have to pop out no babies!

  • Bee

    (Wow, so my comment won’t go through, and I’m really hoping this doesn’t post like a hundred times) Okay, maybe I was harsh. I’m going to give her the benefit of the doubt that she didn’t mean it in the traditional sense. That word “submissive” just rubs me the wrong way. Why can’t men and women just be equal, sexually and otherwise, and egalitarian in their interactions? I just get tired of the idea that there always has to be some power structure. People just make stuff way too complicated, in my opinion, with all this submissive and dominant mess. I’m just saying.

  • HEY

    Being a feminist doesn’t mean you can’t have sexual preferences other than being in complete control. It just means you can admit the things you like and why. Other than that your comment is gold :)

  • Bee

    Okay, maybe I was harsh. I’m going to give her the benefit of the doubt that she didn’t mean it in the traditional sense. That word “submissive” just rubs me the wrong way. Why can’t men and women just be equal, sexually and otherwise, and egalitarian in their interactions? I just get tired of the idea that there always has to be some power structure. People just make stuff way too complicated, in my opinion, with all this submissive and dominant mess.

  • LurkerG

    I found that interesting about Mrs. Knowles, too. For her to be so cultured and traveled why does she speak as if she just got off the plantation? Serious question. I never knew Matt and Tina had done so much and lived such a fabulous life prior to birthing and rearing “the baddest chick in the game”. Tina should share more of her fabulous past with the world by writing a book. I find it all very interesting: travel, acting, partying at the legendary Studio 54, reading People magazine fascinated like the rest of us with the celebs in Hollywood and giving access to your child to be whoever she wanted to be. That’s a story that needs to be told in memoir style with some images. :) I’d love to see Tina wearing these fab designs Solange always mentions.

  • Girlie Girl

    Does she know Europe is a continent with 50 countries and various cultures not one homogeneous place?

  • Alexandra

    That irks me too. They do the same thing with Africa.

    I love Solange though. Go Brooklyn :-)

  • omfg

    why do people say solange is not authentic because of the style choices she has made of late?

    she is only around 25. when people were first introduced to her, she was very young, perhaps a child. of course she is going to be different as a woman than as a child or young adult.

    why should she be expected to channel the same energy she had as an 18-year-old as a 25 year old woman?

    makes no sense to me.

    it’s funny to me how people, esp. black people, get uncomfortable when black people (women) step out of the box. i just don’t see what she’s doing that is so bizarre.

    prints and the way she’s wearing them are in people. she was even the main model for suno on the vogue fashion fund show (on hulu btw). suno is known for mixing and using african prints.

    as for the submissive stuff, to each her own. don’t care all that much what she does in her home. whatever works for her – though i just don’t think submissiveness works in real life the way some women imagine it in their heads…

  • omfg

    maybe it’s what she likes right now. prints are totally in right now.

    also, women in so many countries rock prints every dang day, regardless of what western fashion dictates.

  • Chox

    She very clearly stated that she is a strong independent woman who likes to be taken over sexually behind closed doors. Why would that make her misguided? If That’s what gets her off sexually, it should have nothing to do with how you view the woman as a whole. Even if she did mean it in the traditional way ( even though she specified “sexually”) that doesn’t make her misguided. It simply makes her different form you.

  • girlformerlyknownasgrace

    @omfg, That is true. Fashions will change. As a Nigerian, I know that prints will always be “in” in certain countries. It’s just that Solange’s style seems more put on. Idk, it is probably the uncomfortable feeling that your culture is a fad for some. I know, it ounds ridiculous.

  • omfg

    there are some fashion brands whose businesses are based on bringing manufacturing to africa.

    suno uses african textiles and does some of the manufacturing there.

    i didn’t go into that other thread about the trend of using “mother’s dress” but imo, if people are getting jobs, etc. then what’s the problem? it’s also better than them importing cheap chinese fabrics or exporting that labor to asia.

    also, it bring elements of african cultures to the fore. that is interesting to me. imo, it’s a good thing for people to associate africa with sophistication and quality.

    unless there is some spiritual/religious element to the pattern/cloth someone is wearing, why not give a chance for people to elevate “african” style/elements in a way that is not costumey but rather normalizes it and allows people to incorporate it into everyday life?

    i would hope that more african products become available to others.

    but that’s just me. i’m not a continental so i’m not that close to the subject.

  • RightOn


  • CHE

    Her style is dope….from her fro to her toes!.

  • cocoa

    i think she’s outwardly fly but i’d have to agree. what else can she talk about? nothing to promote, besides her shopping/styling abilites & the fact that she’s “eclectic”

  • African Mami

    @ Hey,

    The feminist remark, was in reference to the “young lady”! Read the “Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman”, thread to get the gist of it!:)

  • CB-T

    Solange is ILL…….

  • Tami

    I so much agree with you, I Got Sense! Solange is doing her thing, living her life, traveling, expressing her opinion because she is being asked…Girlfriend is fabulous…I am 50 yrs old & wish I had been so free at her age.

  • Renee

    1. i think solange is cool, i don’t think she’s “Trying” to be different, i think she always has been different, she was just playing a role that mama knowles created for beyonce and she realized that it didn’t fit her personality nor help her get any notoriety.

    2. i don’t understand all these women who are salty about solange saying “i want to be submissive in the bedroom” like she’s weak-minded. some people like booty sex, some people like being choked, some people like dominating, it is what they want to do and to try and attribute that to her being weak-minded shows how myopic you are.

    3. and these “these poor misguided women” comments… feminism is the choice to be whatever woman you want to be.

  • HEY

    Ahh. I see.

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