The results of a new study show that almost 40% of servers admit to adjusting the quality of their service based on the race of their customers, and just over 50% claim that they have seen their colleagues do so.

The study, published in the Journal of Black Studies, surveyed 200 servers at 18 different full-service chain restaurants in North Carolina. About 86% of these servers were white.

The survey also showed that 90% of those surveyed have participated in racially charged conversations among their co-workers. The beliefs that these conversations have brought out, which, the study says, fuel the prejudice displayed by the servers, are the ideas that black customers are neither as polite nor as generous tippers as are customers of other races.

Sarah Rusche, co-author of the paper, sees restaurant treatment as just another way that discrimination bleeds into our daily lives.

“’Tableside racism’ is yet another example in which African-Americans are stereotyped and subsequently treated poorly in everyday situations…Race continues to be a significant barrier to equal treatment in restaurants and other areas of social life.”

The sample size of these studies are never large enough to make hard and fast rules about how people behave, but it’s very telling that out of 200 servers, 80 of them admit to have treated a customer poorly because of race — that is far from insignificant. The problem is likely made worse by the pay structure for waiters and waitresses — since their pay is so dependent on tips, it’s rude, but perhaps more efficient, for servers to discriminate than to hope for the best.

Aside from boycotting establishments that have directly treated us poorly, however, what can we do about it? When I receive bad service, I tend to withhold or reduce the tip, which probably then allows servers to think that black people are bad tippers…where does the cycle end?

What do you think? Have you been discriminated against while dining out?

  • omfg

    i’m so glad this was done.

    i frequently eat out and know that i am treated differently.

    there are times when some kid server thinks she/he knows more about food than i do. it is obvious at times that people think blacks lack the sophistication to know about anything that is not collard greens and fried chicken.

    i’ve often wondered why i rarely see blacks at restaurants when i know we can afford to be there. i sometimes think it is because of the way we are treated. we just don’t want to be bothered.

    there are many restaurants i won’t patronize because of this.

  • Kacey

    Racism is alive and well and permeates every area of life, so this is no surprise. And, yes, I’ve been aware of being treated “differently”, sensing a certain attitude and aloofness, by servers in restaurants. Trust and believe that any tip I give (if any) is commensurate with the quality of service I receive!

  • QueenOfCastle

    Im guilty of it. I worked at an IHOP in Philly when I lived there and I prayed I was never sat with any blacks or Puerto Ricans. Rude, entitled and NEVER EVER tipped. We used to fight over white diners.

  • Dreaming

    I don’t eat out often, so I can’t say.

  • Kacey

    Well…I’m sure what goes around comes around :)

  • QueenOfCastle


    Take a job as a server. PLEASE. I know that when I tip, I am tipping the server, the bus boys and the cooks. Some people think paying their bill is a tip. It aint. I always leave a generous type and if the service was appalling, I can always speak to a manager.

  • Sasha

    LMAO my older sister served for a couple of months but in that short time she pretty much gathered that Blacks just don’t tip well. If you are bitten by every dog that comes your way, why wouldn’t you think the next one isn’t going to bite you too? That’s the same philosophy I have when it comes to not tipping when you dine out. I’ve never served but I feel that if you don’t have enough money for dinner AND the standard 20% tip then stay your ass at home!

  • RJ

    I have been treated poorly at a restaurant and was so upset by my treatment that I stormed out of the restaurant. Long story short: the waitress admitted to treating our table (full of black people) poorly.

    Unfortunately, I have had many black friends who have worked in the restaurant industry and every single one of them has told me that black people do not tip. I have heard horror stories…one friend waited at a table with 10 people and the bill was nearly $300 and she got a $5 tip. It is what it is.

    This conversation leads me to this point: These stereotypes exist for a reason, people. There is no stereotype about black folks that in my experience does not comport with reality. Sorry. We don’t want to face the facts.

  • HopeChest

    I used to be a server, and I had my share of customers who have stiffed me and they were white.

    My mother always taught us to tip, so I’m still surprised at the idea that black folks don’t tip.

    All the more reason why I like cooking and entertaining at home or a friend’s house.

  • HopeChest

    I saw a pic on Facebook where a patron was left unaccounted for by their server for such a long time, they wrote ‘Where were u?’ on the table with a ketchup and mustard bottle.

    To some, it was quite petty, but I thought it was fitting.

  • Sasha

    Did you leave before or after your food was served and you were finished eating?

  • HopeChest

    I agree with that, Sasha.

  • Crumpalina

    I’ve seen it first hand where “folks” will just pay the bill and not tip at all! Ive actually had to buck up for a black friend that would NOT cough up for the tip and was like “but my wine was $10″, I also know for a fact that black folk love to send something back, it’s either cold , not well done, dont taste right, dont have enough bacon bits, etc etc etc… We even have a place here in NYC that a lot of black folk go to that has a you cant send a drink policy because folks are always sending stuff back. And the majority of the time they arent even nice about it – making faces being loud and using words like “ewwww” and “nasty”. Another thing is the whole “weeeeeeeeelllllll, i know the bill is $250 but i only had a sip of water and a bite of mac n cheese, so heres $4″. What about the chick that has a b-day party invites everyone orders mad bottles and apps then asks everybody for $150 – I’m just sayin’, my roomie served Nene Leakes at a top notch NYC eatry and said she was the nastiest, rudest person he has ever served.

    Im getting upset just writing about this. Not all black people are that way – I’m not, but I was raised right and frequent establishments other than Old country Buffet and Olive Garden.


  • RJ


    I left before we got our food.

    The abbreviated version of the story.

    I went to a restaurant with some of my Howard classmates to support one of our friends. That friend was sitting at a table with her white friends because we had to be split up. The waitress (who also happened to be the owner – she was also white) was incredibly gregarious with the other white tables. When she got to our table she was cold and downright mean. She asked us to give her our cards before we ordered (where do they do that at?). After enduring her treatment, we walked out before our food came and I wrote a scathing note on a napkin (lol). Our friend, who was seated at the table with her white friends, saw us leave, asked why and then went back in to confront the waitress. She explained that she was acting up and that it was because a table had stiffed her for the bill earlier <—– presumably a bunch of Negroes.

  • Crumpalina

    “Trust and believe that any tip I give (if any) is commensurate with the quality of service I receive!”

    Well there you go, ya’ll! Living up to the stereoype.

  • Val

    It’s interesting, servers say Blacks don’t tip well so they give us bad service, and Black people say we don’t tip well because we get bad service.

    So who is at fault here? Seems to me that any reasonable Black person would tip well if given good service. So I think the servers are at fault for giving poor service to Black people and then complaining that we don’t tip well.

    This is why I don’t eat at restaurants much.

  • Shawn

    I served at a RED LOBSTER in the Hood through college and black people do tip if you know how to approach them. From my experience white people tend to tip in general, but black people tip when they feel their service was exceptional. You can’t just fill their water glass and think you’re getting 20%. So I had some strategies to get a good tip.

    1. Make them feel like they are getting a hook up. At red lobster you can take bread with you but I would make the table feel like I was not allowed to pack bread for them to take home and “sneak” it to their table. Guaranteed tip

    2. Sob story on Sunday morning. I was sure to tell every church lady how I am a young black male working my way through college. Guaranteed tip

    If servers were smart they would find strategies to get the tip instead of approaching the table with the idea that they wont be tipped already in their head.

  • LiveLoveLife

    Unfortunately, that is a bit true…..My first job was a waitress..from 10th to 12th grade. A lot of blk ppl didnt tip..which is why I pretty much over tip when I go go against that stereotype.

    I think a lot of waitstaff are afraid of/intimidated by big groups of black ppl…esp blk men

    I’ve seen how differently we are treated..when I go out with black friends versus white friends.

  • Kacey

    Actually, you are stereotyping. I am a very generous tipper and I enjoy dining out. Unfortunately, I have, on a few occasions, experienced less-than-par treatment from wait staff and I will NOT reward bad behavior. It seems to happen most at chain restaurants (like Red Lobster, Olive Garden types) so I usually avoid them and frequent smaller, better quality places. But, sometimes if I go out to a show they may be the only places open very late and its always a crap shoot what type of service you get.

  • Crumpalina

    and can black folk stop sending stuff back?

    Where da bacon bits at? They only 3 bacon bits on this potato.
    Why my wine glass only filled to the little mark on the wine glass, Im paying $10 for this
    Theres no alcohol in this drink
    This steak aint done enough
    These french fries cold
    I SAID I dont want no cream in my creamed spinach

    Why can’t black folks (ricans too) eat food the way its described on the menu?

    I want the double cheeseburger with one patty 2 pickles and 9 sesame seeds on the bun?
    Whats all this stuff ya’ll put in the paella, can i get it without the shrimp?
    Fried wings extra crispy, deboned and chopped

  • Yb

    Are you even black or at least a black person who has pride and esteem in their blackness?

  • QueenOfCastle


    The advantage of serving a group of black men is that they dont come with a bunch of children that rip the place apart, their attitudes arent nearly as bad, and maybe, they dont want to look as broke as they probably are so might kick you down a couple of coppers.

    As an aside there was a video going around You Tube of this Hispanic waiter wondering why so many of his black female customers had such bad attitudes.

  • Crumpalina

    YB – you should really come have a Hennessy Wing at BBQ here in NYC and see how close to the truth this is…

    It’s not about blackness its about doing the right thing and the horrible fact is, the MAJORITY of black people do not act in good taste whenit comes to eating out.

  • omfg


    tips should be commensurate with service. imo, tipping is not meant to pay someone’s salary though it has become that.

    tipping is meant to acknowledge a job well done. i do not care how people stereotype me; you treat me like ish, you will not be generously tipped. my money is the same as everyone else’s and i should be treated as well as others are treated.

    i also find it odd that blacks are saddled with this stupid tipping reputation. when i dine with nonblacks, they regularly leave smallish tips – like 15% and sometimes less, regardless of whether the service was great.

    this blacks tip poorly stuff is crap and a total myth.

    i hope blacks do not allow themselves to be suckered into believing they tip poorly or worse than others. it is not true.

  • omfg

    @sasha… “I’ve never served but I feel that if you don’t have enough money for dinner AND the standard 20% tip then stay your ass at home!”

    if every diner had this attitude, restaurants would go out of business.

    it is not the diner’s job to pay the server a salary. it is the employer’s job to pay the server.

    and as far as i’m concerned, the standard is 15% and it goes up the better the service is.

    i’ve been treated miserably by servers and don’t often feel sorry for them. i don’t owe them anything, but it is their job to provide me and any diner with a good experience.

    servers work in hospitality. be hospitable and a server may get a better tip. showing up is a server’s job.

  • CurlySue

    This is like the chicken vs the egg debate. But the end result is the same. Black people, on average, tip lower than white people and the wait staff (often regardless of race) anticipates a smaller tip and won’t hustle as much. I believe there was a pretty reputable survey on this released some months ago about black people and tipping. And so the saga continues.

  • Yb


    Ummmm no. Many women of all races don’t want to be served by black men because of the sexual harassment they recieve and the racial generalizations they place on black men.

    Nowhere in her comment did Live speak ill of black men, she spoke of the experiences of her peers. But you did when you admitted that black men neglect their children and opt out of taking their children to social settings. It’s seems like you are the one that has issues with black men, seeing how you are so quick to serve whites over them. It that same stereotyping that’s results in our youngs boys death. Tsk Tsk and I thought you actually cared.

    P.s. you should have left that “white-is-right” mentality on the boat. That ish won’t fly here.

  • HopeChest

    Crumpalina, I’m over here crackin’ up!

    As funny as it is, it’s rather sad also that it’s only black folks that have that issue.

    You sure that you haven’t served any non-blacks like that?

  • HopeChest

    Next thing you know, there’s gonna be signs on restaurants stating that black folks will be charged an automatic 20 percent gratuity for even entering the premises.

    Sometimes I wonder if some black folks don’t know to really calculate how much to tip as well.

    I have an app on my phone that helps with that.

  • Yeahright2011

    Lets not play the game. We know that Black owned food spots have lower quality of service because most of their patrons are black. Another reason to stay home and cook.

  • Dreaming

    But you did when you admitted that black men neglect their children and opt out of taking their children to social settings. – Exactly.

    You have articulated what I was thinking.

  • Dreaming


  • Sasha

    @omfg- Well fortunately the general population doesn’t go by your standard 15%, so as far you’re concerned it can remain at just that HOWEVER 20% is the accepted standard of tipping and anyone knowledgeable of etiquette knows this and will tell you so. While I apologize for your experience with waiters/ waitresses and agree that their job is in hospitality, it is NOT their job to provide you with a “good” experience. So again I stand by my statement- if you do not have enough money to cover both your meal AND the ACCEPTED STANDARD 20% TIP then stay at home!! Go to the grocery store, buy your steak, asparagus, mashed potatoes and some read wine and make it yourself with some Whitney Houston playing in the background for your “good experience”.

  • HopeChest

    #1 works like a charm!

    And I also get personable, As if was a family member, so I’ve never had a problem getting tipped by black folks.

    I must mention that I was working in a predominantly white-bread, podunk, midwestern town, so black folks seeing other black folks wasn’t so common. And they appreciated the service.

    Hell my skill-set is customer service, so I’m all about the customer, ever observing how people are treated in these establishment, especially in hospitality.

    I hate this stereotype, but at least I do my part and I tip for hospitality depending on my service.

  • Yb

    The majority of the people who were surveyed were white. This article was about waitor s changing their service attitudes towards people of certain races. What are you talking about again?

  • QofNew


    Hold up. In my experiences waiting tables, literally across the country and even in the UK, I would never see single men out to eat with children. Its always couples with children or women with children. Secondly, LiveLoveLfie wanst tlaking about black men as servers but as patrons. Also, I said all blacks tip poorly. I should also note that groups of black men dont go out to eat as often as groups of black women go out to eat. I’d imagine men are more likely to go with take-away foods than going to resturants. Chill.

  • Crumpalina

    A crazy person here or there is expected no matter what color or ethnicity. But there are a lot of AAs that have issues when being served A LOT!

    My roomie is a server at a high falutin’ eatry is NYC one day he will come home and be like “Yo, Strayhan/Jenn from Basketball Wives/Etc… is the nicest guy/girl ever” the next day he will come home and say “Nene Leakes is one nasty snitch”. So there are some folks that know how to act. He also says that some spanish folks (he’s rican) get too big for their britches and try to make him feel stupid because they are eating and he’s serving and give attitude and poor tips, then there are spanish folks that come in and tip big because they appreciate how hard he’s working to serve them a great meal” but he tells me that he has the toughest time with black people because they either dont tip, send things back, never say please or thanks, get loud, and his pet peeve say “eww” or “nasty” when talking about food they dont like.

    I was in my local burger joint and 3 black girls walked in after their friend ordered, they made the cook change all the orders around on like 6 burgers after the cook stood there and waited for 2 minutes while they discussed why one wanted mayo and another didnt want mustard – thats just tacky!!

    Tere is even a NO SEND BACKSIES rule posted in RED in the MENU at a black owned restaurant in HARLEM… thats gotta say something….

  • Sasha

    @HopeChest- “Sometimes I wonder if some black folks don’t know to really calculate how much to tip as well.” Nah that’s not the case, its cheapness. Or maybe they only brought $12.00 to cover that $9.99 burger they planned on purchasing and the $1.99 for a beverage. Its not that hard and since everyone nowadays has a cellphone with a calculator in it all one has to do is multiply their total by .20 and voila- you know how much to tip!

  • Dreaming

    I tip based on service.

    I once had a pizza delivery guy show up to my house, wait in his car to do whatever, then walked up on our lawn (not the steps) to my front door. He didn’t speak to me or anything. He was having a conversation on his cell phone as I signed the credit card slip and then I looked at me. I guess he was wondering where the tip was.

    He was a young Black guy.
    Like someone else said – It is not the responsibility of the patron to make up for someone’s wages. Likewise, when people go into a waitressing/waiter occupation, they know that their income is based on the kindness of strangers.

  • Yb


  • Dreaming

    “While I apologize for your experience with waiters/ waitresses and agree that their job is in hospitality, it is NOT their job to provide you with a “good” experience. “

    Sasha, I have to respectfully disagree with you here, because I’ve worked in customer service, and the motto of many businesses, if not most is to provide a good experience for their patrons. Otherwise, why would anyone continue to patronize that business?

  • girlformerlyknownasgrace

    Crumpalina that place just attracts the stereotypical Black people who think that BBQs is the place for fine wining and dining. I dont care that it looks nice on the outside, you see the line of people outisde and you dont want to go. I would not use that place as a measure of how Blacks treat servers.

  • ChileBOO

    So that people don’t ease into the comfort of being racist I would prefer that waiters and waitresses were given payment equivalent to whatever they get now plus 25 percent so that this “black people don’t tip” topic would die all the way down.

    Then instead when bad service is provided an employee gets fired instead of earning a chip on one’s shoulder

  • RJ

    Black folks STAY living in denial. I don’t care how many of you want to delude yourself into believing that black people tip on the same level as white people…WE DON’T.

    Lets apply some common sense. Most waiters get the bulk of their salary from tips. In fact, I have known of many waiters/waitresses only making a 2 or 3 dollar/per hour wage – the rest of their salary comes from tips. Why would any white, black, or brown person intentionally abridge their income stream by arbitrarily mistreating black people? I would think that at the end of the day, most people are about their money. The only rational explanation for this disparity in treatment is that people make observations and correlations about people based on race.

    If you are going above and beyond and/or providing solid service and 7 out of 10 times you encounter black people who under tip you while you provide the same level of service to your white patrons and 7 out of 10 times they provide you with an adequate tip, you don’t think that would influence your behavior towards your white and black patrons ? It’s unfortunate and as I mentioned in my earlier comment, I have been a victim of mistreatment because of the very same behavior I just outlined. But, I get it.

    This to me is an issue of class and education. It’s funny to read the comments of a largely educated group of black people talking about this subject when in fact, the people who are commenting on this blog are actually in the minority in the black community – we are educated, and are probably on our way to making more than the national average in terms of our salaries- of course WE TIP. Lower-middle class and under-educated black people make up the majority of the black population and lower-middle class and under-educated people -regardless of race- tend to tip less. Those are the facts. In addition to economic factors, a lot of black people – yes, I said a lot – have a sense of entitlement and don’t want to pay for shit anyway. I say this as a black woman who loves her people…but I am tired of us bullshiting ourselves.

  • HopeChest

    Point taken, Sasha. LOL!

    Almost every black person I know has the most up-to-date phones, so I know a calculator has to be on them.

    Honestly, there really is no excuse for cheapness. It goes all the way back to just staying home and cooking a meal.

  • Chrissy

    “Next thing you know, there’s gonna be signs on restaurants stating that black folks will be charged an automatic 20 percent gratuity for even entering the premises.”


    I would not be surprised.

  • HopeChest

    I applaud you for your comment, RJ.

  • QofNew


    When this young brotha proceeded to tell me how he wanted to cook to put the three different cheeses on his fried egg, I wanted to stab him in the eye. Its the arrogance that I hate. Then you have to serve these mofos with a smile. They know what they doing.

  • Sasha


  • HopeChest

    Your whole post had me cringing, Crumpalina. SMH.

    That really sucks that it’s mainly black folks with this issue.

  • arlette

    wow you dont even try to hide your self hatred

  • LemonNLime

    I don’t know if I have been. But I will say this, I tip 20% every time for average service (you take my order, bring me my food, and refill my drink SANS attitude). I don’t need or even want to chit chat. If you can do that you get 20%.

    I can think of a few times where the service, not at the fault of the waiter, was crap but the waiter did everything in his power to try and fix it and in those cases I tip higher much higher. I had an experience like that where my meal (which was actually 5 pieces of chicken each about 1 inch big) came out 45 minutes after everyone else at my table and it was the kitchens fault and the waiter was so stressed and apologetic bc everyone’s food was messed up and late. My meal was $6 but I wasn’t changed and he threw in a dessert for free. I left him a $25 tip – no joke. He worked HARD and I appreciated the effort.

    But I have let small tips on serve that was horrible. I had a meal where the waiter was rude, ignored us, didn’t write down or orders and as a result brought us the wrong food (and argued about it with us – me and my two friends who are white), never refilled, or checked on us. My food was like $19 and I left a $1 tip, one friend left $1, and the other left nothing. If you don’t want to work in customer service then don’t do it, I’m not forcing you to, but don’t expect me to tip standard when you can’t provide me with standard service.

    And seriously, who tips 15% standard? It isn’t 1990, inflation people!

  • myblackfriendsays

    I wonder if people that don’t go out to eat often are pickier because going out is a big deal for them, and so they want everything to be perfect. I also think that some people complain because they are trying to get something for free/at a discount. I remember seeing a story on tv where these two guys made a whole thing out of complaining and getting stuff for free–it’s like, really?! Not cool.

    I have never been a server, but I did deliver food one summer and I found that the black customers I had did not tip. Again, like the article it was a small sample size but another example nonetheless.

    I agree with the pp’s that said 20% is the new 15%. My husband and I went out this weekend and got slow/inattentive service and still tipped 15%. I think above average service merits 25ish% The only way I would ever not tip at all is if the person was openly rude to me.

  • Crumpalina

    @Girlformerlyknownasgrace – BBQ/RedLobster/Sizzler/Roscoes and Old Country Buffet are the tip of the iceberg.

    So do you think we should base this scale on Ciprianis/Nobu/Lavo/Ma Peche/Marble Lane or Olive Garden/Five Guys/Dennys or Bone Fish – it shouldnt matter!

  • QofNew


    Thanks for bringing that up.

  • Super Negra

    Are you a black woman?…just a question…

  • Ms. Information

    A white server did this to my sister and I on Sunday…it took her 30 min to get our drink order…but two older white women sat down and had theirs in 2 minutes… I have had horrible black servers I don’t think it’s race related…just bad service related…If I were a server, I may be more comfortable with black people but everyone would still get equal service..

  • Ms. Information

    Black people are also paid significantly less than white people…even out the playing field.

  • QofNew

    BTW guys, if you are going to be in the LA area anytime soon DO NOT go to the TGI-Fridays on LaCienga and Latijera. Its black owned (Magic Johnson) but I heard you will spend a couple of birthdays in there waiting on drinks.

    Suppot Black Business.

  • QofNew


    It isnt so much kindness but an unwritten rule. Seriously what that young brotha did was appalling but we are talking about standard service given to people who refuse to tip based on one principle, “I dont have to if I dont want to.” Its belittling, and just plain rude.

  • QofNew


    Chicken or the Egg debate. A lot of people, especially when they are in groups, like to act out.

  • QofNew


    I know my people. I know how they roll. If Im trying to pay my rent, then forgive me for being a little prejudiced. Most of my experiences have been positive but there does seem to be a trend.

  • QofNew

    @Super Negra

    Was that question for me? Im a woman.

  • Super Negra

    I didn’t think that you would say you are black….You are extremely self-hating I am assuming against your own race..On every post that I have seen you on you denigrate black people….and speak extremely negative against us…why are you here?

  • omfg


    the standard is not 20%. it has only been in the last few years that servers have tried to revise the standard – probably because of the recession. the standard is 15% and 20% for good behaviour. lol.

    and here’s the definition of hospitality:

    the friendly reception and treatment of guests or strangers.
    the quality or disposition of receiving and treating guests and strangers in a warm, friendly, generous way.

    when you are in hospitality, that means your responsibility is the make sure your GUESTS have a good experience.

    you obviously know very little about service because in any business, especially in the hospitality business, you want your guests to have good experience. guests can only have a good experience when the hospitality is right.

    are you very young? you sound like you probably dine out very infrequently. and i don’t mean at red lobster and ihop either.

  • CurlySue

    Many servers are black though. So they’re getting stiffed too. Personally, I’m very judgmental of people who don’t tip well. My mother and grandmother were both servers for a time and single mothers as well. If someone is too cheap to tip well for good service, then they need to hit up Taco Bell and call it a night. And by “good service” I don’t mean putting up with rudeness and ridic requests. I mean being pleasant, being punctual, and being accurate.

  • Sasha

    @omfg- And you sound very ignorant. Just for the record I’m 24 and I have never stepped foot inside of a Red Lobster or an IHOP and dine out once a week so keep your assumptions to yourself. Not going to go back and forth with you, it’s 20% and if you have decent etiquette and manners that’s what you should tip. “Good behavior” really?! You sound like once of those people who acts like its an honor to serve you. The hospitality can be perfect and the experience still wouldn’t be enough for people. Have a great day!!

  • Freebee33

    I think the same assumption about no tipping might be applied to a table of younger diners, ie. high school students, college students..

    And for those arguing about that standard tipping percentage, I think the range is 15%-20%, 15% being just OK service, but if the server is really on point I think a 20% shouldn’t be an issue..

  • apple

    Oh how fun it is to spend your life grouped with negative stereotypes that effect every single part of your life,from what you eat,where you eat it ,to who you date, to what you wear,to where you live,to how you feel to which there is no escape.

  • Sasha

    @omfg- And you sound very ignorant. Just for the record I’m 24 and I have never stepped foot inside of a Red Lobster or an IHOP and dine out once a week so keep your assumptions to yourself. Not going to go back and forth with you, it’s 20% and if you have decent etiquette and manners that’s what you should tip. “Good behavior” really?! You sound like once of those people who acts like its an honor to serve you. The hospitality can be perfect and the experience still wouldn’t be enough for people. Have a great day!

  • African Mami

    I tend to over tip if and especially it’s an African-I know the situation back in the motherland is very volatile.

  • binks

    Bingo! I tip based on the service I receive, nothing more nothing less. And someone mention this is a class and education issue. I don’t think it is necessarily because my brother works at a restaurant and they deliver to the football and basketball stars in our area and they are CRAPPY tippers and I seen some doctors who are crappy tippers as well. So to me it is based on the individual

  • Joan

    I’m black and I tip. I usually tip 20 – 25%, depending on the experience, but I ALWAYS tip. However, as quiet as it’s kept, a whole lot of black folks don’t tip well or at all. I’m not trying to make excuses for bad service, but there are certain black friends and relatives of mine who I tend to avoid going with to restaurants because they don’t tip. I find it embarrassing. And I have seen too many black people act very demanding with serving staff. I will never understand how someone could feel comfortable treating someone badly who brings them food. (I’m not talking about complaining about food, I’m talking about being overly demanding about every little thing, talking down to the server, refusing to make eye contact and making snide remarks.) I know a black female judge who is notorious for treating serving staff badly. I have been with and seen large groups of educated black folks who actually debate about why we should not tip at all. And I’m talking about black professionals refusing to tip after receiving what I recognize as good service. I’m not trying to put black folks down, but I’m just sayin…I am 41 years old and it never ceases to amaze me how often I see black folks refusing to tip or treating restaurant staff poorly! And it doesn’t matter what race the server is, either. Many won’t even tip our own people!

  • Perverted Alchemist

    I’ve never been the victim of tableside racism. I guess it’s because I actually tip the waiters.

  • Devan

    I’m a server. I work brunch in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, and we get a great cross section of people as far as race, gender, socioeconomic class, ect. We go above and beyond to give EVERYONE a great experience.

    Let me say this: As someone said previously, tipping is NOT just to be nice. It is STANDARD. Period. No matter what you think about how things should be done, 18-20% is it, and if you leave less, you look like a cheapskate. A tip is payment to your server for sitting at their table and having them take care of your meal and clean up after you. Plus there’s the tip out that we have to give to the bartender for making your drinks and the host who made sure you got a table in the first place. I get a $20 shift pay from the restaurant and after that, it’s on me to do a great job and make my tips.

    I work with another black female server and on average, our diners are great, regardless of race. And yeah, I’ve had the occasional table full of pain-in-the-ass WASP’y white folks that let their kids run amok, or stank Asian girls, but our most surly, demanding, and attitude filled tables are black folks (men AND women).

    We shake our heads every weekend at the lack of manners, tact, and sense of entitlement that we experience. YES, we’re here to serve you but we aren’t your slaves. And in this neighborhood some of them strive so damn hard to act like something, that they think they need to be EXTRA rude in order to show the white folks around them “see we’re more like YOU, than like them”.

    They will run you ragged asking for extra this or that every time you pass their table, take two hours eating and drinking up America, but no matter the check amount or how much extra we do (warming syrup, begging the kitchen to make variations on the menu) an appropriate tip is hit or miss.

    By all means, if you have a crappy server, let them AND a manager know. Yelp to your hearts content. But PLEASE get with the times about proper tipping etiquette.

  • RL

    How about servers just let the customers know what they expect the tip to be because clearly STANDARD isn’t so standard if everyone doesn’t know or agrees on what the amount should be. I hate going to restaurants for these very practices, servers should not have to depend on a tip in which they constantly complain and stereotype customers for not giving them what they think they deserve. I only go out in very large groups so everybody can tip even though the service will be slow.

  • RL

    Meaning they should get a salary just like every other hit-or-miss customer service representative out there.

  • Alexandra

    I don’t think I’ve ever been personally discriminated against. I have gotten horrible service a few times and that reflected how much I tipped. But I have never under-tipped any server. I learned not only should you always tip (even if poor service), but its best to over-tip (especially for average-good service). I would never leave a restaurant without leaving a tip unless I’ve had some extremely rude, horrible, nasty, pitiful service. I don’t eat out much, but that’s my motto.

    It never occurred to me how accurate the ‘Blacks don’t tip’ stereotype was until I went on a lunch date with someone I used to work with. I’m just glad to have friends that know the value of tipping. This is one of the few ‘Black stereotypes’ I think could easily be challenged. Black people who enjoy eating out need to understand the value of tipping, or simply don’t eat out all. It’s a shame this reflects how other well-meaning Blacks are treated, but that should be the fault of the server.

  • Devan

    Mannequins are a size four as a standard. Just because someone may or may not know that, doesn’t make it not true. It’s not about what we “think” we deserve, it’s about paying for the SERVICE, as well as your food. If you don’t want to tip, get takeout, but if you put your butt in a chair or booth, and have someone wait on you, tip accordingly, end of story. Employees who receive a salary or hourly rate, usually don’t get tipped. The service industry doesn’t work that way. There are exceptions, of course but by and large, restaurant servers, cab drivers, bartenders, and cocktail waitresses make their money from SERVING THE PEOPLE and getting tipped for it. Y’all get the concept of tipping a stripper, but balk at tipping a server. Ridiculous…

    The way things work isn’t going to change because some people can’t seem to wrap their heads around why it’s fair. There’s a myriad of foods in the grocery store that folks can prepare themselves, sans tip. Do that, and save us all the headache.

  • Chic Noir

    sasha Go to the grocery store, buy your steak, asparagus, mashed potatoes and some read wine and make it yourself with some Whitney Houston playing in the background for your “good experience”.


  • Sasha

    Thank you Devan for making that very clear unfortunately what you’re saying is going to fall on deaf ears!! It’s shameful and embarrassing that it has to even be explained and even more so that it’s even argument.

  • Wuluwulu

    I always treat service staff well. My parents were servers back in the day and I have heard the stories. I never ever mess with people handling my food. Yes, I do tip.

  • Joan

    Devan, thank you.

  • JaeBee

    “I have heard horror stories…one friend waited at a table with 10 people and the bill was nearly $300 and she got a $5 tip. It is what it is.”

    How the hell did that happen? Most restaurants will automatically tack gratuity onto the bill if the dinning party is 6 or more.

  • MimiLuvs

    I agree with the commentators who left the “chicken or the egg” comments.
    In regards to my restaurant experiences, I’ve been fortunate enough to have experiences that ranged from good to excellent service. The only bad service that I experienced, I did not tip. Here’s the condensed, long story: the only time my party and I made contact with the appointed server was when she taken our beverage order. In regards to getting our food, we had to rely on other servers to receive our beverages and food. So, yes, we didn’t leave a tip. In fact, I also communicated with the restaurant’s manager that I’ve had very poor service.
    IMO, I think if a customer is receiving poor customer service, then they should speak with the manager.

  • JaeBee

    Yes, it does sound like a self-fulfilling prophecy. Intentionally providing sub-par service because of the ASSUMPTION that your patrons will tip poorly just provides them more reason to do so and not feel any guilt in giving you what you deserve.

  • JaeBee

    I think 18-20% is actually the standard now–at least in the metropolitan areas of the northeast (NYC, Philly).

    But you’re right, I’ve heard waiters complain about having to serve black people, teenagers, senior citizens, and foreigners (white Europeans as well) because all of these groups are notorious BAD TIPPERS.

  • Super Negra

    A discussion on tableside racism turned into an all out attack on black diners…ya’ll are some old self hating niggas….(QoN, Crumpalina, cetera )and we wonder why we can’t get anywhere…

  • RL

    Your mannequin analogy does not even equate because no one cares what size the mannequins are, they are paying for a garment which will have their size on it.

    Anyways, my comment was not about whether or not to tip (because I do), but the rate of the tip. You sound like someone who actually works (or has worked) in the service industry. For the people who haven’t and the majority of people in this country, that rate varies wildly. People are not dumb, they know they’re paying for the service, but unless you have a set rate your standard is the the same as someone else’s. In absence of a formal study, a simple google search will show you that people all over have very different “standard” tip rates, but 15% is the most common, inflation or not.

    Please do tell more obvious information about the service industry being run on tips. I just don’t agree with the entire structure of customers to pay you what you are worth instead of your employer when you won’t set a standard rate up front. I have equally negative opinions about top-down capitalist pay structure in general where the people who make the most money do the least work. Just my opinion, nothing to get your panties bunched up for.

  • JC

    I think we have bigger problems to worry about than how our waiters treat us. Let’s focus on closing those achievement and wealth gaps.

  • Georgia

    Regardless–the article is about treating customers differently because they’re black–”adjusting the quality of their service based on the race of their customers”–not because they’re acting up or lower class and, oh yeah, happen to be black. If the discrimination was against lower class or rude people, it would say so. It’s against black people. Period. By saying that yes, this is definitely true of some blacks you could justify any discrimination/racism.

  • Devan

    I said before that I’m a server. No mystery there. My point was that a standard is a standard, whether you agree with it or not. The point of the whole discussion was that allegedly, black folks receive sub-par (or “racist”) service because of the stereotype that we’re bad tippers and either don’t know, or choose to ignore general etiquette on these occasions. And it seems that quite a few people posting here are doing their part in upholding that assumption. I never said that anyone was “dumb”.

    And if all of the information I gave was so “obvious”, then why are any of us having this conversation? Why in the hell was the topic raised in the first place? A “simple” Google search will also show you that most of the articles that come up first are at least 5 years old, which doesn’t account for inflation. And even in a few of THOSE, 20% is still on the table. 18-20% is the new standard. How you or I feel about this particular pay structure is irrelevant. You have to pay to play. If you don’t want to, that’s fine.

  • RJ

    @Georgia…I think you completely missed my point. I’m supporting the argument that black people do tip less and that’s why we are treated differently. I discussed our socio-economic status to further illustrate my point.

  • Jloveyourself

    My tHought exactly, black folks have a much higher expectation for service when we eat out because I believe (statistically) we are less likely to because of finances (wealth gap and all). So when a waiter, bartender, or host is rude, passive, or aggressive we are probably more likely not to tip well. On the otherside, I know hands down when black folks receive great service and genuine care we over tip. Just happened to me the other day, got a drink at a nice bar after work, the first bartender was rude and passive while the second bartender was friendly and truly acknowledged me, he got a tip and and a thank you, yes black people tip for good service (even though I had little money and ordered only one drink)

    All said black folks are highly sensitive when it comes to service because less the 50 years ago we never got any! How aboutits noonday about the chicken and the egg it’s about the DNA that has isolated a group of people to feel less then and then complains that some of us are not following the “standards” that were created by a racist society that never respected us from the jump!

  • chanela

    well what if it has nothing to do with tipping/ i went on a double date with my boyfriend and his best friend. my boyfriend is latino, his friend is asian, and his girlfriend is black (i am also black) we had a white waitress that was acting SOOOOO weird the whole night. i’m not sure if i can call her racist, but she was acting odd as hell. she left for like 20 minutes and she would look at our table and go somewhere else. she didn’t even give us our plates! she asked another person to do it. she had a scowel as she took our order, it was just so weird. i was so irritated and noticed the hell out of it (i was the only one) but i didn’t wanna play the race card so i just left it alone.

  • Whatever

    Often the diners and the waitstaff go head to head over tipping… take it up with the Department of Labor. Restaurants get away with barely paying their staff and letting them work on less than minimum wage hourly rates and tips. This concept is ridiculous.

    Complain here:

    Also, 20% is standard and diners sometimes fail to realize that issues with food may not be the servers fault. It could be anything from management to the kitchen staff.

  • Jloveyourself

    At RJ u are missing Georgia’s point. Instead of focusing on why black people are treated differenly your focusing on socio economics etc. The article clearly states results from a poll the article did not articulate wether or not the servers new the socio economic circumstances of the customer. Therefore it is irrelevant and only perpetuates the idea that black people are the root of the racism that we experience, or deserving of it.

    It is a sad day when other educated black women use the same system (meaning white people’s standards andexpectations) against their own race. Yes some people including all races /ethnicities are trifling when it comes to tipping, over service, and bad restaurant behavior, but to single out a particular race because there are a few bad apples is racism.

    I could easily hate all white people are assume they are all rude and passive based on one bad experience but I don’t. We give white folks so many more chances then our brotheren as educated sisters we need to first stop being so definitive about our people
    and start loving and understanding the circumstances that lead to these types of articles and discussions.

  • Devan

    I give great service. No matter who I’m serving. No matter how much attitude I receive. No matter who is giving me attitude. Everyone can yap all day about how we’re throwing “our own” under the bus. If “my own” cared about ME the way I’m supposed to bend over backwards for THEM, they’d throw the hard-working, black woman that is serving them a few extra coins so she can keep saving to start her OWN business. Until you’ve had a full-grown sister look you in the eye, and say with a straight face “I didn’t like the pancakes and I’m NOT paying for them” (after CLEANING the plate AND after I’d comped the drink she sucked down, but “didn’t like”), THEN talk to me about how I don’t deserve the tips I earn.

    Nobody is going to treat you with kid gloves and make excuses for social ignorance because of slavery and Jim Crow. If you couldn’t eat there, I sure as hell couldn’t WORK there. If you don’t think you should be held to the same standards as everyone else, I said it before and I’ll say it for the umpteenth time, stay home.

  • Rochjeff


    Some black people love to act like we are a bunch of saints and that all of the racism we experience is because white people just love to hate on us. Bullshit. Black people are often a hot f*cking mess. This may be tangential, but here is my truth: I am a black woman who has spent the last ten years volunteering in the inner city, I went to an HBCU, I call white people out on their nonsense every chance I get, I’m natural (lol)…I love black people. But, I am not blind and/or stupid. If black were such saints, we wouldn’t have every single problem under the sun at disproportionate rates. I understand that racism is complex, BUT A LOT OF THE PROBLEMS IN OUR COMMUNITY ARE SELF-IMPOSED. There, I said it.

    I have been to restaurants and I have witnessed black people being the loudest and disruptive people in the restaurant. In fact, if I am in a restaurant and there are a bunch of loud people, 8 times out of 10, they are black folks. I have been out with black people who don’t want to tip – never my white friends. As I have stated, my black friends in the restaurant industry (and many of the black people who are in the industry who have commented here) have mentioned that their black customers disproportionately give lower tips. Now you, and every other black person who believes that we are saints and that white people are the devil (jk) are going to find every excuse in the world to explain that. You will go as far as saying that the waitresses and waiters commenting here are self-hating or that I am self-hating (which is laughable), but I am not blind or stupid and I know better.

    And yes, I believe that a lot of the racism we do experience comes from the fact that we do stupid shit and in this case, white people and even black waiters will treat us differently because guess what, people notice our behavior. If you get bitten a bunch of times by pit bulls, don’t you think you would eventually avoid pit bulls? In fact, I have never been bitten by a pit bull and I avoid them because they have a bad reputation. Does that make me petracist (lol)? Or am I applying common sense? Does it annoy me that I am lumped in with a bunch of ignorant ass black people all the time? Yes. But, I also get it because we are all human and most people don’t take the time to break everything down; human beings will always be lumped together based on obvious characteristics. We all do it.

    Look, white people think we are stupid because unfortunately we score the lowest on IQ tests and standardized tests. White people think we are violent because we commit over 70 percent of violent crimes and over 80 percent of interracial crimes. White people think we are loud, because we are loud as shit. White people think we have broken families because we have broken families…I get that all of these issues are complex, but can we stop pretending that they aren’t issues?

    If you read my comment clearly, you would have understood that I was making the very same point that you are making. Due to socio-economic reasons, people across racial lines do not tip. The problem is, that black people are more likely to leave lower tips because we are disproportionately lower to lower-middle class. Now, does everyone with money and education tip more? No, but people with money and education are more likely to tip more.

  • Joan

    I don’t think that black people deserve to be treated badly in restaurants because some of us don’t tip. And I don’t think that every situation involving a black person receiving bad service in a restaurant is a result of this perception that we have a tendency not to tip or act the fool. However, I do believe that too many of us don’t tip and act the fool in restaurants! “Act the fool” may be a bit strong; I mean that some black people treat staff poorly. Sometimes, it makes me wonder if they have taken so much negative treatment from society themselves that they use the exchange with the server as an opportunity to treat someone else negatively. And someone mentioned that this is about self hate. In my opinion, discussing something like this is not self hate. There is nothing wrong with admitting the fact that many of us could do a lot better. And I honestly believe that some people just are not aware of how much they should be tipping and when they should tip. I’m sure (hope) that if more people knew what to do, they would do it.

  • myblackfriendsays

    And in this neighborhood some of them strive so damn hard to act like something, that they think they need to be EXTRA rude in order to show the white folks around them “see we’re more like YOU, than like them”.

    this part makes me sad :(

  • Laura

    A tip isn’t ‘required’ or it would be part of the bill. A tip is something extra between the customer and the server based on the experience the two have. I HAVE been discriminated against by servers and I have made very sure it was reflected in the tip I left.

    I’ve been going to restaurants since I was a little girl; not just chain-restaurants but the ‘real’ thing. I know exactly what amount to leave as a tip. I can even do it without having to use a special app.

    I love the way the conversation has become about ‘ignorant and demanding Black folk’ who somehow deserve the bad service they get. But that’s a smokescreen. There are just as many ‘ignorant and demanding’ White folks as there are Black; trust me I know. And why are servers (and everyone else) allowed to mistreat ALL Black people based on the actions of one or two.

    I refuse to compensate someone for being rude to me. I assume that any server who is rude to me doesn’t need my money because if they did they’d be more polite. I also make a point of explaining to the server exactly why the tip is so small. That might not change how they treat Black people in general. But he/she will definitely know how to treat ME next time. If they want a good tip.

  • JaeBee

    “That might not change how they treat Black people in general. But he/she will definitely know how to treat ME next time. If they want a good tip.”

    1. Who’s to say that you’ll be served by the same waiter/ess if you decide to eat at a particular venue again?

    2. Who’s to say that should you be served by the same waiter/ess they will remember you and how you tipped the previous time?

    3. Who’s to say that should you be served by the same waiter/ess, who does in fact remember you and how you tipped the previous time, that they will correlate your poor tipping to their previous behavior toward you?

  • Miss September

    Yes, I have noticed this several times when I go out. I thought it was just me. I noticed that they sometimes sit all the black patrons together. I personally can’t say that I’ve had the waiter be rude to me but; I’ve heard them say that black people don’t tip well

  • Jack Sprat

    It isn’t at all an unreasonable belief. There’ve been a number of studies of this phenomenon and its stated underlying rationale. In fact, not only is it true, but it’s acknowledged to be so equally by black, white and Hispanic servers. And, in the manner of any rational human being, they go where their bread will be buttered.

    The taxicab phenomenon is likewise. There are five things which you’re more likely to encounter if you pick up a black male fare. In order of least to greatest consequence, these are: get stiffed on the tip; get stiffed on the fare; get jacked up; get beaten and/or pistol-whipped; get shot and die. Cabbie know this to be fact. Such things are not at all uncommon in NYC, especially, given the large numbers of hacks.

    The opinions of the cabbies–and their consequent behaviors–are identical across demographic lines. Most cabbies in NYC are non-white foreign-born. Many of both them and the rest are themselves black. They don’t want to pick up Danny Glover, either.

    Is it a sad and frustrating state of affairs? Of course. But people will behave rationally, not as others who needn’t walk in their shoes would have them do. The cabbies’ kids need their daddies to come home at night. With the money to keep the lights turned on and food in the fridge. No amount of ‘social justice’ will change that.

  • Jack Sprat

    Self-righteousness is a terrible thing. When it’s reinforced by enough people around us, it comes to be seen as the natural order of things. Most people aren’t deliberately thoughtless, indifferent or cruel. They’re just inured to casual behaviors which have that effect. So much so that they’ll even defend the indefensible to their graves. (Tell me true, on the Day, who would you rather have been, the slave or the Massah? What’s it really like when every act of your life is put entirely into context, its effect on others reviewed–from THEIR point-of-view–in its every searing detail? No room for pretending any more. No room for averting one’s eyes from the truth. No way not to see it and feel the weight of it on your soul? “Now and at the hour of our deaths,” indeed.)

  • Laura

    I’m saddened by the amount of racial self-hatred this post has drawn out. I can’t help wondering if the people who voice it think that this is the way to make it in the White world. Maybe if you hate Black people as much as they do, they’ll let you sit at THEIR table. I don’t think it works that way. Condemning our less fortunate brothers and sisters isn’t a sign of being ‘high class’ In fact, that behaviour is just as ‘tacky’ as the ‘low income, poorly educated’ Black people many of you are so quick to throw under the bus. ‘High class’ behaviour means treating everyone the same way; with dignity and respect. And compassion.

    I grew up in mostly White environment and for every horror story any of you can drag out about Black people ‘acting up’, I can match it with ten of White people doing the same or worse. Or Hispanics, Asians, Middle Easterns. Bad behaviour is universal. And yet, when it comes to Black people, it’s acceptable to condemn an ENTIRE RACE for the bad behaviour of a few. Someone mentioned cab drivers not picking up Black men because they more likely to stiff or kill cab drivers. I would ask if the rate of cab drivers getting stiffed out of their fares has gone down since they stopped picking up Black men? Or the rate of cab driver deaths?

    Perhaps the servers interviewed in this survey should be professionals, and treat every one of their customers with courtesy and respect. They would probably be amazed at the change.

  • Humanista

    I don’t understand people who refuse to tip. Not tipping to “protest” the fact that waiters aren’t paid enough doesn’t hurt the business–you paid your bill, you are only hurting the person who served you. Then there are those who look for ANY excuse not to tip (“oh he put the dressing on the side instead of on the salad? hellll no”) and that’s just wrong.

    I always, always tip. My mom–who has actually never worked a service job in her life–made sure that we grew up practicing that. So for me, if you do well, you’ll get up to 20% or more. If you’re rude and negligent you will still get 15%. I have only dined w/ one negro who *wasn’t* about that tipping life, but we straightened that RIGHT out.

    As for racism, I have experienced that very recently, in fact. It was so blatant I couldn’t believe it. As a matter of fact, after peacefully expressing our displeasure, they brought out the black cooks to “escort” us out. It was nuts!

  • omfg

    tipping is recognition of a job well done.

    servers are usually hourly employees. if they want more money, they will need to take that up with their employer or get another job. this is how it is for everyone in the work world.

    a diner should not feel burdened to cover a server’s expenses. diners are not their employers.

  • CB

    please do not forget asian nail salons, awful customer service to black customers…

  • Mari B

    In many states, servers get around $2 an hour… saying the restaurant should pay servers more is one thing, but saying it’s not going to make it happen – and if it did happen, you’d probably see the differential in the price of the food. If the restaurants are paying their servers more you better bet they’d have to spend even more labor obsessively watching if the server was making customers happy …
    Why not have a tip system? You (in theory) don’t pay as much for your dinner, and you can choose to give a good tip for good service or a bad tip for bad service. The server’s pay must come from somewhere, as as the consumer you better bet one way or another it’s coming out of your pocket, since the restaurant is a business after all.

  • HopeChest

    This just lets me know that my money, as well as my sanity, will be right at home with me.

    To eat and prepare your food at home is cheaper, and healthier.

    Black women, go the Serena route and learn how to do your own nails.

    After watching 20/20 last night concerning how servers feel about those who are crappy customers, I feel like no matter how nice I am, no matter how well I tip, the negative images of loud, crass, bully black women will always prevail.

    I’m not spending my money in places or people who don’t like the sight of me.

    This idea of black folks not tipping needs to change quickly OR you own your spending power and put that money in your retirement account.

  • modern lady

    I’ve known about the different treatment for a while, now. But something more subtle that this article didn’t touch on is that black servers tend to treat non-black patrons better as well. I tend to frequent places that offer superior customer service, even if the food isn’t the best. And whenever the service is awful, I not only let them know by giving no tip, I tell the Supervisor and or do a survey so other ppl don’t have to go through the same thing.

  • modern lady

    You aint neva lied-I saw a story locally on a fast food worker that spat in a customer’s drink, but he got caught & it just so happened the customer was a cop-and he was arrested for that. NOTHING is better than homemade.

  • duh….

    What Black person doesn’t already know this…? T

    The funny thing is that its usually a self fulfilling prophecy. If they give you poor service thinking you’re not going to tip them well and focus more of their time on other tables, of course you wont tip them well and you wont be so nice to them when they finally make it over to your table…you go home thinking x and x restaurant has racist severs and he/she goes home thinking “I knew they wouldn’t tip me well”…and the cycle continues. As for me I make sure to tip great waiters exceptionally well and bad ones like crap. It is what it is.

  • Val


  • Courtney**

    The logic behind this is so freaking dumb it makes my eyes bleed. There is a HUGE difference between spending more time at tables that you THINK will tip more versus giving an attitude and being outright hostile to people of color based on your own idiotic racist notions. It does not take any extra time nor energy away from tables you THINK will be better tippers to NOT give an attitude to people of color and basically do the minimum service required of your job with a pleasant demeanor, even if you don’t feel like it. EVERY SINGLE TABLE is an opportunity to earn money – and if you really want money badly enough, which you SHOULD given how you’re only getting what, $2 an hour? – then you should act like every single table is an opportunity to earn money. I’m a young single black female and I’ve gotten some horrible service based on my demographics – so much that at one point, I just stopped going out to eat altogether. I’ve always known that 20% is the minimum and have always tipped that much or more – but apparently some servers feel like it’s rational to treat me like crap based on the behavior of grown adults who have nothing to do with me. Servers always whine about how little they get paid and feel like that justifies their racist rants – but like I just said, if you need money that dang badly, you will view every table as an opportunity to earn money and adjust your behavior accordingly. If they don’t tip well, what have you really lost?


    I don’t live in America but i have to say when I visit I almost ALWAYS get good service when I dine out. I tip too.

    My aunt and i were talking about her days as a server and the other servers would give her the ‘black’ tables but she would always go home with more tips. she had her preferences but she would give good service because that’s her job. whether she was paid $20 or $2 base price at the end of the day she was hired to serve. that’s what i don’t get. you’re hire to serve and i believe if you do your job you will be rewarded.

    I cannot stand when i come into a restaurant, and this is at home that i’m speaking about specifically, and you have to seat yourself, then the table is dirty and they bug out when you ask them to wipe it down, you have to wait 10 mins before someone takes your order so you end up going up to the bar and asking if your waiter is around, then they never ask how you are doing….and yet i’m supposed to tip? o k a y

  • laura

    Perfectly said. This isn’t about some Black people’s bad behaviour or socio-economic status or lack of education. It’s about the stupidity of servers who throw away a chance at supplementing their own income because of their OWN racism. And why should I throw my money away on people THAT stupid?

  • Devan

    Nobody is saying that there aren’t racist idiots out there who are going to be rude to anyone who doesn’t look like them. But to say that “This isn’t about some Black people’s bad behaviour or socio-economic status or lack of education.”, isn’t entirely true because those very things helped shape how we’re perceived as a group to this day. These perceptions didn’t appear out of thin air and enough people still exhibit them for us to be having this debate in the first place.

    It’s not right for us ALL to be judged by the actions of a few. But it’s equally unjust for us to glaze over the experiences that servers have, that created the bad blood in the first place. If I can, I’ll go above and beyond for ANY table, but the few times that I’ve been stiffed, it’s been by people who looked like me. But I guess that was MY fault for smiling too much and being too attentive. Okay.

    So basically, we’re supposed to overlook these sorts of things and not see any sort of pattern, especially when you work at other places and compare notes. But I guess the goal is to be robots who are unnaturally fair and completely without bias, no matter how we’re treated.

  • Kiki

    If a group of black people are acting up they get poor service, if you give poor service you get a small tip it’s that simple people. At least in my world.

  • Jloveyourself

    At RJ,

    Wow, seriously please read “sisters of the yam” by bell hooks. This book will transform your hatred towards black people and you will discover the self hatred that causes u to doubt yourself and our people. This is not about being right or wrong, it’s about healing a nation that is deeply hurt on all sides.

    If you truly love our people, start by loving yourself and stop making excuses about why we deserve to be treated horribly because a few of us cut the fool.

  • HeadServer

    Why don’t you go wait tables…
    then write an article.

    It’s NOT a stereotype. TRUST ME. It’s a FACT that black people are CONSISTENTLY more rude, demanding, questioning, send things back, complain more, AND DEFINITELY tip less. And I have kissed a LOT of black asses. I still get shafted. It’s REVERSE racism, in my opinion. They’re taking the slavery issue to a new level. They go out to restaurants and feel entitled since a white girl has to wait on them. It doensn’t matter how great their service is (90% of the time), They will complain that the drink-wasn’t strong. The food- wasn’t good enough, and the bill-is too high.

    It’s sad. And it sucks for all parties involved.

  • Shocked

    Headserver, you amaze me with your “facts”. Really???? Perhaps you need to find a new career path. Clearly your experiences have left you very bitter towards black people. I do not know if it is the area you are in our the restaurant you work at but you have VERY racist views and the really sad part is you do not realize how hateful you sound. My prayers go out to you that do not carry so much hate towards others.

  • http://facebook Joels

    this is a waste of my time…i don’t know why i bother!

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