It looks like fed-up Basketball Wives fans are having an affect on the show’s stars. Recently, one of its most outspoken (and dramatic) cast members, Tami Roman, spoke out about who she feels is really to blame for the show’s over-the-top drama. According to Roman, it’s not the women throwing ‘bows fans should be angry with, it’s the show’s producers.

“I think that the opposition to call for the show to be cancelled will end the employment of several African-American women who have no creative control. Why not call out the people who make the decisions about what is aired. Call out Shed Media. Call out VH1 because I will join that battle. Why call for several people to be unemployed that really have nothing to do with the creative process?”

Roman says she and the other women have tried to introduce more positive stories to the show, but the producers (and perhaps even the fans?) don’t want to let the ladies show their more positive sides.

“I come with my storyline and things that I want to introduce and lo and behold what they want to show are those dramatic moments. There is more to us.”

“I have thought about leaving,” she told Sister 2 Sister. “I would love to see a season 5 where VH1 and Shed Media are called out to show more positive things that we’re doing and show us how we are 90 percent of the time, instead of how we are 10 percent of the time. I would love to see the brand in and of itself go out on a more positive note.”

Despite her claim that the BBW ladies aren’t to blame for how they’re seen, what does Roman have to say about her quick-temper and sometime violent antics?

“What they are seeing is a part of my personality. I’m not trying to take back my actions, but that’s not who I am all the time.”

Interestingly enough, Roman doesn’t seem to be calling out the show’s creator and Head Woman in Charge, Shaunie O’Neal.

But does she have a point? Should fans be more critical of the show’s producers and not the stars for what happens on screen? Speak on it! 

  • iQgraphics


    These old as$ broads can’t hold their liquor
    that’s not the producers fault.

    Know and respect your limitations, do surpass them on national television


  • Sasha

    Yeah Tami I’m going to need you to stfu and take FULL responsibilty for your actions. The producers can’t just film you acting like a wild animal if you aren’t so hmm here’s food for thought- STOP ACTING THAT WAY be it 20, 45 or 80 percent of the time!! The producers can’t put on the show without willing particpants so if you are so concerned about “positivity”, put your money where your mouth is and walk away but I guess you need the paycheck huh?

  • dhoensty1

    not buying it because if your not acting like teenagers fighting when they are filming what would the producers have to air.. they talk about each other behind their backs, they blame everyone else for their problems and and drink and eat.. what else could there be.. i’m all for entertainment but it seems like they stand for nothing..

  • Coco

    I agree. You may not have creative control but you clearly have control over your own mouth & actions. Surely they can’t blame the producers for their own immaturity and all-around silliness. & please don’t give us that bs abt unemployment bc there are actual hardworking people who will never see anything near that vh1 money. I just hope they did some smart financial planning so they won’t have to continue embarrassing themselves once these checks finally do stop.

  • Yeahright2011

    tell her “be gone before somebody drops a house on you too”

  • IWunder

    Tami Roman has been blaming the producers for 25 years.

    It’s you, Boo. It’s you.

  • befree

    Oh Tami. you give them the footage. Besides we have seen people get cut from these shows because they don’t give the “drama”.

  • Anon

    ROOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLIIIIIIIIiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnn over here.

    But hey, she kept it 100% and said that if this keeps up she won’t be employed (acting a fool on tv), so I say ladies KEEP IT UP. ;>)

  • binks

    The oldest excuse in the book, of when all else fails, blame the producers or editing.

  • Nikkisunshine

    Everytime I see her I think of the episode of The Real World when she told David ,”It was not NOT funny!”

  • Chic Noir

    In the photo above, Tami looks like the Grinch Stole Christmas. Matches her Basket Ball Wives personality to a T.

    I’ll never forget the time she split from her NBA husband and she complained about having to sell her Cartier watch. Helllllooooooo Tami, most people never own a piece of expensive jewelry and here you are complaining that you had to sell your expensive watch to keep your kids in private school and pay bills.

  • Rosey

    I’m so sick of her.

  • FaSho

    Tami needs to shut it up right now. I hope she didn’t think this was going to be a long term career cuz it isn’t. Stop acting a fool and they can’t show it.

  • omfg

    why do people make space in their lives for this type of stupidity?

  • Chic Noir

    Roman says she and the other women have tried to introduce more positive stories to the show, but the producers (and perhaps even the fans?) don’t want to let the ladies show their more positive sides.

    You know I can believe this because there are those people who enjoy seeing BW act a fool. Even some of our own people get a kick out of it.

  • WMP

    Ppl still watch this show?

  • msinformed4

    When does personal responsibility come into action? You want the producers to stop showing only the mentally unstable side of you…how about you try behaving like a lady, and not an animal. Do I think that what gets aired is definitely geared towards ratings, yes, but the producers can’t MAKE any of those females behave badly. Sometimes waht see is exactly what you get.

  • Insight

    LMAO! So true!

  • lulu

    see. recognize the power to get rid of stereotypical, loud mouth , bad images by not watching it- you see how things change when they think the show is going to be canceled- yet we still eat up this mess called entertainment when all its doing is making us look bad

  • Insight

    She (and the other girls — not women— little GIRLS) should be embarrased.

    One of the first reality shows with a whole (or mostly black) female class and they make us look like a bunch of angry idiots filled with jealousy. I will also remind you that the show is called B “Wives” and none of them are married.

    Its funny because there are people that have never met a black person before and this is what they are basing their knowledge on. You are no different than a commericalized rap song demonizing black women.

    Good job Tami. I bet your daughters are embarrased of you too.

  • Queen

    Really though? Whatever happen to taking responsibility for yourself. On the flip side, though, there is a lot of pressure to “portray a certain persona” but that doesn’t mean you have to go along with it. Be your own person..who knows someone may actually like you for you.

  • http://twitter Mary Scott

    Tami you are a very intelligent woman. The problem with physical and verbal lies with the ones doing the abusing. I believe you and others who are portraying the bully and fighting traits should take responsibility for her your behavior. Would you allow the producers to have you commit sexual inappropriateness? Come on. Stop all the inappropiate behavior that has an impact on the image of all African American women.

  • Stacey

    She must be crazy to blame the shows producers for the way things comes across to the viewers Evelyn is who she is and that’s is a Psychopath, the only producers that should be called out for not voicing right and wrong is Shaunnie for encouraging evelyn with her reckless behavior towards Royce and Jen who she attempted to get physical with and Suzi who she was very very aggressive with even that poor basketball wife who she accused of stalking her in the first season. .

  • Keli

    They can only show us, what they give…

  • Lola

    I knew Tami was loud mouthed but i didn’t know she was dumb enough to think we’d buy her sorry excuse.This was the same woman that opined that Jennifer was whack for filing a law suit when she was physically assaulted.These women are a disgrace to womanhood. This same Tami struck a fellow cast member in the face last year and she goes off like a rabid bull dog. All of them with the exception of Jen and Royce are shameless broads and i am glad people are calling them out on their horrific behaviors

  • Drew-Shane

    The best comment ever!

  • Jessica

    What she’s claiming may be true but at the end of the day, she is still contributing to and giving the producers what they want for a paycheck. Royce for example has stayed away from the drama so until Tami changes her own actions, I can’t help but to blame the cast for what they are putting out there.

  • J.fleming

    Though Shaunie is a producer she’s also Evelyn and Tami’s friend which makes her even more responsible for their actions,put your foot down about the fights or their jobs …the arguments are most times trivial, but the fighting is stupid, all the women claim to have so much class …but they are clueless to what class is …1st you cannot buy if you think because you can afford designer labels that makes you classy, think again…it is first and foremost about the way you carry yourself! boom ,which Evelynn has none of,she’s a pretty face and that is it..that’s what you hate about Jen …she has class, even if she was wearing crap, she carries herself like a lady …Royce ,kesha, and Shaunie , carry themselves with class and respect also, Tami is my girl..but you love seeing the other girls scrap…and Susie is a shit stirrer, but Tami you need to stop faking like you are against the violence…you keep Evelynn edge on ready to fight…she had the nerve to cry about Jen saying that girl didn’t have nothing , but her and Tami talked bad about kenya, because of her clothes and cheap weave..isn’t that the same thing! Evelynn you are marrying a man whore, but then you’re one in the same… you just want somebody,anybody to marry you…you are not marriage material girl…your numbers run to deep to be a lady! Shaunie you need mo’ betta blues…for your sho ..not all this cat fight mess ..Evelynn needs to go!

  • ayomidejpw


  • Laurie

    Oh please!!! Creative control??? is this bitch serious?! Do they tell you to act like that? Is it scripted for your dumb asses to act that way??! No. They thought that’s what the fans wanted to see and those women, not the producers are the ones acting like fools for the world to see. She should be doubly ashamed for trying to cop out and blame producers…she’s the main asshole on that show.

  • Chox


  • Chox

    Oh my gosh- yes!

  • Chocoprncs

    To behave that way even 10 percent of the time is unacceptable. We’re not talking about teenagers, we’re talking about grown woman who think it’s acceptable to gossip about one another and to become physical at least once a week as per the airing of the show. Don’t blame the producers. You can flip the script by talking out your differences when put in a position where drama can escalate, I chose not to watch the show. We know that in the real world most black women don’t tolerate constant back biting and pretending to like a person when they really don’t. I’ll be cordial but I won’t hang out with you and you have but one time to put your hands on me and then it’s a wrap.

  • http://aol Luci Liu

    Tammy’s right. ALL of these “reality shows” are completely scripted. Viewers will not watch unless “something happens”. Sex and violence always sells, and the producers are well-aware of this. All of these women (except for Shaunie, because she IS one of the producers, and we’re supposed to believe that she is intelligent and refined), have to act like fools in one way or another, or their contracts will not be picked up. Tammy and Evelyn’s problem is they really believe they may have a future in acting. Yeah, I know that’s too funny. Everybody, just stop and look at all of these women. Their attraqctive and fun to watch. But. that’s all they are. None of have any real skills or talents. They need the money that this show pays. Shaunie owes her opulent life to pushing out some babies wi/Shaq. Jennifer was the only one still married, and that was just plain sad. They got rid of the other married girl that Tammy sucker-punched, so fast, that I don’t even remember her name. Tammy was married to an apparently broke ex-baller, and Evelyn got lucky w/Chad, because she’s so desperate (and older than him), that she will allow him to sleep with other women. Poor Royce falls for pretty boys, that seem to do her and dump her. But, so far, she’s got a child support check coming in until Dwight gets custody of his son. It’s a good thing Evelyn got that car before the New England Patriots adjusted (decreased) Chad’s contract. I like BBW, and I’ll watch Eve and Ocho too. It’s showbiz folks…and a girl’s gotta do……….you know the rest!

  • Chocoprncs


    I agree with you whole heartedly. I have a very low tolerance for ignorance and this show personifies it. But we have a choice. Why support such ignorance? Mindless entertainment is putting it mildly. What bothers me is that so called intelligent and educated people eat this mess up.

  • latonya Patterson

    Tami you are wannaB, yes I said it. Why didin’t you say Shaunie was a factor in the deciding what gets aired and the behavior that is portrayed. Shaunie is a backstabbing trouble making low class heart broken heifer if you ask me. And Tammi you are the most talked about BBW in our circle. How dare you say Jen shouldn’t press charges, you so up in Eve’s ass you done been brained washed. last season she embarrassed you with the news that she ahd slept with you husband, she had t-shirts printed for the public, you were the non MF Factor, you were not about the life, she called you beer drinking BUMB, and this season you like shadow talking about you so proud of her and she is so geniune, ARE YOU SERIOUS. You need to check your team

  • J.fleming

    Tell the truth and shame the devil…I totally agree! you keeping it real!

  • http://clutch stephanie

    its so sad that TAMI is stuck up EVELYN ass like a tampon that should br TAMI new name she has the nerve to talk about JENN law suit. Why cause MEEKA is sueing ur dumb ass. I like EVELYN on first until she showed her hater side.

  • Kristen Hart

    I think that everyone has a part in the blame for why this show is the way it is from the cast members to the executive producers, to the fans. If 90 percent of the things you do on the show is positive and they only show the 10 percent that is negative, then work on that 10 percent that is negative and just be positive. To the fans that claim everyone is hating because they making money. Just because people don’t condone the behavior, does not make them a hater. Certain things should not be for sale such as your dignity and self respect. This is not reality. Real women don’t have this drama in their life. Real women don’t handle issues like they do.

  • http://internetexplorer gracie

    You are so on point about Shaunie. She’s so phoney, you can see the wheels turning in her head saying good stuff when the fighting begins. I can’t stand Evelyn but I dislike Shaunie even more! She amps up the small insignificant details of every argument acting like she’s so innocent.

  • Belle Smythe

    Really Tami??? Ok so answer this, is in fact true that the reason you are now TEAM EVELYN now is because you are receiving money from the sale of those non factor tee’s? You know the one that she made after calling you that after she slept with your husband att the time Kenny Anderson? The same tee’s you declined to receive proceeds from to donate to your charity? It seems to me that you two made some sort of deal and now you are so far up her ass to the point that have her andNia

  • Belle Smythe

    Nia’s back……hmmmm

  • R.M.

    If I can recall correctly…wasn’t Tami the person used this same excuse with the whole situation with David on the Real World and Heather B called her out on it. She tried to blame the producers for how foolish she looked and Heather B told her to basically cut the b.s. they use the footage you give them.

    I could be wrong but that’s what I remember.

  • tisha

    you allow evelyn to make a damn fool out of u. YOU DESERVE BEING AN ASSHOLE THAT YOU ARE GOODBYE.

  • R.M.

    And…can someone please tell me what this so-called employment is that she is referring to??? Baaaahahahaaa! Employment?? Please don’t tell me these broads are REALLY calling this employment.

  • Jessica

    Wow i am surprised to see one of the most violent women on the show say that. Besides who would want to watch some lame crap like that. I dont want to watch positive realty TV i want DRAMA

  • The comment

    Tami…..the 40 year old drunk.

  • Val

    I watch the show trying to support our sistahs but it really is hard when you see so much ego’s and pride getting in the way of projecting positivity. It’s a cat fight and these women are not in their teens. It’s starting to make me angry with the cast mates and the producers of the show. You can still learn how to solve problems without fists being thrown. If we want to teach young girls that fighting is not always the options, how about we project that on to the show. Many of the women act like they are trying to make a point that they can fight and stand up for themselves. We all know how to stick up for ourselves. We don’t always have to use nasty words and our fist to prove that we are bad. Haven’t we learned that fighting does not solve anything. It only adds more fuel to the fire. I wanna see our people shine and spread their talents and gifts to the world. Much love BBW

  • Alexandra

    I haven’t seen this show in a while, but she’s partly the reason why I stopped watching. This woman is straight trash to me. Season 1 was interesting and I tried with season 2. But then she came along, and concept of the show just got lost and it just became about catty women, not about being wives/girlfriends of men in the NBA.

    When I was heavy on watching reality-tv a few years ago, I do remember one of the women on ‘I love Flavor Flav’, alleging in a blog that Vh1 producers wanted the ‘Black’ girls on the show to act a certain way and when she didn’t act accordingly, she was booted. I don’t know if anyone remembers, but she was on one of the Vh1 dating shows, as well as Charm School. I don’t recall her name…

  • Alexandra

    ^ I’m just trying to say, even though I’m no fan of her and I think she should be accountable for her behavior, she may or may have a point.

  • Ava Gabrielle-Wise

    “I think that the opposition to call for the show to be cancelled will end the employment of several African-American women who have no creative control. Why not call out the people who make the decisions about what is aired. Call out Shed Media. Call out VH1 because I will join that battle.

    I’m glad you said that Tami Roman, because that’s exactly what we’re doing.

  • tightlipped mary

    Tami…here you go…. \_

  • bangieb

    I wanted to say alot on this subject but I think you said it all it is just a disgrace that black women think they have go in front of tv and make a fool out themselves to get a dollar, my thing is how can you blame someone else for your action, you are grown and know right from wrong, you are who let yourself become, in other words Tami you let society define you if so you got it bad just like your girl evelyn.

  • Beverly

    Yes, They are all to blame. I don’t like bullies and Everlyn and Tami are just that. So if you want better rating please make a change, cause I’m tired of all of it. Shannie is full of it too.

  • Lulu

    Is this the same Tami, blaming the producers that jumped on Meeka in Italy. The only reason you haven’t been charged is because it took place in another country. Yet the producers kept you and got rid of Meeka. Did you care about her being unemployed??? The same Tami who called Keisha *Bitch, bitch and more bitch* and told Suzie *You’re testing my anger management*..and so innocent, that you took both phrases to try to capitalize off a T-shirt line, when you were ready to sue Evelyn for making a t-shirt calling you a *non mofo’n factor* after admitting she slept with your husband.
    Girl please..go back to food stamps with that nonsense. You are the first one to bring all the drama to the show..fighting and acting a damn fool at a charity event, because someone claimed to have never seen food stamps. You’re so desperate to feel a part of a circle with Shaunie and Evelyn, although you are a misfit, that you’re ready to throw anyone under the bus. So now you choose to bully another “new girl” Kenya. Who the hell are you and Evelyn to threaten other girls about giving you think the show is only about you two idiots? Personally people have had enough of your antics, and feel disgusted seeing women your age behaving so aggressively.
    No one feels sorry if gold digging women who have all benefited from some sort of child support, settlement, or other financial gain from laying up with a baller, suddenly becomes UNEMPLOYED. Get Real!!

  • Aila

    I remember that. You are right! I remember watching the Real World reunion and she comfront at Beth for talking crap at a magazine article. She said how Beth said Tami married Kenny Anderson only for the fame and money. Tami had her baby daughter on her lap and was arguing with Beth because she denied it. What a mess! People don’t change.

  • Bet

    Bulls…t Tammy, the minute u came on the show you were ready to throw blows. The reason we haven’t seen Jen,Royce or the other three girls fighting is because they are not cut from that kind of cloth. That’s not who they are about . No producers can make me act in a way to not represent myself in the best light. YOU alone is responsible for your actions. I see now why YOU couldn’t ever had made it on “Its a different world “. They wanted a show to portray black women going to college and doing something with their life. And as you know “watching the show on the couch” they didn’t handle situation with their fist but with their mind. Something I really don’t think you have. If this show was all you had going in your life I see why you wouldn’t want it come to an end .maybe getting back on those Food stamps might wake u up.

  • ms_micia

    I say again as I’ve said before Tami is good for this blaming mechanism and I’m simply not buying it. First off, of all the women she has the most experience with the “reality show” machine because she has been doing it forever. (i.e Real World San Fransisco aired almost 20 years ago at this point). Own up to your part in making the show messy. Keep you hands and your evil comments to yourself and you’d have no one to blame. I don’t like Royce but I’ve yet to see her jump a table or throw bottles or put her hands on ANYONE. The cattiness is not what I have a problem with, it’s the violence. You can choose not to be violent, I aint buying “it’s the producers idea” nonesense. They may give you an idea of what’d they’d like for sake of rating but unless this is a totally scripted series where you have lines and a set, you have “creative control” over your own actions. Use the platform for a jumpoff if you can because excusing the mess that has happened as of late…I’m not buying what you selling Basketball Wives. sorry.

  • Jaycarl

    What in the world!?! So, these bitter women are controled by some producers? So you are commanded to throw bottles and literally put someones life in danger all because of some MONEY!?! What in the world is this nation coming to???? This show right here is just over the top in foolery. It is utterly embarrasing the way these African American Women are acting on this show…

  • nikki

    Tami, you should be so ashamed of yourself for blaming you horrific behavior on the producers. You obviously need the check if you think you are forced to act like a mad, never satisfied, ignorant and violent black woman. Because of your race, you should intentionally carry yourself with respect and dignity, but YOU chose not to do this. You and Evelyn are the absolute worst females I have ever seen on tv, regardless of race. Your children also see you on tv and know that you get paid for being a**holes; maybe they will grow up and become you. I will never watch your trash show again. It’s not worth my valuable time.

  • Roz

    Wow….. Tami blames the producers… Isn’t Shaunie suppose to be the executive producer? Did you notice she didn’t mention Shaunie’s name?

    I told you Shaunie is PIMP BEING PIMPED with that fake executive producer title.


  • tightlipped mary



  • C

    Wow, so alooooot of Black women watch this show…..I havent seen it so I shouldnt talk but what makes it so interesting; Beacuse from all the play backs from women I have never seen making comments on this site before, alot of you find something about it interesting; So, what is so interesting about it?



  • Mary

    Tami is lying through her teeth. She is just as much to blame as the producers. From the first time I saw the show, I did not like the way the girls were fighting and it was Tami at that time. Once Tami and Evelyn made up because we all remember when she “wasn’t a MF Factor.” Evelyn took over being the bully and it has escalated from there. Shaunie is fake and full of BS. These women use the B-word like it’s a term of endearment. And this is what these young girls are watching. If you look at the high school system, they are acting just like them. The way they act on this show is not how REAL black women act on a daily basis.

  • TiffM

    I couldn’t agree with Lulu’s comments more! You hit the ‘nail on the head’! I don’t feel sorry for any of those women and they act like pre-teen/tween girls vs. grown (old) women! I concur, Evelyn and Tami are the worst! Who died and made them ‘Queens of the Playground’?? Good riddance!

  • http://Facebook Betty

    I can’t believe that bad ass Tammi is blaming the producers for her actions. They should zap her asap. Then she has her nerves to say,” where I’m from they just fight and let it go.” Where I’m from they don’t fight no more, they kill. Where in the hell do you live where throwing blows is all they do? Only on BBW. You know that in the “real world” they shoot and kill. You and Evelyn just keep on doing what you do, and I can guarantee the both of you will end up in jail or a better place. And Shauntie! Oh my God! You are the most fake person that I have ever seen in my life. VH1 please end this show. There are people out there that are being bullied and have no hope when they watch something like this. I hope your children don’t act like this. You know that the apple don’t fall to far from the tree. Tammi I’m glad that you and Evelyn are not my mother. I thank God that you’re not.

  • truthbetold

    Ok. Tami, we know you all need your jobs but where is your pride as women of color. What you are really saying is that it is ok to do anything for money. Why are you and the other ladies rumored to boycott the finale. You dont want us to boycott, but you think it is ok for you to boycott over someone’s violence and wrong doing.

    I say get this tacky miss off of TV.

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  • Tracy

    I Know this is not Ms. Nobody bosses me ,and tells me what to do are say,I am my own person TAMI saying it’s the producers fault for their behavior. Naw ya’ll just want to act ignorant and bully. Tami suppowe to be Royce’s ace but she has not stood of for her yet since they’ve shunned her. With friends like that who needs enemies.

  • Tracy

    YES YES YES YES YES LULU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was a mouth full!!!!!!!!!!!

  • WhosReality?

    First of all, I like to adress the statement…”Well, if you don’t like whats going on with the show then why watch”? I can speak for myself, but I like Royce, from the very beginning. I like Evelyn the first season, but her histrionics started to escalate after each season. She just became meaner and meaner…We just sat there and watched her dissent into pure evil…No one really expected that from her. Tami, showed up drunk and angry. Jennifer on the hand I was luke warm… but I liked the fact that while going through a bitter divorce she was embracing her independence(interesting!)… and then she started a line cosmectics which is something positive for young female viewers to see and I was hoping for more of that! However, I quit watching it for a while after the way all of them treated Meeka Claxton. I actually wrote VH1 and told them that they should be ashamed of themselves and when Tami called her “Black B**tch”… I was mortified…because she said it as if being black is something ugly and shameful. Once again I went off on VH1. I wanted to see more of Meeka Claxton because she was in fact and still is married to a basketball player with a cute family. However, we didn’t get that chance… because there is a core alliance in Shaunie’s circle that feel they can do or say some of anything to the cast members and push them out with violence if necessary whether verbally or physically…and that is whats disgusting about this show!! In the real world people get arrested for that foolishness or worst people started using deadly force. I have been an off and on watcher of this show because there are cast members who I am a fan of…but as soon as someone in the core alliance decides they have beef with another cast member… the show becomes monodimensional …because no matter how wrong the individual from the devil’s triangle (Ev,Tami, Shaunie)… it is those three that will always agree to dislike a cast member and start moving to get them out. However, this time they’ve messed with a very mild manner, yet strong, smart, rich, motivated black woman…named Jennifer Williams. Surprising, she has a stronger fan base than all of them. Evelyn is a “has been” before she’s even gotten started… because she has show America that she has an ugly spirit and Shaunie has disappointed a lot people who were huge fans of her brand…but now she just looks greedy. Tami, still has the possibility of redeeming herself because she admitted to having a problem…but they all having Evelyn to thank for killing the show. Its over!

  • manns1963

    I so agree with you LuLu. It was all good to she and Evelyn while they were scaring everyone on the show with their ignorance, but now that there is a petitions she want to speak out and explain exactly who really should be blamed for their less then lady like behavior. It’s typical, things start to look a little differ when unemployment starts to surface. Honestly I agree partly with what she said, yes VH1 producers do share a blame in this, but you Tami and Evelyn are responsible for the parts you played which is the physical and verbal violence. I’m sure you could have said “no I don’t think I wanna be like that in every episodes of the BBW” because at the end of the day while you’re paying for your rude behavior and figuring out where your next dollar is coming from VH1 will still be thriving and working on another reality show with probably more positive issues. I mean really Tami let’s face it, you walked the walk and talked the talk now take your medicine however its given to you. We the public just want to let you and people like you know that bullying is serious and we are not going to tolerate it. Kids have taken their lives because of people like you and Evelyn, is this the image you want them to see you as being “A BULLY”, regardless how you try to spin it you’re still a bully.

  • manns1963

    But yet you find a need to post a comment here……what a hypocrite, if half of what you just said were true then people still tuning in and complaining wouldn’t even be on you radar. Because after all you’ve move on and you don’t even tune in anymore. Get real you still watch which is why you are as disgusted as the rest of us.

  • manns1963

    No actually you are right. Tami did the same thing on the “Real World”. But here’s my take on it, since you are totally convinced that the producers are at fault for your rude and outrageous behavior then why do you continue to let them tarnish your reputation? Look, it didn’t work when she said it on the Real World and now that you are much, much,much much older since then it’s not going to work now. Just face it Tami you have a screwed up attitude and apparently you have a history for bullying and acting like a natural born fool on reality T.V.
    and then blaming “YOUR” behavior on the producers of the show. Maybe reality shows just aren’t for you.

  • manns1963

    Wow how shallow of you……but you are untitled to your own opinion. Thank goodness that the people who appose of this type of nonsense out number you. But don’t worry I’m sure you’ll be able to find drama somewhere. You just won’t be watching it on BBW and it all goes well perhaps all of that bs can be cancelled. SMH!!!

  • Shasha

    completely ashamed and shocked at the behaviour of these 30 something women or should i say children,

    Tami your self serving ego is a joke you tell people not to talk about you yet you chat behind the backs of the women you abuse, is it only your right to discuss what happens on the show with bully 1 Evelyn and money grabbing shauni without consequence, why and who are you? nothing but a fame hungry, sad, miserable, negative, pathetic excuses for a black woman.

    Tami You look sooooo pathetic when you try to get the public’s sympathy vote, and all it does is make you look like the fool you really are. In this day and age Bullying is wrong on every level, people kill themselves and lose parts of who they are because of people like you, and answer this have you even felt bad about anything you’ve done to the other girls on the show and do you know the word i apologies???? obviously not.

    Yes i get your seeking help but what make laugh (at you ) even more is when you expect other to accept your disgusting manner and behaviour because of what you have been through… well Miss T we’ve all had a hard life and i don’t kick off with every woman that says a bad word about me, you rise above it with grace and dignity,

    This shows your true insecurities and how worthless your really are.

    Actual I liked the show and some of the cast but Tami i cant watch you any more you make my stomach turn…. why VH1 are giving you so much airtime is beyond me you bore the hell out of me and i dont care about your therapy because your hypocritical behaviour cancels out any good your trying to do. hope they get rid of you and bring in someone who actually has class with more positivity.

    you need more than anger management and i hope someone treats you the same way someday so you can feel what its like.

    Your not ugly but your inner uglyness seeps though and make you look like twisted. pray love cause you need it.

    As for Shauni…… all about the money … shame on you was a fan now cant stand you.
    Evelyn – grow up and stop the anger
    Jen – you go girl
    Keisha – grow some balls
    and the other one what her name….. irrelevant one lol- such an ass kisser – so scared she is gonna get dumped again that she will do anything to be onside you sad little girl.

    VH1 is only showing what you have all filmed, it they edit it to only show you in a bad light then thats your business, why even give them the material in the first place again what a joke!!!!!

    nuff said.

  • O’Niel

    Tami!!! Ur antics r tiring! Same crap u pulled about 20
    years ago on Real World and u still doing it now!!! With all
    the ladies young and old…u feel this is the best way to portray
    yourself?!?! C’mon even Homey don’t play that!!! U wanna
    act like U all that?!?! And ur sh*% don’t stink?!?!
    What world do U live in?!?!
    Earth 2 Tami: GROW UP!!! U damn close to or at 40 and U
    really feel this is normal?!?!
    Who died and made U Queen?!?! U wasn’t even an original
    cast member!!! Seriously…U r gonna tell a grown ass woman
    how to cough?!?! (U keep coughing Keisha…go rite on
    Just because U got the loudest voice, the biggest weave,
    and a neck that rolls more then a bowler…U feel U
    have a rite to bully people??? It is “bullies” like U who make the
    weak, passive people take their own lives!!!
    So let me get this straight. It’s the producers who call the
    shots, who edit the show, and who decide what kind of light
    to present Tami in??? So in other words if they r pulling
    the strings??? Then u r nothing more then a PUPPET!!! A PUPPET!!!
    Here’s an idea for U Tami: WALK AWAY FROM THE SHOW!!!
    Just walk away. Need the cash, huh girl??? Sad sad sad.
    Don’t want to talk about the other “pawns” on the show. They r all basically
    Non MF’n Factors!!! But, can I just ask 1 thing???
    “Y does everyone still talk to Olowakandi’s Reject?!?! Y?!?!?! ”
    Look Tami, be a woman and act like a woman…not trash!
    I think I have said what I wanted to…and all w/o using the “B”
    word, attacking you as a mother, or a daughter, or a
    sister, hell ain’t even talking bout ur love life!!! Now
    that’s keeping it real!!! That’s the troof!!!
    U really need to check yourself and take a good long
    look in the mirror! Wait!!! On 2nd thought…scratch
    that thought…U might take too long of a look at ur
    own reflection…then might wanna attack it too!!!
    GET A LIFE Tami…or at least make a difference in

    “…love is healing…healing love…”

  • jo


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