I honestly can’t believe this is going on, but teens are partaking in something called a “pregnancy pact” where a group of friends all decide to get pregnant at the same time. There is even a page for this phenomenon on Facebook where teen girls post pictures of their growing pregnant bellies. They are all smiles and proud of this “accomplishment” they have achieved. They also receive tons of support from other teens on the page for making this pact. These pacts are not only irresponsible, but they also encourage young girls to partake in unprotected sex. What the heck is going on?

I am having my first child at the age of 26 and although I am prepared in many ways there are still so many anxieties that race through my mind on a daily basis. Being a mother is such a huge responsibility and nothing to be taken lightly. Shows such as “Teen Pregnancy” have obviously played a part in making these young girls think that being pregnant is something cool. Bringing a child into this world is far from a fad, but more and more teen girls are treating it as such.

I remember a time when becoming pregnant as a teen was something to be terrified of. It was not something young girls aspired to.  Getting pregnant before finishing school wasn’t even a thought.  I knew my mother would give me an old fashion butt whooping if I dared to come home when I was in high school and say I was pregnant…and that it was planned.

This is truly a travesty because babies are bringing babies into this world on purpose not thinking about the difficulties associated with being a teen mother. I have many friends who were teen mothers. They are great mothers, but I also saw how hard it was for them trying to raise a child at such a young age. You have to go from being an immature, carefree teen to a responsible adult in a short amount of time. That is no easy task, especially if you have a minimal amount of help.

What are your views on this pregnancy pact craze?

  • JoJo

    @ African Mami

    I’m with you.

    Well… I guess… Happy Mother’s Day to them. And sooner rather than later, they will be convincing all who cares on why they should, too, be celebrated for Father’s Day. I can’t with this mess.

  • http://www.Talk2Q.com Q

    I’m not even sure what to say on this one. I guess it’s not a big deal to some people. Sad to think that a child’s life is just an accessory to a lot of people. I’m curious to the status of the four fathers of those girls’ kids.

  • modern lady

    I’d bet my life that none of these girls have fathers. This is a damn shame. I wish welfare would go broke soon-then they’d have to realize what being a TRUE single mother is like.

  • The last laugh

    I’m no republican, but welfare needs to be taken away. black people do an awesome job of making themselves look like some abject idiots. I know thats harsh but I’m tired of feeling sorry for everyone when its clear they have no respect for themselves or their community.

  • Dreaming

    I know women who were once girls with father’s in their home, a religious home, and they ended up giving birth to a child out-of-wedlock. Having a father in the home doesn’t always mean a child is better off; just as some children who didn’t have a father in the home turned out fine.

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