According to the folks over at AllHipHop, super-producer Swizz Beatz may be creeping behind wife Alicia Keys’ back and getting it in with his ex-wife Mashonda.

First, some background: Swizz and Alicia Keys hooked up while Mr. Showtime was still married to Mashonda. Although Swizz claimed he was separated at the time he and A.K. got together, Mashonda went public and blamed the singer for the demise of her marriage.

Recently, the trio seemed to have moved on and were getting along for the sake of their children, but if these rumors are true, everything isn’t what it seems.

AllHipHop reports:

Our source says that Mashonda considers this the “ultimate payback” to Alicia, who started dating Swizz while he was still married and very much together with Mashonda. The source tells us that in the end, Mashonda is “going to stick it to both of them” and is carefully documenting every encounter with Swizz to go into her upcoming memoir/tell-all book entitled Death of a Mermaid.

While this story reads like it was ripped from Aliya S. King’s novel Platinum,  But if it’s true, I think we can all agree the jig is up.

Although neither side has made any sort of statement about AllHipHop’s claimsI guess we’ll just have to watch the tweets to see how this one will play out.

What do you think?

  • kissa

    That man’s peen will soon fall off..sips tea

  • kai


  • omfg

    i said in the other thread about confronting the other woman that women use sex to attack other women.

    sex is a weapon. but alicia should know she had it coming to her. and one day, swizz will get his. just hope they are all using condoms.

  • African Mami

    I think that the HIV statistics need to be looked into with more introspective.

  • geek chik


  • CurlySue

    What’s that old saying? Lose ‘em how you get ‘em?

  • Dalili

    I so want to believe no one can be that careless and daft, but stranger things have happened. I hope it isn’t true for the sake of all involved.

  • Child, please!

    That’s on Mashonda if she wants to go back to a man who cheated on her not once, not twice, but three times. I stopped feeling bad after she went all over town and blabbed her own business to magazines saying one minute they were all cool and the next they weren’t. She won’t get a shed tear from me, but I’m sure she’ll have plenty from others.

  • slim

    what is it with mr. swizz beatz? got these women going crazy. i thought we were done with these people and this story.

  • binks

    Right! I was just reading the HIV article and now reading this stupidity “IF it’s true” is truly sad. But someone needs to be schooled on the art of revenge because this isn’t revenge but some hood booger crap. And Swizz must have a gold dipped vibrating penis because why these women are losing their minds is truly odd

  • Cia

    Mashonda should work on moving forward and trying to get back at Alicia and Swizzy is not moving in that direction. She will only end up hurting the true victims and those are the many children who are involved.

  • isola

    Just because he is hanging out with his child’s mother does not mean he is cheating on his wife. Perhaps they are being mature and getting along for the sake of the child. It happens.

  • TypicalBlackWoman…

    kissa you slay me…lololololol

  • pink

    I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s true. Most men that creep/cheat on their wives either stay with them, or go back home.

  • golden_girl

    No way n hell I could go back to a man who left me and my child alone in a big ole house with pond scum in the pool and an unpaid mortgage.

  • Ocean Blue

    “While this story reads like it was ripped from Aliya S. King’s novel Platinum, But if it’s true, I think we can all agree the jig is up.”

    Well, what do you know, I haven’t read Platinum, but I did just finish reading Diamond Life this past weekend.


    I never put my faith into these kind of stories for many reasons.

    1. I don’t have a care in the world about celebrity relationship drama.

    2. I think, like, 98% of the information we hear about celebrities isn’t even true.

    3. Stories like this will always paint the woman in a very bad light.

  • chanela

    Um, you do know that Condoms dont prevent everything right?? there is still a lot of skin touching and they break. why do adults not know this? its best to stay away from idiot behavior PERIOD than to say “just use a condom”. smh

  • Blasé

    um, if ex Mrs Swiss is planning to “stick it to them” then is allhiphopand the “source” blowing it for her?

    how annoying.

  • Wellll……

    Wellll….the same way you get them is the same way you lose them. Look folks need to STOP at the mention of I’m married but… should be I’m divorced we can date. Something is shady about a person that doesn’t wrap up something that major before smashing somebody else……And Mushonda needs her tail beat bcuz she was all in the street over how wrong and hurt she was….to be scornful and do the same thing makes you common just like Alicia was if she really creeped to…..this is all alleged…raise my eyebrow though…..

  • omfg

    oh please chanela.

    we can’t shrinkwrap our bodies. outside of abstinence, condoms are the best solution for dealing with most sexually transmitted diseases.

    ish, some of the skin to skin contact stds can be acquired from kissing and oral sex.

    i don’t need a lesson on preventing stis from you.

    a condom is the best way to go and since these folks are married, they should be used.

  • Kat

    What happened? The quality of writing and subject matter have really taken a nose dive on this site. We have so many other topics to read about and discuss. Leave this crap to bossip, mediatakeout etc..,,

  • chanela

    Lol not giving a lesson to anybody. it’s just mind boggling that “grown folks” support sexually reckless behavior by “just use a condom” as if its some magical forcefield. then those same people act surprised at HIV rates.

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