From Frugivore – Now more than ever people are obsessed with losing weight and living a healthier life. Every day millions of women are thinking of, working on and talking about weight. To add to the obsession, microblogging social media sites like Pinterest have become a home for women looking to create “thinspiration” boards that encourage eating disorders like anorexia in order to get thin.

Last month, Pinterest, promised to limit the number of photos labeled “thinspiration” posted on pinboards and accompanied by hashtags such as #thinspo or #perfect. The new terms of service prohibit posting content that “creates a risk of harm, loss, physical or mental injury, emotional distress, death, disability, disfigurement, or physical or mental illness to yourself, to any other person, or to any animal, and went into effect April 6th. The National Eating Disorder Association is helping sites like Pinterest sharpen their thinspo senses so they can more effectively root out some of the better-disguised thinsperation pictures.

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  • golden_girl

    I see nothing wrong with it. For those who aspire to be skinny….why not have images that fit their ideal.

  • Yb

    Yeah. This trend won’t spread amongst black girls. The only black girls I see doing this are upper middle class ones who are heavily white washed and become anorexic trying to appeal to white males. Two reasons this won’t spread:

    1st the majority of AA’s are of West African descent. Many West African women are curvy, with womanly figures (not all but many, don’t mean to generalize). You cannot go against nature. You just can’t. Fighting against you body natural size will not yield good results.

    2nd Maybe I’m wrong, but most young black men still desire a woman with curves. Many black girls are striving to be more shapely, not the opposite, to appease black males. So many of them will not hop on the “thinspiration” trend.

  • I got sense!

    I see nothing wrong with it either. The only issue here is other people’s inability to live their lives and exercise their rights while letting others to the same. I wish people would get that.

  • Sasha

    I’m with goldengirl and Igotsense on this issue, absolutely nothing wrong with this. I’d rather be (and already am) on the skinner end of the spectrum.

  • Talulah Belle

    I am Black and I date, almost exclusively, Black men. I love Black men! Sometimes I feel like the only one on this website sometimes. Anyway, I love the Thinspo sites that feature primarily “real women,” especially when they have a Fashionista twist to them. So, I am looking forward to the Thinspo sites targeted at us Black girls. Can’t wait to see more. I love thinness for its aesthetic principles and how it intensifies Black women’s features. I love the look and feel of a very thin body where clothes drape fluidly off it. Collar bones, structured shoulders, firm backs, petitie wrists, long thing fingers, dimples above the buttocks, slim ankles etc..I also like the sculpted features of thin women, particularly us black women. I think when we maintain a low body weight, we truly bring an “otherworldy” beauty to the table. Our bodies and facial features are keenly exaggerated and improved by thinness. With this in mind, I work very very hard on being thin and beautiful everyday as part of my health and wellness regimen. The Black men that I know love the long graceful necks, high cheekbones and structured jaw lines that emerge when black women keep their weight low. They also love when our waists are quite thin, as it exaggerates the curve in our backs and hips. Thinspos are great! I recommend them rely on them as inspiration when my will power starts to slide. The pics in them remind me of Black women’s true nature and splendor out from under all of this sedentary living, excuses, and poor eating habits. I hope that they catch on!! Looking forward to it. Long live reed thin, gorgeous, elegant, finely-tuned Black women!!

  • Zoe

    There’s a difference between “thinspo” and “pro-ana”. Yes, many black women are curvy but there are MANY of us that aren’t. Curvy bodies are celebrated in the black community while thin bodies are not- and are often put down. As a naturally thin woman- very similar to the bottom two pictures- I find it encouraging to see these pictures represented as beautiful too.

  • chanela

    You see nothing wrong with it?? go ahead and check out thinspo videos on youtube and read the comments. its totally different than just losing weight. these chicks are looking for “ana” and “mia buddies. people who support each other with anorexia and bullimia..not to get help but to help them stay on track with it. there is a lot wrong with promoting a disease and writing things like “food is for the weak” and “bones are beautiful”. they are definitely not just for weight loss. women are dying from this disease.

  • Anon

    From what I see on the streets lately, these thinspo sites are NEEDED. It would give a more realistic image of what “in-shape” looks like.

  • Alexandra

    There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be thin or curvy; there are safe ways to achieve both body types. The only controversial issue that seems to surround ‘thinspo’ is the considerable amount of young women who are going to extreme lengths to become thin. And their desire to be a certain size have led some girls to desperation, health and psychological problems. However, I think there’s a bit of a double standard here. As of recent, a lot of women who want to be curvy are also putting themselves at harms risk. Seems like wanting to be thin draws more input….

  • the comment

    Oh god!!!! U peopole have been brainwashed into believing that because you were stolen from the East side of Egypt that you have a reason to be curvier. Give me a break will you. I agree with the poster below. Black women look waaaaaaaay better skinny. We have the features for it. Now…how is that for black love.

  • Talulah Belle

    Agree with “the comment.” Being curvy, fat, thick, chunky and flat out obese has stolen Black women’s beauty. The number of women who actually become anorexic from visiting Thinspo sites is non-existent. Anorexia is a psychological disorder and few women with are grounded in reality enough to click through such a website.

    Being a fat black woman It is a form of internalized racism and self-hatred. Being fat and Black is one of my greatest fears — wearing my “failure” on my body everyday for the entire world to see. Sometimes I wonder if being “thick” is a plot by white society to keep us Black women from looking like our (gorgeous) selves. It is hard work being thin if you are not naturally that way or if you have, at some point, been obese; try 80% of us and counting!! Thinspo sites give many women the support they need to drop the weight and all of the BS and excuses that go along with being fatties. No excuses. Get skinny! Stay beautiful!! Re-claim your body and your beauty! It is not easy, but it can be done.

  • HU2011

    Are you cracked out? Just because one is deemed “overweight” by the whiteman’s BMI scale means nothing. I have been “big” all of my life. But at 5″5″ and 150lbs I am healthy. I can run miles around a skinny girl and I eat right. Not everyone is meant to be skinny. Kick rocks with your self hating philosophy- “No excuses. Get skinny! Stay beautiful!! ” Thin does not equate to beauty. Smh

    I will never been “thin” and will always be deemed “overweight”. As long as I’m healthy I’m good boo

  • Jame

    The women pictured here are nowhere near as thin as the people I have seen on the thinspo and pro-ana sites. The women pictured look thin but in good health. This is not always the case about the thinspo pics (and the methods promoted by the typical thinspo sites).

    There is range of healthy body types. Unfortunately we have started to use “curvy” as a euphemism for bigger. Not everyone who is bigger is actually curvy. And not everyone who is smaller is uncurvy. Thick is probably a much more helpful word in this case.

    I hope we never see anything on the level of the typical pro-ana or thinspo site for black women. Generally speaking we have much higher self-esteem than that, and are more comfortable in our bodies the way they are.

    What I would rather see: a wide range of body shapes and sizes depicted in a range of skin tones (and hair textures) portrayed as beautiful. I am really sick of the same image of the girl with a really long weave and a really big butt trying to pass as the only definition of black beauty. We don’t all look like that, aspire to look like that nor is it attainable for most of us.

    Even better, portraying people that meet the true definition of healthy: engaging in healthful habits, not matter how much you weigh. That’s a lot more beneficial and helpful in my book — and would promote higher self-esteem.

  • Chic Noir

    I think the first photo is from the snowblack blogger.

    For the record, I look at blk thinspo youtube videos and blogs to keep me on target. I’m 5’9.5 and 140-145 size 6-8 but I prefer a more thin look (currently 120-125 size 2-4) would prefer to be 110 size 0 but I know it’s pretty difficult for my body to get there but doesn’t mean I will stop trying.

  • anon25

    I definitely think this is bad. If you read the captions accompanied by these pictures you’d see the twisted reality these girl live in. There is a difference between wanting to be skinny and wanting to be healthy. “thinspo” is just that, inspiration to be thin. Sometimes it is masked as concern for health, but we really need to look at the under lying issue. Some of the posts on these types of blogs mention how “great” life will be once they’re able to achieve an ultimate goal weight (ugw) or how they’ll be the “perfect student” (most of these girls are very young) when they can see their hip bones. It’s an extremely toxic way of thinking, ultimately causing you to war with your own body.

  • anon25

    “The women pictured look thin but in good health.”

    How exactly can you determine their health just by looking at them?

  • Chic Noir

    I notice that the blk women who are often featured on those thinspo blogs are Chanel Iman and Jourdan Dunn, two blk models who even for models are very thin and from the looks of it naturally thin. Both ladies just have very small frames.

  • Chic Noir


    Now lets get it real and call a spade a spade. Far more women are dying from diseases related to be overweight, obese and inactive. Heart disease, high BP, type II diabeetus etc… are on the rise amongst American women.

  • Talulah Belle

    @HU2011. No, I am not “cracked out.” I am 5’6″ and 128 pounds. I do not appear “skinny” but I look gorgeous (and elegantly thin) in a bikini and in all of my clothing. I am also over 44 years-old and managed to get naturally pregnant by minding my diet which balances your hormones. I am free of diabetes, fibroids, heavy periods, high cholesterol, a double chin, hyper pigmentation, thinning hair, estrogen dominance, joint pain and hypertension (and neck rolling attitude). I run 6 miles a day, and find time for both yoga, marital arts and meditation. I have lots of vigorous, regular, satisfying and athletic sex with my partner and he shows me off, with no excuses, to every one of his friends. I never ask him: “Does this dress make me look fat?” Why? because it doesn’t. (And no, at 5’5″ and 150lbs., I highly doubt you can do anything but eat circles around me. You definitely cannot run circles around me. Believe that, my sister). Get skinny! Get beautiful by Black sisters!

  • Talulah Belle

    Keep trying @Chic Noir. I bet you look breath taking in your clothing and stop conversations when you grace a room. Good for you!!

  • Yb

    When you gain the ability to conjure a proper paragraph I will respond to the content you post but until I stand by what I said in my previous comment. The only reason you are mad is because you what i said is true. Get rid of the straw mans and from a real argument.

  • tisme

    black people really need to focus on healthy.
    I see too many unhealthy black people skinny thick and fat in my line of work.
    People should develop a preference for healthy.
    Nothing wrong with wanting to look good,at whatever weight, but it seems people go from one extreme to the next.Too big too small

    And also too many people here stating black men/white men prefer this or that.
    The statements are too broad.They also don’t take into consideration that men have sex with, date, marry and have kids by women who are not their ideal woman physica

    My grandma skinny,my grand dad liked voluptuous women.
    He married my grandmother.
    He said when they met she was too skinny but she looked good and had a good head on her shoulders so he married her.

  • Chic Noir


    Some people are fat because they are addicted to the chemicals in junk food.

    While I love the super thin look, not every woman can be super thin. Beyonce will never be Chanel Iman even on an 800 calorie a day diet. We have to keep that in mind.

  • HU2011

    “(And no, at 5’5″ and 150lbs., I highly doubt you can do anything but eat circles around me. You definitely cannot run circles around me. Believe that, my sister). Get skinny! Get beautiful by Black sisters!” -Talulah Belle

    She is a prime example of the dangers of Thinso sites.

    In the words of Tamar ” Girl,Get YOUR life” bahaha

  • Chic Noir

    Generally speaking we have much higher self-esteem than that,

    Oh really???

    *chic noir pumps to a group of YBW with industrial strength silcone pumped behinds*

    I don’t know about that. Women adapt to different standards. If blk women started going for this sort of look tomarrow, watch the number of blk women on strict diets start to skyrocket.

  • Chic Noir

    You know what, this topic is more explosive that I ever though. The comments are really coming in. Every time I refresh my screen, boom more comments.

    Maybe the desire to be thin is something that’s hidden among som of us.

    I think while maybe not most bw want to be Chanel Iman thin, most would certainly wouldn’t mind looking like Naomi Campbell or Tyra and their peak.

    A video of the 90′s supermodels who funny enough are much much larger than Chanel Iman.

  • Yb

    Please note that Tyra and Naomi have breasts, ass, and a nice hip to waist ratio. I don’t know a black woman in this world that have an issue with their shape. But pictures of an anorexic white girl with her rib cage sticking out doesn’t appeal to most of us. When Images of young girls looking like starving Jews from the holocaust is promoted to young black girls that is when black women take issue with it, not when our girls are being told to be healthy.

  • Talulah Belle

    I agree with you. I can remember as a girl watching Diahann Carol, Pam Grier, Naomi Simms and Diana Ross. These were lovely, very lanky, finely-tuned (dare I say, “skinny”) brown skinned, fashionable women. And, they were not highly-sexualized and “booty-fied” like we see today. The fame of these Black women from the 60′s and 70′s pre-dated the denigrated and poisoned bodies of Black women that we see today. Here we are, oftentimes barely able to climb the stairs in the subways. We are plagued with hormonal imbalances, fibroids, diabetes and weight-based illnesses, including self-delusion. Yes! We even have entire lines of clothing and billion dollar, white-owned and operated chain stores dedicated to sellling us high-priced “plus size” clothing because our waist measurements now exceed those of our bust. Thus, clothing designers have invented an entire category of “fashion” to shove our bloated tummies into. Getting thin and staying thin is a secret desire of many Black women. But the desire is squashed by a culture of “every woman staying the course” and not getting out of line around thinning out our big physiques. Because, if we do, then our excuses of being naturally thick or big-boned-ded or curvy would hold no truth. Black women are locked into a conspiracy of complicit acceptance and excuses around the grotesqueness of the obese, Black, female form. It has robbed us of our beauty, of our self-esteem and of our health. Being thin and maintaining a beautiful body is hard work. But, we can do it!

  • QueenofNew

    @The Comment

    Being “curvy” is about having a nice waist to hip ratio. The reason why black women and Middle Eastern women and women from very hot climates have that waist to hip ratio is because we don’t need fat all over our bodies to keep us warm. It settles at our hips. People in colder climates will need that insolation for colder climates. God made us all the way we are for a reason.

  • QueenofNew


    You’re crazy. There is nothing sexy about a gaunt look. Yes your features are “exaggerated” but your eyes are sunken in, you loose that cherub look which is quite youthful. Thin women look older in the face than women with a rounder face.

  • QueenofNew

    @chic noir

    If you were to put a bag over the head of both Chanel and Beyonce and ask any man anywhere in the world, which body is sexier, which body he would like to pummel, I know which body I would put my money on.

  • Talulah Belle

    @QueenofNew. No, I am not crazy. But, you are most certainly deluding yourself. Does Gaby Sidibe from “Precious” look “more cherubic” and “younger” than, say, Kimberly Elise or Kerry Washington? No, of course not. Gaby’s face looks, unfortunately, distorted and bloated, not “cherubic.” I am not the crazy one here. My Black sisters will not convince me that being fat is equal to being Black. Nope.

  • NY’s Finest

    If a woman is overweight and is not working on losing that weight and is content, what does that have to do with anyone else? A lot of this so called concern for the black woman’s weight just seems like ppl trying to mask their own insecurities. Like I’ve said before Americans period are just too damned fat, but we need to concentrate on being healthy, because everyone isn’t meant to be thin.

  • Introverted Leo

    Being skinny doesn’t mean you are fit. I’m about 5’5 and 140 – 150, but I have an athletic build.

  • Introverted Leo

    Referring to women as ‘thick’ is something I mostly hear from Black women and men, not the WC.

  • Anon

    Anddddddddd the fat (whoops, I mean THICK) chicks have come out to play saying nonsense about “health”.

    As someone who is active, I can tell you that I have NEVER seen a fat black woman kicking butts and taking names during races, swims, bike rides, dance classes, and yoga. You wanna talk “health”? That young woman up there looks healthy. “Thick” meant a Sir Mix-a-Lot video girl, not back fat and wobbly thighs.

  • Chic Noir

    Queen of New, I came across a man in Paris who called Beyonce “fat” and it wasn’t a slip of tongue or lost in translation.

    Btw, some of us like the thin look because “WE” like it not because a man(men) like it. I like the long neck, cheekbones and long lines that being thin gives the body so sue me.

    *chic noir shrugs shoulders*

  • Anon

    Actually, black women are dying in record numbers due to high blood pressure, diabetes, heart failure, etc… , and many of these things are COMPOUNDED by excess weight. Ya’ll need to let go of Health at Any Size, and get to ALIVE at 65.

  • Anon

    CAN I GET AN AMEN Talulah!!!!

  • Bee

    Well, I think YB expressed my thoughts about this new trend. As a very skinny late-twenty something black woman (yeah, I wear the zero size skinny jeans, maybe even double zero at the Gap, and stand at about 5’6), I appreciate my size but would never intentionally starve myself (or any other extreme action) to get to my size. My immediate family is just full of skinny folks.

    There is no perfect size: there is only healthy and unhealthy. Period. The fact that some black girls are willing to violently force their bodies to submit to their desire to be crazy thin is laughable and sad to me. Your body is your body, and you cannot make it look like someone else’s body. Honestly, you can look at the bone structure and hands of many women and know about how big or small they are supposed to be. Smh at the girls who hate their bodies so much that they’d do violence to it just to be thin (just as I smh at the girls who hate their bodies so much that they’d do violence to it by filling it with unhealthy foods, albeit some overweight women simply don’t have access to healthy foods). Sad. Love thyself people. Life is hard enough without all the extra psychological drama.

  • Chic Noir

    @Tallauh- Thank you for the comment above. I’ve seen some photos of Naomi Sims and that sister was BAD! Gorgeous, elegant, queenly and so chic even in “mens clothes” . Sisters were really working it then. Shala Monroque sort of has a Naomi Sims vibe and look. It’s a shame this type of blk woman is shut out in the MSM today.

    We are plagued with hormonal imbalances

    I’ve been wondering why all of sudden within the last 5 years, I noticed some blk women growing beards and now that you mention it, very few that I’ve seen were thin. I have a friend who said it was from the hormones her birthcontrol(depo).

    @YB- No, I ‘ve had blk women say that Naomi and Tyra(young) are too thin. I don’t get it because both had bodies out of this world esp Tyra. Her waist to hip ratio(too funky video) was out of this world.

  • the comment

    YB……proper paragraph>>>>HA!!!!!! Funnnnie! REally????? Well you’ll be waiting for black Jesus to roll thru on some 20′s b4 that happens. This is a comment section…not ‘prospects for a better tomorrow 101′. Proper paragraph…….now that is funnie. Just understand that Fat Albert and the Gang have taken over these lil black girls bodies. Our women are DYING from being tooo fat and you want to use some dead sea scrolls to prove why blah blah blah. Just get real. Thank you.

  • Chic Noir

    This is the blogger whose body I think is in the first picture. She is a model and she lives the sort of life I wish more of us could. I just love this girl. BTW, she is naturally thin and you can look at her and see she is very healthy and very thin.

  • gfkagrace

    I think it is a mistake to think that there aren’t Af. Amer. women or Black women who aspire to be skinny. There is in fact a community of them, and it is this kind of thinking that makes people think they do not exist. I do know Af. Amer. young women and girls who have struggled with some form of an eating disorder. It is not just a white girl thing.

  • Talulah Belle

    @Anon. Yes! You can get an AMEN!

    Make no mistake, I stay thin for my health, to keep my daily run and Hot Yoga easy and to look killer in a bikini and a black, silk jersey strapless (which I do). Black women could solve a wealth of problems, both psychologically and physically, by losing lots and lots of weight. Men;s proclivities and sex aside, being able to ace a physical exam at 45, sail up the subway stairs, awake refreshed, not need foundation to hide sugar and hormonal–related hyper pigmentation, have regular, pain free periods, fit into ready to wear clothing and do a happy handstand is worth losing the weight. Come on, Black women. We can beat this. Just look at the legs and toned arms on Michelle Obama and the look on Barack’s face when she walks next to him in a super, body-hugging designer gown. She would admit it’s not easy. But recently, from the looks of it, I would call her “downright skinny.” And she looks breath taking.

  • Chic Noir

    Honestly, you can look at the bone structure and hands of many women and know about how big or small they are supposed to be.

    This is very true that’s why I say Beyonce will never have Chanel Iman’s body.

    the fact that some black girls are willing to violently force their bodies to submit to their desire to be crazy thin is laughable and sad to me

    If you cut out bodies and hair, I would agree that it is laughable. Some of the weaves I see are truly atrocious. I think every woman has something that she would like to change about herself and for some it’s hair, body, eyeshape, nose, lips, personality etc… but Tullahbelle and anon do bring up a good point that we have serious weight issues in the hood. Being 5’6 and 150 lbs is very different from being 5’6 and 250 or God forbid 5’6 and 350 lbs. Forget heart attack and stroke, think about the stress that’s placed on joints when one is very overweight.

    What I see many YBW in the hood doing is drinking calories and yes fruit juice does count.

  • NY’s Finest

    Where in my comment did I say health at any size? I think it’s important to be the right weight for your height but if a woman is overweight, does nothing about it and is shaving years off of her life that’s her problem, definitely not mine, not yours, not anybodies. The black community has an issue when it comes to eating healthy foods. I know way too many thin ppl with high blood pressure, who can’t even walk up two flights of stairs.

  • Kymber Allen

    I’m very surprised to hear so many readers pro thin. I too like my body thin with very low body fat but I’m still shapely with muscle tone. Clothes definitely fit better and I’m very healthy. I believe most black woman don’t want to be skinny, just not fat. But that is actually most women of any race. I’m from Los Angeles – a great city to live in if you want to get in shape. Healthy living is highly promoted here but living in a different part of the country lifestyle and body image changes along with fitness trends and popular food. That plays a part as well. Being in shape for men is just as popular as ever also.

  • Zaza

    tesssst?(Where my comment at?!)

  • Zaza

    I’m with Talulah, overweight/obese black women happy with themselves, well ok good for you but you are in the minority, but the majority of people who are overweight/obese don’t want to be, and would if they had a choice, take being ‘too skinny’ over ‘too fat’ anyday.These thinspo sites are dangerous for people who are already fragile/easily susceptible to body disorders,but they are that way already sadly.

    For the average fairly secure person it’s just a bit of lifestyle inspiration.Losing weight is hard and you fall off track a lot of times. Looking at photos of your body ideal, whether it’s Bria Myles, Naomi Campbell, Ciara or Beyonce is a motivator, nothing wrong with it sorry. Should Clutch not profile successful black media people like Awkward Black Girl incase an unemployed depressed person sadly is jealous and upset and reacts badly to it???

    On this thing about ‘black women are MEANT to be ‘curvy’,
    I would argue a larger proportion of black woman, compared to non-black women are curvy(exaggerated hourglass), but the majority are average like any other woman; a little hips, a little breasts,often pearshaped, appleshaped,NOTHING SPECIAL!
    This ‘thickness/bootybootybooty obsession in black popular culture has gone too far.
    I think it puts as much pressure on young black girls to be ‘thick’ and is causing body disorders as much as anorexia does for white girls.

    I find it more ‘sinister’ that black women are so pressured by this ‘thick’ obsession that some are having all these crazy butt injections and whatever. There’s something really degrading about how the modern black woman is put out in black popular culture as oversexualized amplified body parts.

    Obviously no-one should support anorexia, but skinny doesn’t necessarily mean unhealthy. Curvy/thick has gotten all the praise in black culture, there’s nothing wrong with appreciating other body sizes. Personally I think there’s something so regally beautiful about a slim black woman like Naomi or Iman. I think it’s a shame how many beautiful black women out there are covering their beauty and potential in rolls of fat.

    I would love to see more black women, curvy(but healthy) skinny(but healthy) out there wearing their full beauty, life is hard enough as a black women without falling into the ‘fat black women’ sterotype as well. And I say this as a couple of stones overweight black woman.
    Someones gonna attack me for saying this but sorry it’s my opinion, good for you if you’re overweight/support it and are fine with it, but I’m prepared to admit I’m not and I’m trying to lose weight.It’s hard, but it’s coming off slowly and I will get there.I’m not lying to myself that I’m ‘curvy’ or whatever, it’s excess weight and it needs to be gone!

    Just my opinion.
    *ducks fo’ cover*

  • NY’s Finest

    @Bee:Definitely the most sensible comment on this thread.

  • Chic Noir

    I want to add that one of the blk women who said Naomi is too thin was rather small herself and would go on diets sometimes. I didn’t understand her reasoning but whatever.

    the other blk women who’ve said something about Naomi and Tyra’s bodies were team chunk so I guess they were just hating.

  • the comment

    @ Talulah Belle…..I so admire you. Those fibroids things are no joke. I was skinny all my life and ate whatever I wanted. But when I poped out a kid @ 40 my body took 4 ever to bounce back. I had no idea how addicted to junk food I was. I had to run 4 miles a day just to maintain. Now I’m a veggie and protien shake chick until I get to my normal size.

    I have a better appreciation for food now. Organic veggies and a wide range of grains (not wheat). I even started my own herb garden just because. My transformation has been hard. Like I said…those chemicals they put in food are worse than crack rocks. At least with drugs you got to meet someone in a ally or call them. Bad food is EVERYWHERE…. gas stations selling FAKE FOOD. 711 selling FAKE FOOD. Buy toys and they have a bag of junk food calling your name at the end of the isle Meanwhile you have to rally your local state representative to advocate for better food choices in our public schools.

    This junk food (hormone filled meat, franken wheat, sugar, salt,) wll kill u faster than illegal drugs ever could.

    I notice black women are in denial about their weight. First of all it is hard to tell black women anything w/o them thinking you are putting them down. Second, they associate health with wealth, but not in a good way. They swear up and down that it is more expensive to buy organic than cheap meat. Well if you give up that crap it will come out to be Less expensive cause you don’t have those aweful cravings that have you making more trips to the market to eat fast food. Veggies have FIBER that keep u FULL. not cheap carbs that keep you CRAVING.

    You can call it thick all u want. But face it sisters; the black women walking the streets today are not thick. They are sloppy fat with big ole moutain booties. What is wrong with wanting better. Some of ya’ll have a slave mentality and dont’ even know it and will fight to the death to defend being out of shape. Shame Shame shame…….

  • OMSS

    My god… It so funny hearing some women here talking about their appearance in terms of weight. Aren’t actually measurements a better reflection of your size? It is for me anyway because I am 5”1 and 128 pounds but I am a size 4-6 with measurements 34-26-37 (I inherited a larger behind which I can tone up, but not reduce). I also eat right (small portions, loads of fresh veggies and some fruit, and very,very small amount of sugars- no drinks or juices, also), I workout daily and my current part time job on the side while I am studying is domestic cleaning. I usually do 12-18 hour a week, so that is keeping me in shape also.

    Not everyone can be tall and a size 4 and under. We are all made differently. I think it is damn right out of order for someone to just generalize that if you are not under 120 you are lazy and unhealthy. Please… Are all skinny chicks self-hating and keeping skinny with unhealthy methods???

  • OMSS


    I liked your argument, you put it across very well :)

  • Chic Noir

    Personally I think there’s something so regally beautiful about a slim black woman like Naomi or Iman

    Girl preech. I’ll never forget those pics of Naomi when she was going to community service. As embarassing as that was, Naomi worked it. Looking tall, regal and gorgeous everyday.

    The photo of the cop carrying her bag like a proud valet killed me softly.

  • the comment

    But that is NOT what is walking the streets. You people act like fat black women are small segments of the population who only come out at night when all the ‘thick and in shape sistahs’ are asleep. NO No No!!!!!!! Do ur own statistic. Walk out the house and count on one hand how many overweight black women do you see compared to fit. Not thick but fit as in “I know ole girl works out 5x’s a week’. Look at any audience of day time talk shows and you will see OVERWHELMING fat black women.

    someone said ‘why do you care’. That is soo cold and sinister. Sooo if 65% of black women were dying of cancer and everywhere you looked you saw headscarfs to cover their bald heads from chemo treatments…..THAT WOULD NOT AFFECT YOU AT ALL???? YOU ARE TELLING ME THAT YOU WOULD NOT THINK THAT SOMETHING IS SERIOUSLY WRONG. And to make matters worse someone tried to cover it up by sayingn……well you know that is the style now…???? All this justification is sicking. Just plain ole sicking.

  • bisa akua

    well said..

  • Leelee

    @ The Comment
    When talking about this issue you have to recognize that unhealthy foods ARE cheaper than organic and fresh. Fact of life. Sure, in the end you’re probably going to pay for it, but knowing this doesn’t change the amount of money someone has in their pocket. I went to a workshop at my college by a local group called White Violet, they focus on growing healthy foods for the local community. They emphasized how bad processed foods are, linking these foods to early puberty among young girls, and went on to talk about how they are as addictive as drugs. They instructed people to sacrifice saving money in order to be healthy because in the end it’ll be better for you. I agree with this, but here’s my question. If I have 15 bucks left over from paying all of my bills and decide to go organic or fresh over processed, which will feed me for maybe two days at best. How am I supposed to eat the rest of the week? I don’t have parents to rely on, my parents rely on me. I have to make sure they eat too. As a college student working my way through school, I am distressed over how much things cost. I couldn’t imagine being a parent needing to stretch money to feed an entire family. This is where the problem truly lies, and why so many people in the “hood” are addicted to junk food. Until poorer communities are able to pick themselves up obesity is always going to be an issue among African Americans.

  • chanela

    @chic noir

    okay so in other words its perfectly okay to promote anorexia and bulimia because at least the folks aren’t rolling down the street? hell being overweight is just as healthy as being anorexic.

    people on here think this article is about black women wanting to be thin. thinspo is 99% of the time used to keep anorexic and bulimic women on track to their goal weight of 3lbs. those women are dropping like flies from that. women are also dying from obesity related ills as well BUT i’m just wondering why people are saying nothing is wrong with thinspo when it promotes an unhealthy lifestyle.

    btw its not diabeetus. please don’t listen to wilford brimley. LMAO

  • OMSS

    @the comment, My comment was directed at two poster here who were insinuating that if you are not 120lb or under you are unhealthy. At what point did I co-sign unhealthy lifestyles- overweight or underweight?

  • Anon

    WHAT? Beans and rice are CHEAP! Frozen veggies and canned (low sodium) things are CHEAP. Ground beef ain’t expensive. It is WAY more expensive to feed your family processed foods than actually making a meal with vegetables, a legume/starch, and some small protein. Fruit for desert (and you can get that in a can). In fact, FOOD BANKS provide these things. A bag of apples isn’t putting folks out of house and home.

    One set of my grandparents were brokedown sharecroppers who actually had an outhouse. An OUTHOUSE when my grandparents were starting out. Dem & day’ chillrrens NEVER looked like the obese messes you see in the hood today. It’s called “Mickey D’s used to be a TREAT”, not a staple. I don’t want to hear this “too poor” nonsense. Chips and soda are a LUXURY food item. This new argument of trying to blame things on needing organic food is simply a distraction from broken family units, dangerous neighborhoods and LAZINESS. Like skinny black people in early 90′s and prior were eating organic foods all the time. Girl please.

  • Anon

    Miss me with that. I have a nice body (I’m aiming for BANGIN’ for summer 2012) and I get NOTHING but shade from heavier women all.of.the.time. These women are NOT happy with their fanny pack guts, flabby thighs, and doughy facial features. I know this because even when I’m not paying attention to them, they’re paying attention to ME. The cutting comments, the saying that I need to eat a sandwich, the interjecting out of NOWHERE that a man wants more jiggle (and I’m NICELY shaped) when they been single for… more than a few years, and finally, the quiet questions regarding how you keep in shape, these women don’t WANT to be fat. They’re scared of facing their social circles with open declarations of wanting to lose weight! Don’t ostrasize black women like that, as being the only group of women on the planet that wants to be seen as slovenly and lazy with no societal pressures or social stigmas involved in that decision.

  • apple

    black thinspo is a bit different than white thinspo, while whites are trying to look like sticks and malnutrition young males, black thinspo are just trying to be a normal weight (aka zoe saladana,rihanna)., or just thin/athletic with a good bmi not bone thin.. i think its good, because alot of black women could use loosing some weight, i see alot of you shaming people for wanting to be skinny because its “bad” but praising being fat with diabetes and heart attacks as being a good thing. it is not. Black thinspo fine,when they start starving themselves or sticking their fingers down their throat ,give me a call.

    and no i’m not apart of thinspo 5″6 at 135 and i’m happy with my size..

  • Chic Noir


    Who are the two commenters who wrote that anything over 120lbs is unhealthy? I have not read that in any of the comments here.

  • CHE

    Stop it. Junk food is not cheaper. People are lazy and full of excuses. You can buy a 10lb bag of rice for $6-7 which will last you a good while, beans are dirt cheap, a head of broccoli is a $1-$1.50, 4 plums,oranges, pears for $1, meat or seafood for less than a mcdonalds value meal. Black women were not always this overweight- if you look at old photos the Black women were slim but curvy and the really overweight were the exception- now its the opposite. Black women need to stop with the excuses and laziness.

    Google* BLACK GIRLS RUN*.

  • TAE

    this conversation is very interesting. I’ve never heard of “thinspo” until now and to tell you the truth I probably won’t be checking for it, no shade.

    I am 5’11.5 The heaviest I have ever been is 175 and the smallest is 125-130. When I was 130 it was because I was going through major depression and wasn’t eating, I was also in college and working full time plus my metabolism is very high so weight tends to fall off of me if I don’t eat right. After consistently being a size 11-13 in jeans in high school I dropped to a size 5 in college, and I didn’t like it. My family didn’t like it. When my people back home saw me they thought I was smoking crack and I experiencing black outs. When I checked my height and weight on the BMI scale I was dangerously close to being underweight. Nothing about that was healthy or attractive. For my height a weight the BMI scale has my ideal weight range at 145-171 pounds. Since I moved to Cali my diet has changed and I walk a lot, I also love exercise like swimming, yoga, and belly dance so I’m @ 145 now which is cool and all but I would really like to gain those extra pounds back. I would prefer to be @ 160 and a size 10-11. I wear the weight well, I have good muscle tone, and a lot of people would be shocked when I told them how much I weighed as they always thought I would be lighter.I believe some women look better with a little more poundage than others, I am one of those women.

    It seems to me that the thinspo trend is an extreme albeit natural response to the thick girl craze. I was waiting for a thickness backlash, I just hope it doesn’t descend into a hateful subculture. From some of the comments on here it seems like some thin women want to make heavier women feel like crap. Of course some black women have been ostracized when their bodies didn’t measure up to the “ideal” presented in our community and that’s not cool, but I hope pro thinspo ladies don’t forget that our community is comprised of women who are naturally thick, healthfully plump, and look good and they shouldn’t be ostracized or put down either.

    I completely agree that the booty obsession has reached ridiculous levels. I don’t condone butt injections, butt pads, booty pops, none of that crap. I hate seeing women artificially rounding out their backsides to unnatural proportions especially when their bodies were beautiful just as they were. I believe if you are slim and trim in the behind love that and own that, If you thick in the hips and thighs own that and love that, if you’re a little thicker all over ala Jordin Sparks, America Ferrera etc love that too. As long as you’re healthy and you like what you see that’s what it is. Thin bodies are just as gorgeous as thick ones.

  • Usagi

    I like the thin look better. I look better being thinner. When I was fat ( size 16/18), I looked older and made my face bigger think people that say bw are designed to be thick/curvy are crazy. What about every non-black woman that thick ? Are they black,too ?

  • Usagi

    Also, the big butt obsession is gross. I’ll never understand why looking like a duck is hot. Having a little is fine, but a J-Lo butt is too much.

  • Usagi

    Edit: I bigger think people that say bw are designed to be thick/curvy are crazy. What about every non-black woman that’s thick ?

  • E.M.S.

    I see nothing wrong with look for imagery to inspire you to get in shape. If those pictures are of naturally thing women, no big deal. But if they are like that because they lost weight in an unhealthy way and you yourself are doing the same thing, then we have a problem.

    The thing women in general need to realize is our bodies are all different. Even if you do lose weight, you shouldn’t expect to look exactly like someone else. The important thing is to be a healthy size and love your body.

    Me, I’m on the thicker side, and while I am working on getting healthier (I’ve already lost 10lbs and am working to lose about 15-20 more) I don’t expect to become a size 2 and don’t want to. BUT I do see inspiration to get in shape from women of all sizes, including thinner ones.

    Once I get down to about a 6-7 I’ll be good. I want to be in better shape, but keep my curves. I love my hips & D cups too much to get too crazy with the weight loss.

  • Chantelle

    I think people are missing the mark a bit on this. It doesn’t have to be all one way or the other, and in fact, it isn’t- think of how many black celebrities you can name of all shapes and sizes.
    Studies have been done about the demographic break down for eating disorders; anorexia and bulimia are significantly lower among people of color than among white women by a large percentage- and honestly, it’s because people embrace the broader range of body types and are less rigid in their standards for beauty. It allows for people to be human, to be made in their own mold and still be seen as normal and acceptable and sexy and embodied. Don’t argue that away. That is valuable. That is a protecting factor that communities of color have from eating disorders. Seriously this is not the topic to take mainstream/white america’s view on, it has done them a disservice.

    The argument that you want people to be thin for their own health is just a veil for the argument that you have a problem with fat people being “condoned” by the black community- it is not your place to regulate someone else’s health choices, live your own life and be happy, and allow others to be happy without condemnation from people who “have their best interest at heart” then leave them to pick up pieces of self esteem. It’s okay to have health problems or make bad decisions, be honest, you have. But these blanket statements about overweight people versus skinny people, they’re not helpful, they’re just judgmental generalizations. People should be allowed to feel prideful about themselves and seek happiness at whatever stage or weight they happen to be at. Leave the lifestyle advice for the doctors and for those from whom it’s solicited.
    Most importantly: Your inspiration shouldn’t be a picture of SOMEONE ELSE…it needs to be a vision of yourself being able to be the ideal- it needs to be attainable and realistic. An ideal you cannot obtain that you push people to aim for is HARMFUL to their mental health. It is hardly the most effective or motivating thing in any case.
    Not to mention, not everyone who is slim eats better than their overweight counterparts- so it’s unfair to claim that a naturally thin person is somehow more healthy than a person who is overweight based on looks alone- the truth is you don’t know. You don’t know who these women are, just like you don’t know who the women are who are viewing the pictures- having a diversity of images and faces is important for people’s MENTAL health. It is not the one thin woman that is a problem, it is the pattern of only thin women being eligible to be beautiful, black or white, that becomes a problem. Because then anyone who is not thin is less valuable and beautiful and doesn’t deserve to feel proud of the person everyone is looking at when she walks down the street. We all have issues, be happy your biggest one isn’t something everyone can see. Have empathy. Have common sense. For every woman’s sake you meet.

  • Erica

    I really appreciate your comments Chantelle. I don’t think this should be fat v. thin, it’s a spectrum not one or the other. Also, having a realistic self-image and inspiration of how YOU or I want to be rather then a million pictures on our walls of other women we will never look like without unhealthy eating and dietary habits or plastic surgery is so smart and thoughtful. Your comments actually made my day, and reminded me to think about who I want to be and what works for me, something I often forget in the all or nothing, world of unattainable ideals that we seem to live in.

  • Deb

    I agree that eating in a healthy way isn’t terribly expensive but in some communities, especially poor communities – a grocery store with fresh produce/lean meat is non-existent. The best these communities can do is a corner store (loaded with junk) or fast food.

  • binks

    +1000 I already knew this post would explore with the usual comments on this subject….

  • QON


    Why are you offering black women false choices? There exist a wide spectrum between Sibede and Washington. Scarlett Johanson looks very young. Kerry Washington looks a lot older than her. Stop.with the scare tactics because that doesnt women. Chanel Iman is not any healthier or any more attractive than Beyounce.

  • purplekeychain

    +1. So sick of this BS on this board. Every person has a right to love themselves the way they are, its so laughable when fat women are TOLD that there is no possible way they can either love themselves or practice a healthy lifestyle, even when they are SAYING that they do. Because, you know, fat people couldnt possibly go to the gym, eat healthy foods, run marathons, do yoga, etc. /eyeroll. And how DARE a woman love herself if she is not at someone else’s arbitrarily chosen weight or dress size! SHAME! Just another example of how women’s own voices go unheard and someone else gets to dictate THEiR experiences back to them. ‘Its not possible!’ Folks on here re always saying. WTF ever. I don’t Eve an age in this convo on this site because its SO incredibly hateful, and I always end up losing respect for commenters who I generally think might be good and decent and forward thinking. Nope, disappointed every time! Good try, Chantelle, but save your breath about loving yourself when you come HERE. It falls on deaf ears.

  • Yeahright2011

    As long as black women are trying to get other black women healthy its not a bad thing per se. Now if I was overweight and some random chick decided to “check” me about it, she’d get dropped on her thin ass. Frank is cool, rude ain’t. So be careful ladies, you don’t want to get hurt trying to “help”.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    IMO she looks wonderful

  • jamesfrmphilly

    fruits, nuts, grains and vegetables……..

  • Nic

    +100 from a naturally thin person, yet my eating and exercise habits suck.

    *Your inspiration shouldn’t be a picture of SOMEONE ELSE…it needs to be a vision of yourself being able to be the ideal- it needs to be attainable and realistic.
    * It is not the one thin woman that is a problem, it is the pattern of only thin women being eligible to be beautiful, black or white, that becomes a problem. – Cherelle

    I’d never heard of thinspo before, but I cannot imagine for the life of me how it is “inspirational” to idealize women who you will never look like. Healthy comes is many different shapes and sizes. But if you’re trying to lose weight, a naturally thin person should not be your inspirations, because your body is just not meant to be like that (or else you would be like that). Why not see the variety of body shapes/sizes for inspiration (or better yet people who look like you and actually lost the weight)?

  • Nic

    Sorry, quoted from Chantelle not Cherelle

  • edub

    I LOVE her blog!

  • minna k.

    @ Deb. I grew up in one of those neighborhoods that you are referring to, and unfortunately my mother and i had to go farther away to get organic produce, and that is what we did, when she was pregnant with my little sister, and for her her baby food later. We lived in south queens and had to get produce in manhattan. There are 5 liquor stores within a block radius from where i live now. This must mean that i should patronize them daily, because it’s easy to get.

    These businesses that sell junk and cheap liquor in our neighborhoods don’t care about us. They are simply making money through a business model that had worked for several decades, and we have to put an end to their success. We have to care about the quality of our own lives as well as our health. JOin a co op if you can, share a CSA membership, farmer’s markets take EBT, there are ways.

  • Zaza

    The majority of women aren’t naive enough to think looking at blogs/magazines every and then with certain celebs/models for motivation means you’ll end up looking exactly like them!Think people are being patronizing.

    If I read about Oprah setting up a charity, someone graduating with the best degree in their year, scroll through a blog and admire hairstyles, someone with fly style, or see a photo of Kelly Rowland and think ‘pow! her abs!’,
    I am AWARE these will not be my exact experiences/my hair won’t look exactly the same, I will never look exactly like Kelly Rowland lol(nor do I want to!), it’s just some inspiration.

    I agree you ultimately should be your own benchmark, but there’s nothing wrong with looking outside of yourself, admiring others, and taking bits of inspiration, jeeze!

  • sinay

    it is a lot of work to go against your natural body/metabolism and be thinner that you are supposed to be.

    at 5’8″ and 162..I’m not heavyset..i would actually look quite frail at 140 or lower.
    i eat a vegan diet and work out class.aerobics..kickboxing..all of that and am a size 10..38/28/41

    I just have a bigger frame…hips/legs/butt..ever since I was young.
    in jr high I definitely went through the wanting to be thin phase and it brought on some unhealthy habits..i prefer to be healthy and not have to starve myself

    However, it is definitely true that some women use the the ‘thick’ excuse to not eat healthy or exercise…I see it all the time…and hate that I usually only see 1-2 other black women at my gym

    also…healthy food is actually cheaper and more filling…meat is hella expensive and so are those over processed foods..and they dont even fill you up…so you actually have to eat more to feel full

  • omoobanta

    I agreed with you until you brought up the big butt thing. it’s one thing to say being overweight is bad and is another to hate on people’s naturally body shape. I’m African and for some reason I’ve been a size 2 – 4 all my life and my behind is just naturally large, and looks even more exaggerated when I lose weight. That’s the way I am. I like it because it’s shapely and doesnt look like fat, it looks pretty toned actually if i say so myself. By saying someone ‘looks like a duck’ is just unnecessary. It’s a body shape like apple and pear and you need to leave it like this. Our people were taken to Europe back in the day and exhibited like zoo animals (Look up Sarah Baartman) because of our behinds and now here you are doing the same thing on an internet forum. I don’t appreciate it at all.

  • Jame

    Impossible to tell if someone is actually healthy by looking at them, but the thinspo pics I have seen look a lot more stark and scary. I.E. women with visible bones everywhere, which is not likely healthy. The women pictured don’t look like the victims of severe starvation like the other pics I have seen.

  • Wow!


    Apparently you have managed to escape the Matrix, Neo!
    Seriously, there is so much right about your comment. Something so very applicable to any “issues” black folks are on the national radar for. Well done.

  • Jame

    Great comment! Everyone always seems to want to put “sides” against each other.

  • Jame

    For reference. Here is a typical image on a “white” thinspo board:

    A lot different than the people above. This is what I wanted to compare and contrast. The women above are thin, but not scary thin.

  • Toni

    Can’t believe I agree with you Qon… Tallulah…get some help honey.

  • Toni

    (and neck rolling attitude) 0_o

    why are yawl answering this crazy woman?

  • omfg

    a jlo butt is too much?

    ass is beautiful as long as it accompanies a toned, fit body. and hers is.

    flat ass is not cool honey. it really isn’t. curve on the backside is a GOOD thing.

  • Yeahright2011


    “….most young black men still desire a woman with curves.”

    They might not give a damn what young black men like.

  • Ms. Information

    My best friend is slim 5’8′ 120ish, I am 5’8 in a 10/12 and we are both beautiful….she tells me and I tell her…after reading the hate from both sides, all I understand is that we weren’t all meant to be one the same, how boring and horrible and robotic would it be if we were all the same height, weight, proportion? God knew what he was doing…beauty comes in variety.

  • Chic Noir


    Every time there is a post on weight, you post this :)

  • omfg

    seriously, you can’t possibly be black.

    having a high round ass is quite characteristic of african descended people. i am about a size four and will never be rid of my ass, and that’s fine by me. even when i was a zero, my ass was still bigger in relation to the rest of my body.

    it’s almost as typical as slanted eyes for east asians and pale skin for whites.

    leave it alone. like i said, you are not black. no black person in their right mind would even think this.

  • Krysie

    **FYI: Actually, the correct term is anorexia nervosa if you are talking about a psychological disorder and fear of gaining weight in addition to being severely underweight. However the term “anorexia” by itself means loss of weight, and it does not necessarily have to do with a medical condition.

  • Krysie

    I am the same exact description of your best friend.

    I agree with your post. But unfortunately, a lot of people think that we have to fit a certain body type. In particular, the black and Hispanic communities favoring a more curvy a.k.a clinically obese look rather than the skinny look, specifically to please the men, which is sad. Clearly, these communities have to find validation from men to be deemed worthy which is sad.

  • au napptural

    Quotes from pretty black thinspo-

    “It’s simple: you decide once and for all that you aren’t going to eat and there are no further decision decisions to make.”

    “If I gain weight I starve myself. If I’ve lost weight I also starve myself.”

    “The Flat Stomach Is Nice, But A Concave One Is Perfect”

    These women are sick. People defending them with knowledge of what they are really about (You Madame Chic Noir) are also sick. I like a nice shape as much as the next person but these women has ISSUES. They are killing themselves from the inside and they will go more quickly than someone who is overweight, not that obesity is good. But still look at how young anorexics die. It isn’t worth it and it doesn’t take all that! Eat healthy and love your shape, your shape, not anyone else’s.

  • Bee

    Thank you! The women on here defending this culture are sick. They do violence to their bodies in the name of “beauty,” when they should be loving and cherishing their bodies and filling their bodies with healthy food. Sad.

  • lulu

    y’all i went to those thinspro sites and that is not inspiration. that is Anorexic Training. When your ribs show and bones sticking out.. that is scary- i hope these ladies dont get sick where they lose weight because they just might die because they have no weight to lose- they look like skeletor from he man

  • Ella

    “She is a model and she lives the sort of life I wish more of us could…”

    I’m just curious Chic Noir, how to you observe “the sort of life she lives” because all I see on her blog are posts of outfits. I don’t like the layout of her site, (having only two posts per page), so maybe I haven’t looked far back in posts; other than being a model, what type of life does she lead? (I hope my tone isn’t rude, I’m genuinely curious of your opinion).

  • Chic Noir

    No problem Ella. From what been posted, she is well traveled, a student, learning to speak another language (Russian), and not a BM.

    She’s a brown girl so for all those queens who think the world is not theirs to explore because they are darker than a paper bag, SnowBlk proves that brown girls can live life too. She did an interview with a BWI blogger some time ago if you want more info.

  • Chic Noir

    Ok Ella this is the link

    She did a sit down interview with someone too. I’m sure if you poke around, you can find that on youtube.

  • Ella

    Thanks so much for that link, very inspiring! I’ve been saving my pennies for the past five years, and I’ve wanted to travel to Costa Rica to gain fluency in Spanish, and I’ve heard every bit of “what you doing that for?”, “you think you white aye, why you need to speak Spanish?”, “you need to stay and help your family out” from black women trying to deter me from achieving my dream…the same black women who have unemployed black men in their houses who have yet to go out looking for jobs. I’ve always dreamed of being a polyglot and world traveller, and it’s about time I put myself first and shake off anyone else who isn’t about achieving their dreams and pursuing their talents. It’s interesting how a post about weight has revealed the deeper issues we have in our lives.

  • Chnyere

    I hope u all r aware that the women that were shown in this article r not sickly, the r naturally skinny. If u think they r sickly u have a serious issues…

  • Sasa


    There are some really worrying thinspo sites out there, make no mistake (especially with really young teenagers), but I have no issue with thin black women. Naomi Campbell and Iman are gorgeous! But I’m not sure I’m happy with the comments coming out that are so harsh about bigger women. Two way street, you know. We should aim to BODY POSITIVE.

    Personally, I don’t look at thinspo sites because I’m curvy, and I’ll always be curvy, so there’s no point me looking at those photos and aspiring to be what I’ll never be. I hope to tone and develop some muscle so look at fitspo sites – my inspirations are Serena Williams and Christine Ohuruogu (Black British 400m athlete), who are both curvy but clearly fit and gorgeous!

    I’ve learned to love my body for how it is in the process. And that, to me, is the most important thing.

  • modern lady

    Impressionable teens and young girls will not think that rationally when they see these skinny girls. They will start to believe, as most of their white counterparts do already, that thin (very thin) is normal and should be their own body type. The site is called “Thinspiration” Not “Hey, look at these thin girls.”

  • Chnyere

    umm, being pressured to be thin is the least of worries when it comes to black girls and beauty. plus a lot of black female might need this inspiration, seeing the # of black women that r overweight in the states. I am sure the thinness of these women will b over shadowed by the fact that they r black.

  • Mimi

    +1 I just wish that people could discuss this topic without having to hurl insults at each other and then try to disguise as being concern for the health of all Black American women and girls. If you want to act like a jerk, then just be a jerk.

  • modern lady

    I don’t disagree with you…our girls have so many other problems and it’s because of that they don’t need this garbage on top of everything else. You’re not getting what I’m saying-I think it would be JUST as unhealthy if there were websites out there that encouraged girls to be very overweight. It’s a slippery slope. I’ve seen these sites-they don’t give healthy eating tips, and ways to boost your metabolism-the whole point is to be thin at any cost.

  • jennifer stewart

    i think it’s like this if your in training like me exercise become’s a life style after a while sitting in front of your computer become’s boring and benal so all in all no if they were harmful it would say but seeing as obesity is the number one health concern in america i don’t wanna end up like a lot of black women grossly over weight un healthy and un able too wipe myself if you catch my drift bye see ya

  • jennifer stewart

    heads up i’m black and i like too be healthy i don’t how ever want too end up so obese i can’t leave my home i think black women cling too the deluded idea that all black men want a woman with some serious meat on there bones no not all black men want a woman who sit’s around and eat’s all day long that is not what they want in a woman in fact no man or woman should cling too cultural ideal’s too hide the fact that they can’t lose weight bye you can you choose too be lazy and slothful bye don’t blame some young girl or some young woman who worked hard too lose weight bye our society is obese genic we need too lose weight bye

  • Someone you dont know

    If you look you’ll notice that “black girl thinspo” is white girls call “fitspo”, the black girls thinspo promotes healthier ways of loosing weight whereas a lot of white girl thinspo puts up pages and pages of “proana” tips . . . I dont really see this on the black thinspo.

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