April 17 is “Equal Pay Day,” because an American woman would have to work from the first of the year until April 17 to match the earning of the average American man. This three-and-a-half months of additional labor represents the 77 cents that women earn per dollar that men earn.

The gender wage gap is not due to the sexes doing different types of work, working less, or obtaining less education, rather it exists across all sectors of employment, races, and levels of education — even female doctors are paid 68 cents for every dollar that male doctors earn, and female lawyers 78 cents for every dollar that male lawyers earn. This disparity has persisted in spite of the 1963 Equal Pay Act, with the gap between the incomes of men and women only narrowing one-half of a cent every year since it became law.

This disparity seriously adds up, especially negatively impacting single mothers and their families at a loss of over $430,000 over a lifetime and over $10,000 per year. To imagine the value of that number, the National Partnership of Women Families has calculated that the gender wage gap for a working woman in California is the equivalent of:

- 62 more weeks of food
- Four more months of mortgage and utility payments

- Seven more months of rent
- 25 more months of family health insurance premiums, or
- 1,914 additional gallons of gas

So yeah…the wage gaps represents a lot of money.

What can we do to solve what is clearly one of the most persistent issues facing American women? None of the answers in the past fifty years have been home runs, but the The Paycheck Fairness Act is hitting the House floor soon to enforce the Equal Pay Act more strongly. As always, activism is key, so show your support for this cause by searching for a local rally or gathering where you can lend your voice!

  • La, Ca Dreaming

    I’ve been affected by a pay gap in general by being in jobs where people who were horrible employees were paid more than me.

  • iQgraphics

    I really don’t know how the pay gap is affecting me. I work for the health insurance.
    This money pays rent and bills and what not, but my butter for this bread comes from my side hustle, in which I set the price.

  • μ

    Louis XIV of France once declared: “Under a king, a country is really ruled by a woman.” And so it is. French men and women actually like each other.A lot. Flirtation is a civic duty in France, not a menace. French women generally prefer men to be in the picture, not out of it.

  • niope

    It’s been pretty solidly established by now that the “gender pay gap” is a statistical illusion. In fact, when controlling for education level, years of experience, etc., women actually make, on average, a penny or two more than men.

    Anyone attempting to make this claim seriously in the last couple of years is link-baiting at best, and outright lying at worst.

  • http://www.nextstepfollies.com Patty Tanji

    Just to clarify. The Paycheck Fairness Act is not hitting the floor soon. The Paycheck Fairness Act (HR 1519/S 797) was introduced in the 112th Congress by lead sponsors Rep. Rosa DeLauro of Connecticut and Senator Barbara Mikulski of Maryland. The Paycheck Fairness Act has 177 cosponsors in the House and 34 in the Senate. There was a briefing on the Paycheck Fairness Act this afternoon with House sponsor Rep. Rosa DeLauro and the Fair Pay Coalition. The bill continues to add cosponsors but as of now, no hearings or votes are scheduled. You can call your Senator or Congress person and ask them to be a co-sponsor on this bill. Thanks for calling awareness to this important piece of legislation.

  • jenelle jones

    “women work from dusk to dawn
    and a women’s work is never done”.
    Women are wonderfull
    they make us what we are today.
    PAY US

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  • http://facebook.com/harada5238 masahiko harada

    my houm sibukawa-chi,gunma-ken,japan

  • Mori

    This is partially true.
    We need to notice the fact that women are phone to less demanding job. Like in a bank, more women are doing marketing, while more men are doing real banking.
    Basically, the women who do the same amount of job in the same position in the same company as man will get the same salary.

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