Friday night, Twitter erupted as Toure and Piers Morgan went all Ali vs. Frazier on each other on CNN.

Honestly I’ve never given CNN much thought–especially after they botched Michael Jackson’s death–and certainly NOT on a Friday night. But when the tweets started flying about Toure and Piers Morgan’s confrontation, I had to watch.

First, a little background: The two engaged in a little tweef, or “twitter beef” (blame the homie Gabrielle of The Nu Black for that one), Thursday evening and into Friday as Toure called Morgan out for not challenging Robert Zimmerman—brother of Trayvon Martin’s killer, George Zimmerman—for taking liberties with the facts.

During the interview, Robert Zimmerman claimed his brother was one punch away from being fed through a straw and shot the teen in order to save his own life. His story reeked of hyperbole and heresy, and although Morgan didn’t go Lawrence O’donnell on Zimmerman and totally eviscerate him, he did question his story.

But apparently, Toure wasn’t impressed. After Morgan’s interview, Toure tweeted that everyone at NBC was laughing at Morgan, and he reiterated that point the next day on-air.

Morgan took Toure’s comments as fighting words and it was on.

From the beginning of the interview Toure’s demeanor, facial expressions, and tone screamed “condescending.” You could see he was fixing to tell Morgan off and nobody was going tell him any different.

After calling Morgan out for not doing a good journalistic job and allowing Zimmerman to speak unchallenged, the two began trading jabs. In true British fashion, Morgan called Toure’s points “rubbish” and told Toure that he needed to learn how to be a real journalist—never mind Toure’s been in the game for over 20 years. And Toure blamed Morgan’s lightweight handling of Zimmerman and the case on his immigrant status, telling Morgan that he doesn’t “understand America.”

While the two flexed their own egos, complete with retweeting compliments from fans and Toure saying he “killed” Morgan on his own show, Trayvon Martin’s story was lost (and Toure agrees with me).

Despite the case still being open and thousands marching in the streets around the world, Friday night was all about Toure, Piers and trying to protect their reps.

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  • geek chik


  • “Let me explain to you what is at stake here!”
    -his tone is soooooooo demonic! i saw those little devils dancing

    -Understanding America has nothing to do with somebody’s immigrant status-IDJOT!

    I have NEVER liked Toure-shoot me!

  • kissa

    I have to agree with Toure on how some white media “Individuals” are handling this case…They just don’t get it and fail to understand…Did he come of as the “Angry Black Man”? Yes, but he is obviously touched by the event…I believe he could have toned down his anger but not what he said…

    • Pseudonym

      Did you see Morgan’s interview w/ Zimmerman? He challenged and shot down every single lie he told. He did a great interview, IMO. I don’t understand why this dude is trippin. Piers’s interview with Zimmerman did not shift anyone’s view toward his brother’s favor; he basically showed him for the fool that he was.

      Toure has a personal problem, it seems.

    • NuBN247

      @Pseudonym: The brother said that he was “not” acting as a neighborhood watch but was rather on his way to Target. That should have been breaking news and certainly challenged. Remember, the initial story was he only accosted Trayvon in his capacity as the “self-appointed” neighborhood watch captain. To know say that he was on his way to target, with a loaded and concealed weapon is a major change and a major news. Nor should Piers cite Joe Oliver as a source as it has been revealed that Mr. Oliver knew Zimmerman as a co-worker, not a “best” friend. Conventiently, Mr. Oliver refused to discuss the details of that employment. Oliver then said he himself “never” said he was a “best” friend that the news media gave him that title. Finally, he said that Zimmerman cried everyday, although he had not seen him, and that it was Zimmerman screaming, both obvious lies. Lastly, he first said that he was unemployed, but would not respond to the question of how could he then afford to travel around making media appearances! To me, that makes Mr. Oliver’s statements suspect at best and at their worst, lies!

  • Dalili

    I couldn’t sit through the whole interview. I wasn’t aware of their tweeter exchange, but I recall thinking it was going to be an emotionally charged discussion just by watching Toure’s facial expressions and body language.

    I must say I understood how the debate could have gone from 0-60 in 2 seconds. Early last week some friends and I were discussing the circumstances surrounding Trayvon’s death and things got heated so quickly (with the potential to get downright ugly) that I decided I wasn’t going to opine or discuss anything related to the case until April 11th.

  • hellifiknow

    REALLY TOURE? REALLY PIERS? Piers has proven his uselessness with Black American subjects via the Whitney Houston interview and Toure has proven his uselessness with Black America over his 20 years as a journalist…so they’re both just stroking their egos and holding their dicks.
    Hopefully Trayvon’s family will get the justice they deserve and not the rhetoric that is complicating the actual case that should take place….

    • golden_girl

      LMAO!!!!!!! Damn that is sooo true…20 years in journalism and he STILL an epic fail. This man is sooo full of himself. A man that truely is good for nothing.