According to TMZ, two African American men—Christopher Johnson and Nathaniel Claybrooks—will be filing suit against the creators of the TV dating shows The Bachelor and The Bachelorette citing racist casting practices.

After turning up at a casting for the show, Johnson and Claybrooks allege they were both taken aside and asked why they were there. The pair also claims they were left out of the normal auditioning process, and passed over simply because of their race.

The news of this lawsuit comes just weeks after many wondered if ABC was finally ready to cast its first black bachelor. Although there is no word on whether or not the show’s newest season will include a non-white lead, many began lobbying for Lamar Hurd, a Portland-based sportscaster, to be cast in the role.

TMZ reports Johnson and Claybrooks will be filing a class action lawsuit in federal court on Wednesday, and are apparently suing ABC, Next Entertainment, Warner Horizon Television, and the show’s creator Mike Fleiss.

What do you think of the lawsuit?

  • Samantha

    I’m torn. I do watch the show and it would be nice. But I don’t want it to turn into more stereotyping of black people or worse, another entity talking about how BW are undesirable. I lean toward saying let them keep the show lily white, if they don’t want us we don’t need to be up there.

  • Mo

    There will never be a black Bachelor. It would cause too much controversy that networks who are concerned about maintaining a ratings status quo would rather not address. The fact is either The Bachelor will have many white women to chose from and there will be an uproar from certain segments about that, or he will pick a black woman and for white audiences it will have become “The Black Bachelor” and a good portion of them will lose interest. Then the black populace watching will proceed to make all sorts of judgments about this bachelor based on the skin tone, hair texture/authentcity, body shape and speaking voice of the black females who are chosen.

    In the end the only solution will be to have the most diverse selection of women EVER and then pair him with some ethnically nondescript (but black leaning) woman so as not to “upset” anyone. Yet it won’t please anyone either and they will have the lowest ratings ever and they will vow never to diversify again because when blacks are featured, ratings suffer.

    I agree we should just let it be,this aint school desegregation we are talking about here. No black person’s quality of life is diminished because they never got a chance to be on a scripted, phony television show. Either make a show geared towards a black audience (if there is thought to be some demand) or better yet, think up some new, unique quality show and put blacks in it.

  • Val

    I was going to comment but my comment would have been redundant since you said everything I was thinking.

  • tisme

    Isn’t ABC a public men and black women don’t watch ABC?Why would ABC feel that they don’t need to have shows that show people like the people who watch their channel regularly?

    How is expecting to see black Americans on American tv a false sense of entitlement?

    Some of y’all really need to get over black men and their desire for white women.
    If that’s what they want that’s their business.It doesn’t make me look less desirable or anything else.It just mean black dude wanted a white girl.So what.


    This would only go on to prove that MOST white women are curious and would show their true feelings on network television. Look around people ,,,all you see is MIXED couples,,I think the MALE tv execs are the ones afraid of their women picking or being chosen ,, by a brown man. Its 2012,,, have you seen OUR president ….its time to move on.

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