We’ve all heard that women can be catty, jealous, and petty, but when Daily Mail writer Samantha Brick claimed there was a downside to being so pretty, many accused her of playing right into these divisive stereotypes she claimed to rally against.

On Monday, Brick penned a humble little article called, “There are downsides to looking this pretty’: Why women hate me for being beautiful,” in which she describes bartenders giving her free drinks, a note from an admiring airline captain, and bouquet of flowers from a stranger in an outdoor market. Seems like a charmed life, right? But according to Brick, prettiness has a price: hate from her female peers.

After a neighbor didn’t to speak to her while she was out for a walk, Brick says she wondered why women seemed to hate her so much.

She writes:

While I’m no Elle Macpherson, I’m tall, slim, blonde and, so I’m often told, a good-looking woman. I know how lucky I am. But there are downsides to being pretty — the main one being that other women hate me for no other reason than my lovely looks.

If you’re a woman reading this, I’d hazard that you’ve already formed your own opinion about me — and it won’t be very flattering. For while many doors have been opened (literally) as a result of my looks, just as many have been metaphorically slammed in my face — and usually by my own sex.

Brick is right. I did form my opinion of her rather quickly, but it wasn’t based on her looks. The title of her article, her smug tone, and, ok, her picture made me wonder if she was suffering from an inflated sense of self-confidence or if she was just a master marketer looking to bolster her name

While I understand that women are often suspicious, and yes, jealous of other women, many times it has to do with the person’s attitude and not just her looks.

Brick’s post has been criticized (and that’s putting it nicely) on both sides of the Pond. Will Heaven of The Telegraph called her a “shameless publicity-seeker,” while  the Inquisitor called her the “humblebragging world champion.”

Her article caused the ‘net to erupt with conversations about whether or not Brick was actually attractive (according to the voters of BeautifulPeople.com she isn’t), or if she had a point at all. And while she claims it wasn’t a PR stunt, many people who had NO idea who Samantha Brick was before this week, now know her name.

But is that a good thing?

Brick says the reaction to her article proves her point. Those critical of her article (which includes several men) just hate her because she’s so damn pretty.

“Over the past 48 hours I’ve had thousands of emails to my personal account, not to mention all the rubbish on Twitter,” she said on ITV’s This Morning in the UK.

“And women have fallen into two camps. They’ve either gone: ‘You’re off your head, you’re a nutter, what are you on about, you’re really arrogant’, or they’ve said to me ‘You’ve reiterated the story of my life, thank you, It’s really difficult when you are perceived as being attractive, other women do not like it’.”

What do you think? Does Brick have a point or are her claims ‘rubbish’? Speak on it! 

  • http://itsoftenbeensaid.wordpress.com Sasha

    How funny is it that I literally just read about this woman and her article on MSNBC like 5 minutes ago. I think she has a point but it doesn’t apply to her. She looks like premasticated dogsh*t.

  • http://commentarybyvalentina.wordpress.com/ Val

    The thing is, she’s not that pretty. Lol I keep waiting for someone in an interview to tell her that she’s delusional.

  • Dalili

    A friend told about me about Samantha Brick yesterday, my response was we should let Samantha get through her life the best way she knows how. All I can say is beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder because looking at her I don’t see or it get hoopla.

  • http://www.myblackfriendsays.com myblackfriendsays


    Why do women ever talk about how beautiful they are? I’ll never understand it.

  • Ms. Information

    She’s average at best…and women hate you because you are blond? White n***a please….I see those brown roots.

  • Dalili

    Edit: **or get the hoopla**

  • CurlySue

    Well, 1) I don’t find her exceptionally attractive. Rather average. But I’m American so perhaps she’s considered very beautiful by English beauty standards? I don’t know. And 2) People don’t hate beautiful people. If anything, if you also happen to be charismatic and interesting, people will only love you MORE for being beautiful. In my experience, people only truly hate beautiful women when they’re c*nts. and sometimes not even then.

  • twee

    Women probably get angry if these things happen in front of them because she’s not that pretty to fall over. So it makes it seem as if they’re dogs in comparison.

  • kidole

    It’s been proven that people aren’t too fond of unattractive people so maybe that’s her problem or maybe they dislike her being confident in spite of her unattractiveness. That’s all I could come up with!

  • Isis

    Shes pretty by white ppls standards. Tall, blonde and thin is the epitome of beauty in their culture. I would rather have really pretty women problems than ugly women problems

  • soulfullyreal

    But seriously, that pic is hilarious, she had to have taken better to get her point across, smh. Look like she been chewin on bricks and can still taste it…

  • CurlySue

    I might go one step further and says she’s pretty by white, English people’s standards. In America, we do have a higher appreciation for ethnic or exotic features. For example, Kim Kardashian, Megan Fox, Zoe Saldana, Sophia Vergara, etc. We have a much more diverse population here so what we consider “beautiful” ranges a bit more widely.

  • Shirl

    Maybe they have special mirrors on her planet.

  • CurlySue

    Lol, right? I’d like to know what she’s smoking and can I have some.

  • Dalili

    LMBO! Oh goodness!

  • Sherri Coleman

    If she were really pretty. I would not have a problem admitting that she is. However, she looks like her last name (Brick). Not even half attractive to me. I mean seriously…….

  • Guest

    “White n***a please….I see those brown roots.”
    LOL, she must be high. BTW all her articles basically say how she is proud to push back women’s progress. she had one on how she is proud of her (fat) husband for wanting to divorce her if she gained a few pounds

  • QCastle

    It looks like she has only one boob.

  • Naffy

    She said from the beginning, she’s no Elle McPherson, so I don’t get why folk are going in on her looks. All she said is that people have told her she’s attractive and that she has gotten benefits from it. In all seriousness, she’s not breathtaking, but is she cute enough to get free gifts from men, etc? I would wager to say yes. I’ve seen men bend over backwards for women a lot less attractive than her. And so it is possible that she has experienced jealousy at the hands of of other women. That is possible. If that’s her experience, then so be it. She just missed the memo that no one wants to hear about pretty people problems lol. That’s basically what it comes down to.

  • Mr. Man

    Meh she’s average, but to each their own.

    She does have a strong point though, whether we think she’s pretty or not.
    Being married to a very attractive and intelligent women I constantly see this myself. I figure these women must be insecure. Working in a corporate enviornment I’ve also seen pretty women hate on physically fit women (office gym) for no apparent reason; hate on classy/ well dressed women for no reason and so on. Its just the trait of insecurity, the more jacked up chic is the worst she acts…

  • Robbie

    I rather deal with pretty girls issues than ugly girls issue. Don’ find her pretty but white British’s beauty standards are different than French beauty’s standards. She does have a point pretty girls get a lot of attentions, free stuff and are often hated by average or non-pretty women. That is life. Let’s keep it real! We know that it pays off to be a pretty girl than an ugly one even when it comes to getting a job. You are judged by your looks.

  • No

    I read the article she wrote. I think women don’t like her because she seems quite vocal about how gorgeous she thinks she is–being vain is a turn off.

    We all have that friend who thinks every. single. guy. wants them whether they are really good looking or not.

    If she thinks she is beautiful that is all that matters but she should keep these things to herself because she is only opening herself up to harsh opinions. As many have stated here and on the original site–she is not that cute.

    Also, I can’t take any woman with obviously dyed blonde hair seriously when they list their hair as an attribute. Nobody is jealous of what you buy at the salon. It’s like bragging about your weave–does it look great? Sure. Are we jealous of something you bought? No, not by a long shot.

  • http://pervertedalchemist.blogspot.com/ Perverted Alchemist

    Samantha Brick looks like a deranged Julianne Moore, LMAO!!!

  • Shirl

    The lady sitting next to her during the interview is a psychiatrist…

  • Nina

    Samantha is not cute – and there is a lot of female on female hate in general and I think looks do have a lot to do with it. I know beautiful women that WILL NOT be invited to parties because they are prettier than the hostess or garner more male attention. I know women that will slam you with back-handed compliments such as “you’re so pretty, you’d be a hottie if you lost a few pounds”. WTF!?!? In fact let me break down the problem for you…

    Ugly = Lonely, Cats, and possible Cocoa Loco Boyfriend from POF
    Average = Lots of girlfriends, happy hours, and boyfriend that loves you way more than you love him, have to scrap for that promotion
    Hot = Every Tom, Dick and Harry tryna throw it in ya – black white indian spanish purple people eater, you’ve got no time for girl talk youre dating, shopping for the next rendevous, and drinking way too many free drinks at the lounge and eating way too many free dinners with your cuddy buddy, better chance at getting promotions at work (proven), getting into way more clubs…shall I go on?

    All in all its about Money and Men. And if you are prettier youre gonna get more of both.

  • Bosslady

    Well, I’m not white… But I’m British and I can tell you SHE AIN’T PRETTY!!! She is very average looking…None of my white male co-workers would find her attractive…Delusional much?! LMAO

  • binks

    I tend to roll my eyes on people say “people hate me for no reason…” because Hate is a pretty strong feeling and takes a lot of energy so if you hate someone else there is a reason. Can other women be jealous of her; sure jealous/envy is normal (within reason). People can be jealous of someone for one reason or the next; it isn’t specifically due to looks. Secondly the events she used doesn’t proved anything, maybe those guys just thought she was hot and wanted to date her specifically, if she can list more reasons than those I might see her point but I’ am not really seeing this grander of evidence for her argument. Yes people are jealous of pretty people, but people are also jealous of smart people, rich people, powerful people, outgoing people, etc. Like mention she isn’t particularly attractive and her attitude comes off as snobby which is why people don’t like her. Hell, I seen some flat out beautiful people with great personalities do they get their fair share of “hate” sure but no more than anyone else…shrugs

  • HowApropos…

    It’s obvious that she’s had her head gassed up for so many years by thirsty men.

    I don’t see anything to be threatened about.

  • http://afrikanmami.blogspot.com African Mami

    If she is good looking, I’m a certified dime plus ninety nine cents and one cent to make a dollar, straight up goddess!!! WOOT WOOT

    To quote what an Austrian novelist said about people of her class:
    “We are so vain that we even care for the opinion of those we don’t care for.”

  • HoneyDew

    This is proof positive that what you think of yourself matters, cause this lady is not cute… at all!!!!!!

  • Ocean Blue

    I don’t hate or dislike other women if they are pretty. Never have, never will. Now, what I do dislike about women (and men) who are considered attractive and have had many people tell them so, is that they become lazy in who they are really.

  • http://www.chicnoirhouse.blogspot.com Chic Noir

    I think she has a point but I don’t really think she’s all that good looking. Just a bit above average to be honest. This article would’ve been beter written by Mélissa Theuriau or Oxana Fedorova. Now I’m sure both of those ladies would have real tales of horror at the hands of other women.

  • http://www.chicnoirhouse.blogspot.com Chic Noir

    Because a woman’s value comes largely from her looks as far as most men are concerned.

    *kayne shrug*

  • http://www.chicnoirhouse.blogspot.com Chic Noir

    Look like she been chewin on bricks and can still taste it…

    Did you really have to make jokes about her teeth? The chick is British for God’s sake.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    um, she is not very pretty…….

  • angelface

    It’s funny…in the interview the other women raise very interesting points…but she almost just shrugs them off as proof to her thesis lol.

  • kenzy

    the psychologist is prettier than her

  • The Taker

    *Chokes from laughing* Did I actually hear her say women hate on her because she’s so beautiful. *Laughs some more* *In my stewie voice* “She looks like a foot”.

    I can see her point, though. For some women that may be true, but If I see an actual beautiful woman (she’s to me, the exact opposite), I’m more likely to admire her beauty than hate her for it.

  • chinaza

    Women are definitely insecure around women who are generally described as “beautiful”. It’s not arrogance if you’ve been told your entire life by men and other women too that you’re “beautiful” or “pretty” because we have no control over other persons opinions or statements.
    All women are not threatened by a surface but many do see you as their competition and can be unfriendly or downright hostile because of that but very often, you don’t even see yourself that way. In fact, when you think that people only value your looks, you can doubt their sincerity and wonder what happens when the looks fade with age or illness.

  • Elle Michelle

    LMAO! I agree with you tho.

  • apple

    obviously she doesn’t own a mirror.

  • Elle Michelle

    @Ms. Information: LOL! I almost cried laughing at your comment. I’m about to have a six-pack from by abs contracting.

  • CHE

    She has English face…….not that there arent attractive English people.

  • Miss September

    I personally don’t think she is attractive but I think she does have a point.
    Some women are threatened by other beautiful women. That speaks to their
    Insecurities because they fear competition. I also say that most people are not
    Going to look at you and automatically not like you. It could possibly be a aura that
    She gives off that says entitlement or nasty attitude.
    A lot of women try to use the because I’m pretty defense to mask that people don’t
    Like for them for their personality or attitude. I know women that think that they don’t have
    Any girlfriends due to the fact that every single female that meet is jealous of them.
    That to me is delusional; the reality is people don’t like you because you are a BITCH!!!!

  • Lady T

    She must hang out with black men………

  • Shirl

    @ Perverted Alchemist: You made me choke on my coffee..a deranged Julianne Moore Bwahaahaahaahaaaaaaa.

  • Um…

    Really??? Well, I guess if being Blonde and blue-eyed defines pretty, then I guess she is. But I have seen beautiful women walking around in real life who don’t think they are beautiful at all, but they stop traffic and don’t even know it. I am not jealous of any woman because in reality, there is always going to be someone prettier, smarter, richer, etc. But no one can be “You” like you can and being comfortable in your individuality makes a person beautiful. As people have said earlier, looks can fade, so you’d better have something else to make you interesting to people. It’s great that she has a high opinion of herself, but her personality may be a turn-off to people, not her looks.

  • chanela

    exactly! there is a running inside joke with me and my boyfriend when we watch movies or tv shows and they usually have a busted looking love interest that everybody in the movie is calling “the hottest chick ever” and they are 99% of the time blonde. Its true though! i’ve noticed that no matter how ugly the chick is, as long as shes white and blonde then she is considered beautiful and everybody is supposed to fall head over heels for her.its the most annoying thing about movies. they’re trying soo hard to convince us that the woman is the most beautiful woman in the world simply cause she is blonde.

    i don’t blame this chick for having such a big head. if every single movie,tv show,magazine had nothing with blonde haired white women as beautiful i’d feel like i was the shit too! its no different than people praising biracial girls for having “good hair” and “light skin” as soon as they come out the womb,but then once they grow older and feel superior to full blooded black people then folks are surprised. why are you surprised when you repeat that the child had “good hair” but not telling a full black girl that?

  • chanela

    I’ll be the first to admit it.. HELL YEAH IM THREATENED BY BEAUTIFUL WOMEN! it hurts when i see a woman that is absolute perfection (in my eyes) i hate her so much because i wasn’t blessed looking like her. then i start to hate myself for not ever in a million years be able to look like her.then i think of how wonderful my life would be if i got the chance to look like her for a week.

    then i think about how much unwanted attention miss perfect must get, then i say “nevermind” lol

  • CHE


  • CHE

    Theyre alright at best.

  • NY’s Finest

    Now that’s funny!!

  • http://juniysa.blogspot.com Juniysa Serens

    Oh,I just want to hug her.

    Dear beautiful women of the world,
    I, the average and ugly looking girl do not hate you. Yes, I do envy you. I am jealous when a man buys you a free drink. I am hurt when you are offered a promotion even though I well deserve it.

    But I do not hate you because you’re beautiful.

    Rather, I pity you and keep my distance because you THINK I hate you.

    You see, from the viewpoint of the plain jane, I see you loftily sipping away your martini while giggling falsely at nothing. I watch as you strike down men who approach one by one to engage in conversation. I observe you changing 180 degrees when an attractive fellow is in your radar, even if he has a rather plain-jane girlfriend.

    I keep wondering is the woman real or fake? Is she genuinely nice or only putting on a show? Does she solely rely on her looks to get the things she wants or does she develop other skills to compliment who appearance?

    I wouldn’t mind striking up a conversation with you, beautiful woman. Where did you get your hair done? Who is your stylist? How much did it cost? What kind of jewelry do you wear? Where do you shop? What’s your fashion philosophy? Your clothes fit you so well- do you shop online or at a retail store? What’s your worst and best shopping experience? What kind of makeup do you use, who do you follow in terms of makeup art? Your shoes- where did you get them? What is your style? Your overall fashion sense? Do you do any special skin care regimens to keep your skin looking so flawless and ageless?

    However, your nasty expression as your eyes wash over my rather drab appearance keeps me away. In trying not to judge you, I have been judged. In hoping that you’ll be my fairy godmother, I have become your wicked witch of the west.

    In essence, I have become the woman who hates you for being beautiful when simply I want someone who can teach me how to be beautiful.

    The next time you see me, beautiful woman, pretty girl, foxy lady, keep this in mind: I, the average, ugly-looking girl will never hate you. It is simply not in my personality to ever place such wrath on a woman I do not know. Instead, I watch with envy, with jealousy, with desire of hoping one day to become as graceful, as charming, as lovely as you appear to be- while holding steadfast to my unique personality.

    Here’s to you, beautiful women and the privilege you have in this looks-obsessed world. May I hope when you get to an age where your looks can’t get you by any longer, you have enough wit and charm to get the things you want.

    The average and ugly looking girl who you think hates you, but really doesn’t.

  • OMSS

    YES!!! ITA!

    It has been proven that if you fit the ‘beauty ideal’ bill (comes in different flavours of course) doors are more likely to fly open for you, even before you are anywhere near them… It is sad, but the truth in too many cases…

  • la_chuletita

    What I tend to notice about people that think they have a whole army of “haters” on them is that they’re usually conceited. The author of the article is convinced that she is so beautiful that other women are jealous and hate her. But really other people can tell when you’re full of yourself, and having a huge ego is not an attractive quality in anyone.
    And of course there are plenty of petty people, but just assuming that someone dislikes you because of how pretty (you think) you are is incredibly conceited.

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