Video model and stripper Vanity Wonder is opening up about the underground world of butt injections and her own operation in her new book, Shot Girls. Wonder is 4’11″ with measurements of 32-23-43 and is ready to break her silence about how she got her enormously large behind.

In the video below, she talks about why she chose to get the injections and that her book gives a voice to the many girls who have gotten them. She remarks that some do it for all the wrong reasons and may be seeking attention. Wonder feels that the public shouldn’t come down so hard on a woman for her decision to go through with the risky procedure.


Silicon injections used to increase the size of the butt are not legal to administer, since silicon injections are not safe nor FDA approved. Despite this fact, these injections are in huge demand. Some of these “procedures” have caused deaths and are done in hotel rooms by makeshift doctors.

You can preview a chapter from the book here.

  • anonymous

    so gross. i’d never want a huge butt or huge boobs, let alone fake ones.

  • Leo the Yardie Chick

    O_O Um….

  • anon

    why not do a Brazilian Butt Lift fat transfer???? Legal, better results, and SAFE. smh

  • JessicaMercedes

    It’s one thing to get butt shots, but to make your butt look like 2 basketballs is too much. I don’t have a problem with butt shots or boob jobs as long as their done safely, but this is going overboard.

  • JessicaMercedes

    OMG. I just read the chapter of her book. She describes being injected with an unknown liquid and having her wounds closed with super glue. this is craziness.

  • SeeJay

    I can’t wait to read it I’m sure it’s going to be on the NYT bestseller list. Some great piece of literature, I’m sure America is holding its breath just waiting for it……..WOW

  • msbklynqn

    Ok this is sad. She can’t articulate what she wants to say very well. The interviewer obviously doesn’t know how to conduct and interview. This whole production is half..a$$. I don’t get it. I hope this is a poor represention of the next generation.

  • sweetheartswan

    This interview is pretty bad i can’t even watch the whole thing. Why isn’t her focus the safety of these “Shots” and why is she getting mad about getting attention? She is a video vixen so she is paid for attention. This chick is off. I wanna hear about her and her health with these shots, what do they do to her body?! so many questions. smh

  • Ocean Blue

    Ewww, that butt looks gross.

  • misslondon

    Her skin looks lighter too.

    This interview was poor. I’m sure her ability to articulate herself will be reflected in her book. I’ll pass.

  • African Mami

    Is she the spokesperson for booty shots with that pose she got on during the interview?! Coz I’m buying it. #I’mjustsayin.

  • NinaG

    Have y’all seen Gun Hill Road? apparently “getting pumped” is a big thing among transgirls as well.

  • Dee

    I knew there was something up. Even chicks in the streets that you’ve known for a long time and out of nowhere got a huge behind

  • Crystal Fowler

    I dont understand…I just dont understand. Everytime I see this crap I think of the TLC song…UNPRETTY! Love what GOD created! THINK about what your doing to fit in, be or to be accepted and what attention your trying to attract! Why is your physical assests the only thing we women believe we have to offer the world? ..:(

  • Kacey

    Booty shots aren’t the only cosmetic enhancements she’s been getting…looks like she’s made an equally unhealthy investment in bleach cream also. smh

  • Pampam

    These women are going to end up with cancer!

  • LaNeshe

    Did she say “butt shots are a modern day witch hunt”????

  • Angel Licorish

    The interviewer is the worst. Who says “uuuummmm” in an interview and looks at the camera when she asks a question?

  • Pseudonym

    hahaha!!!! I was going to post the exact same thing!

  • i dont get it

    first off…is the amount of money that ‘video vixens’ make worth the health risk???

    Also, these must be some tiny framed women for their butts to look like that…mine is 43 inches as well…but the top is 36-26…..i must be the fact that their thighs are so small that makes the butts look so unnatural. I hated the attention that my butt used to bring which is why I started running regularly to shrink it…I still dont like the unwanted attention.

    anywho….I dont like this interview…are you supposed to look in the camera when asking the questions?? It is too staged…not natural at all..just like the butt.

  • Infamous T Ronise (@tronise)

    Is she trying to equate getting butt injections to having weave or fake lashes? Girl stop. And why the hell is she sitting like that? This is awful.

  • minna k.

    I don’t get the aesthetic, and i can’t be the only one.

    I wonder. What are the long term effects?

  • Unknown

    The background music annoys the heck outta me… Now let me go back and only read the article about disgusting back enhancement

  • Simone L

    She looks terrible. Her legs are much smaller than her butt, just gross.

  • binks

    Ew…why? She looked better before i never got the fascination with overly big butts. The best butt is one that fits your overall frame imo

  • Dalili

    LOL, yes she did….and more than once!

  • Fox

    Hopefully they don’t have health problems later, but injecting anything like that is risky. The body doesn’t know what to do with this substance. Bad idea. Work with what God gave you. Sad.

  • HoneyDew

    I didn’t even listen to the entire interview, the background (if you can call it that) music is distracting!!! I hate it when people do that, turn the music down of off when conducting an interview!!!!!!!

  • C.Sheri

    Agreed. I couldn’t listen due to the music in the background. Interview 101 should be about the INTERVIEW not the music. hahaha. When do you ever hear Oprah or Barbara Walters interviewing someone with music playing in the background?? Anyway, I can’t figure out what she’s advocating. She herself was enhanced due for more attention, money whatever… so what exactly is the book about?

  • LuvIt289


  • J

    Maybe she can’t sit straight on her behind. I can just imagine the kinds of changes she’s gone through with that silicone mess. Long term affects are still unknown but liquid silicone injected straight into your behind cannot be good. “Unpretty” for real…

  • Cecily

    I just want to say, that while I am not going to put down another woman for her personal decisions about her body, it is not true that women getting body enhancements has nothing to do with me. When other women go to extreme measures to subscribe to certain beauty standards, it has a very real impact on what society views as normal and necessary. If fake butts, fake breasts, fake hair, fake teeth, fake nails (etc) become the norm in our society, then any woman who has not had any artificial ‘enhancements’ begins to be seen as imperfect, incomplete, abnormal, and, consequently, ugly; and, sadly, those women begin to view themselves that way as well.

    The more women who allow their bodies to be commodified, the more pressure is put on other women to do the same.

  • dantresomi

    it’s interesting to see how competitive that world is. I am totally in the dark about video vixens and such, but its interesting to learn about what goes on.

    I hope that in the book she gets into how photoshop and other computer programs are used to lighten the skin. However, “butt shots” are that controversial.

    she failed on that iceberg analogy.

  • Demi

    I agree. She looks much better before.

  • Reason

    Yeah, my wife went through that. She felt that pressure. But see, when other women were getting fake breasts, she was going vegan. When they where getting facelifts, she was jogging, etc. Now that she’s 38 and looks like she’s 26 and her 38-year-ols peers looks like something out of a horror movie with their bad skin, bald heads, and twisted faces (not to mention how I get to constantly tell her how good she looks), she’s over it now. And that money she didn’t spend on all that fake? Well…

  • jamesfrmphilly

    this is a form of mental illness…….

  • Ms. Information

    The saddest part about this is the comments after the chapter of the book from black women saying that they can’t wait to read this book about booty injections…after all the work that our ancestors did, after all we have been through, this is what you can’t wait to read?

  • twee


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  • Candy 1

    Is it really worth it?

    Also, I’ve been seeing every other girl with a balloon-booty. Now, unaltered women like myself seem like they have little, flat butts, even if that isn’t the case, but since an increasing amount of women are getting shots, the regular, round butt is no longer anything to talk about.

  • edub

    Yes it is.

  • Bee

    There’s nothing wrong with a big butt, as long as it’s natural. She just looks gross. What is wrong with women these days, mutilating their bodies in such horrible ways just to please men? Smh. This interview didn’t really provide any revelations to me. She has problems.

  • daphne debauchee

    Does it still have touch sensation? Does that thang move in concert with the rest of her body? Mercy!

  • Bee

    Forgot to add:

    They all want to look like porn stars. This mess was a porn star trend at first, and now since so many men seem to have porn star fantasies and since some women watch porn as much as men, some women are trying to live up to those porn star looks by: boob implants, but implants, vaginal rejuvenation (apparently makes the vajajay tighter and closer to how it was before one began having sex), all sorts of mad vulva/vaginal waxes that doctors repeatedly tell us are totally bad for our skin down there, and not to mention engaging in all sorts of overly risky sexual behaviors in order to please men. Sad. I feel sorry for the women who feel this way about themselves (life is hard enough, but to hate oneself as well, it must be unbearable), and I feel sorry for the men who have to pick from such a group of women. Black folks and women, can we please get back to the gods within us and learn to love ourselves! As someone else noted, this definitely makes me think of TLC’s “Unpretty.” This should be considered a mental illness, not that that would make a damn bit of difference.

  • Blue

    Ahhh whatever. There are plenty of things to read that uplift black people. If you care so much why don’t YOU go read them & stop being so judgmental. We all can’t live in a box when it comes to social awareness.

  • Mo

    I really wish these women would think how they are going to look when they are 40- 50+. When you get things nipped, tucked or added the body starts to change how fat is distributed in the body.

    - This will be even less cute when she is a grandma.

  • Ms. Information

    @ Blue…and it is people like you who perpetuate the stereotype…Niggas and Black people are two separate beings…I wish people understood this. And Blue, I have read them and will continue to so I can school ignant negroes like yourself. It’s not being judgemental, it’s realizing that we can do so much better than we are doing.

  • FLG17

    The saddest part about this woman is that she is going through all this work to look like your typical video vixen, Kim K, Vivica Fox, Coco, industry look a like. I actually thought she looked a lot like Vivica in the interview! Why go through all this work to look like every other chick in the club – looong wavy weave, big (obviously fake) lashes, rotund ass, boobs out…that’s a lot of work to be a copycat. She was a cute, naturally pretty person in the before picture. Having a big ass is not the ticket to anything respectable…

    She is sitting like that because there is no natural way for her legs to rest with that big high ass. How does she relax on her back with all that? Where does she buy jeans? I don’t think apple bottom has anything on that. It looks HARD. Are men really into hard-as-a-rock asses? Most women have switched their implants from silicone to saline because silicone has the tendencies to lump up and get really hard. I’d rather work with what I have (no where near the size of her butt) – a least it’s soft.

    I don’t wish negativity on anyone, but her ass is a huge liability waiting to happen. In 20 or 30 years, no one knows what kind of lumpy, disfigured butt she will be left with. I’d hate to be her caregiver when she really gets old. Yuck.

  • FLG17

    One more thing – some women are really making things confusing for men, especially young men. Women like this are presenting such a fake and completely unnatural image of what a woman really looks like. I’ve never tried to be a certain way or fit a certain image to cater to what men want/like – I’m just me, but If this is what men are looking for and if this is what counts as any kind of standard of beauty…I just can’t.

  • Jacqueline

    She is so inarticulate, and comes across as an idiot.

  • Lynn

    OK….girl….let me educate you. Not only do you ALSO have the fake hair, fake lashes, makeup, and push up bra but YOU have gone to an extreme that some women won’t do. You have INJECTED yourself INTERNALLY to enhance something in a FAKE manner also. My thing is clearly you got your ass bigger cause you want people to NOTICE IT. So don’t be mad if they comment on it. I think some people take it personal because the women who are ACTUALLY OUT HERE DOING SOMETHING to make their bodies look nice through exercise, eating right, etc….feel slighted when a trick like you come around that took the easy way out and have a ridiculously unreal ass which YOU KNOW niggas are gonna look at. Way to rain on everyone else’s parade. Ugh. She is for real sitting here talking about her butt shots like this is a serious topic. Low self esteem hoes.

  • Tiara P

    I mean would people be saying all of this if Nicki Minaj was the one being interviewed… Who really gives a fuck like she said it has nothing to do with none of yall I have 0 injections & a small booty but who cares some men like big asses some like small ones as long as your confident in your body then fuck what shes talking about she out there making her money instead of sitting behind the computer like some hatin ass hoes why dont yall go get yall some money then be interviewed by oprah or barbara walters & then tell us how u really feel lmaooo

  • Jennifer

    Ok that’s fuckin od big. People acted the same way when breast implants 1st came out why is everyone trippin?? Before you know it it’s not even going to phase us or even be a topic. I’ve seen pictures with women who got their butts injected lifted ect and it looks really beautiful fake or real when you have that shape and bubble it looks good. But that is just too much it looks stupid, very stupid.
    My point being its ok to make yourself feel better and boost your confidents it’s hard being a woman. but ladies it makes me sad to say just cause you give yourself a nice shape back there, shouldn’t be a reason or excuse for your clothes to come off! We are more powerful and capable then we give ourselves credit for. Why not strive to become a CEO of a major company? (without taking your clothes off!) the women who faught for us to have our rights are probable rolling in their graves. White, black, chinesee ect; it don’t matter do what makes you feel good, to each his own but Be wize and know where you stands You don’t need a man to make you feel good about yourself because if your hard working and successful in your career and keep yourself healthy and beautiful. Then you’ll never have to worry about a man! You’ll be the one that picks up and leaves of that w (and hell be chasing ss or small ass)

  • MS

    i know what you mean, but honestly natural round butts are much better looking than fake ones, in my opinion. look at kim kardashian and nicki minaj there butts are big, but from the back they look very matronly, not sexy or feminine at all. and the ones with the crazy basketball butts. that is just strange to me.

  • Freckles

    I’m so mad at her edges. Well, lack there of I should say. Girl, leave them wigs alone!! You bald as shit in the front. Damn.

  • Freckles

    lmao@ the arrogance of this man faced trollop here! “The fact that I decided to do it for me doesnt mean YOU get to comment on it”…….lmao! This slut is 100% delusional!! YES IT DOES!! Listen bitch, just because you did whatever you did to “enhance” yourself doesnt mean you also purchased a censor package for the rest of the world. Who in the fuck this broad thinks she is?

    1.When you’re out in PUBLIC you LOSE what is called “automatically right to expected privacy”. This means people CAN and WILL comment on anything from your ass to yo egdes to yo shoes.

    2.You did this to begin with knowing in advance is WOULD DRAW ATTENTION!!

    U dont get to censor and pick and choose what people think or SAY! “You” dont. U little control freak you! U are 100% powerless over what we do and I can guarantee you that now that people know U think U can censor people and control them cause you’re “offended” people will only amplify their comments.

    Total twit…..


  • Freckles

    lmao@ the arrogance of this man faced trollop here! “The fact that I decided to do it for me doesnt mean YOU get to comment on it”…….lmao! This chick is 100% delusional!! YES IT DOES!! Listen woman, just because you did whatever you did to “enhance” yourself doesnt mean you also purchased a censor package for the rest of the world. Who in the fuuucck this broad thinks she is?

    1.When you’re out in PUBLIC you LOSE what is called “automatically right to expected privacy”. U get NO privacy “in public”!! This means people CAN and WILL comment on anything from your assssss to yo egdes to yo shoes.

    2.You did this to begin with knowing in advance is WOULD DRAW ATTENTION!!

    U dont get to censor and pick and choose what people think or SAY! “You” dont. U little control freak you! U are 100% powerless over what we do and I can guarantee you that now that people know U think U can censor people and control them cause you’re “offended” people will only amplify their comments.

    Total twit…..


  • chula

    Dont hate if u can make a change why not? Got fake titis n i fell contible now bout my self so if u can change things do it u just mad cause ur man will prefer them

  • Keya
  • Getit2gether

    This is why alot if females have insecure issues instead of you guys complementing y’all rather bash another female and make her feel belittle about herself….if a female want to make a change to enhance her beauty why not!!!! I’m just saying y’all bitches need to stop hating and get ya life or matter of fact get it together

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