Arizona lawmakers passed three strict anti-abortion bills on Tuesday that would make it even more difficult for women in the state to obtain late-term abortions, even when it may be medically necessary.

The Huffington Post reports: “The Republican-controlled House of Representatives passed a bill to prohibit abortions after the 18th week of pregnancy; a bill to protect doctors from being sued if they withhold health information about a pregnancy that could cause a woman to seek an abortion; and a bill to mandate that how school curriculums address the topic of unwanted pregnancies.”

The bill prohibiting abortion after the 18th week of pregnancy is the strictest late term abortion bill in the nation, which typically prohibits termination after the 20th week. A provision in the bill also redefines when life begins, saying that gestational age is “calculated from the first day of the last menstrual period of the pregnant woman,” which would mean that a woman’s pregnancy would begin two weeks before conception.

Democrats in the state feel that this redefinition of gestational age will not hold up in court. State Rep. Matt Heinz said, “I imagine it will be a legal dispute. How can a judge determine gestational age? If medical science can only determine gestational age to within 10-14 days, how can a superior court judge do it?”

The remaining bills passed by the Republican-controlled house stipulates that students be taught that adoption and birth are the most acceptable solutions to unwanted pregnancy. While another bill protects doctors from being sued for not informing women about possible health issues of a fetus that might cause them to seek an abortion. It also makes it illegal for families to sue doctors after a child is born with a health complication that could have been detected before birth.

The bills now head to Gov. Jan Brewer’s desk to await her signature.

  • LemonNLime

    Is anyone surprised? Seriously, when I are we going to kick Arizona out of the Union?

  • Kami

    This whole war on women thing is getting tre old Republicans. Just stop! Just f*cking stop already.

  • parodie

    Dating from first day of last menstrual period is standard. See, for example, this blog post (by a doctor):

  • Dalili

    Oh Arizona!

  • Src

    That’s how the medical field has always calculated pregnancy. This site always brings extra drama to everything for no reason… is that the only way you can get followers/readers???

  • mamareese

    Well d#mn (Gucci Mane). If we are pregnant two weeks before conception…..then we are all literally carrying God’s children……that’s immaculate conception right there. Morons…..really.

  • medical student

    I am a medical student and we just learned this in class. As already stated in previous comments, gestational age is defined as the time from the last menstrual period before conception to birth. Developmental age is measured from conception to birth.

  • AZGirl

    When you are already pregnant…then it can be dated that way… By this logic, men should not masturbate..imagine it…all those millions of lifvs going to waste!!

  • AZGirl

    Calculated PREGNANCY not CONCEPTION. There is no human being two weeks before the sperm and the egg meet.

  • desertgrrl

    The AZ bill does NOT say life starts before conception. It merely defines “gestational age” as dated from the woman’s last menstrual period (which is typically 2 weeks before conception), which is exactly how the entire US medical profession defines it.

    HuffPo has this wrong, and reposting it as fact just perpetuates this straw man, which obscures all the outrageous things this bill actually does. Please correct your facts and leave the “truthiness” to the right. We have enough to be concerned about without wasting outrage on things that did not actually happen.

  • Deb

    To pass law that protects doctors from disclosing medical information about a problem with the pregnancy is just absolutely unbelievable. This is a women’s right to know. My god, what are they doing to us?

  • Deb

    Having doctors legally protected as they intentionally deny medical disclosure is insane. “First do no harm” is the oath doctors take. How is not telling a woman her baby may have congenital defects not harm? And what this means is that a doctor can withhold information according to the doctor’s beliefs. Women can now pay their doctors to not inform them, but control them. This is sooooooooo bad.

  • Deb

    I meant to add that this is NOT drama for no reason. And it has nothing to do with who reports it——–this is what Arizona is doing.

  • Lara

    Rofl^I totally agree. If they intend to govern women, then men need some restriction too.

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