After weeks of slow-burning beef between female rappers Azealia Banks and Iggy Azalea, it seems like Azalea’s mentor T.I. is jumping into the fray.

The kerfuffle between the ladies stems from the March issue of XXL which hailed Iggy Azalea as one of the next big things in hip-hop, an honor Azealia Banks just didn’t think her fellow femcee was worthy of.

Always outspoken, Banks took to Twitter to vent her frustrations about Iggy’s XXL shout out, pointing out a questionable lyric Iggy uttered likening other rappers in the game to runaway slaves and she, a white woman, was the master.

Since then, Banks has apparently been taking shots at Iggy and her handler, T.I., which finally provoked Tip to speak out about the simmering beef.

“I mean I know they’re going through their thing, but the fact that she’s speaking upon me and mine and – I never – I ain’t even see it,” T.I. said The Morning Riot show. “That is what I consider – And excuse my language, but that’s bitch shit. You know what I’m saying? I’m a man.”

He continued: “Get your man to address me. If you got a man, get him to address me. You ain’t got no business addressing me. keep dealing with that woman. Y’all handle that. You and me, we ain’t got nowhere to go with that.”

Banks wasted no time clapping-back. The Harlem-native took to the Tweets to air out her frustration:

While the beef seems quite…minimal (and dare I say petty?), the notion that a woman cannot address a man regarding her concerns is painfully played out. Also, I find it interesting that Tip feels Banks “needs” a male handler to pave the way for her rap career and that he, instead of Azealia, should be the one bringing her concerns to the forefront.

Although Azealia Banks has everyone from Kanye West and M.I.A., to Lady Gaga and Missy singing her praises, the fact that she feels no qualms about standing on her own and standing up for herself, tells me she be just fine in this business and in her dealings with hip hop’s sexist tastemakers.

What do you think of Tip’s comments to Azealia Banks? 

  • Dreaming

    Misogyny in Hip Hop/Rap. What’s new?

  • Cass

    I think he was only stating his opinion as plainly as possible because everyone would be giving him the side eye if he just went off and started a beef with a girl. Plus, she need to grow some maturity and needs to allow her music to speak for itself.

  • Super Negra

    T.I. barely speaks English, I wouldn’t worry too much Azealia.

  • kidole

    So T.I. is a caveman and Azealia is a toddler!

  • gmarie

    I actually think he handled it quite respectfully. This could have totally taken a turn for the worst. Now- had T.I. called her out of her name in the same way she’s going at him, calling him a clown and basically trying to emasculate him, this article would be about black women being disrespected and and hip hop putting down women ….blah blah blah and on and on. Respect goes BOTH ways. She should just let it rest and focus on her music. I’ve never heard anything she’s done to be honest. I only know about her from her beefs in the industry. THAT my friends is sad.

  • Jinx Moneypenny

    smh. He needed to keep it brief. If he starts talking too much Iggy will fail to garner as much attention as she’ll need to sell.

    You’re T.I. Stay out of it.

  • African Mami

    I feel both of them are STOOOOOPID! Uplift each other!

  • girlformerlyknownasgrace

    This is what I do not like about rap beef: it is gendered. I do not know why women can not have rap battles with men and vice versa. Why did Nicki have to go after Lil Kim? and this Banks/Izzy nonsense? Aside from the ridiculousness of their beefs I felt it just added to the construct that women are second class citizens in hip-hop. Why can’t rap be evaluated solely on the basis of talent? But no, heaven forbid. The men would feel emasculated and the thought would never occur to the women.

  • Dreaming

    She’s not a girl. She’s a woman.

  • myblackfriendsays

    The only person I’ve heard of in this story is T.I. Though the fact that there are two female rappers with some variation of the name azalea is remarkable.

  • starr

    I don’t see the hype behind this Azealia chick. I’m all for fresh faces, but I just don’t see it. The music doesn’t do anything for me, her lyrics annoy me, its just all whatever.

    From what I know of this “beef”, the iggy chick said one thing on it, and left it at that. Azealia was still at it, and TI jumped to her defense. I don’t see anythign wrong with that. And everyone is outspoken with social media, so it is what it is.

  • Ruky

    She didnt mention T.i until he said she should pray her album is shelved so that she could be on next year’s freshman list. Her tweets came after the radio interview

  • Sasha

    I’ve never heard material from either of these young ladies but if I’m understanding what all this is about then this Banks chick sounds like a child and those Twitter rants make her sound stupid. She may be the most talented person in the world but let’s keep it classy shall we? Trashiness is so unbecoming.

  • Ruky

    T.i shouldnt have gotten himself involved in the first place. This is the second time he is speaking on this issue and I find his comment sexist. Azealia didnt say anything about the beef again till he brought it up again. Judging by Azealia Bank’s coachella set, she is a good performer. I just wish she will work more on her attitude.

  • gmarie

    I’m going by what I see (what was posted here) on her twitter timeline. it looks like she is going at him in several back to back tweets calling him out of his name. I don’t see any response from him on that platform. The response he ultimately gave is mild and to the point, he’s not interested in any beef with her. She needs to grow up,respect that, and move on instead of calling him a clown.

  • Tonton Michel

    T.I. said what he had to say about it and now should leave it alone, the kid is obviously seeking attention.

  • Chic Noir

    T.I is a grown man with kids, a wife and maybe a sweetie in the cut waiting for him to return. Why is T.I. not trying to break the two apart instead of throwing salt in the wounds???

  • apple


  • Fallon

    I personally think that T.I. may be abusive or at least very controlling. He basically doesn’t want to hear anything she has to say because it is not coming from a man. These thoughts are backed by Tiny’s comments in Tiny and Toya where Tiny stated how controlling he was when it came to her career. The fact that she filming the show with Toya and they suddenly have a new show on a different channel can bring speculation about the nature of their relationship.

    Besides, how often do you see mentors responding to their mentee’s fights?

  • keke


    what is written here in this article isn’t the full story. As Ruky mentioned, T.I made a comment about A Banks before stating something along the lines of she should hope that she sucks enough so her album getting shelved and maybe can be on the next freshmen list.

    Necole Bitchie has the full recap of this story:

    T.I should have stayed out of this. things actually died down between A Banks and Iggy. And considering that this is hip hop two artist beefing isn’t anything new. He should let them both handle it and stay out of their business. He just comes across as trying to be the savior for Iggy and it isn’t necessary. she is a rapper, let her do what rappers do.

    and he just sounds like an supreme jerk. if he feels that a man should address him, then why is he evening responding to A Banks?

    I used to love T.I. but honestly, I am over him ever since he went back to jail for the 50th time. he needs to focus on other things cause clearly he forgot how much he used to trash talk when he first started in the rap game.

  • Cass

    Well she’s acting like a girl, so why call her any different?…her age?…Who cares

  • TAE

    Iggy is the white stallion in T.I.’s stable. Rawhide. Everybody knows the bottom bitch is always off limits.
    Ms. Banks should focus on making sure she stays tight. Success is the best revenge. And she will be more successful than both of them could ever hope to be apart or together. At least I hope so, the American public doesn’t care for substance much these days.

  • Misses

    all he saying is that it is sum girly ass lil shit they arguing about. its not about being THE MAN its about being A MAN. He’s saying that shit she talking is how sum females would aruge…like aruging with anyone period let along on twitter i mean he just not abt to do that bc he too grown and too much of a man to argue abt sum bitch shit. have ur man approach me man to man is what tip saying bc then maybe he would know something abt how to be grown abt a situation. bc she sure dont. she acting like a hating lil girl so he just called as it is. period. it aint abt nothing more.

  • Misses

    lol. true.

  • Pat

    Yesssssss someone finally said it. I can recognize a controlling man when I see it.

  • Stace

    idk why Banks is sweatin it, it’s obv she is comin for that ass anyway. All of TI’s projects FAIL. Where Lil Dro? where Grand Hustling or whatever their names are? Oh that’s right, NO WHERE. Banks doesn’t need to throw them any coins. She’s BEEN on the come up. And doesnt TI have some weepy pathetic songs to write about being sorry for being bad and how he’s changed for the better? You know, like hes been doing since 2007? Weak body. Him, his misogyny, and his skinless chicken lookin project need to have several seats.

  • bk chick

    lol truee

  • Cecily

    It is crystal clear to me!

  • Alexandra

    Right?! Haha. It’s one of the first things I noticed when I heard about their ‘beef’.
    But I read that Ms. Banks had the name first, as it’s part of her birth name.

  • Coco

    I agree. By no means is this the first sexist statement ti has made. Lest we forget he literally rushed to Chris browns defense immediately after the Rihanna boxing match, before anyone knew any details. Never sat right w/me.

  • HowApropos

    It’s in my opinion that without ‘beef,’ there’s no hip-hop, because they go hand-in-hand. Unfortunately, instead of battling on the mic like in the days of yore, it’s been taken to the streets, the airwaves and all over the blogo.

  • HowApropos


    You had me dying over here, Stace! And you’re right too.

    If Azaelia is fire, she’ll get her shine. i just hate that she is made out to be this vengeful hag because she called out Iggy and her bs lyrics.

    TI’s lost my respect a long time ago, so he gets a ‘meh’.

    It looks like the white girl is his golden hen, so he’s gotta protect his investment since the others crashed and burned.

  • tisme

    Do people even know WHY Azealia and Iggy are “beefing” in the first place?

    Are you all aware that the white chick said she was a slave catcher or master?

    Then was picked to be on the cover of an allegedly black magazine over Azealia.
    Azealia called Iggy and the magazine that chose her out for this and that’s how it began.

    T.I is trash.Rich but trash nonetheless.Everything that Azealia said was right.

  • Sasha

    Everything Azealia said was an opinion, her opinion doesn’t make what she said right. She felt slighted that she wasn’t chosen on the cover of a magazine so then she decided to call out Iggy’s lyrics….sounds to me like Azealia needs to get over it already because she sounds pathetic and desperate for attention.

  • Loquacious

    @tisme thank you for your comment. I totally agree with you. And, I think Azealia was right for calling out Iggy and XXL. She doesn’t look bitter. She looks like a grown ass woman calling out a white woman for calling herself a slave master; a magazine for perpetuating such nonsense; and not taking any isht from an abusive washed out rapper.

    Why is it when a black woman speaks out and calls out bullisht she has to be bitter? Personally, it is refreshing to see a young black woman rapper putting folks on blast for foolishness instead of shaking her ass.

  • iQgraphics

    oh blah
    she needs to address her hair dresser.

  • sonxtails

    if it’s sexist for t.i. to say he doesnt want to beef with her cause she is a woman, then it is also sexist to say “i cant punch you in the face cause you’re a woman.” you cant have it both ways. woman want equality when it comes to being paid equally and yet they dont want to go on the front lines and get shot nor do they want their man to fight them like they are equal. you cant have if both ways. its EQUAL rights, not SPECIAL rights. i think he handled it well. i believe a man SHOULDN’T hit a woman nor should he BEEF with her. so i guess im sexist too.

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