After weeks of slow-burning beef between female rappers Azealia Banks and Iggy Azalea, it seems like Azalea’s mentor T.I. is jumping into the fray.

The kerfuffle between the ladies stems from the March issue of XXL which hailed Iggy Azalea as one of the next big things in hip-hop, an honor Azealia Banks just didn’t think her fellow femcee was worthy of.

Always outspoken, Banks took to Twitter to vent her frustrations about Iggy’s XXL shout out, pointing out a questionable lyric Iggy uttered likening other rappers in the game to runaway slaves and she, a white woman, was the master.

Since then, Banks has apparently been taking shots at Iggy and her handler, T.I., which finally provoked Tip to speak out about the simmering beef.

“I mean I know they’re going through their thing, but the fact that she’s speaking upon me and mine and – I never – I ain’t even see it,” T.I. said The Morning Riot show. “That is what I consider – And excuse my language, but that’s bitch shit. You know what I’m saying? I’m a man.”

He continued: “Get your man to address me. If you got a man, get him to address me. You ain’t got no business addressing me. keep dealing with that woman. Y’all handle that. You and me, we ain’t got nowhere to go with that.”

Banks wasted no time clapping-back. The Harlem-native took to the Tweets to air out her frustration:

While the beef seems quite…minimal (and dare I say petty?), the notion that a woman cannot address a man regarding her concerns is painfully played out. Also, I find it interesting that Tip feels Banks “needs” a male handler to pave the way for her rap career and that he, instead of Azealia, should be the one bringing her concerns to the forefront.

Although Azealia Banks has everyone from Kanye West and M.I.A., to Lady Gaga and Missy singing her praises, the fact that she feels no qualms about standing on her own and standing up for herself, tells me she be just fine in this business and in her dealings with hip hop’s sexist tastemakers.

What do you think of Tip’s comments to Azealia Banks? 

  • Dreaming

    Misogyny in Hip Hop/Rap. What’s new?

  • Cass

    I think he was only stating his opinion as plainly as possible because everyone would be giving him the side eye if he just went off and started a beef with a girl. Plus, she need to grow some maturity and needs to allow her music to speak for itself.

  • Super Negra

    T.I. barely speaks English, I wouldn’t worry too much Azealia.

  • kidole

    So T.I. is a caveman and Azealia is a toddler!

  • gmarie

    I actually think he handled it quite respectfully. This could have totally taken a turn for the worst. Now- had T.I. called her out of her name in the same way she’s going at him, calling him a clown and basically trying to emasculate him, this article would be about black women being disrespected and and hip hop putting down women ….blah blah blah and on and on. Respect goes BOTH ways. She should just let it rest and focus on her music. I’ve never heard anything she’s done to be honest. I only know about her from her beefs in the industry. THAT my friends is sad.

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