We Love: Lianne La Havas, London’s Next Big Thing

by Britni Danielle

“I was sort of singing in secret, because I was shy about it. I felt like I was exposing myself, in a weird way. I’d hear my parents coming upstairs and I’d feel like I’d done something bad,” 22-year-old upstart soul singer Lianne La Havas tells the Evening Standard.

Since bursting on the scene, the London native has been described as “a soulful Beyonce,” but her haunting voice and adept songwriting put her in a category of her own.

La Havas, the product of a German father and Jamaican mother, was recently nominated for BBC’s sound of 2012 poll and has been dazzling audiences across the UK since dropping her first EP Lost & Found last October. La Havas seamlessly blends folk and soul, using her lithe voice to confidently move between genres, singing of love, longing, and life in ways that touch the deepest parts of our soul.

La Havas credits her father’s influence on her music, and lists Stevie Wonder, Erykah Badu, and India Arie as idols. But it’s one man—Prince—who La Havas adores. And it seems the feeling is mutual.

After hearing her music, Prince called La Havas and the two have already met in his hometown of Minneapolis.  With a possible collaboration with The Artist in the works, it looks like Lianne La Havas will be around for a while sharing her gift with the world.

Check out some of my favorite Lianne La Havas songs. Have you gotten into her music? 

*Lianne La Havas’ debut album, Lost and Found, will be released April 30.

  • Pat

    Her music is just amazing. Her vocals are strong yet sweet, thanks for sharing Brit.

  • Dalili

    Hadn’t heard of her, I love her voice!

  • http://bealestreetchic.onsugar.com Elle Perry

    She has a beautiful voice! Looking forward to her album. And hopefully a stateside tour. :-)

  • Mr. Man

    I love her strong smooth voice. Although not quite peaking my interest, the songs are really nice and refreshing. Seem as though all the real music is coming from the UK these days. The US has seem to have lost its way.

  • Jinx Moneypenny

    Her father is Greek, not German.

    I tapped into her music just a few days ago and I’m sold. “Forget” is one of the best songs to have come out this year, hands down. You can just tell that her music will be made to age well over time and I absolutely love it.

  • S.

    LOVE the second song!

    This girl has real potential… her style kind of reminds me of Me’shell Ndegeocello

    And what’s with the Beyonce comparison? Why does every light-skin/mixed race Black girl have to be compared to her? If anything, she reminds me of Sanaa Lathan

  • Whatever

    Beautiful voice! I will be getting into her music more.

  • sholla21

    I’ve been obsessed with her for a while. I heard her song “No Room For Doubt” when it came out (the first video with Willy Mason and the second where she’s walking around in Paris I think, with her guitar). I thought it was amazing, then she released “Lost & Found” and it was even better!

  • Elle Michelle

    I can truly relate to “Lost and Found” and her voice is beautiful. I will be on the lookout for more of work.

  • Tiffy

    She did a cover of this song called Final Form its amazing!!

  • http://caronism.com Caronism

    She is an amazing artist! So glad the world is noticing!!!

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